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Pretend Girlfriend

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Summary: “Please be my fake girlfriend”

Part I | Part II

You were generally a humble person. You didn’t like going out of your way to flaunt what you had and you were typically modest about your accomplishments. You pride yourself on being patient and you think it’s with good reason because not everyone can survive young adulthood with people like Kim Dahyun. You could consider yourself one in a million.

Which is exactly why you think you were being reasonable when you stare Dahyun down in the entryway of your apartment, wordless, motionless.

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Part I (Jump Identification)  ||  Part II (Combination Jumps)  ||  Part III (Spin Identification)

For there to be a combination of jumps, the 2nd jump must take off from the landing edge of the 1st jump

Since Yuzuru, Plushenko and Wakaba all rotate anti-clockwise in the air, these examples are for anti-clockwise jumps. For clock-wise jumpers, the left and right would reversed.

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