Imagine Loki refusing to admit that he has feelings for you. Thor’s already figured it out and has been trying to talk him into just freaking asking you out already.

Loki gradually wears down until he eventually decides that he doesn’t have much to lose. He hasn’t told anyone else, so who would be the wiser if you turned him down? Sure, it would hurt; but it would be a fairly easy secret.

During a party one evening, Loki sees you and gets that unmistakable you-know-what-you-need-to-do-so-just-grow-a-pair-and-do-it-already feeling. He passes when Thor offers him “what Stark calls ‘liquid courage’,” wanting to at least be in his right mind when he confesses to you.

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T’Challa x Reader

Warning: None, it’s still very sweet … But SMUT will come with the next part ❤❤❤

Word Count: 1522

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The party in honor of the King’s birthday had come to an end. The last guests were about to greet the King and his family.

His birthday was not a public event, but at this party many politicians and important people were invited to take some decisions. Which made it a sort of public event, to which you had to be present, being his assistant. 

The King doesn’t like to combine business with pleasure, he likes to split the two, especially on these occasions, but in this case he couldn’t do otherwise. The Council had insisted.

You stood by his side still dressed in your beautiful, long black dress. Tight enough to enhance your curves at the right point and with a deep cleavage in which the King has looked several times this evening. Your long hair still collected.

After that intimate kiss you shared, nothing had happened. Just a few glances and some other kiss exchanged inside the Palace between meetings, or before his office or the Throne room were filled with people. But nothing more. 

It was hard to be alone with him, and you two didn’t talk much about “you” or about your new “relationship".

Then T'Challa had to leave for an important mission a few days ago and only came back this morning to attend the party. And thanks to Bast they came back all safe and sound.

Happy Birthday Your Highness”

“Thank you very much and thank you for coming” he replies gently.

"Queen Mother, thank you very much for the invitation, it was an honor ..”

You stand next to them to greet and shake hands, smiling politely at everyone, as you always do. But the only thing you really would like to do now, is go straight to your room and sleep.

Earlier you had heard the King talking to Okoye about a private meeting with the Council as soon as the party was over, so there was no point in hoping to talk to him and stay with him.

This whole situation makes you very nervous, you can’t deny it. It’s all so frustrating and you’re a person who likes to have everything under control. This not knowing and doing things in secret without knowing what he thinks, is discouraging.

Every time you crossed his eyes tonight, you could remember the feeling of his lips and his hands, his hugs and the last time you kissed him in his office before leaving for some commitments. 

He stoped you at the door with a feline shot, he turned you towards him and after having paraphrased something inside your ear his kissed you.

Instinctively you pulled him towards you and hugged him. You couldn’t hide that you needed a contact. He gave it to you, leaning completely against you, against the huge door of his office, and you heard him breathing heavily and moaning, just a moment before Okoye knocked on the door making you scare.

Ok, everyone’s out, FINALLY!!!” Shuri says exulting with her usual enthusiasm. A smile explodes on your face as you look at her out of the corner of your eye. It was impossible to remain serious to these explosions of sincerity.

“Shuri be nice, it’s your brother’s birthday” The Queen Mother admonishes her, always with her elegance.

“Well, since everybody’s gone, I think I’m going to sleep. It’s been a long day and tomorrow will be another hard one” you say, addressing all of them, dismissing you politely.

Good night dear, see you tomorrow, sleep well” the Queen Mother tells you. 

Shuri smiles at you giving you a good night.

Okoye smiles at you too and nods her head, you can see from her expression that she too needs urgently to rest.

Although Okoye isn’t of many words and her attitude may seem very intimidating, you two get along very well. A bond of mutual respect binds you.

Finally you politely greet the King too by placing one hand on his forearm and then directing yourself to the large marble staircase that leads to the upper floors.

You feel his gaze accompany you until you take a few steps taking the end of your dress in your hand, discovering your bare feet.

It was impossible to wear those heels for all the entire party, at one point you took off your shoes and left them you don’t know where and forgot them in some room. The dress was long and nobody couldn’t see anything … fortunately.

“In fact, at a certain point, it seems to me you were shorter than usual …” the King tells you right behind you, from the bottom of the stairs.

You turned and he was as gorgeous as the sun, dressed in normal clothes: jacket, shirt, tie and trousers, all strictly black. He was beautiful and when he smiled and teased, he was even more.

You look at him a little puzzled not understanding his teasing for a moment. Then, with a nod of his head, he points to your bare feet that he can see underneath your dress.

You let go the fabric to cover you.

“The heels were definitely too high … forgive me Your Highness, but I couldn’t help it” you answer seriously to him feeling a little guilty, almost like that was a disgrace to him.

He laughs at your reaction, then takes three steps and reaches you. You missed feeling him so close. His smell is even more intoxicating, you can still smell the scent of his cologne, a mix of aromas and fragrances. You close your eyes and sigh to his dangerous nearness.

"Y/N you don’t need to apologize for anything, really….You’re so damned beautiful in every way, in heels or without heels … with whatever dress you wear and I bet even without clothes.”

His last words resound almost in a sigh, the tone of his voice is lowered and surely he arouses in you the reaction that he exactly wants.

My King, someone could see us … Your mother, your sister and Okoye are still at the entrance … And you’re too close, this distance is not very professional” you try to tell him a little stammering, the words don’t come out of your mouth exactly with the tone you would like.

The King smiles and slowly caresses your cheek, your neck, your arm and then takes your hand, his fingers interlace with yours. He comes down two steps, but still remaining dangerously too close to you.

“So, is it better Miss Y/L/N?” He asks smiling

“Miss Y/L/N? … Is it so now?” You ask a little perplexed, raising an eyebrow

“well … since you keep going to call me My King and Your Highness….”

“You’re witty, I see … T’Challa”

“Better … Thanks” 

It’s a strange feeling to stand above him and see T'Challa who has to raise his gaze to look at you. Usually is always the contrary. 

His gaze is tremendously deep and sweet as he smiles at you and you could lose yourself for hours looking into his eyes.

He doesn’t speak while looks at you, moving the thumb of his hand to caress yours. He seems nervous, as if he were to tell you something, but he couldn’t find the words.

That minute of silence seems to last an eternity

"T'Challa what’s wrong?” you ask him gently, but a little worried

He sighs, closes his eyes and answers you: 

”I’m enjoying the moment … I missed you … I’ve missed you so much”

You can’t help but melt at this moment, and with the other hand you stroke his cheek and he leans on your touch, tilting his head and enjoying all your cuddle.

“Did I miss you Y/N?”

It’s strange to hear him talk like that, as if he were in need of assurance. As if he wanted confirmations and security from you.

And at that moment it’s as if he’s reading in your mind, because he tells you:

"Despite I am the King, despite I am the Black Panther, and despite I have to show my inner strength every day, I am human … and I need to know if I missed you Y/N … please”

When you hear those words said almost trembling, in a low voice, with eyes closed, still with his face resting on your hand, you feel a knot in the throat.

Instead of answering, you lower yourself to him and kiss him very gently. You lean your lips against his and kiss them one lip at time, rubbing your nose against his.

You feel his strong arms surround you and hold you tight, while he finally relaxes his muscles, his shoulders, smiles and returns your kiss.

“Of course I missed you, I did nothing but think of you”

“So why were you leaving almost without saying goodbye to me?”

“Because I heard you before talking with Okoye about a meeting and it seemed useless to hold you back"

“Actually … You’re my meeting Y/N … I just wanted to be with you and I wanted no one to bother us tonight”


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