I don't think I will have a baby. The pregnancy thing is a bit too scary

I’m looking at picturesof a lady whose belly is swelling in each one and I am horrified and disgusted.

She starts out normal with a soft flat little belly pouch and looks normal and well, but then suddenly she starts to get bigger,

No, not she, her belly. It gets bigger and rounder and shinier and harder. Because there is something in there. Something that is eating her food and using her blood and has its own heart beat and dear god it is growing.

The thing will grow bigger, and the woman’s belly will get bigger in an unnatural way as if she has a tumor. Her bellybutton will reverse!

She has a fucking person living inside of her! Why would anyone want that!? Its a human being parasite inside your body and soon, in a flush of blood and pain and medication and time, sooo much time, it will come screaming and clawing out of the smallest hole in your body.

Not to mention the 9 whole months in which the baby will be gestating. Your joints will suffer, your bones will suffer, your breasts will suffer, your sleeping habits, your temperature everything will suffer for 9 whole months. That’s a whole semester and then some.

And then you will have to take care of this creature that has ravaged your body for many moons until the day you die. It will become your main priority, the deciding factor, the one thing at the forefront of your mind until the




Oh god.