Several projects in Agitprop! reflect the continued urgency, across the twentieth and twenty-first centuries of asserting that black lives matter. When the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded in 1909, one of its immediate goals was to end the lynching epidemic that, between the 1870s and the 1950s, is believed to have taken as many as 4,000 African American lives. Knowing that sympathy across racial lines would be needed to change this situation, NAACP leaders made a cultural campaign to increase awareness of these unprosecuted mob-driven murders and change hearts and minds an important part of their strategy. To this end—from 1920 through 1938—the NAACP used the strong visual symbol of a black flag flying from the windows of its headquarters on Fifth Avenue in New York City to mark whenever a lynching occurred. The text says simply, “A Man Was Lynched Yesterday.”  This practice ended abruptly in 1938, not because there were no more lynchings, but because their landlords threatened to evict them. Even so, with their simultaneous focus on art, popular culture, and creative interventions alongside direct political activism, the NAACP helped to shift the national consciousness and make lynching rare by the 1950s.

Referencing the Civil Rights and Black Power movements that came after that, the television series, Message to the Grassroots took its title from a speech by Malcolm X and was conceived and produced by Micheal Zinzun, a former Black Panther Party member and chairperson of the Coalition Against Police Abuse in Los Angeles. This live monthly program aired between 1988 and the early 2000s via the Pasadena Community Access Corporation. Nancy Buchanan, a fellow community and media activist, worked with Zinzun as associate producer, videographer, and editor. While certain episodes—like the one devoted to the 1992 truce between the Bloods and Crips in Watts, L.A.—are important documents of their time, many episodes address the struggles of disempowered communities against police brutality, homelessness, and the lack of affordable housing, that is, issues that remain strikingly relevant today.

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President Pizza Party! Day 10: John Tyler - Mockingly nicknamed “His Accidency” because of his accidental presidency due to the death of Harrison. Largely responsible for the Annexation of Texas. He also has TWO surviving grandsons! Grandsons people! He fathered a son at the age of 73, who then went on to father sons late in life, who are still alive today.

Teacher: can you answer the problem? - Me: did you know that the black panther party was established October of 1966 and that while most people refer to it as “the black KKK” they were actually relatively peaceful. They only used weapons for self defense. And they stood and still stand for the advancement of women and black people and the equal treatment of all people? - Teacher: … - Me: oh and the answer to your question is 3/12 - Since my school refuses to give us black history facts imma fucking do it. ✊

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UmiMaki Week
Day 3: Genderbend

Fluffy Tomato Prince and Literal Archer Prince.
Don’t even try to fight me on this but Male UmiMaki would definetly be the hottest guys in school which everybody swoons over but later finds out they’re gay AF for each other.



From the year 2004 to 2009 the word EXILES was the word to refer to the LDH acts that had a direct relation to EXILE. COLOR, Dreamers (the finalists of the VBA1), JONTE, Shunsuke Kiyokiba, NaNa, NESMITH, later also 2JSB, NEVER LAND, RATHER UNIQUE, and the dance group FULCRUM, were the acts designed as EXILES. Although Shunsuke barely kept any relation to EXILE and its sound was different from his time with the group, and some of these acts would stay a short time as “EXILES”. Some of them like COLOR (nowadays called DEEP) or DOBERMAN INC. were featured in the album HEART of GOLD ~STREET FUTURE OPERA BEAT POPS~ and the song Love, Dream & Happiness, launched in EXILE’s album titled ASIA.  

By the time we see the word EXILE TRIBE appear, some of these acts we’ve mentioned above were no longer under EXILE’s family or they just didn’t fit with the idea of the acts that share their ADN. In the tour that the second and third generations of JSB offered, the word was already featured in the title: Nidaime J Soul Brothers VS Sandaime J Sould Brothers LIVE TOUR 2011 ~EXILE TRIBE~.

In April 2012, EXILE would use the word again in the EXILE TRIBE LIVE TOUR 2012 TOWER OF WISH tour that was filled with LDH acts that had a similar style to them. The performance of songs like GENERATION, Rising Sun or the 24karats Medley, had a special meaning as it included the groups GENERATIONS and 3JSB, as well it highlighted the members of 2JSB and included the participation of E-Girls (Dream, Happiness, FLOWER and also non-debuted group BUNNY), bringing on the stage this vision of a family that shares the same DNA but is composed of different colors and styles.

When the new 24karats song’s release was announced, they made finally the public reveal of EXILE TRIBE being launched as a special unit that would compile all the male performance groups that formed the Pyramid of EXILE, plus a sort-of special member: DOBERMAN INC.  As a non-recording act (as the actual “Tribe” word’s meaning),  EXILE TRIBE also includes USA’s DANCE EARTH, MATSU Bocchi (a series of comical pieces done by EXILE’s MATSU), ATSUSHI as a soloist, DJ MAKIDAI as well as E-Girls. The other vocal units and soloists are not part of EXILE TRIBE, but they are still members of what it’s called EX FAMILY. That means that BREATHE, JONTE, DEEP or Shionoya Sayaka have never been members of EXILE TRIBE.

The new 24karats also presented the first sub-unit from EXILE that we will see later on this blog.

DJ KAORI did an album remix featuring EXILE TRIBE’s songs, titled DJ KAORI x EXILE TRIBE Mix, released on March 20th 2013, with the following songs:

1.       EXILE - Rising Sun

2.       Nidaime J Soul Brothers + Sandaime J Soul Brothers - GENERATION


4.       EXILE - BOW & ARROWS



7.       EXILE - Someday -House Mix 2012-

8.       EXILE - VICTORY

9.       Sandaime J Soul Brothers - (YOU SHINE) THE WORLD

10.   J Soul Brothers - Fly Away

11.   EXILE - Choo Choo TRAIN


13.   EXILE - Carry On

14.   EXILE - I Believe

15.   Sandaime J Soul Brothers - Go my way

16.   EXILE - This Is My Life

17.   EXILE - I Wish For You

18.   Sandaime J Soul Brothers - Kiss You Tonight


20.   EXILE - 24karats STAY GOLD


22.   EXILE - Lovers Again

23.   EXILE - Ti Amo

24.   EXILE - Toki no Kakera

25.   EXILE - Each Other’s Way ~Tabi no Tochuu~

26.   EXILE - Michi

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