Confession - Peter Parker

request -  hey! I love your blog and the writing’s are great and super fluffy and so cute AHHH. Could you please write a fic in which peter and the reader have been friends for a long time and when they finally go to Liz;s party peter confesses his feelings for the reader and could you make it super fluffy? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RUNNING THIS BLOG!

a/n - i’m so sorry if this fic seems rushed i went back and forth so many times with different ideas and hopefully it turned out okay :) thank you so much for all the love, don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like!

The bass of the speakers boomed around the house as I poured some soda for Michelle and I. The continuous chatter of teenagers was the only sound I could hear from the music, almost running around the kitchen to collect snacks. I gathered a plate and was ready to share with Michelle, but she seemed to have a piece of toast in her hand, spreading butter on it.

“Where’d you find that?” I asked, eating a pretzel.

“Second cabinet from the left.” She answered, turning to me. “Want a bite?”

“No thanks.” I took a step back, chuckling. She shrugged and continued to eat the bread, taking a sip of her soda. We both continued to talk with one another until we heard Flash’s voice echo off the walls.

“When I say Penis, you say Parker!” He yelled into the microphone, attempting to start the mediocre chant that got really old after five minutes. But, in an unfortunate way, it let me know that Peter arrived. I headed to the door to look for him, catching him in a heartbeat.

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Prompt: Reader is the child of Tony Stark. While talking to Peter one day you discover that Flash is bullying him, and decide to take matters into your own hands by showing up to Liz Allen’s party to put an end to it. 

Requested by: n/a

Warnings: slight spoilers for Homecoming, mild swearing, bullying

Word count: 2,805

Notes: I know this isn’t the exact dialogue as in the movie but I’m just working off my memory so bare with me folks. Also this took me several day to write but I love it, even though the ending is kinda shaky but this is very long and I would enjoy you guys sent in requests! My masterlist is in my bio (it’s almost empty but that’ll change) along with a prompt list you can request off of if you want!

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That One Bet

Requested By: Anonymous

hi!! i jus honestly love ur imagines ❤️ but can u write something where peter & flash made bets and peter has been beating him at all of them until @ liz’s party and peter sucks ass at beer pong until the reader comes in and helps him , u can end it however thank youuuu

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: The entire day Flash and Peter had been making bets, and from what you and Ned could conclude was that Peter was in the lead, until you arrived at Liz’s party and saw Peter getting his ass whipped at beer pong, today, you would be the superhero.

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, kinda fluffy I dunno

Word Count: 2,452

A/N: THIS WAS SO CUTE TO WRITE I’M LIVING, but it was super fun to create, it’s super cheesy too aw. enjoy :)

Originally posted by dailymcugifs

“You do realize Flash literally almost ran you over right?” You appeared next to Peter as he glared at Flash who shouted ’Penis Parker!’ as he drove away laughing.

“Yes, Y/N, I am aware I nearly died.” Peter replied sarcastically with a dramatic eye roll, earning a hard shove from you into Peter’s shoulder.

“Aye!” Peter shouted, holding his shoulder, seeing your intense glare at him, his eyes softened a bit, pulling you in for a hug.

“I’m sorry bug,” He murmured into your hair as you hugged him back, relaxing at his touch, “I know you were just caring about my safety.” He sighed, rubbing your back gently before you two broke apart.

“Yes. Therefore, you should be grateful.” You replied back sarcastically, making Peter shake his head at you with a smile.

“Although, sometimes I wish you could go all Spidey on him and web his car up.” You whispered, laughing, making Peter laugh along with you as you both entered the school.

The second school started you’d think world war three was happening, anytime you saw either Flash or Peter they were at a constant stage of war.

“Peter what are you doing?” You asked him when you ran into him in the hallway, he was out of breath, sweat dripping down his forehead as he looked around the hallway.

“Flash bet me that I couldn’t run the entire school in under a minute, he was wrong, aka, I won.” He smiled triumphantly, taking a bow, as you stood there unamused.

You weren’t going to lie, you didn’t understand this whole betting thing going on, all you knew was that it was starting to push your buttons.

But being the friend you were, you let it go, since Peter was having the time of his life beating his arch nemeses.

Therefore, you continued about your day, going to class, watching as Flash made a bet with Peter that he couldn’t build a stink bomb and get the entire school to evacuate.

He did.

And you were beyond annoyed.

“Did you really have to bet that?” You sighed, looking at your best friend who was grinning at Flash who looked pissed as hell.

Flash hadn’t one a bet yet, and you knew it was driving him insane, he wanted to crush Peter with everything he had.

“Yes Y/N, I wasn’t going to loose.” Peter laughed, but stopped once seeing your face, knowing you were far from happy.

You let out an annoyed huff, turning on your heel as they started allowing students back in the building.

Maybe you should stay away from him the rest of the day.

And that’s exactly what you did.

And Peter noticed, big time.

Every time he won a bet, he’d go and look for you so he could brag about how he beat Flash again, but found that you were nowhere to be seen, peaking his curiosity.

This went on for the rest of the day, even at lunch.

“Hey Ned, how did the math test go? Was it hard? Or was it easy?” You rambled on, Ned watching you with an amused smile, he was also your best friend.

He knew how important studies were to you, you wanted to get into a high college where you could actually put your knowledge to something life changing.

“Honestly, you’ll do great, it wasn’t that bad, some problems were ehh, but besides that you should be fine.” Ned replied, taking a bite of his sandwich as you visibly relaxed.

“Alright good, because I-” You were cut off as Flash and Peter came walking over, in a heated argument, making you roll your eyes.

“There is no way you have won all of these bets and I’ve won nothing!” Flash shouted, making Peter smirk in glory, infuriating Flash even more.

“Not my fault you can’t keep up.” Peter replied, making Flash’s blood boil even more, his eyes narrowing at Peter.

“Liz is having a party tonight, we will continue this there.” Flash pointed at Peter who raised his eyebrows.

“Be there, or else.” Flash threatened, making Peter bite his lip and nod, laughing as Flash stormed off.

“Can you believe him?” Peter motioned towards Flash, before glancing between you and Ned.

“-Uh, guys, what’s up?” Peter hesitantly questioned, seeing as both you and Ned had blank looks on your faces.

“Peter, we know that you’re in the lead and all, and that you’re having a blast with all these bets, but it’s just not our thing.” Ned shrugged slightly, as you continued to pick at your food.

“Oh. I didn’t know.” Peter replied quietly, looking at Ned, giving him a silent apology, before looking at you, who refused to look away from your food.

Peter had noticed you’d been distant the entire day, and now it all made sense, each time he came up to you excitedly to brag about winning a bet, you could never relate and the more he did it the smaller it made you feel.

Lunch soon ended, and you were quick to grab your belongings and get out as fast as you could, avoiding Peter the best you could.

You knew it was wrong, but you just couldn’t take it anymore, sure you were proud of him standing up to Flash and winning all the bets, but what was it to you?

You didn’t have any other friends besides Peter, Ned, Michelle and occasionally Liz when she felt like hanging out with you.

Therefore, you could never relate to what pure victory and happiness was, the only time you felt slight happiness was when you got a good grade on a paper or test, proving your dreams could potentially be something in the future.

You went on the rest of the day, avoiding Peter if you saw him in class or the hallway, he knew what you were doing too, and he knew it was his fault he had pushed you away without meaning to.

Ned told him you’d cool off soon, but Peter wasn’t so sure, he’d never seen you this upset before.

“Ned, I think I really hit something with her, she doesn’t normally ignore me this long with I mess up.” Peter spoke nervously, walking to their last class, one that you were also in.

“Okay, so lets say you did, what are you going to do to fix it?” Ned questioned, making Peter stop and think for a moment.

“I can try to talk to her?” He spoke aloud, more as a question than a statement, making Ned shake his head and walk into class.

You sat at your normal seat, glancing up when you saw them walk in, your eyes locking with Peter’s before you broke and looked down at your paper.

You hated doing this, but for the moment it was for the best, at least that was what you were telling yourself.

The rest of the day went on, and the last bell finally rang, and you were free, you had gotten invited to Liz’s party by Liz herself, shocking you a bit, but you agreed.

You had arrived a bit early to help set up, something you enjoyed since you rarely spent time with Liz anymore.

“Okay, Y/N, what’s going on between you and Peter?” She broke the silence, pulling out red cups, as you stood there in shock.

“W-What do you mean?” You stammered, making her smile and laugh at your reaction.

“I mean it’s clear you both have a thing for each other, but you both somehow don’t seem to see it.” She poured out some chips into a bowl as you brought out more cups, placing them on the counter.

“Peter and I are just friends.” You tried to convince her, but the more you thought about it, were you trying to convince yourself too?

Liz saw your hesitation, making her smirk at you, causing you to blush slightly, maybe she was right?

Her house was finally all set up, and people soon poured in, music becoming louder, people dancing and laughing.

And then they walked in.

Ned had a hat on, which did look pretty good if you did say so yourself, and then there was Peter who was looking around anxiously.

You both soon made eye contact, neither one of you breaking the stare until Flash came over, causing Peter to look away.

You stood there stunned for a moment, looking at Ned wide-eyed as if saying what the hell just happened?

He gave a shrug in return, making you run your fingers through your hair frustrated, you truly hated having emotions sometimes.

You decided to go get a snack, and process the ’moment’ you just had with Peter, watching your surroundings and cringing at how drunk some of your classmates were getting.

Who knew so many people thought getting wasted was fun, you never really understood drinking, you knew it fogged your brain up for some time and you could let loose and have fun, but there were so many more consequences that followed.

Exactly why you never once drank in your life, you couldn’t afford to risk everything you worked so hard for to go straight into the toilet, literally.

You were deep in thought until you heard chanting coming from the other room, peaking your interest you wandered over, seeing Flash and Peter playing beer pong.

Must be another one of their bets you thought to yourself, but you then noticed Peter was loosing, and he was freaking out.

You stood there unsure of what to do, you knew you had been avoiding him all day because of this very reason, but there was no way in hell you’d let him loose to Flash.

You squeezed through the crowd of people, walking up next to Peter, startling him, causing Flash to laugh.

“Shut it would ya?” You snapped at Flash, causing everyone to ’ooh’ and make snide remarks, as Flash simply smiled.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Peter questioned, clearly surprised you were talking to him again.

“I’m being the hero this time.” You smiled slightly, creating a small smile to form on his lips.

“I’m loosing pretty bad Y/N, there isn’t really anything that can help.” Peter sighed in defeat, but you just smiled, a twinkle in your eye.

“Peter, if you win, we can go on a date.” You whispered into his ear, making his eyes widen and his knees go weak for a split second.

“A-Are you s-serious?” He gulped nervously, making you giggle slightly and nod in response.

“But you have to win, or else Flash gets to take me on that date.” You teased, watching as his jaw tensed at the thought.

You then stood to the side, watching as the game continued, and out of nowhere, Peter started gaining on Flash, and soon enough Peter was in the lead, and last thing you knew Peter had won.

Flash stood there in furry, claiming that he had cheated, but everyone knew he was just being a sore loser.

You clapped your hands slowly, watching as Peter’s eyes lit up at the sight of you.

“Congratulations, you did it.” You smiled, watching as Peter played it off like it was nothing.

“I always knew you could.” You mumbled, watching his cheeks turn a light shade of pink at your comment.

“I’m really sorry about today, I didn’t mean to make you feel like you weren’t good enough or not important, I-I was just trying to impress you.” Peter admitted, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“Really?” You smiled, biting your lip as you watched Peter smile and nod back at you.

“I’ve liked you for so long Y/N, and it feels so good finally telling you that.” Peter sighed, grabbing your hands before pulling you into a hug.

“I like you too Peter.” You smiled, running your hands up and down his back gently.

You both stood there for a few moments, just taking in the new information, and each other.

“I’m so glad I did all those bets.” Peter laughed, making you laugh along with him, he truly was the dorkiest person you knew.

You both eventually pulled away, goofy grins on both of your faces as if everyone else around you didn’t matter.

“So, how about that date?”

Closed Door

Requested. @dah-knee-cuh
Peter Parker
Quote: In your hesitation, I found my answer.

Peter yelped loudly when his bedroom door crashed against his wall. Jumping from his place on his bed, his hand clutched his chest as he stared at [Y/N] with a terrified look. Inhaling through his nose, he regained composure and bit his lip. “Uh, [Y/N], what are you, what are you doing here?” 

“What am I doing here?” She repeated, her eyes glossing over from the tears that had been building up for days. “What do you mean what am I doing here, Peter?” Her voice cracked as her fears were coming true by the look on his face. 

Slowly climbing off his bed, Peter chewed on the inside of his cheek. “[Y/N],” he started, frowning. “I’m sorry I’ve been so distant….”

“That’s the understatement of the freaking year, Parker.” 

Running his hand through his hair, he sighed. “I’m sorry, I really am. It’s just with all this,” lowering his voice, “Spiderman thing, it’s been making my life crazy and I, I, well, I should be making time for you.” 

[Y/N] shook her head, her chest tightening, “I can handle you and Spiderman, Peter.” Looking down at her shoes, she frowned so deeply that Peter swore he heard her heart break. “I just can’t handle you when you lie to me.” 

Sitting back down on his bed, he swallowed hard. “Lie?” 

“Yes, Peter. Lie.” Her brow quirked as she reminded him. “When I went out of town, you told me that you needed to study so our phone call was going to be short.” A tear slid down her cheek, as she relived the moment she found out about his lie. “But instead of studying, you went to that party with Liz Allen.” 

“[Y/N],” Peter defended. “Wait, that wasn’t a date of any sorts.” 

“You really think Michelle wouldn’t tell me about the kiss? She’s one of best friends and despite her being a really good of friend of yours too, she’s got my back.” Whispering, she squeaked out. “Do you even want to be with me anymore?” 

Peter hesitated. He did want to be with [Y/N] but at the same time, he really liked Liz too. Looking down, he played with his hands while he searched for his answer.

[Y/N]’s breath hitched in her throat. He hesitated and even though he didn’t realize it, that was the unspoken answer. 

Sighing, he nodded. “I do, [Y/N].” 

“You don’t,” she whimpered out. Shaking her head, she grabbed a hold of his door knob, “in your hesitation, I found my answer. The real answer.” Taking a shaky deep breath, she started to close the door, “I’ll see you around school, maybe.” Just before she closed the door, she looked at Peter with watery eyes, “And don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about your secret.” 

Peter stood up, “[Y/N]! Wait!” But it was too late, she had already closed the door. Pulling both of his hands to his head, he stood in shock. Did that just happen? 

Surprises || Peter Parker x reader

Request: Okay so like either peter x reader or spideychelle with #5 and #17 I know it’s a hard combo but?🤷🏾‍♀️ (anonymous)

Prompts: “I don’t like the way he was looking at you.” & “It was supposed to be a surprise!”

Warnings: some swearing, angst

Word Count: 2.8k of angst ;)

Summary: After learning of Peter’s alter-ego at a failed party, will you still have the courage to confess your feelings?

A/N: the middle part of this story plays into the scene in sm:h when Peter and Ned attend LIz’s party. and this is so far my personal favorite in writings i’ve done!

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 “It’s just a question. What’s the harm?” Liz said in your ear as you watched him from afar. MJ was with them, reading a book and seeming to ignore then when you knew she was soaking everything up just to tell you. You sighed, placing your head in your hands. “It’s not even my party, Liz. It’s yours!” You said. “Yes, well, he’s your best friend. And if you don’t invite him, you’re uninvited.” She sassed. You rolled your eyes, “Fine. But if he says no, I’m saying I told you so.” You said, getting up from your seat and walking over to Peter’s.

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Last First Kiss

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Words: 8k 

Summary: Peter has a terrible night at Liz Allen’s party until he meets (Y/N) the new girl at midtown. 

Warnings: None 

“This was it”, Peter thought; tonight is the night. He’s going to finally ask Liz to the homecoming dance at her party. Peter was asking Aunt May for some pointers before he even got out the car, “Should I ask her to go on a date first? When’s the perfect time to ask her?” He rambled on and on. Ned and Aunt May both shushed him; he was so nervous for tonight. Peter just didn’t know how or when to shut up.

“Maybe, this is stupid. Let’s just go back home May and forget all this happened.” May locked the doors and rolled up her windows before Peter could get back in the car. “Peter, you’re going to go in there and tell Liz how you feel and if she doesn’t feel the same then it’s okay. Just as long as you were brave enough to say something.” She gave him a small lecture; sure she was like his best friend but she also knew how to be the grown up in these types of situations.

She began to drive away from the house; Peter took a deep breathe in and out and his palms were sweaty from all the nerves.

Peter and Ned made their way up to the steps of Liz’s door; letting themselves in. The pair both took in the whole scene of their first high school party.  

Peter’s eyes land on the beautiful Liz walking up to them, “hey guys! Thanks for coming to my party. Glad to have you here.” She gave both of them a genuine smile and then walked off to greet other people. Peter was flabbergasted; Liz had talked to him for the first time. This time it wasn’t Peter who is always asking her stupid questions or complimenting her outfits. “You’re a great party host Liz,” Ned nudged him basically telling him to shut up.

Ned turned to look at Peter; him shocked as he was. “Peter, close your mouth and stop staring before you look like a creep.” He did just that and then averted his attention to his best friend.

“Oh, right yeah. Sorry.” He apologized.

The whole night, Peter was trying to find Liz or just try and get alone but she was always MIA. He finally decided to give up; “maybe next year,” he thought. Peter was ready to go home but he couldn’t find his cowboy hat wearing friend. Peter searched for him all over the house and rooms; until he went up to the last room only to find Liz making out with the captain of the football team.

Peter was heartbroken; sure he knew he didn’t have a chance with her, but seeing her making out with some guy in front of his eyes was a sight he wanted to watch.

Ned finally called up Peter, “Peter! I totally forgot to tell you, but I left like an hour ago. I wasn’t feeling the party scene. So mom picked me up, sorry for giving you such a short notice. I’m sure it’s going great though.” Peter took a huge breathe in; trying not to cry. “Yeah, don’t worry Ned! Everything is going great. I’ll tell you all about it on Monday.” He tried hard to sound enthusiastic but this whole night was a bust and Peter didn’t want to Ned to feel bad. 

After getting off the phone with Ned; Peter sulked all the way to a small bench the new girl from school was sitting at.“Do you mind if I sat here with you?” Peter asked her pointing at the small bench. “Oh yeah, of course.” She scooted over to make some room for the unknown boy. After a moment of silence, (Y/N) finally introduced herself to him. “I’m (Y/N), I just felt like I should introduce myself to you.” She was rambling because she wasn’t good at making small talk and especially if she has to talk to the cute boy from her AP bio class. 

She noticed he seemed like he was in another planet, “are you okay? Why aren’t you inside enjoying the party?” (Y/N) didn’t mean to pry into his life but she liked helping people. “Oh sorry about that, I am Peter. I think we have bio together, right?” He apologized again which seemed to be the 10th time in one night, “also why aren’t you inside?” Raising his eyebrow at her. 

“I’m not going to lie, I never really wanted to be here and parties aren’t really my thing. Flash invited me; he’s been trying to hit on me ever since I started at Midtown High. I told my mom and she made me come; she thinks it’d be good for me. Oh, Peter. I’m so sorry for just throwing this at you.” She felt really bad; considering they just met and she was just throwing her issues at him. “It’s okay, you don’t have to apologize to me. I don’t mind listening,” he chuckled. Peter wasn’t sure why but he felt like he could tell her anything; she just had this certain type of vibe to her. “I was going to confess to Liz Allen tonight, but I found her making out with the captain of the football. Then my best friend left without telling me and I don’t have a ride home.” He confessed about everything that happened on this crappy night to (Y/N). 

There was a moment of awkward silence but (Y/N) pulled out her car keys and jumped out of her seat, “let’s go Peter.” He was speechless; didn’t know what to say or do. Peter just sat their for a couple of minutes. Is he really going to go somewhere with a girl he barely knows?

He thought, why the hell not? What is she going to do to him?

The pair both walked out of the party together; Peter trailed a little behind her. It took a while to find her car, considering most of the kids at the school were there. They finally found her car; (Y/N) getting into the driver seat and Peter getting into the passenger seat. She just began to drive; not even asking what Peter’s address was.

“Do you uh need my address?” He finally broke the silence, “I’m not taking you home yet. But don’t worry I’m not going to kidnap you.” She laughed at how nervous he looked; ready to jump out of his bones. “I’m just taking you to a diner I’ve been going to ever since I first moved here; their sundaes are to die for. And plus, I think after tonight you might need some ice cream.”

“So, who’s your favorite superhero?” Peter asked her, while he took another bite of his hot fudge sundae. “In all honesty, I’m going to have to say Captain America. Not because he’s hot but because he honestly just kicks ass! What about you Peter?” The whole night, the pair were slowly forgetting about how they ended up in a small diner in the bronx but they both didn’t mind. (Y/N) was glad, she gave into going to the party. 

“I gotta say Spider-man, have you seen that butt?” (Y/N) busted out laughing; her laugh was just so contagious that he started laughing as well. They got some dirty looks from the waitresses, but they just continued to laugh and be carefree. The two both loved having each other’s presence around and they didn’t want to leave the diner’s little booth. 

“Well, it’s pretty late. I think I should be heading out soon,” Peter suggested. “My aunt’s going to be worried.” He got up to pay for their sundaes, “also I think I can just walk from here.”

(Y/N) didn’t want him to leave, but it was nearly 2 AM so what could she have done? “Peter, I’m driving you. I insisted on taking you here; I should be the one that takes you home.” She said matter of factly. Peter didn’t even try to fight back; he was tired and he didn’t want to admit but he wanted to spend more time with (Y/N) and get to know her more.

The two finally made their to Peter’s small apartment in Queens, “well here it is.” Peter said pointing at the apartments. 

“Thanks a lot, this really meant a lot.” Peter thanked (Y/N) and was about to exit the car until she stopped him, “I had a really great time. Maybe we can do this again? Unless you don’t want to but it’d be nice to make another friend from school.” She was rambling which Peter thought was quite cute. “Yeah, let’s totally do this again. I had a great time.” He gave her a genuine smile but didn’t get out the car yet; a comfortable silence just filled her small car.

(Y/N) yanked him by his collar and kissed him on his lips; Peter was shocked but he didn’t stop her. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me; it’s totally fine if you don’t wanna see me again.” 

Peter, himself finally did an impulse decision. He kissed her again; cutting her off when she was in the middle of her rant.

“Would you like to go to homecoming?” He looked outside her window; afraid of rejection. “Well I’m going to have to check my schedule, and it says yes.” She joked with him. 

He pecked her again on the lips, “Goodnight (Y/N). I’ll see you at school.”


a/n: i hoped you guys enjoyed thisssss :)))

You Belong With Me (Part 3)

AN: Here’s the last part to the YBWM series! thank you so much for all the wonderful words <3

Peter Parker x Reader


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I groaned and opened my eyes. Trying to go to sleep with all these thoughts in my head was not going to work. I sat up and rubbed my face. I reached for my phone and opened it. The screen came to life and I saw the picture I had set as my lock screen. It was of Peter and I making silly faces at the camera. I smiled and decided to send him a text.

Hope you made it to Liz’s safely. Don’t get too drunk. See you when you get home, dork. <3

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Churro-Boy pt 2

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming + some curse words here and there

A/N: This is going to take place during Spider-Man:Homecoming with a little twist here and there so Y/N can remain the love interest. (Credits to the writers of Spider-Man: Homecoming because I used a couple lines) This is probably going to be a mini-series because I am slowly building up their relationship. Also, thank you to all of you who requested a part 2! Kinda got carried away with this one

word count: 2.7k 

Part 1

The day after my encounter with Churro-Boy was pretty interesting to say the least. 

I walked down one of the many halls of Midtown and headed to my locker. Sounds like a simple task, but with all these slow people crowding the hall, it was a bit of a struggle; especially considering how restless I was. 

Sometime during dinner last night, my mom and I heard a huge bang coming from down the street. I rushed to the window to try and get a good view, but I couldn’t see much. It wasn’t until later that night when I saw on the news that an ATM -along with Delmar’s Deli-grocery -were completely destroyed. They released the security footage where Spider-Man was fighting some robbers, and then a bright, purple blast filled the screen before the tape ended; I felt anxious because I had just met him hours prior to that incident. He could have died and I don’t want to imagine Churro-Boy getting hurt. I know he’s a superhero and all, but that was seriously dangerous. 

He seems too sweet to get hurt.

Furrowing my brows, I mentally scolded myself for thinking of Spider-Man in that way. I don’t really know him, despite how familiar he seemed.

“Either you’re thinking really hard right now, or your eyebrows are permanently damaged,” my friend said to me.

I closed my locker and glanced at Michelle, who didn’t need to look up from her book to see my inner turmoil. “The lady at the salon seriously miscalculated when she threaded them; I shouldn’t have tipped her. Damn,” I sighed. 

Michelle tried not to smile, but I saw her crack a small grin. “I don’t think you tip salon ladies,” she replied, finally closing her book. “So? What is it this time? Did something happen on one of your shows?”

“Hey, you have your books, and I have my Netflix, okay?” I defended myself. “But something did happen to me last night,” I said more serious.

All morning, I couldn’t wait to tell MJ. It was pretty exciting to say that I met the Spider-Man, and even talked to him! I ate half of his churro! 

Okay -that sounds weird, I don’t think I’m gunna mention that part to her…I’ll let the churro part be our thing. 

Michelle had a quick look of concern flash across her face before she asked, “What?” 

“You know the Spider-Man right?” I asked and she nodded. “I met him.”

“You met him,” she said skeptically.

“Yeah. I know. This sounds crazy, but he was on my fire escape talking on the phone when I was trying to take a nap -don’t look at me like that -and I woke up and kinda threatened him with a bat, and then I realized who he was because, at first, I thought he was some weirdo in tights trying to rob me since his suit looks different from what I’ve seen on Youtube -ya know -so then we just talked and he left. Then the whole ATM thing happened. Down my street!” I said rapidly talking and moving my hands for emphasis.

“Are your lungs abnormally large? Or do you just not take a breath when you talk?” MJ asked, almost incredulously.

“That’s all you have to say? I just gave you the Spark Notes version of the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to me, and you decide to question my anatomy?” I exclaimed.

Michelle narrowed her eyes at me and said, “So you met him.”

“Yeah,” I sighed, disappointed that she wasn’t as excited as I was. Then again, this is MJ we’re talking about.

“Cool,” she smirked.

I smiled back and was about to say something, but then the bell rang. My smile dropped faster than my grades when I heard it and I groaned. “I don’t want to go to class.”

Michelle pat my shoulder in sympathy and said, “Who does?”

After four, painful hours of “learning,” it was finally time for the most hated class on my schedule where I truly learn nothing:


Physical. Education.

Me and exercise simply do not correlate. We just don’t get along.The locker room is gross, and the gym smells like feet mixed with sweat. 

Michelle and I left the locker room, with me constantly grumbling in my head, and Michelle reading her book. 

“You know we have that fitness test today,” I said glancing at MJ, “why’d you bring your book?”

Michelle didn’t look up and kept reading as she walked, “I find that reading books is a better exercise for my brain than some sit-ups; that test is a waste of time that we have to do every year even though some of us are unfit for certain types of activities.” 

“You should be President,” I said slightly astonished. I can never get used to how aware Michelle is of all things unjust. Especially since we’re just sophomores in high school.

“I know,” she replied, walking towards the top of the bleachers. I followed her, looking at my feet as I did so I wouldn’t trip. MJ has long legs, but I sure don’t. I quickly looked up and made eye contact with one of my classmates; he was already looking at me, so it was that awkward moment where we both just look at each other until one of us chooses to look away. Except this time, I decided to say something.

“Hey Pete,” I said, adding one of those tight-lipped smiles. 

His face turned slightly pink and he cleared his throat before saying, “Hey Y/N.”

“Ned,” I greeted with a nod because he too saw this exchange.

He gave me a small wave before turning back to Peter to say something. 

Yeah that wasn’t awkward or anything. Was calling him Pete weird? It kinda rolled off my tongue fine. I’ve never called Peter “Pete” before. Am I overthinking? Yeah -I’m overthinking.

Coach Wilson had a TV rolled out onto the gym and showed us “Captain America’s Fitness Challenge.” I may hate this class, but that video was so cringey that it was somewhat entertaining. Our first station was sit-ups, which didn’t sound that bad. 

I’d rather do that than run the mile.

MJ and I took a place on the mats and she decided to go first. I held her feet down, but instead of sit-ups, she raised her book up and down as if it was weight-lifting.

“You’re doing it wrong,” I told her. “Captain America would be very disappointed in you.”

“How dare you speak to your future President like this,” MJ joked.

I scoffed and shook my head. I looked down at the blue mat and it reminded me of a certain someone. “Did I tell you that Spider-Man is a kid?” 

I couldn’t help but think about Churro-Boy again.  

A kid?” she asked, lightly laughing. “How old are we talkin’?”

“I’m not sure, but maybe a little older than us. Or even our age. Definitely a teenager; his voice cracked sometimes.” I said, recalling our conversation yesterday.

“Cracked? So puberty?” MJ asked incredulously.

“Well no, not exactly puberty. His voice would just rise at some points. And he tried to use this fake, deep voice with a New-Yorker accent,” I giggled. “It was kinda cute actually.”

“Wait,” MJ said, doing a sit-up and staying up. “Are you crushing on Spider-Man?”


I stumbled over my words, blushing, “Wh- what? No! No, I SO am not! Tha- that’d be weird; I dont even know him!” I nervously chuckled and tried to play this off.

“Peter knows Spider-Man!” Ned exclaimed.

The whole gym got quiet and looked at the duo.

Peter? Peter Parker knows Churro-Boy? I looked at him, waiting to see what he would do.

Peter gaped at Ned and got up. “Uh, no I don’t, no,” he stuttered a bit and walked towards MJ and I, “I -I mean..”

“They’re friends,” Ned explained.

Flash Thompson scoffed from the rope station and said sarcastically, “Yeah, like Coach Wilson and Captain America are friends.”

Peter ignored him and said to me, “I- I meet him, yeah. A couple times. But it’s, um, through..the..Stark Internship.”

Flash quirked his eyebrow and said, “Mmhm.”

“Yeah well, I’m not really supposed to talk about it,” Peter muttered, glaring at Ned.

“Well that’s awesome,” Flash said sauntering towards Peter, “Hey, you know what? Maybe you should invite him to Liz’s party tonight.”

Peter turned to look at Liz, as did the rest of the gym.

Liz shook her head to compose herself from the sudden attention and replied, “Yeah, um, I’m having people over tonight. You’re more than welcome to come.” 

Peter looked taken back and glanced at me before turning back to Liz and asking softly, “You’re having a party?”

Did Peter not know? She invited the team… Oh right, he quit the other day.

“Yeah, it’s gunna be dope. You should totally invite your personal friend Spider-Man.” Flash mocked.

Peter got slightly flustered and mumbled, “Um.”

“It’s okay. I know Peter is way too busy for parties anyway,” Liz remarked.

Peter has been distant lately, I thought. He’s already quit mathletes club, robotics club, and the decathlon! I’m not obsessed with him or anything, I’m just observant. 

“Peter, it’s just a party; don’t listen to them,” I rolled my eyes. “You don’t need to prove anything.”

Peter looked at me and I offered a small smile.

“Aw, c’mon,” Flash waved off my comment, “You’ll be there. Right, Parker?” 

The bell rang as Peter let Flash walk passed him. Peter clenched his jaw and then walked towards Ned. 

I couldn’t make out their conversation, but my gaze did linger on them after that exchange.

I hope he ignores Flash’s dumb teasing; what a dick.

“C’mon,” MJ said, pulling me towards the locker room.

Later that day, I got home to do some homework (shocking, I know) in my room. My mom walked in to check on me.

“No nap today?” my mom asked me with a teasing smile.

“I would, but sadly, I have plans to socialize with people my age tonight. Remember?” I asked looking up from my notebook. I was sat by my window at my desk, hoping to see a dude in blue and red tights eating a churro on my balcony. No sight of him yet, but I have seen about three pigeons. “I need to get this done before I party like it’s 1999. Whatever that means,” I said tapping my pencil against my math homework.

“Oh right! My baby is going to a party tonight! How exciting!” my mom said, genuinely sounding happy for me. Besides Michelle, I hardly hang out with anyone; but I’m okay with that. “There won’t be any illegal stuff right?”

“Not that I know of?” I said confused. “I’ve never been to a high school party before. I don’t even wanna go to be honest,” I mumbled the last part. The only people I knew were my team mates from the Decathlon; there’s going to be seniors there, and a big social gathering just isn’t my thing.

Thanks to my mother’s incredible hearing, that comment didn’t slip by. Her eyes softened and I looked down at my notebook. “Hey,” she said walking towards me to push back my hair, “you know you don’t have to prove anything to anyone right? If you really don’t want to go, then don’t. It’s just a party, honey.”

That advice sounds familiar, I thought sarcastically in my head. I wonder if Peter took my advice for tonight.

I smiled at my mom and said, “I know; it’s just the nerves talking, I guess. There’s gunna be upper-classmen and I’m just -me,” I shrugged and looked at my mom.

“And that’s all you need to be,” she said pinching my cheek. “And if you want to bail, just text me, and I’ll come get you. We can order pizza and watch a scary movie or something and pretend that party never happened.”

“Thanks mom,” I smiled, slightly embarrassed, yet, touched at her thoughtfulness.

I’ll be fine.

“Let’s go back,” I told my mom, parked outside Liz Allen’s house.

“Sweetheart, you haven’t even stepped outside of the car. Michelle is waiting for you inside!” she tried to reason with me.

I knew I was just nervous, so I took a deep breath and tried to hype myself up. “Yeah, you’re right. I can do this.”

“You have to actually open the door you know,” my mom teased.

“Getting to that part,” I muttered. I stepped out of the car, and put a brave face on. I offered my mom a small smile and she gave me a thumbs up in return before speeding off.

After a small debate with myself, I made my way towards the door. I raised my hand to knock but then put it down. Do people normally knock when going to a party? Or do I ring the doorbell? As I was over-thinking the situation, once again, someone shoved passed me and opened the door.

“Right,” I muttered to myself. 

You just walk in I guess. Where’s MJ at when you need her?

Luckily, I spotted her in the kitchen. I have never been more relieved in my life than in this very moment.

“Hey,” I smiled at her.

She gave me a nod and asked, “Toast?” 

She held out her toast to me and I took it, “Thanks?”

Well, it’s no churro, but this’ll do.

You look like you need it more than me. I’ll just make another. Then we can go somewhere and silently judge everything.”

I bit into my toast and smiled in relief.

As Michelle spread peanut butter over her toast, she said, “I can’t believe you guys are here at this lame party.” 

I turned to see who she was referring to and nearly choked on my toast.

Peter is here. And Ned, but wow, Peter?

You’re here too,” Ned remarked.

“Am I?” Michelle questioned,

“Is she?” I added, “Nice hat by the way.”

“Thanks,” Ned said smiling at me.

“H-hey  Y/N,” Peter smiled, then quickly added, “Michelle.”

“I’ll be over there,” MJ said, biting into her toast as she headed towards the couch.

The three of us watched her walk away, and I chuckled at her blunt-fullness.

“Oh my gosh,” Liz said smiling at us, “Hey guys! Cool hat Ned.”

“That’s what I was saying,” I smiled at her.

“Hi Liz,” Ned smiled. 

“Hey Liz,” Peter said.

“I’m so happy you guys came,” she continued, “there’s pizza and drinks if you wanna help yourselves.”

“Pizza?” I perked up. “Hell yeah,” I muttered as I set down my toast on the table and went to find pizza. About two steps in, I turned back to Liz and said, “This is a great party by the way!”

“Thanks,” she smiled.

Before she got the chance to say anything else she heard something break and excused herself. I looked back to the kitchen and headed towards the pizza boxes on the counter.

“Y/N!” I heard Peter exclaim my name.

I stopped to turn around and looked at him expectantly. “Yeah?”

“Uh, save me a slice, yeah?” he finally said.

Can’t promise anything, Parker!” I grinned, teasing him.

He smiled back at me, and I continued my trek for food. As I was serving two slices on a plate, I heard Flash mock Peter and Ned on the mic. Seriously, what an asshole. First at the gym and now at the party? Maybe pizza will cheer Peter up. Pizza solves lots of problems.

I headed to where I last saw Peter and Ned and saw that only Ned was there. “Hey Ned, where did Peter go?”

“Oh, uh, he went to…the bathroom. But I’m gunna wait for him,” Ned said looking around. 

“Oh,” I said disappointed. “Well, when he comes back, can you tell him I have his pizza?” I was looking forward to hanging out with Peter and Ned tonight.

Yeah, sure thing,” he smiled softly.

If you get bored of waiting for him, come sit with me and Michelle, yeah? There’s a strong chance I’ll eat his slice, and I could use some supervision,” I teased.

Cool, I will,” Ned said.

I gave him one last smile before I joined MJ on the couch. This party was actually turning out fun. And it was…aside from one thing.

Peter didn’t show up for the rest of the night. Him or Churro-Boy. The worst part was that I couldn’t tell what disappointed me the most.

Part 3

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Peter Parker - Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman (Part 3)

okay so I’m thinking part 4 and then done??

i hope you all enjoy this sorry it took so long!!!

part 1 part 2

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Originally posted by sisterstextsebastian

michelle was wearing a black long sleeved shirt with a pink spaghetti strap dress over top and her hair pulled back in a bun. i was wearing a pair of blue skinny jeans and a black cropped tank top. i wasn’t much of the party type but i defiantly had a better style than MJ.

“okay so what are we even doing here?” michelle asked as we sat outside of the booming house. the bass was loud enough to hear it from blocks away, the home was huge. it was a classic liz allan party, but at this one i was gonna find out who spiderman is.

“we are gonna find out who spiderman is” i declared out loud while storming out of the car. i could hear her groan and slam the car door shut. i smiled proudly to myself knowing that i won.

michelle and i entered the party and there was bodies everywhere, the smell of alcohol filled the room. flash was the DJ, liz was running around making everything perfect but in reality a bunch of drunk highschool kids couldn’t care less.

i noticed at the back of the room peter parker in his normal attire, jeans, a science t-shirt, and a flannel over top. next to him ned sported a large, confident smile and and a fedora hat. i laughed at the sight but he rocked that hat.

“lets go say hi!” i pulled michelle along with me to go see peter and ned. hopefully peter remembers me from when he helped me out in the hallway a few days ago. i wouldnt call it a crush but there was some sort of safety i felt when i was around peter, i don’t know exactly what it is though.

“hey peter!” i said excitedly running up to him michelle’s standing behind me grumpily with her arms crossed.

“oh” he said taken by surprise. “hey y/n y-you look amazing” peters face turned beet red and ned held in a snort from behind him. “thank you” i smiled at him before continuing the conversation with something awkward because i’m not sly at all.

“so..” i started speaking before i realized how awkward this conversation would really be. “this is a great party” i smiled to the two guys who looked just as awkward as me.

we looked like children, me and michelle on one side of the room and ned and peter on the other side. “this party is lame” michelle said bluntly and i let out loud laugh at the facial expressions that peter and ned sent her. that seemed to help lighten the mood, i could already tell peter was tense.

“i heard spiderman was gonna show up” michelle said looking at me. i felt my jaw drop to the floor, ned started giggling, and peters mouth parter slightly as his hands dug a little deeper into the pocket of his jeans.

“u-uh yeah i mean i don’t know maybe” he shrugged refusing to make eyecontact. i opened my mouth to speak up but was cut of by flash speaking through the speakers.

“anyone who wants to play a game come on to the carpet, even you’re invited penis parker” flash grinned pointing at peter, “and maybe while we’re playing mr. spiderman will join us” he added sarcastically rolling his eyes at peter.

a small crowd of kids maybe about 10 people were sitting on the carpet. i wouldnt mind participating i thought to myself. i made quite a bold move, i grabbed peters hand and began pulling him toward the carpet.

“i’m not gonna let you guys be boring and awkward all night” i said sternly to peter, i could hear ned laughing a few feet away. “that includes you too ned” i looked up and he groaned walking toward peter and i.

by the time i got us all to the carpet, yes i even got MJ there. it was announced that we were playing seven minutes in heaven.
flash was standing in the middle of the circle speaking.

“the rules are easy, you get picked the bottle gets spun and you guys go in the closet to do whatever for seven minutes” flash winked to no one in particular. i usually wasn’t the party game type but i couldn’t help get the slightest bit anxious when flash barked peters name.

“parker!” he shouted suddenly over the pouch music catching everyone’s attention. “spin the bottle” flash smirked at him. i watched as peter wiped his hands on his jeans nervously, he took slow shakes steps toward the bottle, when he spun it, it felt like time was moving slowly.

i didn’t want it to land on anyone else, i would feel angry, hurt. i didn’t know what the feeling was i didn’t want to discover what it was nor did i want it to stay. but the feeling in the pit of my stomach went away when the bottle came to a slow right infront of me.

i looked up to see peters hands stuffed in his pockets, his brown eyes filled with something looking like relief. “okay parker and y/n you’ve got seven minutes make them count” flash winked while offering you a hand to stand up.

i stood up on my own brushing past his hand earning a series of ‘ohhhs’ and ‘damnn’s’. i grabbed peters arm and i led him into the closet hand in hand. i could he whistles and wolf howels behind us coming from the drunk teenage crowd.

“w-we don’t have to do anything” he started speaking. peter was cute i have to be quite honest. it was his soft features that gave him a cute boyish look but there was a whole different part of me that wanted to kiss those lips, run my hand through his soft curls, hold his hands.

“i-im a loser and your not and you don’t wanna be stuck in here and your so pretty and well i’m me so you know ned dragged me here i didn-” peter was nervously rambling on and on flailing his arms around almost hitting me in the head due to the limited space in the closet.

i placed my finger over his lips while making a shushing noise. “y-yeah i can shush” he mumbled against my finger not breaking the eyecontact as i shushed him even louder trying to over power his voice.

this kid never shuts up.

“oh okay” he spoke softly, his voice barley above a whisper before finally shutting up. there was something about this boy,
i couldn’t put my finger on it. he made me feel safe when i was with him, he makes me feel safe with just his presence alone. i was about to pull my hand away from peter when i realized how close we really were.

our foreheads were nearly touching, my finger still on his lips as we starred into eachothers eyes. when peter looked this deep into my eyes i felt vulnerable as if he could read me like an open book. i could feel peters hand slowly take hold of my waist, it was as if he was waiting for me to pull away from his touch rather than lean into it.

peters face began leaning close to mine, he licked his lips before he pushed his lips on to mine. i wasnt taken by surprise but i did stumble slightly. i immediately responded to the touch of his lips on mine, it was so familiar. his tongue ran smoothly over my lips as if he was painting a perfect canvas. peters other hand made his way to cup my cheek and at that moment i practically fell into his touch.

this is him.

i pulled back from peter looking at him, his chocolate brown eyes, his flushed red checks, his mess hair from my fingers running through it, and lastly his swollen lips.

“peter it was you that night” i said finally to him. i could see his mouth open to protest but i continued speaking, “peter i couldn’t stop thinking about you for eight weeks” i was breathless.

peter parker is my masked hero.

“peter your spiderman” was the last thing i said before flash opened the closet door, “times up!” he shouted. peter gave me one last look before he ran, he started running out of the house and he didn’t look back at me. he kept running, i tried to chase after him but i couldn’t catch up.

i finally found my friendly neighbourhood spiderman but it looks like he wasn’t lost and he definitely didn’t want to be found.


the next few days peter wasn’t at school, that wasn’t like him he has never missed a day in his whole life. i always see those brown curls sitting two rows infront of me in the class but for the past few days it’s been an empty brown desk.

michelle has tried to talk to me about it, even ned but i wouldn’t listen. after school i told michelle i was going straight home but that was a lie i found myself walking the streets of queens looking for an apartment building.

when i finally came across the right one i walked in, i walked to the third floor and stood silently infront of the second door. i slowly pulled my hand up to knock on the door.

knock. knock. knock.

and i waited.

i heard the click of a door opening and i looked up to a pair of chocolate brown eyes.

“i’m sorry” were the first two words that came from him mouth.

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Smeared Lipstick (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

Description: Stark!reader. Peter needs to prove that he knows the Stark’s and Spider-Man, so he asks Y/N for some help.

A/N: so this is my first fic EVER. Please give it (me) some love! (Also I don’t know how to make a cut off on mobile so uhhh my bad? Lmao)

Word count: 1892

Warnings: none? Please let me know if you find some I guess??



Y/N Stark sits in her bedroom in the Avengers tower drawing in her sketchbook and thinking back on the last year of her life. The Accords had torn her family apart, leaving the tower feeling desolate and empty.

Y/N thinks back to the fight in Berlin while shading in the finishing touches on the Winter Soldier’s metal arm. She remembers being angry at her father for insisting she stay in the hotel during the fight, even though she wouldn’t have been much help against Steve and the others.

Her mind wanders to the newest addition to Tony’s team; Peter Parker. Y/N’s role in Berlin was watching over Peter; making sure he didn’t get lost or bother Happy too much.

She remembers sitting in the hotel with Peter the night before the fight. The two of them had watched whatever movies they could find, all in German with no subtitles, and they had made up the dialogue while watching. Y/N pictures Peter’s face behind his camera while he filmed her trying, and failing, to catch popcorn in her mouth.

Y/N looks down at her book and realizes she’s drawn Peter in his suit. His mask is off, his hair all messy, and a massive smile on his face. In that moment, Y/N knows she has fallen hard for this boy.


Peter lay with his back on a gym mat and Ned holding his feet down. Peter pretended to struggle with doing sit-ups as to not draw attention to himself. The nerdiest kid in school shouldn’t be able to do a hundred sit-ups in a row without breaking a sweat.

Peter hears Liz and her friends gushing on about Spider-Man and, before Peter can object, Ned blurts, “Peter knows Spider-Man!” Causing Peter’s mouth to fall open in disbelief.

“Y-yeah, through the internship, but I don’t know who he is.” Peter mumbles.

“Yeah, sure,” Flash starts. “And I bet you know Y/N Stark too. Don’t you, Penis Parker?” Flash laughs and everyone else groans at his immaturity.

“I do actually,” Peter’s voice gets quiet. “A-also through the internship.” He adds. All Peter can think about is what kind of mess he’s getting himself into. Sure, he’s not telling any lies, but it sounds like he is.

Flash takes a step forward. “Why don’t you invite the two of them to Liz’ party on Saturday? I’m sure they would love to come embarrass you.” Peter and Ned look to Liz.

“Yeah, the party’s going to be great,” Liz steps in. “You and Ned are welcome to come, along with whoever else you’d like to bring.”

“We’ll be there. Won’t we, Peter?” Ned says.

“Yeah, for sure.” Peter gives Liz a tight lipped smile and turns to Ned, glaring at him. The bell rings and Peter gets ready to leave the gym while groaning internally about the strings he’ll have to pull to get out of this mess.


Y/N glances up from her sketchbook at the sound of her cell phone ringing. She takes one last look at the page filled with sketches of Peter.

There are drawings of Peter smiling and laughing, but there are also drawings of moments where Peter didn’t know Y/N was gazing at him; his chocolate eyes aimed in a different direction or towards his homework.

Y/N picks up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hi, Y/N? It’s Peter.”

“Oh, hey Pete! What’s up? You mess with the suit again and need my help putting it back together?” Y/N says with an airy laugh. It’s music to Peter’s ears.

“No, not that.” Y/N can practically hear Peter’s smile through the phone. “I need a favour.”

Peter proceeds to tell Y/N about the party, basically begging her to go.

“Peter, why is it so important that I come to this party?” Y/N immediately realizes that she sounds almost annoyed. “N-not that I don’t want to come! It’s just,” she searches for the right words. “Are you trying to prove something?” Y/N says with a slight laugh.

“No! I-” Peter starts. “Okay, yeah I am. Nobody believes that I know you, and it sounds super lame when I talk about you and no one thinks I’m telling the truth.” Peter says in a rush. Y/N feels blush creep up her cheeks and she’s thankful that Peter can’t see her.

“You talk about me?” Y/N says quietly.

“Well yeah! You’re one of my best friends. Anyway,” Peter stumbles as he tries to change the subject. “This guy Flash always makes fun of me and says I’m not part of the Stark internship.”

“Well you aren’t.” Y/N says with a smirk.

“Yeah I know that, okay!” Peter laughs. “It’s just,” Peter’s voice gets quiet and he mumbles something else.

“Sorry, what was that?” Y/N asks.

Peter is silent for a second before saying, “He calls me Penis Parker.”

“Well, that’s not very creative. But yeah, I’ll be there. And I’ll be sure to roll up in one of dad’s nicest cars. Just for good measure.”

“Thanks Y/N. I’ve got to go, see you Saturday?”

“Yeah. Bye Pete.”

“Buh-bye.” Peter hangs up.

Y/N flops down on her bed and squeals into her pillow. Not only does she get to go to an actual party, but Peter will be there. She shoots up and runs to her closet to find something to wear.

Meanwhile, Peter is laying in his bed, phone still in his hand, staring at the ceiling in disbelief. He is so stoked that he girl of his dreams is coming to Liz’ party. He knows that everyone thinks Y/N is out of his league, but he can’t help but hope.


Peter and Ned have been at Liz’ party for half an hour and still no sign of Y/N. Nobody at the party got their hopes up for her arrival, but they’re still disappointed because they now have to hear Flash chant over the microphone.

“When I say penis, you say Parker!” Flash yells, causing the mic to squeal and everyone in the room groans and covers their ears.

Peter is just beginning to lose hope when he spots Y/N walk through the front door with all eyes trained on her figure. She looks stunning in her favourite outfit and her makeup done to perfection with red lipstick to top it all off. Peter can’t help but stare while Y/N makes her way over to him and Ned.

Y/N turns to Ned first. “Ned! How’s it hanging, dude?” She exclaims while giving him a handshake into a half hug.

“Yeah, I’m good, I’m good.” Ned nods. He can’t stop from smiling because all eyes are aimed at the three of them.

“Peter! How are you?” Y/N throws her arms around his neck. It takes Peter a second to respond, but he quickly rests his hands on her back before she pulls away.

“I’m good. Not gonna lie, I was a little worried that you wouldn’t show up.” He says with a nervous laugh.

“C’mon Peter! I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that! I ran late because Happy wouldn’t give me the keys to the Audi.” She says simply.

“Ah yes, everyday teen problems.” Ned states with a nod. “Oh no. Flash is coming over here.”

Y/N leans over to whisper in Peter’s ear. “Whatever I do, just go with it.” She pulls back and looks at Flash, who has stopped in front of the trio. Peter stares at Y/N with wide eyes.

“Y/N Stark. I’m glad you can make it. I’m Flash Thompson. You should come hang out by my DJ booth, instead of here with Penis Parker and his boyfriend.” Flash says cockily.

“Oh wow! I’d love to!” Y/N says in her sweetest tone, resting a hand on Flash’s arm and leaning in. “But, can you do me a quick favour first?” She asks, spinning a lock of hair around her finger and batting her eyelashes.

Peter stares ahead in disbelief. He can’t tell if this is part of Y/N’s plan or if she is really flirting with Flash. Peter can feel his heart sink.

“Yeah sure, what is it?” Flash smiles.

“Can you hold this?” Y/N takes off her coat and hands it to Flash while the three boys look on in confusion.

“Yeah, sure? I guess.” Flash takes Y/N coat.

“Thanks!” Y/N chirps and, without missing a beat, turns and plants her lips on Peter’s.

Peter’s eyes are wide with shock and he freezes, until he realizes that Y/N is kissing him. He immediately reacts and places his hands on the small of her back. Y/N cards her fingers through Peter’s curly hair and deepens the kiss, moving her lips faster against his and nipping at his bottom lip.

Once they pull apart, panting, Y/N let’s out a little laugh and tries to wipe off the red lipstick smeared on Peter’s mouth. Y/N turns to Flash, who looks livid, and takes her coat back.

“Thanks!” Y/N says, immediately changing her smile to the scariest look Peter has ever seen. Y/N looks away from Flash and throws a shoo motion in his direction with her hand. Peter’s eyes are wide and he’s sure the colour of his cheeks matches the shade of lipstick painted on his face.

“Okay, I think I have some makeup wipes in the car. Ned, you’ll be okay if we go, right?” Y/N is still trying to wipe the lipstick off of Peter’s face, while he just stares at her, sporting a goofy smile.

“Yeah, I’ll go find Michelle.” Ned wanders off while Y/N leads Peter out of the house, not noticing the high five shared between the two boys.

Once in the car, Y/N searches through the backseat until she finds her makeup wipes and takes Peter’s chin in one hand and begins to clean the lipstick off of his face.

“So, um…” Peter begins to talk, until Y/N interrupts him.

“Peter, don’t talk.” She furrows her brows as she works to scrub Peter’s lips. Her expensive lipstick takes a lot of work to remove.


“Pete!” Y/N laughs. “Okay. I’ll talk.” She keeps scrubbing, staring hard at his mouth while she works. “I didn’t kiss you just for show. I uh… I really do like you Peter. It’s hard not to think about you all day while I’m stuck in the tower by myself.”

Y/N takes on a blush that rivals Peter’s. Y/N sighs and leans back. “Okay. I think I got it all.” She starts to clean up her mess of makeup wipes covered in her red lipstick and inspects her own in the mirror in the sun visor.

“I uh…” Peter says in a mocking tone, earning a joking glare from Y/N. “I really like you too.” Peter says in a serious tone.

“Good.” Y/N says as she slams the visor shut and leans over the centre console to place her lips on Peter’s once again, but he stops her.

“Maybe you should take your lipstick off first.” He says with a smirk.

Y/N just smiles and scoffs. pulling out her makeup wipes again.

Ice Cream Smiles || Peter Parker [[request]]

[[request prompt: Peter Parker x reader where her friends are super popular and nice but she’s introverted and shy and they’re all at a party but she’s outside by herself because it’s too much and Peter walks by and sucks it up and realizes this is his chance to talk to you and he realizes your sad and takes you out to get ice cream then a walk in the park and it’s all fluff and he asks you out on a real date. ]]

All of you readers make me so happy 


I was not expecting such a positive response to ||Smile Like You Mean It|| 

I promise I’ll reopen requests soon ♡ I’ve just got two more requests to write after this one. 

tags: {anonymous}

{{request status: closed}}

word count: 4,500+

don’t repost/plagiarize this story! reblogs are fine!

“It’s really not fair how gorgeous Liz is.” Ned Leeds sighs, admiring the popular girl with her group of friends from afar. The smitten teen stares at the way she throws her long strands of hair back as her eyes sparkled from beneath the hallway light.

“Uh-huh.” Peter Parker hears his best friend and tries to act cool, placing his textbooks back inside his locker while sneaking glances at Liz Allan. He gulps and slowly begins trailing his eyes away from Liz, landing on the girl that stood awkwardly to the side next to Liz.

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Protect You || Part 1/?

MY BITCH @running-outta-time PUT ME IN A WRITING MOOD I LOVE HER CAUSE I ACTUALLY GOT SOMETHING DONE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER. I’ve been wanting to write this for such a long time because I’ve never really read anything like this before. Like not the fact that the reader’s someone that’s cut off, but it’s more like how the reader who is fem!reader, is very much more dominant and peter is (let’s all just admit it) a submissive ass little smol bean. Like come on. I’m just really, really excited for this one, and I hope you guys like it. 

 tags : @running-outta-time 

 words : 1450 


Protect You Masterlist


Originally posted by tomllholland

Peter Parker had never imagined falling deeply in love with a girl whom he very much feared… in a weird way. 

It was scary. 

He would stir up scenarios in his head about what it would be like to be able to hold you, kiss you… love you; what it would be like to let him love you. 

But due to the fact that you were one of the most intimidating (yet chill) people in school stood in the way. 

You’d transferred to the school in ninth grade, coming off a friendly and very much humorous and sarcastic; and that you stayed. 

However, Flash Thompson had learned not to mess with you the hard way; everyone from then on learned not to mess with you. It was after he’d picked on a girl for her weight, calling her names and relentlessly poking and prodding at her, that you’d held tight onto the collar of his shirt, shoved him into the lockers, and punched him right in the gut. You got off with two weeks of detention and a warning. 

Despite people being scared of you, you were trusted… with a lot. 

After three months of you being there you’d become the person who knew everything that went on in the school and everyone’s personal lives. Whenever someone would ask for ‘gossip’ from you, you’d always reply with, “I don’t spill shit, man.” 

You became almost the whole school’s problem solver, or advice giver. You became the designated best friend. 

It was a thing; you’d be their best friend when they needed it, but never, have you ever let someone be your best friend. 

Best friend, as in letting someone in, know what the hell goes on in your life, and trusting them to tell no one. 

You kept all that shit private. No one could be trusted. Except you. And you’re, well, you. So you have yourself, and it’s always been fine that way. 

You made that clear to anybody who tried to get close to you emotionally and mentally. Including Peter Parker. 

You hung out with Peter a lot, actually. Along with his long time friend, Ned, too, of course. 

Their intellect challenged yours, but you often found yourself with them due to the outrageous amount of bullying.

You’d defended them both against some meat heads who, for some reason, went to your very high profile school for gifted and smart kids four and a half months into ninth grade.

You’d thought nothing of it, standing up for the underdog, however Peter found himself starting to fall for you that day.

Another two weeks later, you found Peter in another similar situation, and rescued his ass once again.

After another month of doing so, you confronted him by saying, “You’re one weak ass motherfucker, aren’t you?” Only for you to be met with a blush and stuttering words, and for him to be met with you sitting with him and Ned at lunch the next day, and from then on.

You admit, throughout out the whole year you’d gotten to know Peter, you’d grown a soft spot for the boy; but never did that change your dominant, smooth persona in front of him or anyone else.

Throughout the whole year that you’d been friends with Peter, he’d seen it as an opportunity to get as close as possible to you. At least attempt to.

Not even emotionally or mentally by this point. He’d given up on that three months after you first sat with him and Ned.

The poor boy spent his year infatuated despite being intimidated with you, and you didn’t even know it despite you ‘all knowing’ reputation. And you, poor girl, spent your year being followed around by said boy as though he were a lost puppy.

You’d always thought of it as him trying to cling onto the little protection he had from you.

It was overall that you’d spent your life defending other people who weren’t able to defend themselves, and help others, no matter who they were, with their issues.

Overall, you made their problems your problems to fix.

And now you had to fix your little lost puppy’s problem today, January 14, 2017.

“Hey, Parker!” Flash spoke into the microphone of the DJ’s spin table, “Where’s that girlfriend of yours you were talking about, huh?”

You, Ned, and Peter had just entered a party the popular Liz Allan was throwing.

Peter stood there mouth opening and closing, not knowing what to say.

Earlier on at school, Flash had been taunting Peter about his love life and how he couldn’t get a girl, unbeknownst to you, and Peter had replied with, “I-I have a girlfriend! I really pretty one too!”

Flash then proceeded to challenged Peter and told him to bring said girlfriend with him, still, unbeknownst to you.

“What,” Flash laughed, “Did your old pal, Spider-Man, steal her from you?”

Everyone around you three began to laugh, some looked at Peter with sympathy.

“I-I,” Peter started, but gave up and hung his head in embarrassment.

You been quick and thoughtless about consequences, only thinking of protecting the boy you’d grown to care for, when you shouted over the laughter, “How about you all shut the fuck up, cause he ain’t lying.”

Flash chuckled into the mic, “Oh, what are you gonna say to defend him, Y/N? Does his girlfriend have something else to do tonight? Oh, oh, or maybe she lives all the way in Canada or some shit.”

You squinted at him and snarled, “Imma say she’s right here.”

You turned quickly, not thinking, and grabbed the collar of Peter’s flannel with both hands, pulled him as close to you as possible, and slammed your lips into his.

Peter’s eyes were open and shocked until he began to ease into the kiss and close his eyes. This was the moment he’d dreamed for since the first time you’d defended him.

Gasps were heard as your lips melded into to his for the first time.

Pulling away after a good ten seconds, which felt like only a blissful moment to Peter, you took a good look at him before letting go of his shirt collar.

His cheeks were flushed, eyes and mouth were wide in shock, and lips were slightly swollen.

You turned away from him to look at Flash, “You wanna say something else, or not get your ass kicked?”

Flash opened and closed his mouth a few times before growling and putting down the microphone, only to stalk off to somewhere in the spacious house.

Everyone continued to stare until you shouted at them, “Everybody get back to what you were doing, or else I’ll find creative things to shove up creative places on your body.”

That made the music start up again, everyone resume their conversation, and maybe start a new one about what the hell just happened in the middle of the party.

Peter still hadn’t spoken, not knowing what to say.

“What the hell were you thinking when you told Flash you had a girlfriend?” You questioned Peter after you’d managed to find and pull him into a room in the house without people in there getting it on.

Peter stood there wide eyed and unsure of what to say, “I-I, um, I-I don’t kn-know?” He bowed his head

You sighed and put your thumb and index finger on the bridge of your nose and turned so your side was facing Peter.

“You do realize we have to keep this up if you don’t want to be a joke, right?”

Peter looked up, eyes still wide, “You’d pretend to be my girlfriend.”

Peter had hoped that when he had the chance to be with you, especially with other people knowing, that it would be something real, but he’d take pretend. He’d take anything from you by that point.

You huffed before turning to look at him sternly, “Yes, but,” you held up a finger at his excited face, “Nothing changes. No holding hands, no hugs, no kisses, no pet names or any of that shit.”

Peter furrowed his eyebrows, “But how will people believe that we’re toget-”

“Ah, ah, ah,” You put your finger on his lips and shook your head, “My rules. People know me, and my reputation. So do you. We will go to homecoming together and we’ll use the whole boyfriend and girlfriend title, that’s it. Understood?”

Peter nodded his head vigorously, “Yeah.”

“Good,” You said before shaking your head, began to walk towards the door, and started muttering to yourself, “I’m an idiot, an idiot. You help this god damn lost puppy and this is what you get. I need a drink.”

Designated Drivers

“our mutual friend dared the two of us to chug a whole pint of beer and I’m not going to let you beat me” AU

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Language? Underage drinking

Word Count: 1, 349

Summary: You and Peter Parker always seem to be the designated drivers in your friend groups and one day they decide to make you have a good time.


A/N: I’ve had the whole “two DDs bonding at a party while everyone else is drunk” idea for a while and finding this fun prompt by @iobeyfandoms finally motivated me to do something with it. Also I’m boosting them up to being high school seniors (18y/o) so that the underage drinking isn’t as bad (also 18 is legal drinking age where I live but high school kids will drink anyways). 

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Originally posted by tomhollandasf

As much as you enjoyed hanging out with your friends, parties were never really your thing, much less drinking. Thus you assumed the role of designated driver as the mom of the group and would always be the one to make sure your friends got home safely at the end of the night.

Peter Parker was the same. That’s how the two of you became such close friends. You weren’t a student at Midtown High, but you attended another nearby high school and you were childhood friends with Liz Allen who was always at the center of all these social events. Her as well as you and Peter’s other friends always dragged you to these parties whether you wanted to or not. It was usually the latter until you met Peter.

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Churro-Boy pt 3

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: curse words and spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming

A/N: Sorry for the wait guys! I wanted to make this part really good. Also, credits to the writers of Spider-Man: Homecoming since I used some lines!

word count: 4.8k

Part 1 II Part 2

That night at Liz Allen’s party, I realized quite a bit about myself. Not in the sense where I somehow had a new found appreciation for high school parties, but in the sense where I had an epiphany about the type of person that I am. On the car ride back, over-thinking like I do best, I reflected on my choices that night. I had put myself out there to try and make new friends, Peter and Ned being said friends, and came back defeated. I mean, not necessarily with Ned, but definitely with Peter. 

That night, I was vulnerable, in a sense, and it completely backfired. Did he not come back because it was me? Was that a sign? Should I just stick to what I know and just not try

It hurt to be rejected by Peter. The fact that it’s Peter Parker somehow just stung the most. I thought he and I had a lot in common. Or, at least, a few things in common: enough to be friends at least. Knowing him from class, he seemed so sweet and dorky and cute even, just -the type of person that everyone needs in their life. 

I guess I’m not worth befriending.

To make matters worse, as I tried to fall asleep that night, I heard a knock at my window. Calming down, I went to my window to see a note stuck on the glass by some type of web. It read “I’m sorry Y/N” and was signed Churro-Boy.

Even Spider-Man had ended my attempt at a friendship.

That one was more understandable though -I mean -what did I expect? I could never befriend a superhero. Our interaction probably meant nothing to him. I most likely read too much into it anyway. The fact that I thought he seemed cute too -god, how could I have been so stupid

These thoughts plagued me until I eventually fell asleep.

Determined to stop pitting myself, the next day, I decided to do what I do best. I will avoid Peter -and sadly Ned because where there is a Peter, there is a Ned -and avoid my problems all together. I didn’t want to confront Peter about the party; I do not confront things. I just have to go the rest of high school avoiding those two. 

Seems logical, as Spock would say.

Besides, I had MJ, and she was more than enough for me.

Not to mention I had actual things to worry about, like Nationals today. I was outside the bus confiding in MJ as we waited to board like the rest of the team was currently doing.

“So you’re just going to avoid the both of them?” MJ concluded, nose stuck in a book, as per usual.

I sighed, “I mean, what else can I do?”

“Oh you mean besides just, I don’t know, talking to them about this?” She said sarcastically, looking up at me.

I narrowed my eyes, “That’s not what I wanted to hear.”

MJ rolled her eyes at me and said, “Y/N, this is New York; you’re going to hear a lot of things that you don’t want to.”

“You know what I mean,” I said, ignoring her attempt at a joke. “I tried to make friends, and it failed. Going out of my comfort zone was hard and I’m never doing it again. I’m just not made to be social, okay? I can accept that. Of all people I thought you’d understand that.”

MJ’s eyes softened in understanding, “This shouldn’t discourage you from making new friends.”

“The one time I think ‘hey, why not try something new’ and it ended up like shit,” I said, looking away, chuckling humorlessly. I shook my head softly, “You’re the only friend I need anyway.”

Michelle looked at me with a small smile, “And you’re the only friend I need. But,” she said, with a now teasing smile, “it won’t hurt to let others in. You and I both.”

I sighed, knowing she was right. I knew I needed to hear this. After all, I’m just being over dramatic. “I know, but let’s pick someone else. Like Liz, or Abraham, or literally anyone else on the team. Not Flash though,” I said, shaking my head.

MJ crinkled her nose, “Yeah, no, definitely not Flash.”

Speaking of Trash, I mean Flash, he started a commotion with someone. Michelle and I looked to see who everyone was talking to.

“Hey! Welcome back Peter!” our teacher called, stepping off the bus.

Peter? What is he doing here?

“Flash, you’re back to first alternate,” he continued.

“What?” Flash gaped.

“He’s taking your place,” Abraham laughed.

“Um, excuse me, can we go, already? Cause I was hoping to get in some light protesting at the embassies before dinner, so,” MJ cut in.

“Protesting is patriotic, let’s get on the bus,” he responded.

I hid my smile and boarded the bus.

That smile I tried to hide earlier dropped once we were seated on the bus. MJ called the window seat and continued reading her book, and I was stuck staring at the back of Peter’s head while Liz quizzed us. Whenever I rang the bell before Peter did, he would look back at me with a weird expression on his face and it made me uncomfortable. It was like he wanted to tell me something, but I think he felt just as awkward as I did and decided not to say anything.

Should I say something to him? Or just avoid him all together like I originally planned to do so?

Before I made a choice, it seemed as if fate did it for me. Peter got a phone call and headed to the back of the bus. I watched him with the corner of my eye and then turned to MJ.

“I should just talk to him, right?” I whispered.

“Sure,” she said, not looking up.

“Maybe I shouldn’t,” I pondered out loud.

“Maybe you shouldn’t,” she suggested with an indifferent tone.

“Yeah, you’re right,” I said, trying to reassure myself.

If Peter wants to tell me why he didn’t show up, then it’s up to him. Things don’t have to be weird between us, right?

That kind of thinking is exactly why I ended up fighting with myself in my hotel room later that evening.

“Your pacing is making me dizzy,” Michelle said to me from her spot on the bed.

I tugged at my hair and said, “Look away Michelle, you don’t wanna see me like this.”

“Don’t move so much, I’m trying to get a good sketch of you,” she said, doodling.

“Hey,” I protested.

She chuckled and said, “Perfect, stay like tha-”

MJ was cut off by a knock at our door. We both looked at each other before she mouthed at me “You go.”

I shook my head and harshly whispered, “What if it’s someone trying to kill us? Who knocks on people’s doors at midnight?” 

“No one is trying to kill us,” Michelle scoffed.

“I could open that door and get shot,” I exaggerated.

“Y/N? Michelle?” they asked through the door.

Looking at the door, then back to each other, we both said, “Liz.” 

I opened the door and smiled, “Hey Liz, glad you’re not an axe murderer, what’s up?”

She looked at me weirdly, but laughed it off, “I’m glad I got the right door. Do you guys wanna join us? We’re heading to the pool for a late-night swim.”

Liz could already see me trying to come up with an excuse so she interrupted me with, “We have candy.” 

She held out some chocolate to me with a teasing smile. “I don’t know,” I trailed off, accepting the candy anyway.

Michelle piped up from the bed, “You know what Liz? That is a great idea. We’ll join you in a few.”

“We will?” I questioned, looking at MJ.

“You will,” Liz said, looking at me.

“I guess I will,” I said, giving in. 

“Great! I’ll see you guys there then!” she exclaimed, running off down the hall. 

I closed the door and looked at MJ.

“Letting people in, remember?” she said, looking through her things. 

“Figuratively or literally? Cause I didn’t let her in. Literally, she just stood outside. I could go and get her if you want though,” I said, gesturing to the door with my thumb over my shoulder.

Michelle scoffed at my joke and said, “I won’t swim, but you look like you need one. So, I am going to sit on one of the lounge chairs and read, while you get changed, okay?” 

I sighed, and said, “I could use a swim I guess.”

After getting dressed into a swimsuit, I grabbed my towel and left the hotel room. On the way there, I saw a hooded figure creeping out of their room. 

Just walk passed them, and don’t make eye contact, I thought to myself. 

Straightening my shoulders to seem unfazed, I sped up my pace until I realized who was under the hood.

“Peter?” I asked, slightly unsure.

They looked up from whatever they were looking at and I saw that it was indeed Peter Parker.

His eyes widened and he said, “Oh, uh, hey Y/N. I see you’re, uh, going for a swim. That’s nice. With the rest of the team, right? That’s what Liz said at least. I’m just…assuming though. You could be doing something else, I wouldn’t know.” 

I chuckled nervously and said, “And here I thought my swimsuit gave it away. I’m just going to get some dinner, obviously. Dressed real casual though.” I attempted to make light of this interaction, but my joke was pretty terrible, so I internally cringed at myself.

Peter looked away from my bathing suit and turned red, “Yeah, dinner, my bad.” He then realized what I actually said, then stumbled as he looked back to me, “Tha- that was a joke wasn’t it?”

I laughed slightly and said, “My mom doesn’t get my jokes either, it’s cool.”

This is going smoothly, isn’t it, I thought sarcastically. Avoiding him sounded like a better idea.

“No! That was funny, definitely funny. I’m sorry, I’m just nervous.” He said sheepishly. “About tomorrow,” he added quickly.

Wait a minute. I’ve heard that before, but, where?

“Well, one of us is clearly going for a swim. Not the one in the hood though. Where are you going?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m going to go study,” he said, gesturing at his back pack.

Study? You’re like the smartest guy I know, you don’t need to study,” I scoffed.

“I, uh, know this is important to you and the rest of the team, I just don’t want to mess up tomorrow,” he said.

I nodded my head in understanding, “Right. Well, don’t study too hard. We need you there tomorrow.”

“Yeah, of course,” Peter breathed.

I started to walk passed him, ready to say goodbye. But then I stopped and turned back to Peter. 

Fuck it, I thought.

“Oh, and Peter?” I asked, getting his attention. He looked at me expectantly before I added, “I ate your slice of pizza, so, I owe you one.”

Peter looked confused before a look of realization flashed across his face. “Right,” he said, “maybe after the decathlon we can, um, get some, or something?” 

I looked at him with a sudden hope, “Yeah!” I cleared my throat before saying, “Sure, I mean, if someone offers you pizza, one cannot deny it, right?”

Peter looked at me for a moment, and then smiled. “Yeah, no one refuses pizza.”

I offered a small smile and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“Tomorrow,” he repeated, walking backwards.

“Bye Peter,” I said, also walking backwards.

“Bye Y/N,” he said softly, not looking away.

I turned around to keep walking and took a deep breath. 

That wasn’t so bad. Maybe Peter and I can actually get to know each other better. It won’t hurt to try again.

Determined to turn a new leaf, I went to go relax with the rest of my team.

“We’re going to be late,” MJ said, hitting me with a pillow.

I groaned and turned over, “Five more minutes won’t kill anyone.”

“I will smother you with this pillow if you don’t get up,” Michelle muttered, hitting me with each word.

Too weak to defend myself, I grumbled, “Alright, alright. Put your weapon down, I’m awake.”

Michelle continued to gather her things and I reluctantly got up to pack and get ready to leave. 

Once we were both ready to join the rest of the team, we headed downstairs. Finding the rest of our teammates was pretty easy given the fact that we had to wear yellow jackets. I saw Liz look way too stressed out about something and decided to see what had caused that look of despair.

“Hey Liz, what’s wrong?” I asked. 

Liz sighed and said, “No one knows where Peter is and we have to leave right now or else we’ll never make it on time.” 

“Peter’s gone?” I said, getting worried.

Did something happen to him last night? Was I the last person to see him? Shouldn’t we call the police?

I looked around and saw that everyone was here, ready to go, except for Peter. I went up to Ned and asked, “Hey, where’s Peter?”

Ned looked at me troubled and said, “Um, he got caught up with…something. Doesn’t feel good.”

“Is he okay?” I asked, more confused than worried at this point. “Is he coming back?”

Before Ned could answer me, it was time for the competition, so we were ushered away.

Damn it Peter, where the hell are you?

Nationals was extremely stressful, and I’m glad it was over. Thanks to Michelle, we had won first place. I expected to see Peter burst in through the doors at the last minute, but no one had heard from him still. Maybe he was extremely sick.

We were on our way to see the Washington Monument and I decided to enjoy my time away from Queens. Sight seeing was always fun for me anyway. Michelle, on the other hand, had no interest in the monument, so I went in without her. Besides, I can spend some quality time with Ned.

“Hey Ned,” I smiled, approaching him. I saw him looking at his phone, deep in thought. He snapped out of when he heard my voice.

“Oh, hey Y/N, I’m just trying to check in on Peter,” he said, motioning to his phone. 

“No word from him yet?” I asked.

“No, I keep calling, but he won’t answer,” he mumbled.

“Maybe he has bad reception?” I offered.

“Maybe,” he said, dialing again. 

I saw some free pens and a bag on a table and said, “Imma go get some free stuff, do you want some?”

Ned looked up to me and smiled, “Yeah!” 

I smiled back and said, “Cool, wait here.”

Grabbing two of each, muttering, “It’s for a friend,” I came back to see Ned talking to someone on the phone.

I switched Ned’s phone with the pens and asked into the phone, “Peter, is that you?”

“Oh hey Y/N!” Peter exclaimed. 

He doesn’t sound sick, I thought bitterly. 

“Please put Ned back on the phone,” he replied.

I ignored Peter and decided to get some answers. “You don’t sound sick at all, Peter,” I said, getting mad at him for making me worry so much. “You are so lucky we won,” I scolded, “I want to stay mad at you, but, I’m more worried about you. What is going on with you?” 

“Y/N! I have to talk to Ned, it’s really important,” he went on.

As I was about to give in and pass the phone to Ned, the security officer told me to put all items on the conveyor belt, so I set the phone down. I went through the detector and told Ned, “He seemed fine, but had something important to tell you apparently.”

“I’ll call him back when we get off the elevator,” Ned said, walking in. I followed him in and we had some small talk on the way up. We were both excited to see the view from up there. “Do you think we’ll see some birds outside the window? They fly this high, right?” he whispered.

“Obviously, it’ll be like a bird’s-eye view huh?” I joked. 

He laughed silently and said, “That was so lame.”

“It wasn’t that bad,” I whispered back, chuckling quietly so that the tour lady wouldn’t be offended by our lack of interest in whatever she was saying. 

Suddenly, there was a bright flash and a sudden heat filled the confided space. The elevator came to a halt, and we all gasped. It smelled like something was burning and Ned dropped his backpack. With the smoke clearing out, we all looked at each other. Then Flash pointed something out.

“Oh my god, look at the ceiling,” he gaped.

We all looked up and saw that there were lines that showed something had burned through the metal.

What the hell?

Just stay calm everyone,” the tour lady said.

“Oh, we are all going to die here,” said Abraham.

My heart rate increased and I began to panic. 

“Freaking screwed,” someone muttered. 

“Okay guys, I know that was scary but our safety systems are working,” the tour lady said trying to reassure us, “we are very safe in here.”

“Are we really,” I said, almost hysterical. 

How are we supposed to get out of here? What caused that?

Yes, let’s just open the hatch and climb out,” she replied, starting to open the hatch. She managed to do so and climbed out. She began to help our teammates up, and I felt slightly better. Not completely fine, but just a little better. One by one, they slowly made it out, with people helping us out at the top. We were practically all the way up, so it was easy to climb out. Anxiously, I waited my turn.

“Okay, who’s next?” our teacher asked.

Wanting to get the hell out of there, I was about to go until Flash shoved his way to the front and said, “Me! It’s my turn!”

“Flash, seriously?” Liz said, incredulously. 

“C’mon Thompson,” I muttered. 

He made his way up, clutching onto the trophy as if his life depended on it. 

“Don’t worry about the trophy!” I exasperated.

And, as usual, he ignored me and held on to it tighter. The elevator jolted and I held my breath.

Hurry up Flash! 

Flash continued to climb out and held out his trophy to the men, “Take my trophy!” After that, he kicked his foot to get off of the elevator and got pulled up. I heard a metal screech and winced momentarily until I felt another jolt. This time, however, the jolt wasn’t a short one. The elevator dropped, and we all screamed. I closed my eyes and waited for it to end, continuing to scream. I felt the elevator come to a sudden stop, and we all dropped to the floor, holding onto the bar attached to the wall. 

Is it over?

Opening my eyes was a mistake because the elevator dropped again, but then came to an abrupt stop. 

Jesus Christ-

Suddenly, I saw a flash of red and blue drop onto the floor in middle of the elevator. My eyes widened at the sight of Spider-Man. His drop, however, caused the elevator to continue its descent to the bottom, prompting another chorus of screams. He quickly shot a web, and suddenly, he was upside, holding us up. The screaming stopped, and we all looked at him. He was right in front of me and he kind of stared until he cleared his throat.

In that fake New-Yorker accent, he said, “Hey, how ya doin’, don’t worry about it, I gotchu.” He began to pull us up, and I was too shocked to say anything.

Churro-Boy was here? In Washington? Is this really happening right now? 

Ned didn’t seem as shocked as he exclaimed, “Yes! Yes!” Fist bumping in the air as he did so.

Spider-Man dropped the accent and said, “Hey hey hey hey hey, big guy! Quit moving around!”

Ned stopped and said, “Sorry sir, so sorry!”

Spider-Man continued to pull us up, and we eventually reached the top. I tried to calm down my breathing as I realized we were safe now. He grunted and held us in place. “Alright, this is the stop!” he called out. Ned and our teacher went ahead, and I let Liz go in front of me. 

“Go, go, go! Everybody out! Move it people, move it, move it!” Spider-Man exclaimed.

I gave her a reassuring smile and whispered, “I’m right behind you.” 

Liz made it out and turned around to offer her hand out to me. I extended my hand, glad to get out of here, until I saw her and the floor move up. But it wasn’t them who was going up, it was me who was going down. The elevator gave way, and I felt that all-too-familiar drop. 

I screamed and Spider-Man yelled, “Y/N!” 

He reached out to grab me. I couldn’t reach him, however, and saw that he was moving further away. With my eyes closed and my hand still extended, I felt a sudden pain in my shoulder. I opened my eyes and saw that I was hanging on by a thread -literally. I looked up and breathed shakily as Spider-Man pulled me up. 

“You’re okay, you’re okay. I got you Y/N,” he whispered. “I got you. Grab my hand,” he reassured me as he gripped my hand tightly. He helped me up, and the workers reached out to help me get on stable ground. I turned to look at Spider-Man, not knowing how to thank him. He was hanging upside and cleared his throat, “So, uh, is everyone okay?” he asked, putting on the accent. 

I merely nodded my head, not able to get any words out. I stood there, regaining my breath, staring at him.

He’s really here right now. He just saved my life.

Suddenly, Churro-Boy fell and he yelped. I gasped in shock and looked down as my teacher beside me called out, “Thank you!”

Flash leaned over, still holding that damn trophy, and called out, “Are you really friends with Peter Parker!”

Getting off of the bus, I looked around for my mom. I spotted her after a minute or two and ran towards her. 

“Mom!” I yelled.

My mom looked around at the sound of my voice and visibly relaxed, “Oh thank God!”

She hugged me tight and I reciprocated. 

“That is the last time I ever let you go on a field trip,” she muttered, running her hands through my hair,

“Mom,” I laughed, glad she wasn’t too emotional right now. Otherwise, I would start crying too. “I”m fine,” I said, pulling away.

My mom hugged me tighter, however, and said, “Never again.”

Walking to my locker on Monday, the TV played the morning announcements. Betty and Jason were talking about what happened in D.C. I stopped to listen to what they had to say. It was when they mentioned “the Spider-Man” when I decided to continue walking. Despite all the excitement surrounding Churro-Boy, there was one thing that I couldn’t shake off.

What was Churro-Boy doing in Washington? He’s our local, Queens, friendly neighborhood, Spider-Man. Has no one questioned this? 

Sure, I could leave it up to a coincidence, but he was at the Washington Monument. The same day, and time. I’m glad he was there, of course, but I couldn’t figure out how he got there so fast. Did he know something was going to happen to us? Did he follow me?

I slowed down my walking the more I thought about it.

Okay, no, that last one makes no sense. Hm. Follow me…he wouldn’t need to follow me unless he was already with me. 

My eyes widened and I completely stopped walking. 

“He wouldn’t need to follow me unless he was already with me,” I whispered out loud to myself.

In that moment, I saw Peter walking happily down the stairs further down the hall, with a faint smile on his face. As if he felt someone looking at him, he turned to his right to see me standing there and offered me a smile. It looked like he was going to come and talk to me but Ned called him over.

Why is Peter so happy? He’s in trouble for ditching the Decathlon. Ditching the Decathlon…

“No,” I muttered to myself, walking to my locker again. I furrowed my brows, deep in thought.

Peter disappeared that day; he was the only one from our team who wasn’t there. And he was from Queens. And went to Washington D.C. Coincidentally, so did Spider-Man. 

I fumbled with my lock combination, only half trying. I managed to open it and stared blankly at my books. 

Now that I think about it, Spider-Man and Peter sound a lot  a like. 

I scoffed at myself, collecting my books.

Yeah, right. Peter Parker is Spider-Man? 

“Hey,” MJ said, pulling me out of my thoughts.

I jerked in surprise and placed a hand over my heart, “Jesus Christ Michelle, you don’t just sneak up on people like that,”

I closed my locker and looked at my friend.

She chuckled softly and said, “It never gets old.”

“Well, I am getting old and you’re going to give me a heart attack one day. I’m more at risk the older I get!” I said.

“Better enjoy your youth while it lasts then,” she remarked, patting my shoulder.

I thought about telling MJ my thoughts on the whole Peter and Spider-Man thing, but I decided against it. It had to be a huge coincidence, right? Instead, I joked back and said, “Better enjoy yours because you’ll be the one driving me to the hospital.”

“I’ll get you a Life Alert for your birthday instead,” she replied, walking away. 

I followed her and scoffed, “Way to ruin the surprise.”

“I didn’t say which birthday!” she called.

I shook my head and went to class. 

“Wanna head to the library today?” I asked, going up to MJ after school.

I managed to avoid all things Spider-Man today -including all things Peter. He seemed like he wanted to talk to me at lunch at some point but I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Just when I thought I was over the whole “Peter might be Spider-Man” thing, I kept seeing more connections. I mean, the whole “Stark Internship” could be a cover-up. It made so much sense, yet at the same time, it didn’t. It wasn’t until I looked up Stark Industries during class in the computer lab where I decided that this was something to investigate. Stark Industries didn’t have a current internship department. I’ll tell MJ about it once I rule Peter out for sure. 

“Can’t. I’m heading to detention,” she said, closing her locker.

“But you don’t have detention,” I said, following her to the detention room.

“I know,” she said walking in. “I want some new faces to draw. You fill up at least ten pages in here,” she said, waving her sketchbook at me as she sat down.

“Gee, what an honor,” I dead-panned. “As much as I’d love-” I started, but cut myself off when I saw Peter walk in and sit at the front of the classroom. MJ looked up at me, waiting for me to continue and I responded without looking away, “to leave, I think I’ll join you. This video seems interesting.”

I sat down at the desk beside MJ and put my backpack on it.

“Okay,” she said, unconvinced.

Coach Wilson had put on another Captain America tape that I tuned out. I looked at Peter and could just feel how troubled he was.

I wonder what he’s thinking about.

Peter sat there for another minute, sighed, and got up from his seat to leave detention. 

Can he just do that?

A couple of seconds later, I got up too and left after him. As I was about to round the corner, I decided to stay back a little and let Peter get ahead. I took a small peek, trying to go unseen, and saw him stop at the lockers. He looked around quickly, not spotting me, and bent down.

What is he-

My face turned from one of confusion to one of shock. Peter lifted the whole row of lockers and grabbed something -it looked like a bottle. I poked my head back in and leaned against the wall I was hiding behind. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

I did not just see that.

I peered back and saw that the halls were once again empty. 

I did NOT just see Peter Parker do THAT.

If I did, what am I supposed to do now?

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Peter Parker x Reader Request

imaginesyes asked: Hey there ^.^ Can you write peter parker finally confesses the reader that he likes her a lot but the thing he doesn’t know is the reader was actually fell in love with him at the first moment she saw him too? But pls don’t make them best friends or anything reader can be a popular student in liz’s circle maybe? love you thnx babe <3

Word count: 1631

Please enjoy my first request! Feel free to request stuff!

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“He’s staring at you again,” Liz said.

“What?” you replied, spinning around in your spot to see Peter Parker staring at you across the cafeteria. You shook your head and rolled your eyes at your friend, “no Liz, he’s staring at you. Everyone knows he’s got the biggest crush on you!” you exclaimed.

She raised her eyebrows and sat back in her seat with a little ‘hmmm’ sound. She picked up her tray, ready to depart from yourself and Betty.

“If you say so,” she said cheekily. You looked at her exasperatedly and looked to Betty. She was no help, giggling quietly to herself, being entertained by your interaction.

“Liz! Stop it! He doesn’t like me!”

“Yeah but you wish you he did!” Betty butted in. You gasped and whacked her on the arm. She let out a grunt of pain but you ignored her, pointing at her accusingly.

“I told you that in confidence. Don’t go shouting out to the world that I…” you lowered your voice in order to not be heard “like Peter.”

Liz laughed from her position standing in front of you, “C’mon, it’s so obvious,” she stated. “Anyway, I’ve got a homecoming meeting, I’ll see you guys in gym?” you grumbled a reply as Betty waved goodbye cheerily. As you and Betty continued to chat your phone buzzed. You picked it up to see a text from Liz

He’s still staring at you ;)

You turned in your chair once more, and sure enough, Peter Parker was looking your way.

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Tony Stank?

@superfandomqueen said:Prompts 1, 3, 5, and 19. They don’t have to be in the same fic, but I would like them for Peter Parker.
1.“You can’t solve your problems by hiding in bed all day”

3.“This is gonna sound cheesy but… I love when you’re half asleep and talking nonsense.”

5. “Is that my hoodie?”

19.“That’s my ex. Makeout with me and make him jealous.”

The relationship between you and Peter Parker was, by far, the strangest one anyone had ever seen. The two of you were originally friends, him introducing himself on your very first day at your new school, Midtown School of Science and Technology. He was a stuttering mess the first time he spoke to you, his awkward and clumsy side of him showing. He tried to keep his cool, wanting to impress the newest, and according to him, cutest student in the school.

The two of you were strictly platonic at first, neither one of you developed such as fast crush on each other, it happened slowly over time. Yet, the two of you didn’t act very platonic at all, holding hands, flirty banter back and forth, him carrying your books like the proper gentleman he was. Michelle and Ned rolled their eyes whenever you two claimed to be only friends, but the two mutual friends could see right through the facade.

The moment Peter realized his feeling for you was like any other day, he had gone to your house after his internship to help you study for midterms. You opened the door for him, which he only used if your parents were home, he usually used your window if they weren’t. He dropped his backpack onto the bed and hung his coat on the chair in your bedroom. He turned to you, a pale blue sweatshirt hung on your body, far too big.

He raised an eyebrow at you as you read from your notes. “Is that my hoodie?” He asked, pointing a finger at the attire. You looked down at it, shrugging your shoulders.

“Probably.” You replied.

And Peter thought that you were the most beautiful person in the world. Though you barely tried to look presentable; your hair was a bit messy from running your fingers through it all day, a pair of black skinny jeans that were accompanied by the hoodie, a pair of socks with cats on them. Peter thought that the way you looked with the book in your hands was mesmerizing, he watched as your facial expressions changed, he found it adorable.

And from that moment on, he thought everything you did was beautiful.

The first kiss you and Peter shared together was unlike any other.

The two of you had gone to party, against your will. It had been one of Liz’s parties, and word had spread to other schools so it was larger than usual. You and Peter sat on the couch, talking about the last party Liz had. Turning your head to the sound of people cheering the the alcohol. You whipped your head around, back to Peter with wide eyes.

“What?” He asked with a mouthful of pretzels.

“That’s my ex. Makeout with me and make him jealous.” You replied.

“What?” Peter repeated.

“Kiss me, please.” You practically begged.

And how could Peter Parker deny that request? He simply couldn’t, he had a big, fat crush on you. So he leaned in, and you did too.

The relationship developed further from there. Peter Parker was officially your boyfriend three weeks after the kiss, he had admitted how long he had been wanting to kiss you, you doing the same.

Peter had called you over the night Tony Stark had taken his beloved suit away. You arrived later that night when May had gone out. You frowned at the sight of your boyfriend, blankets covering his body as he stated up at the ceiling.

“You can’t solve your problems by hiding in bed all day.” You said, crawling into his bed beside him.

“I bet I can.” He replied, pulling you to his side. He rested his head on your stomach, you ran your fingers though his hair. “I lost it.” He mumbled. “The suit.”

“I know, baby.” You whispered, placing a kiss on his head.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do.” He said, his voice cracking. “I feel so lost.”

“You don’t need the suit to be Spider-Man, Pete.” You reassured. “You were Spider-Man before the suit and you’ll be Spider-Man without it again.”

“I just-“

“Peter,” you cut him off. “You do not need that suit. You’re still amazing. You’re still a hero. You’re still the greatest person I have ever met. So what if you lost some flashy, tight suit?” You moved positions so that you straddled his lap, placing your hands on his cheeks. “It was flashy and cool and it made your body look great but you’re just as amazing with out it and you don’t need some ignorant asshat like Tony Stank talking down to you.”

“Tony Stank?” Peter asked with a chuckle.

“I’m tired, shut up.” You replied. “You don’t need some guy who wears a tin can’s approval of you.”

“Tin can?”


This is gonna sound cheesy but… I love when you’re half asleep and talking nonsense.” Peter said, kissing your forehead.

“I love you, Peter Parker.” You admitted.

“I love you most.”

“Probably not.”



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Opposites Attract

Requested: Yes

Based off a prompt list linked here

#8 “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” and #11 “You love me.”

Pairing: Peter Parker x Michelle

Description: Michelle and Peter had gotten close ever since Liz’s party, the one where Michelle called Peter and Ned lame for being there, when she was there too. Peter and Michelle since then hung out more, that’s when Ned started to realize there was more than just ‘friendship’ going on. Ned soon brought that to Peter’s attention, making him frustrated. The outcome of that soon made Michelle and Peter both realize their true feelings.

Warnings: Swearing, cuteness

Word Count: 1,882

A/N: Ahhhhhh! I loved this imagine so much, it’s so dorky and cute and I just love it. I think Peter and MJ are such a great match for each other and honestly I can’t wait for the next Spider-Man movie so we can see their relationship progress into something more. Anyways I hope you enjoy! :)

Originally posted by miraculousfinn

Michelle wasn’t one for parties, but Liz had invited her so she decided to go just for the sake of people watching.

It was something she did on a daily, besides reading and drawing in her sketchbook that she took with her everywhere.

She decided to make toast, something everyone thought was a bit strange but decided not to say anything.

That’s when Ned and Peter walked in, seeing her there surprised them both.

“I can’t believe you guys are at this lame party.” Michelle scoffed, putting something on her toast.

Ned’s eyebrows scrunched together in confusion.

“But you’re here too.” He pointed out, making her stop and look at him.

“Am I?” She questioned, taking a bite of her toast and wandering off, leaving the two boys in a confused state.

Peter could never wrap his head around her, he couldn’t figure out how she was, because each day she was different.

As the night got later, Peter and Ned found Michelle, they all hung out and talked, something she wasn’t used to since she didn’t have friends.

That was the night that changed everything.

Weeks later, Peter and Michelle had gotten closer, they’d sit next to each other in class, eat lunch together (with Ned too), they even started hanging out after school.

“So, what did you think of Mr. K’s math test?” Michelle brought up one day after school.

They were hanging out at Peter’s house, something that became a normal thing they did.

“I thought it was miserable, I knew the information we learned before that, which I aced by the way.” He winked, making Michelle roll her eyes.

“But then this test came and I totally blanked out.” Peter admitted, making Michelle’s eyes soften, seeing he was truly upset.

“It’s okay, maybe he’ll let you retake it?” She suggested, shrugging her shoulders.

“It wouldn’t matter, I don’t know anything.” Peter sighed, sitting down on his spinney chair, going in circles.

“I can tutor you if you’d like.” She smiled slightly, making Peter’s head snap in her direction.

“Really? You'd do that for me?” He questioned surprised, he didn’t expect her to be so willing to help him.

“Sure, I understand the lesson pretty well.“ Michelle gave a slight smirk, making Peter snort in response.

Weeks passed and Michelle came over to Peter’s everyday to help tutor him in math, which he was extremely grateful for.

 With her help, his grade did improve in the class.

"MJ!” Peter shouted down the hallway, making her turn to look at him.

“What?” She let out a laugh, seeing the excitement on his face.

“Guess who got an A on his math test! That’s right! This guy!” Peter laughed, doing a thumbs up dance at himself.

“Great job! I knew you could do it.” Michelle laughed, patting Peter on the back.

It was these moments that they both cherished, something they both could bond over.

Ned saw this from his locker, the way they both were around each other.

In fact, Ned had been observing them for a while now, seeing how they acted around each other, the way they would talk to each other, basically everything.

“Hey guys.” Ned joined in, a big smile on his face.

“Hey Ned.” Peter grinned, wrapping his arm around his best friend.

“Do you want to hang out after school? I need to talk to you.” Ned spoke quietly, making Peter curious but nodded in agreement.

Michelle took this as her cue to leave, so she went off to class.

“What do you want to talk about?” Peter questioned his friend, walking to class together.

“Just wait till we get to your house, trust me.” Ned grinned slightly, making Peter’s stomach twist with nerves.

He waited all day for the bell to ring at two forty-five, and when it did, he was the first one out of the building.

He rushed home, awaiting Ned any minute to arrive.

Soon enough he came walking through the door.

“Okay, it better be good because I’ve been on edge all day.” Peter paced back and forth, making Ned laugh.

“Alright calm down.” Ned waved a hand at his anxious friend.

Peter sat down on his chair again, waiting for Ned to continue.

“It’s about you and Michelle, I’ve seen you guys these past few weeks, I think you two are more than just ‘friends’ if you know what I mean.” Ned wiggled his eyebrows at Peter.

“No way, MJ an I are just friends.” Peter brushed it off, but Ned wasn’t taking that as an answer.

“Peter, it’s so obvious you two like each other, so that’s why I called her over here.” Ned spoke the last part quickly, making Peter’s eyes widen.

“You. Did. What!” Peter shouted, standing up from his chair.

“You two need to talk this out!” Ned spoke quickly, backing out the bedroom door.

“I’m going to kill you.” Peter groaned, running his fingers through his hair.

He couldn’t believe this was happening, what was Ned thinking?

Him and Michelle? Together? A couple?

Peter was pacing back and forth, not noticing Michelle creep in.

She couldn’t help but observe him, he was frustrated, no doubt about it, you could tell by just how he walked, the way he tugged on his hair, or the way he was mumbling to himself.

Michelle hated to admit it, but she found Peter extremely attractive, something she never thought before.

Peter turned around, jumping at the sight of MJ sitting there.

“Oh, hey.” He stammered, unsure of how to act around her.

“Ned told me to come in here.” Michelle stated bluntly, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Yeah.. He’s trying to get back at me.” Peter muttered, sitting down on his bed.

“I can tell you’re really angry.” Michelle piped up, making Peter roll his eyes.

“I’m not angry.” He shot back, thus proving Michelle correct.

“Yeah well, you’re so fucking hot when you’re angry.” She mumbled, making Peter’s head snap up in her direction.

“What did you just say?” Peter swallowed thickly, not sure if he heard her correctly.

“What? I didn’t say anything.” Michelle smiled innocently, making Peter squint his eyes at her.

“Tell me what you said, I know you mumbled something.” He stood up, standing in front of her.

She took this as a challenge, standing up also.

“So what if I said something? What are you going to do about it?” She raised her eyebrows, making Peter twitch, not only because she was challenging him, but because she knew where to set him off.

Peter smirked slightly, placing his hand on his chin.

“Hmm.. I don’t know, maybe I’ll do something.. Like this?” He shrugged, pulling her close to him, surprising the both of them.

Michelle looked at him wide eyed, but smirked slightly.

“Alright, I see how it is.” She bit her lip slightly, making Peter’s heart beat quicker.

“Maybe, I’ll do something like this?” She smiled innocently, running one of her fingers through his hair.

Peter’s face flushed red, unable to hide how he was feeling.

It was getting intense, they could both feel it between them.

“For your information, I said you were hot when you were angry.” She smiled, sucking in her bottom lip that drove Peter crazy.

It was then that they both realized how much they really cared for each other.

“You know, Ned was right, what’s going on between us..” Peter paused, looking at the ground before looking at MJ.

“He’s been right this entire time, I don’t want to be just 'friends’ with you, I want to be with you.” Peter confessed, making Michelle smile softly.

“It was about time Parker.” Michelle laughed quietly, surprising him.

“Peter, hasn’t it been obvious, I’ve been in love with you for so long.” Michelle admitted, pulling out her sketchbook.

“Wait what?” Peter breathed out, his face filled with shock.

Y-You love me? Like actually love me?” He smiled, his face lighting up as Michelle nodded.

“Of course I do you dumbass.” She laughed, standing up and walking over to him.

“I always have.” She smiled, biting her lip slightly.

“I-I..” Peter stuttered, making MJ laugh quietly.

His face flushed with embarrassment, but Michelle loved it.

“I love you too Michelle.” He finally spit it out, making her smile at him.

Peter was about to go in and kiss her, but was interrupted by Ned.

“Thank god that’s over, do you guys want to order pizza?” He grinned, standing in the doorway, only to receive glares from the both of them.

They did however end up getting to kiss, but also get pizza.

little quirks

Originally posted by hardyness

Fandom: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Warning(s)?: Annoyed reader, an awkward Peter, and the word “crap”

Word Count: 1178

A/N: I seriously do not know why I am in the mood to make the reader so annoyed XD I was just reading some Peter Parker imagines (I was actually reading A Stanger to Loss by spxderman-s. You should check it out by the way!) and I just decided to make my own!

A/N 2: Also, this is my first Peter Parker imagine! I am so sorry if I played him wrong and if it is all over the place! I really tried my best and I’m also writing this at 12 a.m. when I should be asleep. 

Anyway, I hope you guys like it!

masterlist (x)  requests (x)

“Come on Liz,” your fingers lightly pressed against your temple as you closed your eyes, clearly annoyed and displeased with this conversation. “I told you I can’t go to your party. I have biology homework that I’m behind in.”

Not even looking up at the discontent female, you tapped your pen against the side of the desk with your free hand which caused Liz to quickly grab your wrist.

“You’re already done with your biology homework.” She grabbed the pen from your hand and placed it on the top of your notebook, empty of the lesson your teacher was currently forcing on the class.

“You told me this morning.” A smirk formed on her face before she turned back in her seat, in sync with the teacher who was currently glaring at you since your eyes were completely away from the lesson. 

“Curse you and your amazing memory.” You muttered under your breath, enough for both you and Liz to only hear since you were the only ones in the back row. 

“I know you love me.” Even when her face was turned away from you, you could feel the smile seeming through her white pearls which caused you to sneer lightly.

“Now, wear something nice for my party.” Muttering soft words under your breath, you growled lowly at the female before you until you heard a stern “Y/N” come from the front of the room.

All eyes of different colors were on you and your still body, rather annoyed that the class didn’t have anything better to focus their attention on. 

You muttered a soft “Idiots” under your breath before you observed the equation plastered clearly on the board. 

In mere seconds the answer plastered through your mind as you said it out loud, earning a couple of rolling of the eyes of older classmates that didn’t know the answer without looking at their notes.

Just thinking about them squirming under the pressure of the teacher when they don’t have the answer made you smile.

It’s not that you wanted that to happen, but you wanted bullies like themselves to pay for using their muscular physiques, or popularity, to pick on kids younger than them.

“Correct. But Y/N,” not even listening to the teacher anymore, you gently chewed on the cap of your pen while all eyes reverted to the female in front of the class. “Please stay with us during the lesson.”

Not even answering the statement made by the teacher, your eyes were memorized on the blank page of notes as your mind trailed off to a whole different dimension - completely out of the heated room full of distracted teenagers and the sophomore admiring you from a distance. 


“I told you this was a horrible idea.” Muttering to no one, you silently placed your arms across your chest to hide it from any wandering eyes as you searched for your best friend that said she was going to stay with you the entire night.

Bumping shoulders with other teenagers older - and taller - than yourself, you felt the eyes staring you down as you continued on into the sea of people, soon making your way to the front door which was completely open to the public.

Running a sweaty hand through your clean hair, you took a large breath before you left the compound of your classmates in the house – making your way towards the sheltering trees near the side of the overcrowded house. 

Whenever you needed a breather, especially during the major parties of Liz, you would always come here to clear your mind and lay out your ‘battle plan’ out in front of you - mainly consisted of conversation starters and routes to make it to either the bathroom or Liz’s bedroom.

“I shouldn’t have came here.” Placing a quivering hand on your forehead, you let out a gentle sigh before you looked at the lit up house, almost as lit as houses around the block on Christmas.

“I should’ve just stayed-”

“But-but you’re here now.” A sudden voice from behind you spoke up which caused you to completely jump up from the rock you were sitting on and land harshly on the wet grass, right on your tailbone.

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