Pop punk problem #39
  • Me: *tries to make friend become pop punk*
  • Friend: "Okay so the music is okay but why do you have to eat pizza and hate your town?"
Battleflag - 2

HEY, I JUST MET YOU - Soma Week, Day 2

Day: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven

Well here we are, late but present. Chapter three will likely not be a thing for a few more weeks, but until then, please enjoy the next installment of whatever the heck this is. Many, many thanks to @silly-twin-stars and @professor-maka for the eyes!

“Would you pass the shortcake, Soul?”

Wedged between Liz and a veritable mountain of stuffed animals, Soul reached into the middle of the circle to grab a plate with tiny strawberry shortcakes and pass it to Maka under the neck of a human-size giraffe plushie.

“All right,” Maka said once she took a dainty bite. “Madame Chairman, I move that we begin this Tea Party.”

Patty nodded sagely from across the circle. “Is there a second?”

“Second,” Liz said from her right, sipping oolong from a mug that said ‘There’s a chance this is gin.’

“It is moved and seconded that the Tea Party begins! Raise your hand if you wanna bring up a piece of business.”

A girl with bubblegum pink hair raised her hand. “I’d like to discuss our investment portfolio.”

With a nod from Patty, the girl - he was pretty sure Maka had whispered that her name was Kim - launched into a discussion involving economics and finance far above his ken. After her, Liz discussed the Fine Arts budget and how to best modify professors’ curricula to accommodate current skill levels in the program before Tsubaki gave a very professional report on the state of post-graduation employment rates. The only reason Soul knew Tsubaki’s name was because Blaine used to have a very large crush on her, spending many a night composing what he called ‘bronnets’ until he happened to walk behind the music building one day and interrupt what he later called an ‘intense game of tonsil hockey’ between her and Liz.

Soul sat there, dumbfounded. Beyoncé was right - girls do run the world.

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Now, as people are wondering why the heck the Barry-Cisco plotline was resolved on Legends, let me take you back to this time last year, when 2x09 just completely and totally disregarded everything that happened in 2x08.

2x08: Harry almost dies from a gunshot wound to the heart.

2x09: Opens with Harry sprinting through STAR Labs and power-sliding across the floor. 

2x08: Patty shoots Harry.

2x09: Ends with Barry inviting Harry and Patty to the same Christmas party.

2x08: Patty discovers that some seriously bizarre stuff is going on at STAR Labs.

2x09: Patty does not demand to know wtf is going on, and happily hangs out with Joe and Caitlin (who she should believe are sheltering a murderer).

2x08: Harry and Caitlin develop Velocity-6.

2x09: No one mentions Velocity-6.

2x08: Jayzoom shows up to berate Harry and Caitlin. He has no romantic interactions with Caitlin (and none since 2x03).

2x09: Cisco acts like Caitlin and Jayzoom have been flirting endlessly for some time.

What I’m saying is, it wouldn’t be unprecedented for Cisco to STILL be mad at Barry in 3x09. (And tbh he wouldn’t be the first person to forgive someone and then realize, actually, no, I didn’t totally mean that.)


Clara Cakes is getting into the holiday spirit and bringing us an easy peasy recipe for her Vegan Casual Peppermint Patties. The combination of sweet creamy chocolate and refreshing mint will totally impress your friends and family at your next holiday party. And yes, you will be making these for your next party… because they take less than an hour to make! Turn on your holiday tunes and let’s get this holiday dessert making party started.

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Free Fall - 9

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Time seemed to fly and the events in this Central City only grew wilder. You wondered if these people ever had time to rest. Caitlin had been kind enough to let you stay at her place. She assured you that they would find a way for you to get home.

You had to admit that you were worried. More for your family than anything else, you missed them especially this time of year. Christmas had come quite quickly.

You sat in the West’s living room watching everyone talk with one another. Jay had come over and spoke to you for a good while, making sure that you were adjusting well in this new place. He was kind, much different the Dr. Wells. You could see why they had a dislike for one another.

Both of them were scientist, but had different approaches. It reminded you of your Barry and yourself. You both loved music, but did it differently. He was full throttle and went in head long making it happen. You on the other hand were classically trained and took it slowly making sure it fit together into a composition.

You were staring off into space when Barry approached you, “Hey, how are you doing?”

“I’m good.” You smiled at him, “Really good, thank you for asking.”

He sat down next to you, “I’ve been meaning to come talk to you. I know we said we’d help you get home…”

“Barry,” You stopped him by taking his hand, “its okay, you obviously have some excellent reasons as to why we haven’t been trying to find a way home for me, and I’m okay being here.”

He smiled at you giving your hand a squeeze before putting his other hand over yours, “Your hands are so small…”

“They’re big enough.” You told him looking him in the eyes. You could stare into them forever. You glanced behind him seeing Patty staring at the both of you making you take your hand back, “You have a small piano here I see.”

“Yeah, no one ever uses it.” He glanced across the room at the small old thing, “I doubt it’s in tune.”

“Those are the best kinds.” You smiled at him getting up walking over to it pulling out the bench. Your fingers touched the keys feeling them like you were hugging an old friend. You missed this.

It didn’t matter that keys were old and that sound slightly off key as you began to play a rendition of Carol of the Bells. Playing was a passion, a way of life, and something you enjoyed above all else. You could feel everyone staring at you and smiled when you saw Barry leaning against the wall next to you watching.

You came to close and everyone started clapping. You looked at Barry as he sat next to you, “Wow, Y/N, I knew you said you played but…that was magnificent.”

You smiled as you kept plunking along finding your way into another song, “It’s nothing, a bit rusty really. The man who wrote that piece, I went to school with him. He was a musical genius and an excellent player.”

“If that’s rusty for you, then I can’t wait to see you at top notch.” He watched your fingers moving as you started playing Angels We Have Heard on High. He was making you nervous being so close, so you chose to distract yourself and start singing. When you hit the glorias you were surprised to hear him singing with you.

“I told you he could sing.” You heard Caitlin behind you. You knew he could, you just doubted he ever would. He sang the melody and you harmonized as everyone gathered around. It was great, something your Barry would never do.

You needed to stop that…Barry from your world wasn’t yours. Not anymore…and even though this Barry here and now wasn’t yours either…you couldn’t help but fall for him. After a few more carols you stopped smiling, “This was fun, thank you.”

Barry stared at you smiling about to say something when you felt a strong hand on your shoulder. You looked up at Joe, “Thank you, Y/N. It’s been a long time since someone played this old girl. It was nice having music at Christmas again.”

You smiled at him, “It’s my pleasure, Mr. West. I’d be happy to play for you anytime.”

“Well you know where it’s at.” He smiled at you as you looked past him seeing Barry walking over to Patty. She glanced at you making eye contact before she turned to Barry kissing him.

“Y/N, are you alright?” Joe captured your attention again, “You got a weird look on your face.”

“I’m fine.” You stood up, “Thank you for having me over. I appreciate it, but I think I’m going to go.”

“Are you sure? We haven’t gotten to dessert yet.” He set his cup down on the top of the piano.

You smiled giving him a hug, “I’m good, I’m sure you’ll send some home with Caitlin.”

You walked out of the house to a cab with every intention of going home to Caitlin’s, but you ended up at the building where you first met Barry. You stared up at from the ground wondering if whatever you fell threw was still there. You could never see a difference but you like to believe it was there.

You shut your eyes as you sat down on the cold bench. You should’ve stayed at the party, but the way Patty looked at you before she kissed him. It was malevolent. Almost as if she was mocking you for having Barry when you couldn’t.

Or maybe it was just you being jealous. You let out a loud sigh as you opened your eyes. It was getting hard to be around Barry all the time and just be a friend. You wanted to tell him how you felt too but you weren’t sure how or even if you should.

“Homesick?” Your head turned quickly seeing Barry a few paces behind you.

“Barry? What are you doing here?” You watched him walk over to you and sit down.

“Caitlin, called and asked if I knew where you were. Cisco, pinged your phone and I ran over.” He smiled at you.

“I haven’t been gone that long have I?” You tilted your head watching him.

“It’s been a couple hours.” He told you chuckling when your eyes got wide, “The party ended about a half hour after you left and everyone went home.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to worry everyone.” You told him, “I didn’t realize I’d been out here so long.”

“Why are you here?” Barry looked up at the building.

You smiled a little, “I…am a little homesick.”

You both laughed for a moment before he spoke, “I can imagine that it’s hard being away from your family.”

“It is. I miss them.” A sad smile appeared on your face, “Barry, can I tell you something…Something that’s completely selfish?”

“Of course.” He smiled at you, “You can tell me anything.”

You looked at him frowning, “I’m fond of you. Very fond of you and I wish it was me that you were kissing under the mistletoe tonight. I enjoy your company and I know that I can’t expect anything because of where I’m from but…but you’re not him and I like you more…and I feel like a fool because you have a girlfriend and I just needed to let you know…”

“Had a girlfriend.” He said sighing as you continued.

“…and I can’t help but feel sometimes that there…wait…what?” You looked at him, “What do you mean had?”

He took a deep breath, “A lot has been happening the last few weeks between Patty and I. I keep having to keep things from her and then today…I didn’t realize how much she kept from me. Then she kind of got crazy after the party. She just started accusing you of being all over me, which is completely untrue.”

You listened to him defend you against every accusation that Patty had thrown at him. You smiled and looked away when he was finished, “I’m sorry…”

“No you’re not…” He smiled looking at you, “Well, not entirely. Be honest, you just confessed how ‘fond’ you are of me.”

“Well I’m not heartbroken for you if that’s what you mean.” You smirked standing up, “But I am sorry…Patty is really sweet and good at what she does.”

Barry nodded standing up with you, “I can’t say I didn’t see it coming though.”

“You can’t?” You looked at him surprised, “I thought you were happy.”

“I was, I just…” He sighed taking his hands out from his pockets rubbing them together, “I haven’t been true to myself.”

“Meaning, what exactly?” You took his hands holding them between yours trying to warm them up.

He stared at you, “Meaning that I’m very fond of you too and I’ve been pulled in two different directions lately. I wanted to make Patty happy because I was with her, but no matter what I’ve thought of you. Ever since the night I caught you here.”

You blushed looked at him, not that he could tell with how red your cheeks were from the cold, “Oh…”

“Oh…you can profess how you feel to me, but when I profess that I have feelings for you, I get an ‘oh’.” He smirked as you took your hands away from his.

“It’s not that simple and you know it.” You crossed your arms looking up at the building again.

He stood there watching you stare at the building, “You’ve been here a couple of month now. Would you really be happy here if we can’t find a way to get back? I know you said before that you didn’t regret being here…but…”

“I don’t regret being here.” You looked at him, “I miss my parents and friends, but…like you said it’s been two months. They probably think…and you know that’s what I think is the hard part. Knowing that they might never get closure.”

He frowned stepping over and embraced you as you teared up, “I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

“I’m fine…I’m alright.” You hugged him burying your face into his shoulder, “I just think about my mom and it hurts a little knowing how much pain she might be in.”

He rubbed your back as he took a breath of your hair. He smiled a little at how wonderful you smelled, “You’re not fine…but it’s cute that you try to be strong.”

You laughed a little pulling away looking up at him, “I’m tougher then I look.”

“You don’t have to be.” He smiled his hand finding its way to your cheek brushing the tears away causing your heart to flutter, “You’ve helped us so much these past two months. We’ve never taken the time to check on you.”

“You guys are busy…and are saving the world every other day.” You told him looking down, “I understand.”

“I know you understand that, but I want you to understand this too.” He smiled taking your face into his hand as he leaned down kissing you. Any cold you hand left in your body raced from you filling up quickly with heat.

He pulled away and smiled, “I wanted to be kissing you under the mistletoe…and I loved sitting with you at the piano listening to you play. I like listening to you talk.”

You looked at him surprised, “Really?”

His grin got bigger, “Yeah, I could listen to you all day. It’s reassuring and calming and…so much more. I just…I can’t explain it. I love your voice.”

You smiled a little, “…okay, but you just broke up with Patty…”

“Yes…” He let his hands fall taking yours into his, “I know it’s soon after and I’m not that type of guy…but I can’t help how I feel and how I was feeling while I was with Patty. I like you…and I would like to take you out, if you want to go out with me…”

“Barry…” You sighed taking your hands from him, “I do want to go out with you, but…”

“But…” He tilted his head, “You think I should wait to make sure I’m not second guessing myself?”

“Yeah…” You frowned, “I’m sorry, I just…I’ve been here and two weeks later I’m dumped and he’s back with her.”

He sighed nodding, “I get it…I don’t like it, but I get it.”

“I’m sorry.” You touched his arm getting his attention.

You gave him a reassuring smile making his own come back, “So next week, when I’m positive…can I ask you out?”

“I look forward to it.” You laughed a little. You didn’t doubt him at all, but you just couldn’t chance it. Barry Allen had hurt you too much before, you this Barry would prove you wrong.

John and Cynthia Lennon, and George Harrison at the launch party for the Apple boutique, 5 December 1967

“Present among the many guests were Cilla Black, Pattie Boyd and two Beatles: John, in a white jacket, black polo-neck and trousers, and George, resplendent in a green striped suit (collar cut very particularly) and a green neckerchief to finish the effect off. Very Dandy.” - Fab Gear: The Beatles and Fashion

A British Pathe news report - with footage of the launch party, George, John, Pattie and more - can be viewed here.

Making introductions with the Mayor
  • Erin: I thought it would be fun if we all went around and said our name and a little something about ourselves. I’ll start. My name is Erin and I like to party. Alright. Patty, you’re up.
  • Patty: Uh, hi, uh, my name is Patty, and, uh, I like to party.
  • Erin: Uh, no Patty. I just said that I party so maybe you could do something different from me.
  • Patty: My name is Patty, and I am a physicist.
  • Erin: You know what, let’s move on. Abby, you’re up.
  • Abby: Uh, hello. I’m Abby and I like to party.
  • Erin: Yeah, uh, Abby, what’d I just say to Patty?
  • Abby: Who?
  • Erin: Patty.
  • Holtz: I like to party, and I’m Erin.
  • Erin: No, you’re Holtzmann!
  • Holtz: Right. Holtz. I party.
  • Erin: No. No you don’t. Okay, nobody parties but me.
  • Patty: Yes. And we party.
  • Erin: No!
  • Abby: Yeah, just Erin.
  • Erin: Yes!
  • Abby: And me.
  • Erin: No! I’m the only one who parties!
  • Holtz: I’m pretty sure I’ve partied before.
  • Erin: No, Holtzmann, I know for a fact you don’t party. Okay, you do not party!
  • Holtz: You’re right. Kevin is the party guy.
  • Erin: Oh my god, shut up! Okay, I’m just gunna do it for you. Mayor Bradley, this is the crew. Holtz is the mechanic, Abby’s the paranormal expert, and Patty is the historian. None of them party, right? Got it? Okay. Let’s party.

anonymous asked:

(Holtzbert prompt) can you please give me a secret relationship holtzbert where abby and patty find out?

Thank you for the prompt, anon. It went in a little bit of an odd direction, but I hope you enjoy it.

i’m so glad i found you
~740 words, holtzbert fluff
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Holtz wasn’t entirely sure why Erin wanted to keep their relationship secret at first. She was willing to give Erin the benefit of the doubt for a while and keep it quiet from Abby, Patty and Kevin.

It wouldn’t be the first time that she’d been a closeted woman’s dirty little secret, but this time she wasn’t worried about that. Not with Erin.

They talk about it, a lot; about Erin coming out and going public with their relationship. And it would be very, very public. The whole of New York knowing kind of public.

After a while it became more obvious that it wasn’t just about the rest of the Ghostbusters as much as it was about Erin’s boomeranging social anxiety and the media that constantly followed them around. Holtz has never been ashamed of who she is, Erin’s pretty much always struggled with who she is even before her bi crisis.

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  • *knock knock*
  • Barry: Oh, maybe Harry changed his mind and decided to come to the party after all.
  • Patty: Harry?
  • Patty: Harrison Wells?
  • Patty: Harrison Wells who killed your mom?
  • Patty: Harrison Wells who's supposed to be dead?
  • Patty: Harrison Wells who Joe told me not to mention to you ever?
  • Barry: Um, no. I was talking about my cousin Sam.
  • Barry: We call him Harry.
  • Barry: We don't really know why.
  • Barry: I mean, lol, why would I invite dead murderer Harrison Wells to a Christmas party with my girlfriend and possibly a whole bunch of other people who have no idea what's going on.
  • Barry: That would be craaaaaaazy.
  • Barry: *frantically texts Harry not to come*

The following article is from 16 SPEC magazine, Winter 1967 (for sale in late 1966). Pattie posed for photos in her own fall fashions in early September 1966 taken by John French.  Above Pattie is wearing a lightweight pure wool white, yellow and pink-flowered Liberty print dress on a delicious pale greeny-beige background made by Jane and Jane. When Pattie bought this wool dress, it had a long, narrow bow on the high-gathered waistline. Pattie decided that the dress - a flowered print on a greeny beige background - would look better without the bow, and off it came. Scan made from the original photo from the 16 Magazine archives. This version is colorized.


BY Anne Edwards
 (London Fashion Expert)

If you’d like to be like Pattie, from head to toe, here’s what you need to know!

 SHE IS TODAY’S GIRL. She is the girl most girls want to look like.

She is the beguiling, old-young mixture that most of today’s girls are - sweet and swinging, shy and sophisticated. And her big china-blue eyes, beneath a fine flaxen fringe, reflect today’s outlook - a “hip” innocence.

Pattie Boyd, George Beatle’s wife, is 22 and looks about 18. She has the kind of figure that turn eyes wherever she goes - slender and medium height, but rounded. And since she has a flair for choosing clothes that are a little ahead of today’s fashion, and for wearing them with the confidence they need, I got her to let me in on her own personal clothes philosphy, and to photograph her in her new clothes.

Although she is married to one of the richest young men in show business, and could pay top prices for everything, Pattie says the most expensive dress she ever bought cost $84 (it was a white crochet dress she bought in Paris).

Pattie wears her clothes a lot when they’re new, but she doesn’t want or - or go in for - clothes that last. She loves color in everything: shoes, dresses, handbags.

“I’ve all sorts of bags, large and small, but all in colors: pink, blue, mauve, purple,” Pattie told me. Her cocktail dress is more likely to be white or pink than black.

Pattie seldom wears gloves and her hats, when she wears them, are tiny and not very noticeable - just to finish off the outfit. She loves jewelry and doesn’t care whether it’s real or not. Her favorite is a cameo brooch, which she wears on a black velvet ribbon with a low-necked dress or pinned at the throat of a high-necked dress.

Pattie never wears long evening dresses except for theatre or film premieres, and she is sure enough of her taste to buy a dress for about $12 if she likes it - or to wear a second hand black velvet jacket with her evening dress. She bought one such jacket from a shop which specializes in second-hand clothes stretching back to Edwardian times.

Pattie even had the nerve to order one of the new long-length winter coats. “I think they’re super,” she said.

Usually, she wears her skirts three inches above the top of her knees. She wears no foundation or powder on her face, uses a fairly complicated eye make-up of black mascara and brown eye shadow, and uses a pale “Pan-stick” with lip gloss on her mouth.

Pattie seldom goes near a hairdresser. “I haven’t been to one for ages,” she says. “I can’t bear sitting under the drier. I wash my hair myself every five days - the fringe more often - and sometimes I give my hair a dry shampoo between washes. If I think the ends need cutting, then I just get whoever is at home to chop them off - George, my sister, anybody.”

This was the charming sample of today’s most up-to-date youth who drove around in her bright, tangerine Mini with its souped-up engine, picking the clothes she would buy for winter. All her clothes were chosen for the kind of life Pattie leads, which - surprisingly - tends to be much like any other young wife’s life: shopping, cooking, working, having a few friends over for dinner.

“I’m not very keen on parties,” Pattie says. “I always used to imagine that I’d be meeting interesting people, but I know now I usually won’t. I’m lucky enough to know one or two interesting people now, so I’m very happy.”