August 1 2015 - 180 Neonazis came to the town of Bad Nenndorf to hold a march to commemorate fallen Nazi soldiers. They were met by hundreds of antifascists and townspeople who turned it into a celebration instead.

Just like last year in Wunsiedel (see this post), for every neonazi that showed up and every kilometre they walked people donated money to the Exit foundation, a group that helps people leave the far-right scene. [video]/[video]

TITLE: That’s Not How the Game Works


AUTHOR: SassyShoulderAngel319

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine having a party with Loki and the Avengers. Loki keeps trying to hit on you all night and you can’t stand it. Tony eventually suggests playing seven minutes in heaven and you are the first to pick a name. You see Loki smirk out of the corner of your eye as you read his name off the slip of paper.The two of you are shoved in the closet and the next seven minutes are spent with you and Loki cuddling after he admits his feelings for you.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Kissing (lots-ish). Slightly off the prompt but close enough.


You glance around at the assorted Avengers—and Loki. Thor had dragged him down to lowly Midgard from on high to learn important lessons. He’d been there for around three months. Thor thought it was working wonders on his younger brother’s soul. Loki obviously didn’t agree as he’d spent most of his time here in a cloud of doom and gloom, glaring at everyone.

                And then he noticed you.

                You weren’t sure if he was trying to torment you or what, but he’d been flirting with you all night—and as a silver tongue, he was doing quite a good job. You weren’t sure why he chose you, either, but he had and there was no shaking him off.

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