Impromptu hangs with @verbageddon, and his new pieced-together “Jakuar” is blowing my mind grapes! He got the ultra-light paulownia body from Guitar Mill, a ‘65 neck for a STEAL, a '63 vibrato, AV65 Fender pickups and Marr-style wiring. It weighs almost nothing and sounds so good, really resonant and bright. Wow. Oh, and he finished it himself in Shell Pink! Way to go, man! #guitar #project #jaguar #fender #build #partscaster #shellpink #pink #fenderjaguar #jakuar #johnnymarr

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Our current inventory of Telecasters.  All priced to sell!  No, wait, actually it’s the opposite…they are priced to NOT sell!

  1. 2009 Fender American Standard Telecaster, Factory Special Run in fiesta red with matching headstock.  Your price: $2,799.99.  (regular price: $2,800.99).  You save: $1.00!) 
  2. 2005-ish Fender Custom Shop ‘67 Telecaster Relic, Shoreline Gold.  Your price: $4501.99  (regular price: $4,502.00).  You save:  $0.01!)
  3. 1968 Fender Telecaster (vintage…NOT a reissue), blonde.  Your price: $9,500.98 (regular price: 15,000.99.  You save:  $5,500.01!)
  4. 2014 homemade DeeBee-Caster™ Custom, candy apple red.  Your price: $22,000.00 (regular price: $44,000.00.  You save a WHOPPING $22,000.00!  This is the deal of the century!  You’d be crazy NOT to buy this guitar!)
  5. 1998 Fender Custom Shop '60 Custom Telecaster, sunburst.  Your price: $7,250.00 (regular 7,249.00.  You save:  -$1!)

And yes, I am DEFINITELY kidding.  PLEASE DO NOT send angry “asks” telling me my Teles are overpriced and I am an idiot (I am already aware of both these facts!)

Frankenstang strikes again. Freshly fitted with a Coronado neck complete with F tuners. Topped off with a brand new M6 from @masterybridge. This thing plays like a champ and sound like a beast. I hope @tre_michael will be pleased when he gets back from touring with @verbandvibrato and #fatherjohnmisty. #guitar #fender #offset #mustang #coronado #masterybridge #partscaster #frankenstang (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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As Many of Joe Perry’s Guitars As I Can Find - as requested! 

Part 2: 
Gibson SG in Brown Natural Finish 
BC Rich Bich 
Fender Jim Servis and Joe Perry Left Handed “Frankenstrat” Stratocaster With a Telecaster Headstock
Gibson 1957 Les Paul Black Beauty Limited Run 
Gibson EDS - 1275 


No signal :: Partscaster Fender Tele [7.4 lbs]

A relic’d partscaster Tele with a history of random signal loss in for a while-you-wait repair.  This has been through a couple other shops in the area and ended up on my bench for an emergency fix last week.  I did the usual checking of all connections by eye, with a meter, reflowing suspect joints and physically stressing connections while the guitar was connected to an amp.  I even checked the resistance of both pickups to make sure there wasn’t a broken coil.  Something I did ended up fixing the no-output issue, but I don’t know exactly what was the cause.  Not exactly the most reassuring of repairs, but I made sure to shake, prod and bang on the guitar as much as I could before it left with the player.  Good thing it is a relic!

Note that the fix got the player through the gig so now only time will tell if whatever fix I did will last.