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FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 5

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  • Sora at the Assassin’s Festival
    • Sora has obviously never heard of the Assassin’s Creed series, but Noctis and Prompto are so excited that he!! gets!! excited!! too!!
    • Sora’s DELIGHTED by what a fanboy Noct is. He loves seeing Noct so unabashedly happy and wants to keep the hype going for as long as possible.
      • Noct: “Sora! OH MY GOD!!! That’s a replica of the apple of Eden!!! It looks just like from the games!!!
      • Sora: *Having no goddamned clue what an apple of Eden is* “FUCKIN SICK BRO!!! THEN WE BETTER GO TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU HOLDING IT!!”
    • Sora is completely comfortable in the Medjay robes, but he feels really bad that Ignis isn’t!
      • Trying to be as inconspicuous about it as possible, Sora finds a shawl at one of the costume kiosks and drapes it around Ignis’s shoulders.
        • He plays it off like he wants Ignis’s costume to be more elaborate than anyone else’s to justify why only Ignis gets a cape. So if any of the other boys ask, that’s why!! >:(
          • Sora: “If Specs is going to be a dork for a night, he’s going to DORK BIG or DORK HOME”
            • Ignis looks badass and isn’t self-conscious all night. Win-win!
    • Sora is a BEAST at Whack-a-Cactuar
      • Uses his medallions to buy stickers for the car since he doesn’t really have much use for anything else
        • Ignis does NOT APPROVE
        • Gladio: “C’mon, Iggy, let the kid have some fun. Won’t hurt the car any.”
          • Ignis relents but let the record show that he does NOT APPROVE nor will he EVER APPROVE
    • Gladio offering Sora pointers about flirting
      • You guys
        • YOU GUYS
          • Sora has the flirting prowess of a crushed soda can okay this kid is an awkward noodle okay please be patient with him
            • You’re really cute and he can’t stop blushing and words are HARD
              • Sora: “Y-You… come here often? You like… Assassin-ing, huh?”
              • Gladio: “Sora no”
    • Ignis and Sora attempt the tightrope walk together
      • Ignis kills it, naturally
      • Sora…
        • Surprisingly? Unsurprisingly?
          • Almost GETS killed
            • You’d think this kid would be all balance and grace. Not so.
              • Once he realizes that he’s not going to be able to make it across by walking the tightrope, he may or may not abuse one of his special abilities to glide the rest of the way across………. >_>
                • Sora: “That’s not cheating, is it”
                • Ignis: “I’m fairly certain that’s cheating”
    • Prompto’s not alone when he voices sympathy for the MTs.
      • Sora bleeds empathy. Of course he’s going to feel sorry for these mindless machines created to essentially be cannon fodder. (He feels bad for Dr. Finkelstein’s creation in KH2, after all!)
        • Sora has no idea how much it means to Prompto to hear someone else voicing sympathy for the MTs
          • Prompto: *Sniffles* There’s hope for your generation after all, isn’t there"
          • Noctis: “You’re that old already? They sure do grow up fast”
          • Sora: “I’m LEAVING”
          • Prompto: “Isn’t it too late for children to be out walking around by themselves?”
          • Noctis: “Yup. Pretty sure there’s a curfew, too, now that you mention it”
    • Sora kind of breaks the DLC though
      • Cindy: “We gotta get them keycards”
      • Noctis: “No we don’t”
      • Cindy: “We don’t?”
      • Prompto: *Pointing to Sora* “Meet the Incredible Human Lockpick”
      • Sora: "Hello”
      • Cindy: “Hi”

Post-Chapter 9 Stuff Under the Cut

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Don’t Look Back (ACOTAR AU) - Part 17

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Nesta woke with a jolt. It took a bone piercing scream and a ground shaking bang for Nesta to rush out of bed on uneven legs, ripping the lamp out of the plug socket. She held it steady in front of her as she forced her legs to move through the darkness, muscle memory taking her over obstacles and through the landing to the source – Feyre’s room.

Fear was denounced as utterly and completely foreign as Nesta surged forward, adrenaline streaming through her veins.She slammed the door open without hesitation, ready to swing at the intruder, only to find her fiancé on his knees, groaning in what only seemed to be pain as he held his crotch, rocking back and forth.

Don’t you dare fucking touch me,” roared her little sister. Through the darkness, the moonlight from the window being the only help to sight, Feyre had backed herself into the corner of her room and Nesta was trying to put the pieces together but they struggled to fit. Until it dawned on her. 

Nesta’s eyes met Feyre’s. The sheer amount of unfiltered revulsion that Nesta read from them made her nearly choke on rage. The lamp in her hand felt solid, she ripped off the lamp shade for good measure, weighing it in her palm as a sickening silence in the room settled.

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Speak Now, Part 12 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11

Imagine: It’s your last chance to tell Jughead how you feel before he marries Betty Cooper.

A/N: Thanks to @jasmineladjevardi for beta-reading and giving some great suggestions!

“If any of you has any reason why these two should not be wed, speak now, or forever hold your peace.”

It was as if you were standing on Blossom Peak again. Adrenaline coursing through your veins, heart racing, skin clammy. Every cell in your body was telling you danger. Every cell in your body was telling you to stop.

But then, you thought about how it felt to fly into the waters, Jughead’s hand in yours. You thought about every moment you had spent with Jughead since you arrived in Riverdale. Every frustrating, hurtful, happy, loving, amazing moment.

Then, you jumped.

“Wait,” you said, stumbling out from behind the corner.

Everyone turned towards you. You never felt that many eyes on you in your life. Alice Cooper stared daggers into your soul. Polly looked like you had just murdered a puppy in front of her. Jellybean hid a mischievous smile.

For someone who got terrible stage fright, you didn’t feel very concerned about the audience members,

The only eyes you were afraid of… were Jughead’s.

Hesitantly, you looked up to meet his gaze.

He didn’t look horrified, like much of the crowd. That was a good sign. He looked… confused?

“I’m sorry?” The minister said. “The line is merely an outdated legal formality….”

“One second,” Jughead said to the minister. He stepped away from the altar, carefully avoiding Betty’s death-glare.

He stepped slowly towards you. The sound of his dress shoes on the floor echoed throughout the church. It was as if the wedding had frozen in time. 

He leaned in, as intimate as a conversation can be when hundreds of people are eagerly listening. “(Y/N), what are you doing?”

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Part 1: Kibum’s Best Looks

I’ve decided to start this with some of Kibum’s best looks since he is the king of fashion. Obviously these aren’t all of Kibum’s best looks but at least some of them lol

So  obviously I had to start with this masterpiece

I mean just look at his face and hair that day: A blessing

I also love the pants a lot (in general)

Red hair beauty

Obviously this look with his red hair 

This look is iconic

Listen up Kibum in Paris gave me life

I love these shoes so much you don’t even know

I love it when he wears glasses like these

Woosh woosh here he comes

Love the socks

And some looks that are pure perfection

Because I love him a lot wearing glasses:

And last but not least this legendary look I love it a lot

He should wear skirts more often

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Demon!Jason Todd X Angel!Reader- Fallen (Part 4)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Warning:  Angst??? I think that’s it.

You stared at your reflection that was displayed by the water of the lake, taking in the many physical changes you possessed.  The first thing you noticed was that your pure white angelic aura was gone, replaced by a warmer gray one that felt natural to you.  Your black wings were also very noticeable, but the change in color of your feathers did not bother you as much as your other new physical attributes.  Your face was as angular as Jason’s, maybe even more so, but your eyes were the most shocking to see.  The once bright (E/C) you had was replaced with pure blood red, making you close them instantly.  This was not your brother’s doing, it was the result of being cast out of Heaven.

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Alicia is P.O.T.U.S - Eric Bittle

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

President’s son such a snore VP’s daughter reaches for bottom shelf bore-deaux? (Rookie Rag)

_/ * \_

His phone buzzes constantly from Camilla.

[Cammy] Told you they’d call me out for drinking cheap wine

[Jack] They called me a bore too

[Cammy] Pfft, you’re hot you don’t need to be interesting.

[Jack] Thanks…

[Cammy] You’re not boring

[Jack] Getting a little deep in there eh?

[Cammy] It’s a waste of a pun that’s all I’m saying.

[Cammy] *Heart emoji* Love you.

Georgia is the first face he sees when he opens the door to the dining room so he doesn’t temper his smile in time to see his mother step in front of her with her own stately one.

“Sweetheart.” She sounds bright, maternal yet still presidential, but there’s a tautness around her eyes that betrays her uncertainty.  It makes him feel guilty, and then annoyed that she’s trying to guilt trip him when he did nothing wrong.  He lets her press a kiss to his cheek for appearances even though Georgia couldn’t manage the president’s son without knowing some of the uglier sides of their relationship.

“Hi mom.”

“How was the shelter?”

“Crowded.” He steps past the door and spots him.  A lean, compact blonde man with a phone gripped tightly in one hand and a smile so radiant Jack fights the urge to squint.  “Erm, hello.”

The man walks forward hand eagerly outstretched and Jack’s eyes snag on- is that bowtie? “Mr Zimmermann,” he drawls, “it’s a pleasure to meet you.  I’m Eric Bittle.”

“Jack, Eric is the newest member of our social media team.” His mother says.

Shitty, or rather Nurse, wasn’t kidding about this guy.  He’s handsome, possibly devastatingly so.  Jack shakes his hand.  His grip is strong, his eyes are round and brown and warm and Jack feels a spark as their palms slide together that he dismisses as static.

“Jack.” He replies.

“I know.” Eric says with a wry smile and a wink.

Jack feels the room heat up. Eric clears his throat delicately and breaks their clasp.

“Eric will be helping out with your social media accounts.” Georgia doesn’t even try not to look like she’s having a blast with this.

“No choice in this either huh?” Jack says in a tone just jovial enough that nobody present yesterday would recognise the snide remark for what it is.

Georgia interjects before he can get into an ill advised public sniping match with his mother. “Come on Jack.  We talked about this.  You need a social media presence.”

‘Uhhh’ his brain groans.

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part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8 (you are here), based on @skygemspeaks‘s prompt

The first time Yuuri meets Lev’s friends, he’s inexplicably charmed.

There’s the small one, who Yuuri correctly assumes is Yaku, and he looks awkward. He would probably prefer to be anywhere but here at the moment, and honestly? Yuuri can’t bring himself to be offended. Meeting a (from the way they look at each other when they think the other isn’t looking… potential boy?)friend’s parents is always awkward.

Then there’s the captain, who reminds Yuuri a bit of Mila in all the best ways. He takes Alisa’s defensiveness like a champ and comes back from her obligatory shovel talk looking more protective than defensive.

And finally, Kenma, whose last name is actually Kozume but who seems to have no patience for honorifics. Yuuri heard all about him when Lev first started volleyball. Kenma is everything Lev isn’t: calm, quiet, strategic. But one thing he and Lev (and Yuuri) have in common is the one thing Yuuri would never wish upon anyone.

He’d hoped originally that Lev was exaggerating Kenma’s anxiety, that perhaps it wasn’t as bad as it appeared or that maybe Lev was seeing symptoms where there are none to be seen. But when he sets eyes on Kenma (and, consequently, Kuroo; it doesn’t take long to figure out that they’re a set), he sees. He sees the quiet boy stick close to Kuroo, clutching his sleeve without even realizing. His free hand stays in his jacket pocket unless he’s using it for something and Yuuri would bet his medals that he’s using the cubes Yuuri gave him.

Later in the night, when the dishes are done and there’s a lull in conversation– or as much of a lull as there ever is; Victor and Lev are still chatting quietly –Kenma tugs on Kuroo’s sleeve, looking up at him with wide eyes that make Yuuri want to squish his cheeks.

He doesn’t, of course; that would be wildly inappropriate.

It’s not the last time any of them are over; now that the season is over and Yurio isn’t around all the time to scare off Lev’s friends, it’s as if their house becomes one of the bases of operations. Lev claims that it’s because of their massive living room and TV, so it’s easier for strategy meetings, but Yuuri can’t help but think that it’s because he’s finally found his niche.

Generally, it’s the same three boys that come over, because they tend to stay the longest at practice. Occasionally it’s only one or two, or other members of the team, but all three of them come home with Lev more often than not. With a little patient prodding, Yuuri discovers that Kenma is a mochi monster, and can eat more ice cream in ten minutes than Yuuri could probably handle in a week. Kuroo is witty and unerringly sharp, despite the way he tries to portray himself; he reminds Yuuri of Victor. He learns that Yaku’s favorite dish is stir fried vegetables (which he uses as an excuse to cook them, since he’s partial to them as well).

After a month of this routine, or lack thereof, Yuuri is surprised to be pulled aside by Kenma. The boy’s hair hangs in front of his eyes, as it usually does when he talks to Yuuri alone. Yuuri doesn’t take it personally.

He squirms for a second before taking a deep breath. Yuuri waits, giving him time to gather his thoughts, and he’s rewarded with a quiet “Thank you. For the cubes. They help a lot in class.”

“Oh.” Yuuri is surprised, but he smiles. Kenma is nearly his height, and he’s glad he doesn’t have to look up or down at him. “Of course. They were Lev’s idea, though.”

Kenma nods a little. “I know. I’ve… I’ve thanked him already. But you were the one who bought them, so. Thanks. And… thank you for letting me and Kuro impose so often.”

“You’re welcome here anytime, for any reason,” Yuuri says automatically, sensing Kenma’s discomfort. “We love having you all here, it makes the place even livelier.”

When Kenma nods, but still doesn’t meet his eyes, Yuuri takes a small risk. He puts a gentle hand on the boy’s shoulder. “I mean it, Kenma-kun. You’re a pleasure to have you over. Even if you just need somewhere to get away from the world, all you have to do is knock.”

He can tell he’s hit the nail on the head when Kenma’s shoulders tense. “Kuro… Kuro said you might be able to help me? With anxiety. If that’s alright. I don’t want to put you out–”

“Put that thought out of your head right now,” Yuuri says firmly. “Of course I’ll do whatever I can to help you, Kenma.” You have no idea how much you’ve helped my family.

It takes more reassurance on Yuuri’s end, and some mental preparation on Kenma’s, but he slowly opens up. He tells Yuuri about his color system with Kuroo (which is ingenious, in Yuuri’s opinion; if he’d thought of that he may have had an easier time all those years ago) and about how, despite how much Kuroo tries to help, he doesn’t really know how.

Yuuri has Kuroo talk to Victor about that, discreetly.

After all that, they start spending even more time at the Kastuki-Nikiforov-Haiba home, sometimes without even using volleyball as an excuse. Lev is ecstatic to have his friends over so often, and Yuuri makes sure to keep extra mochi in the house.

Kuroo asks him to stop enabling his boyfriend’s mochi addiction.

Lev says Kenma has never agreed to toss to him this often before.

Yuuri keeps buying mochi.

When he’s feeling especially brave or it’s a particularly green day, Kenma will be the one to approach Yuuri, asking shyly for advice about something.

Once it’s about whether Yuuri agrees with his parents about his “unhealthy” gaming habits (“Not at all! I played a lot of games and I think I turned out just fine, don’t you?”). He brings up being a burden on their household several times, claiming that he spends more time here or at Kuroo’s than he does at home (“As long as your relationship with your parents isn’t suffering, that isn’t a problem”). One particularly memorable time, he asks in a very small voice if Yuuri thinks he’s too dependent on Kuroo, because a teacher mentioned it today in school after separating them in a group project.

“Of course not!”

It’s not Yuuri that answers him that time, but Lev. He seems to have wandered into the kitchen for a snack, but stops when he hears Kenma’s question.

Kenma looks at Lev with wide, shocked eyes, but Lev hurries on. “Clinging on to something that makes you feel better isn’t a bad thing, Kenma-san! All it means is that you have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Kuroo-san is to you what… what skating is to Papa, right? Or what volleyball is to me! And if Kuroo-san or skating or volleyball are our reasons, so be it.”

And with that vaguely heartbreaking (to Yuuri at least) statement, Lev grabs a soda from the fridge and walks back out to play Mario Party with Kuroo, Yaku, and Kuroo’s friend Bokuto (who’s been showing up more frequently lately) without another word. Kenma looks floored. Yuuri can relate.

“What he said,” Yuuri says lamely, opening the freezer and pulling out a mochi ball for Kenma.

But surprises and anxieties aside, they’re a good group of kids, and Yuuri couldn’t have asked for better upperclassmen or better friends for his son.

So when Lev approaches him in the summer, waving around a permission slip for a volleyball field trip to training camp, Yuuri and Victor sign off without hesitation for the first time in their lives. The whoop that he releases is loud enough to wake the dead (read: his Uncle Yuri) and he rushes to pack his bags, much to Yuuri’s amusement.

“Lev, the camp doesn’t start for another week!”

Tumblr prompt ( Yoongi * OC)

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[ i know that you guys probably wanted a nice confrontation of Yoongi finding out about his mistake and stuff, but I think it’s an overdone scene, probably something you’re read a lot of times. So , i decided to focus more on the two of them and how they move on. i’m sorry if it’s disappointing in any way. ]

Part 6

“ How is he, these days?” i said awkwardly, watching Namjoon add some sugar to his coffee. He was still dressed in his Hospital scrubs but clearly the cafe served better coffee than what he could get in the hospital so he looked happy enough.

“Y/N, why can you not be a normal bitter ex, spewing curses at the idiot? it should make things easier for everyone.”

“You and i both know Yoongi doesn’t deserve that. You’re his oldest , most trusted friend. Are you honestly telling me yoongi left me because he wanted to? i know him …. i know how he gets, alright? i know that he has a way of blaming himself for everything that goes wrong in the entire universe. All i wasnt is for a chance to get him back.” I said softly. 

Namjoon sighed. 

“i should never have told him about Jiyeon.” He said drily. “ if i hadn’t, he would have returned to you. He thinks he doesn’t deserve you anymore.” 

I hummed.

“Fine. what else can you tell me about him,right now?” 

“there’s nothing much to say. his mother wanted him to marry jiyeon. He refused. She threatened to fire him. He decided he would fire her instead. And now we’re here.” 

“I don’t think-”

“He’ll pull through. Don’t worry about him. “ 

“i know he’ll pull through. He always does. but that’s not what I want to know… Is he happy without me, Namjoon? If you tell me that he’s happy without me, i’ll drop this right now. i’ll stop contacting him, like everyone wants me to.”

“You’re dating Seokjin….”

I flinched. 

“it’s not… It isn’t anything even remotely serious. And that’s something I’ll deal with in my own time and…”

“Hyung think’s Seokjin is better for you than him. He thinks you really love Seokljin.”

the urge to kick Min Yoongi was growing by the minute. 

“He was the one who divorced me…” i hissed angrily.

“i think he regretted it almost immediately.”

“So why one earth didn’t he come back to me, immediately?” 

“You know how he gets…” Namjoon shrugged.

ugh. Yes. I knew how he got. Yoongi wasn’t a fighter. At least not for himself. He would fight death , his own body and everyone in the world to save a life, to do the right thing. But he would never fight for things he wanted for himself. 

in this case, me. 

“I love him. i know all of you think he doesn’t deserve it but i love him. i don’t think i can stop loving him. i already tried. I thought i’d succeeded even. but when i saw him last week… i just… I love Min Yoongi and nothing he does is going to change that.” i said miserably.

Namjoon gave me a sympathetic smile. 

“He’s going to fight you every step of the way.” He said softly. 

I nodded. 

“Not just him. My sister may kill me.” 


“Tell me you’re joking.” My sister said calmly, watching as i carefully curled my lashes, the mascara dewy and perfect . 

“i’m an adult. I can make my own decision here.” i said with a shrug. 

“clearly not, if said decision involves going back to the man who fucking abandoned you when you needed him the most…”

“No. He didn’t abandon me. He made sure i got moved to my home town, to my mother and my sister who he knew would be able to take care of me.”

i hadn’t told my mother and sister about jiyeon or about what she’d done. it had been hard enough to come to terms with it on my own. They still thought Yoongi had left because he was a bastard. 

only i knew that Yoongi left because he thought that was what i’d want. or so i hoped. A part of me still balked at the idea of him actually not wanting me. But i wouldn’t think about that. 

i probably would have let it go if he hadn’t sent me those damn messages, i thought bleakly. 

They were yoongi’s version of a cry for help. I could hardly, in good conscience , ignore him. 

“ you’re insane.” My sister said, sounding defeated and I smiled.

“And you’re the best sister i could have evr had, unnie. but this time, i need to do this for myself.” 


“i’m going to kill someone.” i said through gritted teeth and Seokjin sighed.

“Please don’t. “

“they’re maligning him! They’re belittling everything he’s done.. they can’t just…”

“they’re reporters. Journalists. And they’re doing their job. Yoongi’s decision to pull out from his parents’ partnership is going to affect a lot of people.”

“But can’t they be civil about it…?!” i said miserably, staring up at the huge raised podium where Yoongi sat behind a table calmly addressing increasingly ridiculous question, each one shaped to sound like a backhanded insult. 

“Dr. Min, do you think innocent children should bear the brunt of your own personal tantrums with your parents?” one of the women said and i clenched my fists. 

“I’m sorry. The whole point of this conference is to make sure that doesn’t happen. i’m hoping that generous contributors will come forward to support the Hospital and it’s cause, so that children will not be affected by this.” Yoongi said softly, voice low and even . He was dressed in a white button down and a black jacket. Blue jeans , faded and worn and playful black sneakers made him look so much younger than his thirty years. i wanted to hug him so badly that i had to physically grip the chair and stop myself from launching myself at him. 

How he hated being in the spotlight. He hated socializing. Hated being interviewed. and yet here was , doing all of that. getting his very credibility torn down because of his vile, disgusting mother. 

“Is it true your wife divorced you because you couldn’t save your own child?” 

i froze in place. 

So did Yoongi. i saw the blood drain out of his face , leaving his pale as a parchment and I felt my own heart throb with disbelief and sheer unadulterated agony at how callously the woman said those words. 

“i… I’m not perfect, of course. i have lost patients before and yes, the loss of my own child was… difficult. i do take full responsibility for it. I hope she’ll forgive me for it and….”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” I shouted, amazed that he wasn’t just shooting that woman down instead of actually apologizing…. 

“What..? Y/N?”

i couldn’t stop myself as I pushed my way past the other reporters, reaching the woman who had just opened her mouth ans said those words to him. 

“How many dying kids have you saved, Ms.. “ i glanced at her name tag .” Lee?” 

She blinked, looking shocked. 

“How many families have you offered free healthcare too. Hell, how many dollars of your money have you spent on charities that support kids? and yet,. here you stand accusing my husband of being a murderer, when in fact, you and your kind , spreading such filthy lies about this good man are indirectly contributing to the death of hundreds and thousands of children, right this minute! “ I snarled. 

She just stared at me, gaping and i felt a hand on my wrist yanking me hard and i turned around to see Yoongi.

“what the fuck are you doing here, Y/n?” He hissed and i glared at him. 

“standing up for you! the way you should be !!!  you don’t have to grovel in front of these idiots!!  Yoongi,  you’re a world class surgeon who has saved countless lives and these filthy mongrels are nothing but vermin at the bottle of a barrel. Tell me Miss Lee, how much did my mother in law pay you to spew such vile things about my husband?” 

“okay! that’s enough.. We’re leaving..” yoongi yanked on my arm and i glared at him but he wouldn’t let go.

“Come with me, you stupid woman. NOW!!” 

I let myself get dragged out of the place , aware of the flashing cameras and the furiously scribbling pens. 

i’d probably made everything worse but I wouldn’t regret it.


“You’re taking sleeping pills again? Why?” i said curiously, staring at the inside of his bedroom cabinet, while Yoongi stood awkwardly to the side. He was dressed in the white shirt and jeans having tossed his jacket , hair left in messy disarray, the gray tinged strands falling into his eyes and his skin pale underneath the garish white light. 


“whatever that woman said was nonsense, okay? it shouldn’t even be a question at this point but i’m telling you anyway. You’re not the one who’s to be blamed. i just…”

“Why are you here, Y/N?” He said tiredly, watching as i grabbed the last bottle of pills and peered at the label. 

“I already spoke to my agents. I’ve turned my exhibit into an auction. All the proceeds will go to your hospital. i don’t know if it will be a lot.. but i think it could really help. “ i said hastily.

yoongi stared at me. 

“What are you trying to do?” He said softly. 

“Just making sure i don’t misread a label and take the wrong pill. Like i did before.” i said softly.

He went very still next to me and i sighed. 

“Yoongi about what happened… jiyeon told me all about it. I don’t blame you for doing what you did…” i said softly and Yoongi shook his head. moving a bit away.

“it was all my fault… i … i let her do that to you..” He said , voice cracking. 

 Jiyeon had been cruel, malicious but she had also had a conscience. But she had helped me understand that yoongi hadn’t left me because of the abortion. A part of me had wanted to take the first flight out to the UK just to explain what had happened to my oblivious, impulsive ex husband but i had held back, opting to tell Namjoon about it. i’d asked him to be discreet about it. 

and Namjoon had told Yoongi about it.

And then I’d waited for a year, waiting for yoongi to come to his senses and to come back. 

Except he never did. 

“i’m going to get her medical license cancelled.  I.. I know i should have guessed it earlier , i just never imagined she would.. do something so vile and disgusting. I wanted to kill her… i still do.. She doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as us.. She… ”

i moved to touch him but he looked stricken and i stopped, clenching my fingers in embarrassment. 

“Yoongi stop. it’s over. it was a long time ago. she apologized to me.” I said, recalling the absolute nightmare of a confession that I’d been treated to, right after I’d signed the divorce papers. 

“Apologized?!!” Yoongi shouted and i flinched. “ how could a fucking apology ever make up for what she did to us… She destroyed us.. She..”

“She did no such thing. If we really were good for each other we would have come out stronger , not fizzled and died!” i snapped , impatiently. He hesitated, looking torn and so guilty that i bit my lips.

“Yoongi, i know that we both screwed up. i wasn’t innocent either. i never saw that child as a …. child. i thought it would be a way to keep you with me… like a handcuff or soemthing. I was guilty of that… i didn’t even get that tests till i was nearly three months pregnant…. I was reckless… I…”

“You just trusted her! She was the one who should have had a bloody heart.. She killed our baby….!” He said brokenly and I felt my throat go dry. 

i opened my mouth to protest, but he wasn’t done.

“but more importantly, she nearly killed you..!! “ He took a deep breath. “ i never hated myself more, than when i saw you lying there on my operation table, fighting for your life because of how neglectful I’d been.”

“i’m fine. I’m here.” I said stupidly.

“it wasn’t even about the baby, Y/N… We could have had another one. You almost died! what if i lost you on that table?! I would have followed you right away…”

“Stop! oh my God.. Don’t even joke about something like that…!”

“You think I’m joking? You think i wouldn’t have done it? You think i wouldn;t have died for you? You don’t think i still would?! You’re.. You’re the most… fuck.. Yo’re the only one who matters… it’s always been you…”

I stared at him. 

“Don’t stay stuff like that, if you don’t mean it.” i said softly. 

“I… i mean it. Of course I do… I can’t even apologize because i don’t deserve your forgiveness…. “ 

I was so  sick  of that phrase. 

“Are you going to apologize, anyway?” I said stiltedly. 

“i don’t think i could ever dare to apologize. Not after what i did… I should have been there .. I should have helped you and…”

“Well, how can i forgive you if you can’t even apologize?” I said casually. 

Yoongi stopped short.


“i forgive you. I do… You’re here and i just want to be with y-”

“No. Stop. Don’t! don’t finish that sentence! You don’t know what you’re asking for!. ” He said desperately and I reached out for him but he stepped back hastily.


“you should leave…” 

And there he was, pushing me away, all over again. Why was it so damn hard to love this man.!! What kind of sins had my past self committed to be stuck with this man?!

“i’m not leaving. Why should i… You just said that you care about me… You fucked up, yes. You hurt me. you can spend the rest of your life making it up to me but make no mistake, you  are  spending the rest of your life with me. i refuse to settle for anything else, after all the crap you put me through,. “ 

Yoongi continued to stare at me. 

“i’ll hurt you.” He whispered. 

i felt relief flood through me. He was caving. I knew it. 

“i know.” I said softly, stepping closer and lightly grabbing his hand, taking it up to my waist. His arms curled around my body and i felt my bones turn to ash in sheer want. 

“I’m not… I’m such a shitty husband… I’ll probably hurt you in so many ways and…”

“just kiss me.” 

“Y/N.. i don’t deserve you.” He said softly.

“No. but you have me. And i’m not leaving. ” 

i moved forward, capturing his lips with mine.

Author’s note : there will be one more part , just to tie things up nicely. Do you guys want some smut?. kekeke..

Puppy Love - Part 10 (FINAL)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

So this marks the official end of this little summer mini fic! I mean, this last one is long as shit but well, it’s a finale so yeah. I hope you all enjoyed it and continue to support my past and future projects! Forever love you, Yeolie <3

Puppy Love
For Forever:

“Who is this?” Luhan spoke into the phone.
“Hello, Luhan. Long time no see.” Luhan’s jaw dropped at the sound of that familiar voice. “It’s Jinwoo. We have a lot to talk about.”
Luhan growled under his breath, “What do you want?”
“I have something of yours. And if you don’t hurry, you just might lose it forever.” He could literally see Jinwoo’s cunning smirk in his mind and it made him want to kill Jinwoo right then and there.
“Where are you?” Luhan ran outside as if to find Jinwoo out there lurking nearby watching him. He wanted Jinwoo to be out there, just so he could be the one to rip his head off.
“I’m nowhere near you if that’s what you’re thinking.” Jinwoo chuckled, “I’m where it all happened. I think you know what I’m talking about.”
Luhan felt his stomach drop to his feet. Jinwoo was where Marianne had almost died, where he almost killed her. What was he doing there? Why was he there? Something of his…What exactly was Jinwoo getting at?
“Yeah, I do.” Luhan clenched his teeth. He was fuming so hard from anger, his breath was heaving from his chest. “If you’ve even gone near Miyoung, I swear I’ll tear-”
“Don’t worry about Miyoung, it’s not her I have.” Jinwoo chuckled, “I have a different surprise just for her.”
“You stay away from-”
“Would you like to say hi to this lovely lady right now? She’s right here waiting for you.” Luhan could see that smirk in his mind again.
“Luhan?” Luhan’s mouth dropped in shock at the voice he now heard in his ear. He couldn’t focus his eyes on anything, or his mind. His bottom lip trembled. He couldn’t tell if it was from anger at Jinwoo or fear that it was her who was in danger now.
“Sandra?” Luhan whispered. Kyungsoo was listening and gasped to himself. He knew he couldn’t stand by any longer. It was time to take action now.
“That’s right.” Jinwoo was on the phone once again. “You better hurry if you want her to make it. Because if not, don’t expect Sandra here to be so lucky.”
The line went dead after that. Luhan couldn’t find anymore words to speak anyway. He felt his entire body shake now. Sandra. No. Not her. He found in himself that he couldn’t bear it. His rage reaching the highest level, his hand crushed the phone in his hand, knowing his eyes were now red.
Marianne looked down at the shattered glass coffee table and at her hand that had thrown it. There was a huge dent in the wall from the impact and pieces of drywall on the floor. Her eyes widened at her sudden strength. Turning around at the mirror on the wall, she gasped at the sight. There she was standing there with fangs protruding from her mouth and her eyes glowing red. The longer she stared at herself, the more confused she became. After a few moments of her trying to calm herself, she saw the fangs fade back to her normal teeth. What was this?
“Marianne!” Luhan charged through the door in an obvious panic. From what, she didn’t know. She could only look at him with her still red eyes, but he was panicking so hard that he didn’t even notice. “Marianne, you need to stay here. You need to keep the door locked and don’t let anyone inside. You understand?”
“Luhan?” Marianne spoke up softly and ignoring his commands. “…What am I?”
“What are you talking about?” Luhan stopped his continuous pacing so he could look at her straight. His gaze shifted from confusion at her question, to shock. Right in front of him, he watched her red eyes fade back to her normal brown. “Oh…Marianne, I-”
“Tell me the truth. You know what I am, don’t you?” Marianne raised her voice. “Don’t you?”
“Marianne, it’s not that simple-”
“Yes it is that simple! I know you know. If you’re really my friend, you will tell me right now.”
“That friend I told you about, the one who died..” Luhan took a deep sigh and frowned, bracing himself, “It was you.”
Marianne blinked her eyes in confusion, “What?”
“You’re Miyoung. It was you all along.” Luhan felt tears threatening to pour from his eyes. “I was the one who insisted on fighting Jinwoo and his pack. It was because of me that you got hurt. You scarred his face, so he decided to finish you right there. It was what he wanted to do for a long time. Jinwoo slammed you into that tree…You died twice in the emergency room that night…”
“And that’s how I lost my memory?”
“Yeah.” Luhan nodded. “The damage had been done. Your long term memory was damaged, they said you might never regain it. When I said being there in the hospital was the last time I ever got to see Miyoung, that was true. It was true because you losing all your memory was like losing you. You didn’t know me. You couldn’t remember us growing up together. You couldn’t remember what you were. And it was because of me.”
“If it hurt that bad, then why did you hide it from me?” Marianne felt overwhelmed to the point where she was crying yet again. “Why did you lie to me all this time? Why did you take my life away from me?”
“Jinwoo thought he killed you that night. That meant he wouldn’t be after you anymore. We were threats to him, so he wanted to rid of us. Since he thought he succeeded, I wanted to keep it that way. I gave you a different life. I had you start going by your American name your mother gave you. I had you go to a new school, live in a new apartment. I kept our pack away so you wouldn’t remember what you were so you wouldn’t risk running into that bastard again. I did it to keep you safe. And if you think I regret doing that, don’t. Because you were my best friend, and the sister of our pack leader. I will never regret doing what I had to do to keep you safe after the mistake I made.”
Marianne’s lip trembled at Luhan’s words. “Luhan…”
“It doesn’t matter now anyway. Jinwoo found us somehow, and now you’re in danger. He has Sandra. So you need to stay where you are, which is right here. Or you’ll be next. Got it?”
“Luhan, wait!” Marianne called out before Luhan could rush out the door. “Chanyeol’s gone. He left with his family to go back into the woods. I tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t listen and-”
“When did he leave?” Luhan immediately asked. He suddenly remembered what Jinwoo had said before. He had a different surprise for her…Luhan didn’t know what that meant before, but he had a feeling he did now. Jinwoo didn’t only have Sandra. He had Chanyeol too.
“I don’t know. No more than fifteen, twenty minutes ago?” Marianne shrugged her shoulders.
“Stay here. Keep the door locked. Don’t let anyone in. Got it?” Luhan didn’t even give her a chance to respond and quickly left, making sure to lock the door with the key Marianne had already given him.
Luhan wasn’t going to worry Kris or anyone else of the situation. He could handle it himself, he knew he could. He had to save Sandra. He had to. He couldn’t see a future in his world where she didn’t exist. Why? He concluded that it was because of everything she had done for him and Marianne. After all, she saved Marianne’s life. That was a debt he could now repay by saving hers. And Chanyeol, he knew he had to save him too. He understood Chanyeol was Marianne’s one and only mate she will ever have in her life. He didn’t want her to go through the pain of losing Chanyeol. He couldn’t bear the thought of her feeling that way.
He was going alone. He was going to save them. He was going to finish what he started all those years ago. He was going to end it.
Marianne sank to the floor, thinking about everything Luhan had just told her. She was Miyoung all along. She was a wolf hybrid, as was Luhan, and this Jinwoo thought she was dead. Now he knew she was alive and had Sandra hostage. Then what of her Chanyeol and his family? She was easily able to put two and two together there. If Jinwoo was out there and took Sandra, Marianne knew right there that she wasn’t the only one in danger. Chanyeol was in danger too.
She couldn’t obey Luhan’s orders for her to stay put. She wasn’t going to let her best friends get hurt, and she most definitely wasn’t going let anything happen to the one who was her entire world; her Chanyeol.
Marianne stood from the floor and unlocked the door. She ran out and sprinted down the stairs to leave the complex. She had to find them. She had to save them. Luhan was walking into a trap and him along with Sandra and Chanyeol would die. Luhan needed help, he couldn’t just go alone. However, the second she got off the complex, she was stopped by a sudden familiar face.
“Do Kyungsoo?” Marianne looked at who she thought to be her boss in confusion. “What are you doing here?”
“I was keeping watch.” Kyungsoo raised his eyebrows.
“Oh no, not you too.” Marianne whined. So Kyungsoo was part of this as well? Was there anyone in her life who wasn’t some kind of hybrid or involved with hybrids?
“Yes, me too. Now you need to go back inside where you’re safe.” Kyungsoo put his hands on her shoulders to guide her back inside her apartment.
“No!” Marianne shoved him off, “ You don’t need to stand here and watch and care for me like I’m a little baby. Luhan went off by himself to save Sandra. Chanyeol could be in danger too, now I need to find them and help and nothing you say is going to stop me!”
To her surprise, Kyungsoo smiled at her words. It occurred to her that she had never seen him smile before.
“You really are back, Miyoung.” Kyungsoo sighed in relief through his smile. He could see the wolf, the determination, the defiance, the independence. She really was Miyoung once again. “You’re right. I know I can’t change your mind. But, what you are going to accept is my help. Because what I won’t allow, is you going alone.”
“Who are you calling?” Marianne asked when she saw Kyungsoo take out his phone and putting it to his ear.
“Just shush, you’ll see.” Kyungsoo said with his usual grumping tone once again.
“Okay then.” Marianne then pressed her lips shut.

“Please.” Suho attempted to speak through his gag, “Please, do what you want to me. Just don’t hurt my family. They did nothing to deserve this.”
Suho, along with Yixing and Chanyeol, sat side by side on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs with their mouths gagged. Across from them was Sandra in the exact same condition. Meanwhile, Baekhyun and Chen were in a small cage together next to Yixing since they were so scared they shifted back into their beagle forms.
“Would someone make those two mutts stop their whining before I do?” Jinwoo rolled his eyes at Baekhyun and Chen who wouldn’t stop their puppy-like whines in the cage with their tails in between their legs. Jinwoo approached Suho and gave an evil smirk as he kneeled down to his level, “I’ll make you a compromise, okay? After I finish off Luhan and little Miyoung, I’ll just go ahead and kill your family one by one. Then I’ll show you mercy by killing you last. How’s that?”
Chanyeol interrupted Jinwoo’s taunting by struggling in his bounds and groaning in anger at him. He couldn’t believe he believed a word this monster said even for a second. All he wanted to do now was take Jinwoo on himself for threatening Marianne’s life, along with his family’s.
“Be quiet and don’t move.” Jinwoo looked at Chanyeol and shifted so he was then kneeling at his level. “Don’t take it so hard. You understand why. You and your kind are nothing but a disgusting nuisance after all.”
Angered even more, Chanyeol struggled to get himself free and pounce on Jinwoo for what he said, but it was no use. The binds were too tight and it only amused Jinwoo at this point.
“When I kill your little Marianne, I’ll be sure it’s right in front of you nice and slow. She did do this to me, remember?” Jinwoo got in his face more and pointed to the scars on the left side of his own face. “Don’t worry. I’ll show you mercy by killing you right after. You won’t even have to watch the rest of your family die. That’s a gift just for your dad.”
Jinwoo chuckled when he saw a tear shed down Chanyeol’s cheek. Meanwhile, Sandra was trying to nudge at least one of her wrists out of the bounds as discretely as she could. It was no use for her too. The rope was just too tight, and every time she struggled just a little too much, members of Jinwoo’s pack standing over her would catch attention. How was she going to get out of this?
While looking around to see if there was anything she could use, she could’ve sworn she saw something up ahead. She squinted her eyes to try getting a better look of what flashed by, but she couldn’t see anything. Just then, she saw Luhan peek out from behind one of the trees. Luhan. He was here. He was here and she almost couldn’t contain her excitement. He was trying to sneak up on them, but there were too many of Jinwoo’s pack around them and keeping an eye out for Luhan. She knew she had to do something if Luhan was going to have a chance.
Sandra began screaming as frantically as she could and throwing the rest of her body to the ground in an insane attempt to try getting herself free. All of Jinwoo’s pack, even Jinwoo himself, turned their focus toward her. The two members of Jinwoo’s pack who were standing next to her got down and pinned her still where she was on the ground to stop her.
“Is this human really that afraid to die?” Jinwoo laughed as he approached Sandra who was still attempting to struggle like a maniac. She looked up behind Jinwoo then at Jinwoo himself.
“No.” Sandra chuckled slightly to herself, “I just needed to distract you for a moment.”
Confused by her statement, Jinwoo scoffed at her and went to lift his foot so he could kick her wherever he pleased. Before he could, however, he felt a firm hand on his shoulder which turned him around and was greeted by Luhan’s fist across his face.
Luhan’s punch immediately knocked Jinwoo to the ground. The rest of Jinwoo’s pack went to grab Luhan, which he expected, but was surprised when Jinwoo shouted at them to back away and not touch him.
“Stay with the hostages.” Jinwoo stood, touching the trickle of blood on the corner of his lip, glaring at Luhan. “He’s mine.”
Luhan didn’t hold back on any of his punches, his claw strikes, his bites. He kept thinking about what Jinwoo had done those years ago. And it was right here in this very spot of the woods. On one of these trees, that was where Jinwoo held Miyoung by the neck and bashed her head in. Luhan wanted to tear him to shreds that very night when he thought she was dead. He wanted to do that now. He was going to. He wasn’t going to let this monster called Jinwoo threaten them ever again.
Jinwoo wasn’t holding back either. He had Luhan right where he wanted him. Alone, emotional, angry, eyes and mind still only in the past. Luhan thought he was a step ahead and thought he would win just with his passion alone. But it was that passion that made him so easy to defeat. Jinwoo punched Luhan in the stomach, the face, over and over until he decided to grab Luhan by the back of his neck and shove him to the ground at his feet.
“I should’ve finished you here a long time ago.” Jinwoo stood over him and spat, “Along with Miyoung.”
Luhan tried to pounce back up at the ugly taunting sound of Jinwoo saying her name. Jinwoo kicked and stomped him back onto the ground before he could even get half his body to sit up. Luhan hissed at the pain he felt all over his body and at the sudden pressure of Jinwoo pressing his foot on Luhan’s throat, cutting off his ability to breathe. He gasped for air, Sandra watching with her eyes wide and tearing.
“Guess I could just finish you right now.” Jinwoo pressed his foot harder, making Luhan’s face start to go from red to blue. “You know, like I always wanted to.”
Jinwoo removed his foot from Luhan’s throat, making Luhan cough and gasp for air that would be short lived. When Jinwoo went to start kicking Luhan’s head in until he saw the life leave his eyes, he paused when he heard a sudden growl nearby. When he turned sharply to see where it had came from, Sandra watched in shock as she saw Minseok leap from within the trees and pounce Jinwoo to the ground.
Following Minseok, Sehun and Kai emerged from their surrounding hiding places and fought Jinwoo’s pack away from Sandra and the rest. Once they were down, Sehun quickly kneeled behind Suho and untied him, Kai doing the same with Yixing after opening the cage that held Baekhyun and Chen. Once they were free, they each removed their own gags around their mouths. Before either of them could get to Chanyeol or Sandra, however, Jinwoo’s pack attacked them again to stop them from getting away.
“Go hide, boys!” Suho called to Baekhyun and Chen as he and Yixing fought Jinwoo’s pack. “You know what you always need to do! Go hide!”
“Baekhyun! Chen!” Marianne peeked out from behind one of the bushes further out from the fighting circle. She gestured for the two to run towards her. “Come on! This way, come on!”
Baekhyun and Chen cried in fear as they ran towards Marianne across the way. They didn’t stop until they reached her, the two demanding petting for being brave and doing as they were told.
“Good boys.” Marianne patted both of their furry heads. “Now stay here. I’m going to go help.”
“Miyoung, no.” Kyungsoo stopped her, “I let you come this far, but this is where you have to put your stubbornness aside and listen to me. You need to stay here.”
“Kyungsoo, I can’t just sit here and watch. I need to help!”
“Jinwoo is out there. If he sees you, he’ll kill you.” Kyungsoo looked at her with sincere eyes. “He failed to do that three years ago. If he sees you, he’s going to make sure he succeeds this time. You can’t go out there. It’s too dangerous. Do you understand?”
Marianne frowned, knowing he was right. “Fine. I’ll stay.”
“Thank you.” Kyungsoo said then ran out to join the fight.
Suho looked back and saw his son Chanyeol and Sandra trying to nudge themselves back to get clear of the fighting around them while also trying to get themselves free. With Luhan now standing, he rushed towards him.
“Go save them. Save her. I’ll cover you.” Suho commanded, “It has to be you.”
Luhan gave him a nod of understanding and respect before running to Sandra. In front of Suho, he saw Jinwoo and strutted towards him, ready to show the strength he really had.
“This is for my wife.” Suho spat before nailing Jinwoo right in the mouth.
Thanks to Suho, Luhan made it to Sandra and quickly removed her mouth gag and untied her.
“Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” Luhan grabbed her shoulders to help her stand.
“I’m okay.” Sandra assured him and gave him a smile of thanks with sparkling eyes which soothed his heart.
“Good.” Luhan gave her a nod. “Get to safety. Please.”
“What about Chanyeol?”
“I’ll get him, don’t worry. Just get to safety as fast as you can. Go.”
Sandra and Luhan went their separate ways, Luhan turning to free Chanyeol who was still in his bounds. When he made eye contact with Chanyeol, he saw Chanyeol suddenly in a panic, him trying to shout something from beneath his gag. He was trying to point and say someone was behind him, but since Luhan couldn’t make out his franticness, Luhan was tackled by one of Jinwoo’s pack.
“Jinwoo was right.” The pack member growled, “We should’ve finished you.”
Seeing Luhan tackled was enough to make Chanyeol panic more into his attempts to free himself. Looking around, everyone was fighting someone else, his own father fighting Jinwoo. He managed to push himself back up to a tree so he could try rubbing the rope onto the rough texture of the tree bark to release it. Not feeling any affect, he tried harder, looking around to see if there was anything else he could possibly use. On his search, he spotted the bush where Marianne was hiding with his brothers. He saw her. His Marianne. His Miyoung. She was here, putting herself in danger. Why was she here? Was it to save him?
“Marianne!” Chanyeol attempted to shout beneath his gag but sounded too muffled to make it actually sound like her name.
Marianne heard his call anyway and looked back at him, feeling her heart sink. How could she just stay here and watch this? She was there to save him, and she wasn’t going to let anyone, even Jinwoo, stop her.
“Stay here.” Marianne told Baekhyun and Chen before running out herself. She dodged everyone she could, her own pack surprised she was out there and attempted to cover her. Determination in her heart, she breathed relief when she reached her Chanyeol. Her Yeolie.
“You shouldn’t be here.” Chanyeol said once Marianne removed his gag and untied him, helping him stand. Feeling so much regret in his heart from what he had said to her before leaving, he pulled her into his arms as tightly as he could, never wanting to let go. “I’m sorry.”
“It doesn’t matter now.” Marianne hugged him back, feeling relief at his familiar warmth. “Let’s get out of here.”
When Marianne turned to go back to Baekhyun and Chen, her body froze at the sight of a certain someone out in that fight. She looked sharply at him, an awful feeling in her heart. She saw the scars on the left side of his face.
Miyoung pinned one of Jinwoo’s pack members and spotted Jinwoo in her peripheral vision. He was sneaking up on Luhan from behind with what looked like to be a knife in his hand. She looked at Luhan then at Jinwoo then back at Luhan. She wasn’t going to hesitate to protect him; Luhan, her closest friend. Her own eyes now red, she pounced on Jinwoo’s back and pulled him away, grabbing Luhan’s attention to turn around.
Jinwoo managed to shove Miyoung off of himself and strike her only to have her strike back with just as much force, only she had released her claws to deeply scratch his face. Panicking, Luhan went to rush over, but two of Jinwoo’s pack members stopped him by tackling him into the dirt and leaves on the forest floor. Struggling to lift his head, he saw Jinwoo get a hold of Miyoung’s throat, enraged from what she had done to him. And that was when Miyoung got her head collided into a tree with all the force Jinwoo could manage.

She remembered him. She remembered what he did. Jinwoo…She didn’t know what to feel when she looked at him. She wanted to scream. She wanted to cry. She wanted to fight him for threatening the lives of those she loved. She wanted to kill him for taking her life away from her, because even though he failed to kill her physically, he still ended up succeeding in a way.
“Marianne,” Chanyeol spoke softly behind her and gently took her hand, “Let’s go.”
She was in her own thoughts so deeply, she almost didn’t hear him. Coming back to her senses, she made herself get together so she could do what she came out to do.
“Let’s go.” Marianne looked up at him and gripped his hand, running off back to his brothers. “Sandra! This way!”
Jinwoo beat Suho to the ground and spat on him, not seeing him as worth his time at the moment. When he gazed sharply ahead, he almost couldn’t believe he saw her standing there. Miyoung…Park Miyoung. Killing her wouldn’t not only rest the vengeance in his heart, but it will also be enough to finally make her brother surrender and make him the king of these woods. Remove his threats. That was what he was finally going to do.
Luhan finally knocked out the pack member who attacked him. He saw Marianne with Chanyeol and Sandra. What was she doing out here? Why was she here in the first place? She was supposed to stay home where she was safe. Why didn’t she ever listen to him? Why did she always have to defy him? Why was it always something he so stupidly loved about her?
He sprinted towards Jinwoo as fast as he could. Whether it was Marianne, Chanyeol, or Sandra, he wasn’t going to let them get hurt. He saw the way Jinwoo looked at her with his red eyes, the way he stalked towards her. He wasn’t going to let Jinwoo win. Unknown to him, Jinwoo had a knife in his hand. When Luhan finally got close to stop him, Jinwoo already heard him coming. Jinwoo quickly turned and used the knife to stab Luhan in his side.
Everyone saw it happen. When they saw it, they stopped running, they stopped fighting. All agape in shock, they watched the blood appear from Luhan’s side when Jinwoo tore out the knife. Instinctively, Luhan clutched onto Jinwoo’s shoulder for support, not breaking his eyes away. Not able to take standing anymore, Luhan finally let himself fall to the ground back to Jinwoo’s feet. He could’ve sworn he could faintly hear Sandra screaming in agony at the sight. Why did that seem to hurt him more than his physical wound?
“Luhan!” Sandra screeched, attempting to run towards him, only to be stopped by a member of Jinwoo’s pack. Marianne wanted to scream, but her mouth only hung open, not a single sound being able to escape. All of Jinwoo’s pack got each of them down on their knees, forcing their surrender and to watch what was about to happen to their dear friend.
Luhan focused his gaze on Marianne and Sandra, struggling to say his last words, “I tried…”
He tried to save them. He tried to protect them. He failed. He shifted his gaze to Chanyeol just as Jinwoo was lifting the knife to finish the job. He was sure to give Chanyeol a small smile before closing his eyes to finally embrace his death.
“All of you, watch closely.” Jinwoo smirked. Jinwoo gripped the knife that was dripping Luhan’s blood in his hand. He was going to kill Luhan and make sure he was dead. When he went to make Luhan’s body the knife’s new sheath, he felt a sudden hand tightly grab his wrist. The hand bent Jinwoo’s wrist in a painful fashion, making Jinwoo whine in pain and drop the knife next to Luhan’s body. When Jinwoo followed the path of the hand that gripped him, even his eyes widened in fear at who he finally saw.
“It’s about time!” Kyungsoo groaned, struggling to escape from the wolf’s grasp that held him hostage on the ground.
“My apologies.” Jinwoo watched the corner of his mouth form a cunning smirk, proceeding to bend Jinwoo’s wrist further with no effort at all.
“Kris…” Jinwoo gasped beneath his breath and his pain. Kris’s smirk grew at the sound of his name, giving Jinwoo a rough shove with his other hand, making Jinwoo fly backwards and slam his body into the nearest tree. With the rest of Jinwoo’s pack stunned, Minseok, Kai, Sehun, and Kyungsoo took the opportunity to counterattack.
“Guys, come on!” Chanyeol gathered everyone he could. Marianne, Sandra, Yixing, Suho. “Let’s get out of here!”
“Yeolie, wait.” Marianne stopped him. “We need to save Luhan, we can’t leave him.”
Chanyeol nodded in understanding, knowing what he had to do. “I’ll get Luhan. You and the others just get to safety. Go.”
“Yeolie-” Marianne tried to call for him but he was already running out into the fight to where Luhan’s body laid on the ground.
“You know,” Chanyeol said to an unconscious Luhan as he picked him up, “I suppose you’re not that bad. But wow are you heavier than you look.”
One by one, Jinwoo’s pack tried to attack Kris, but he overpowered them within a second and had them all either wincing in pain on the ground or knocked unconscious.
“Give up.” Kris commanded to them.
Jinwoo heard this and spat blood as he stood. He couldn’t surrender to Kris. He wasn’t. Kris saw Jinwoo’s anger and wanted to laugh. Jinwoo attempted to fight him, to do anything he could to get Kris on his knees instead and surrender to him. Kris easily dodged any of Jinwoo’s attacks and in no time got Jinwoo’s hands behind his back and pinned him face down into the ground.
“Give up.” Kris repeated, this time to Jinwoo alone. Jinwoo tried to squirm from Kris’s grasp, but it was no use. “Our packs could’ve done well together. I had trusted you, but you had to become power hungry and selfish and turn on me. I could kill every last one of you right now, and believe me I want to. You almost took my beloved sister’s life, her friends, my right hand man.”
“Do it then.” Jinwoo groaned beneath him. “Why won’t you?”
“Because I’d rather die than become anything like the monster you are.” Kris released his grip, allowing Jinwoo to stand. “Now get out of my woods. And don’t ever come back. If you do, then I might just have to make an exception to my earlier statement.”
Jinwoo stumbled to his feet once Kris was finished. He ran away with his pack in tow, finally leaving them in peace.
“Okay but seriously, did you stop for takeout or something because you really did take a long time.” Kyungsoo groaned, breaking the silence.
“You didn’t tell me your exact location. I had to spend the past two hours just tracking your dumb scent.” Kris rolled his eyes back at him.
“Kris?” Marianne looked at him in awe and he looked right back. His similar black hair, eyes, nose, lips. He was tall like she remembered. Just as tall as her Yeolie. He looked so happy to hear her say his name again.
“JueJiang. It’s been a while.” Kris smiled sweetly at his little sister. Marianne didn’t hesitate to run up and throw her arms around him, allowing herself to cry in front of everyone.
“It feels like a lot longer to me.” Marianne whimpered, hugging her older half brother tightly. “I just have one question. Why did you just call me JueJiang?”
Kris chuckled deeply, looking down at her, “It’s the Chinese name dad and I gave you, stupid.”
“Figures.” Marianne laughed with him. She would get a name that meant “stubborn”.
“Now I have my own question.” Kris released their hug. “Would you mind introducing me to that fellow over there?”
Marianne looked behind her where Kris’s focus was. By fellow he meant Chanyeol, who was just standing there with that usual cute puppy look on his face. He pointed to himself just to make sure Kris meant him. Marianne took her brother’s hand and took him over to Chanyeol.
“Kris, this is my Yeolie.” Marianne gave a smile of admiration, “Park Chanyeol.”
“It’s nice to meet you, Chanyeol.” Kris patted Chanyeol’s shoulder. “You take good care of her, okay?”
“Oh, oh I will. Don’t you worry!” Chanyeol grinned that thousand watt smile of his, the one that made his face even more beautiful, the one that made his eyes sparkle. He enthusiastically put his arm around Marianne’s shoulders to pull her close to him. Kris gave him a nod of thanks, his small grin showing amusement.
“Guys!” They all heard what sounded like Baekhyun and Chen shouting in unison. “Guys, get over here! He needs help!”
Everyone ran over. Baekhyun and Chen indeed did shift back into their human forms, their nakedness not being the main issue at that moment. They all saw Luhan still unconscious, and it seemed like he was bleeding out.
“We need to get him to the hospital.” Sandra cried, pressing on Luhan’s wound, “He’s bleeding too much. I-I can’t treat him here.”
“We’ll take care of it.” Kris kneeled down by his friend to lift him up.
“Hold on, Luhan. Please…” Marianne held his hand, “Hold on…”

Luhan woke with a sharp pain in his side. Where was he? How long has it been? What happened? He remembered Jinwoo stabbing him, then everything went black. How was he even alive right now?
“You’re finally awake!” He knew who that enthusiastic and sweet voice belonged to. His hunch was proven right when he looked towards the door and saw Sandra entering in her nurse scrubs. “You sure did scare me.”
“I never thought I would be so happy to see you.” Luhan gave a weak chuckle.
“Oh thanks.” Sandra stuck her tongue out at him.
“Is everyone okay?”
“Yeah.” Sandra nodded, “Thanks to Kris and the rest of you, we’re all fine.”
“Kris was there, huh?” Luhan then chuckled to himself, looking up at the ceiling, “Saving my ass yet again?”
“Of course.”
“You know, after all of this, I think it’s best if I’m alone. I’m better off, as is everyone else.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“I wasn’t never really a team player. Look at me, I’m in the hospital because I decided to go fight a whole pack on my own.” Luhan turned his gaze over to her, “And now that Miyoung is happy with Chanyeol and I’m finally past it, maybe I’m one of those lone wolves who never need a mate.”
“You shouldn’t be so sure about that, Lu.”
Luhan chuckled again, “Why? Are you saying I should be with you?”
Both Luhan and Sandra laughed this time. They laughed hysterically at his words as if it were ridiculous the thought could even cross his mind.
“Of course not. That’s not what I meant at all.” Sandra laughed, quite awkwardly on her end. She stood to make her way out of that suddenly stuffy room, “I’m-I’m going to get you something to eat, okay?”
When she went to escape out the door, she wasn’t looking where she was going when she spoke, causing her to bump her body into the other wall. When she found the door, she ended up bumping that too before finally opening it, laughing even more awkwardly then leaving to get some fresh air.
“She’s cute.” Luhan snickered at what just occurred. He sighed in relaxation and shut his eyes, getting comfortable in his hospital bed to blissfully rest. “It’s not a bad idea.”
Still standing right outside his door, Sandra heard his mumbles to himself and couldn’t control her giddiness. There was hope after all. She had been starting to think Luhan would never realize his feelings. She had felt it all along. She couldn’t help but be thrilled knowing he was finally figuring it out.

“Do you remember when you got stuck up in a tree and I threatened to tell dad on you?” Kris chuckled. Him and Marianne were walking down the street together to catch up, but she had to shake her head no at his question. “What do you remember?”
“I don’t know.” Marianne shrugged. “I know I recognized you immediately, even though I can’t remember everything we did growing up together. I remember me being so upset when we moved to China for those few years. I remember us playing together and always shifting back and forth with our wolf selves, which would annoy mom a lot.”
“Yeah.” Kris smiled at the memory, “Mom is doing well in America. She misses us. She’s lucky. She gets to be far away from this crazy hybrid stuff.”
“Yeah, she sure is lucky.” Marianne giggled, “And where were you all this time? If you had been here, this whole thing with Jinwoo could’ve been over in like, two seconds.”
“Even though I am a wolf, it still only is half of me.” Kris laughed at her, “The night you were attacked, I was in Ulsan on business. After that, I kept my distance in China. Now that you’ve remembered, somewhat, I guess it’s time that I come back.”
I still don’t remember much, and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I might never remember everything. But it’s okay though. I don’t want to spend my life trying to live the past anymore. All I want to do now is focus on now and the future I have with Chanyeol.“
"That Chanyeol. He sure is an enthusiastic one, I’ll give him that.” Kris laughed.
“Yeah.” Marianne smiled blissfully. “He is.”

9 months later…

“You think Marianne and Chanyeol are ready yet?” Sandra skipped down the street with her arm linked with Luhan’s.
“They better be, because we’re not stopping to wait for them.” Luhan looked up at the apartment complex as they passed by. “They have a lot to tow out.”
Back in the apartment, Marianne rushed to get her shoes on at the door.
“Come on, hurry up! It’s your fault we’re late, Yeolie.”
“I’m sorry, I forgot to set the alarm. Just wait a second, the little ones are still lagging behind.” Chanyeol scurried out, yanking on his long flannel jacket. He looked behind his back to call out for the others, “Come on, let’s go, let’s go! Come on!”
Following Chanyeol’s words, a tiny stampede of four five-week-old puppies came scurrying out into the living room, all giving their own little squeaky barks.
“You know, this would be a really weird thing to see for literally anyone else on this planet.” Marianne commented while Chanyeol put the leashes on his pups.
“It’s okay!” Chanyeol grinned as he stood with the leash handles in tow. “On the bright side, since they’re only part hybrid, maybe they’ll start shifting earlier than usual.”
“Yeah, part beagle and part wolf. That might as well be half, right?”
“I don’t know. I just know that they’re just so cute yes they are!” Chanyeol did his baby voice which got the four pups all giddy.
“Okay, now let’s go before we’re even more late.”
“You know,” Chanyeol commented as they walked out the door, “That Luhan lied. I was a late shifter. I hope none of ours get that from me.”
Once they caught up to Luhan and Sandra outside, they walked happily as a group down to what was the new coffee shop. It was now a puppy café and it was the grand opening. It was Kyungsoo’s and Marianne’s idea, since they thought it would be good to combine the two so their packs could frolic freely.
When they entered, Chanyeol let his pups off their leashes so they could run to the play area, where Kai, Sehun, Baekhyun, and Chen were also currently at play with each other. Of course the stooges would befriend each other right away. Meanwhile, Kris watched from across the street, happy and content that all was well now and everyone was happy and safe. Not wanting to intrude on the fun, and still being the busy guy he was, he gave a nod of content and took off. He knew they could handle themselves now.
Marianne couldn’t remember much since the accident. She did remember when she wished for something to happen, for something to come into her life, something to help her figure herself out. Without that something, she knew she just might’ve never remembered.
She was happy to say that Chanyeol, her Yeolie, was that something.

Say You’ll Want Me Epilogue

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

So, here we are. I started writing this series last December just for me. I never planned on sharing it with anyone but I’m so happy I did. I hope you enjoy this last part. A while back I was thinking of writing a few side stories for some of the others but I think this is where I’m leaving it. Thanks again to everyone that kept up with this and the previous series <3


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On Your Right - Bucky Barnes x Reader (Part 7)

A/N: HAPPY FRIDAY YA’LL! Have some Bucky fluff to celebrate the weekend. 

Thanks for the continued love, it makes my day every time. :) 
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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 

Summary: Morning after girl’s day. Just some fluff with pretty much the whole team. Read on and enjoy. 

Rating: T for language

Warnings: Tooth rotting fluff. Like 0.5 seconds of angst. 

Pairings/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Everybody! 

Word count: 2000 even 

The next morning you woke up on Natasha’s couch slightly confused until you remembered passing out during A Walk to Remember. Nat was still asleep at the other end of the couch and Wanda was curled up in the arm chair, so you quietly left the room, taking the empty wine glasses with you to the kitchen.

You were rummaging through the fridge when Tony and Bruce entered.

“Good morning, thief,” Tony greeted you.

You would have been worried, but you could hear the amusement in his voice.

“If it’s not labelled it’s fair game, Tony,” you mumbled around a bite of cold pizza.

“I was more concerned about my credit card that got swiped yesterday. Do you know anything about that?” he asked with an expectant look.

“We live in a house of spies. You can’t trust anyone,” you reminded him with a shrug.

“Especially the quiet ones apparently,” he added.

“I never swiped your credit card,” you told him honestly. “All of the machines took the chip.”

“I never should have let you and Romanoff become friends,” he huffed.

“Probably not,” you agreed with a smirk.

Bruce snickered as he grabbed an apple out of the basket on the counter. Before he could retort, his phone rang and he stepped outside to answer it. You continued to munch of the slice of pizza as you gathered the ingredients for waffles.

“Dr. Banner, did you read Helen Cho’s latest article?” you asked conversationally as you mixed a large bowl of batter.  

“Yes, I did!”

His eyes lit up at the question and you quickly found yourself engaged in an in-depth discussion of the paper. During the course of the conversation you made waffles for yourself, Bruce, Tony, Peter, Nat, and Wanda. For the most part, everyone left the pair of you alone wholly uninterested in the topic.

You two were just starting to debate the pros and cons of semi-synthetic cellular regeneration when Bucky, Steve, Sam, and Pietro came in, arguing. Finding it impossible to continue with all the shouting, you shot Bruce an apologetic smile and started once again pouring the batter into the massive waffle iron Tony had purchased.

“Come by the lab later if you want to finish discussing the paper,” Bruce offered, as he skirted around the four other men.

“I will.”

He waved a hand to acknowledge that he heard you.

“That doesn’t count as you lapping us,” Bucky stated firmly, glaring at Sam.

“Oh yes, it does,” Sam argued back.

“No way,” Steve disagreed, shaking his head. “Pietro lapped us. You were just an over-sized backpack.”

Sam looked at you to back him up.

“Come on, y/n. It counts right?”

You scrunched your nose with a sigh, “Sorry, Sam. I don’t think so.”

“Seriously, y/n? It was your idea.”

Steve and Bucky looked at you in betrayal, and you threw your hands up in defense.

“I said it would be funny for me to get carried by Pietro and lap you guys,” you explained to the super soldiers, before glaring lightly as Sam, “I didn’t say anything about you.”

After a moment Steve and Bucky doubled over laughing.

“Now that would have been funny,” Steve gasped out.

“Really, Rogers?” Sam demanded.

“He’s right, that would have been hilarious,” Bucky agreed.  

“I would have enjoyed that a lot more too. I’m free any time you want a ride, Printessa,” Pietro winked at you.

“I’ll keep that in mind. Here, have a waffle,” you snorted as you shoved the waffle into his mouth to shut him up. You pushed the stack towards the rest of them and jerked your head towards the table, “Now, all of you go eat and quit arguing.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Steve quipped with a cheeky grin, grabbing the maple syrup and pecking you on the cheek.

“Thanks for breakfast, doll. It’s delicious,” Bucky complimented you after a harsh swallow. “Are you going to join us?”

“In a minute.”

Pulling sixteen fresh waffles out of the iron, you stacked them on a plate and placed them in the middle of the table, stifling a laugh as the four of them quickly demolished the tower while keeping up a constant stream of teasing. Perched on the stool closest to the breakfast nook, safely away from the chaos, you couldn’t help but smile. You had always wanted a big family and that was exactly what you got when you joined the Avengers.

“Mr. Stark requests all team members’ presence in the penthouse lounge immediately.”

You were already rising from your seats when you spoke up.

“What for, FRIDAY?” you asked, looking quizzically at the others who were equally confused.

“I’m unsure, miss. He just insists that you all join him and Mr. Parker upstairs.”

“Spider baby probably needs his diaper changed,” Sam snickered.

“Be nice,” you admonished, slapping him on the shoulder.

“Nah he probably needs a bottle,” Bucky whispered to Sam and Pietro who burst out laughing.

“I heard that,” you informed him, not bothering to turn around, “You be nice too, Mister.”

“And you accuse me of parenting everyone,” Steve muttered, arching an eyebrow at you.

“Well where do you think I got it from?”

He grinned and tugged your ponytail lightly as you walked through the doors to find the rest of the team waiting for you, looking serious. All of you snapped into mission mode, taking your seats and waiting for Tony to brief you.

“Well, team. There has been a major development in young Peter’s life here, and it seems like an opportunity for a teachable moment.”

You glanced at Peter who was standing next to Tony looking mortified. You just wanted to hug the poor kid.

“Peter has been…” Tony paused as if he couldn’t find the words. “Maybe you should tell them,” he suggested finally, nudging Peter forward.

“I’ve been,” he mumbled the rest of the sentence so none of you could make it out.

You expected him to say he had been exposed which would be devastating. Peter was the last of you to have a secret identity and all of you wanted to keep it that way. He was just a kid after all. You didn’t realize you’d grabbed Bucky’s hand until he squeezed it to calm you down.

“What happened, kid?” Steve asked patiently.

“I got asked to a cotillion,” he finally spit out.

There was a long moment of silence where everyone was relieved that nothing bad had happened. And then all at once, everyone started shouting at Tony for scaring you all.

When the yelling had mostly stopped, Tony was wearing a shit eating grin.

“So, as I said. I felt this was a teachable moment.”

“How so?” Steve asked in a wary tone.

You had your suspicions about what was going through the genius, billionaire, reformed (as he liked to remind you all) playboy, philanthropist’s mind.  He didn’t disappoint.

“Well, cotillion, for those of you who don’t know, is a young woman’s formal introduction into society, and that requires formal dancing. And it got me to thinking, how many of you actually know how to dance? Considering the number of missions that require formal wear and a stellar quickstep we are woefully unprepared. So today, we are going to have our first dance lesson.”

“I already know how to dance,” Sam whined.

“Grinding in a club doesn’t count, Wilson.”

You chuckled at Nat’s comment. While you were annoyed with Tony’s theatrics you were excited to learn.

Tony had brought in two championship dancers as your instructors. For the first hour the guys were sent off to the other side of the room to learn their steps while you and the other ladies remained where you were. Pepper and Maria Hill had joined you for the lesson, mostly for practice or entertainment you guessed given that they clearly knew what they were doing.

Once they had managed to get the right pattern the men were brought back in and asked to take a partner. Vision quickly hurried to Wanda’s side. Tony went with Pepper, Maria with Sam, and Natasha with Bruce. Bucky had just caught your eye when Peter bounced up to you.

“Will you dance with me, y/n?” he asked excitedly.

“Of course, Peter.”

You shot Bucky a silent apology before placing your hand in Peter’s. The two of you spent the next twenty minutes awkwardly fumbling through the steps, often stepping on each other’s toes. You desperately tried to let him lead, but he was so hesitant that it often slowed the dance to a stop. For a long while all that could be heard apart from the soft waltz playing in the background was your and Peter’s apologies.

“Alright, let’s switch partners so the rest of you gentleman can get a chance to practice,” Heather suggested.

“Sorry again, y/n,” Peter mumbled, not meeting your eyes.

“It’s okay, Peter. We’re both learning. Don’t worry we’ll keep practicing and make sure you’re ready for cotillion,” you smiled softly ruffling his hair.

“Thank you.” He hugged you around your waist and you happily hugged him back.

“Mind if I cut in?”  

You looked up to meet Bucky’s soft gaze, clearly finding the show of affection endearing.

“Of course.”

Peter quickly stepped back and Bucky took his place. You glanced down at the running sneakers he was still wearing.

“You probably should have opted for steel-toed boots. I apologize in advance for any bruises.”

He chuckled as his flesh hand settled on your waist, tugging you closer. You placed your left hand on his shoulder and your right hand in his metal one.

“Don’t worry, doll. Dancing is easy if you’ve got the right partner.”

“Remember, eye contact is the second most important thing in dancing,” Manuel instructed.  

Letting go of your hand for a moment, Bucky tilted your chin up so you had to look at him. His grey eyes immediately captivated you.

“Focus on me, doll, not the steps,” he whispered, as his fingers tapped out the count on your waist. On the right beat he started to move.

You weren’t surprised that Bucky was a good dancer. Bucky was good at almost everything. Honestly he could have told you he was going to be an Olympic gymnast and you would have been waiting for him to come home with the gold.

You were however surprised that with him leading, you could actually pass for a good dancer too. Your instructor applauded the two of you, but you were too distracted to hear exactly what she said. Your entire focus was on Bucky while the two of you were dancing. Eyes never leaving his, your body eagerly moved to mirror his motions, keeping you in time. It was suddenly quiet and you felt like you were floating. It wasn’t the music guiding you, only the light pressure from his hand as you moved around the room in whirling patterns.

He must have felt the music coming to a close because your movements slowed and then stopped, and suddenly you could hear again. Your cheeks turned bright red as your brain processed the applause coming from your teammates, but you were still caught in his gaze. His eyes were alight with excitement as he held you close.

A loud whistle caught your attention and you looked over at Sam who was grinning from ear to ear. The connection broken you stepped back from Bucky trying to come back to reality.

“That was excellent,” Heather clapped her hands together, clearly impressed.

“And there you see a perfect demonstration of the number one rule in dancing,” Manuel commented. Everyone turned their attention towards him, waiting for him to elaborate. Smiling at you and Bucky, he answered their question. “You have to trust your partner.”

You glanced at Bucky, a question in your eyes. Squeezing your hand gently he gave you a soft smile.

“Without a doubt,” he murmured so only you could hear.

You couldn’t help your answering smile. Bucky trusted you completely too. 

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A/N: So there you go, lots of fluff to kick off your weekend. Because Bucky is 100% an amazing dancer and Peter Parker would 100% be a clumsy adorable goof. Hope you enjoyed it! Comments are lovely! <3 

Peter Park/Deadpool: No Heroes Here

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Peter was a mess, and his unbidden tears were the least of his problems.

After his experience at the sanctum, Peter hadn’t given Dr. Strange or Deadpool much time to explain. One moment he’d been fine, the next he had gone on a terrible acid trip.

“What you saw was not a hallucination,” Dr. Strange had said. “As I was trying to explain before. Everything is linked. Even you to your alternate selves. Through that connection and with the aid of my powers, you were able to catch glimpses of your other selves.”

Peter hadn’t been able to hear much after that. Dr. Strange had tried to explain, but Peter bolted from the scene. Dr. Strange and Deadpool had called him back, but he felt like he was literally crumbling, and the only way to stop himself from falling apart was to run. He ran right on to the closest bus. He didn’t care where it took him—he was already late for work. What did it matter if he was another hour late? They’d probably called someone in to cover for him.

Peter hugged himself and glanced around the bus. Everyone was doing their best impression of a zombie. Some read from tablets while others drowned out the sounds of the bus with headphones or earbuds.

The bus slowed to a stop. Peter didn’t want to get off, but he’d already stayed on long enough that sky had turned purple. It was time to find a cab or a new bus and go… somewhere.

Peter joined the small shuffle of people exiting the bus. He jumped off the last step and wandered a few paces before stopping. What was he going to do? He wasn’t upset that he wasn’t the superhero he was in another life (it was a bummer, but nothing to get so despondent over). It was seeing all the potential friends he had in that life and the connection with his aunt that caused him heartache. He’d known he’d lost out on so much, and to have it thrown in his face—Peter didn’t know if he was more hurt or enraged.

The smell of chili, onions, and beans wafted around Peter.

Peter sniffed and wiped at his moist eyes. His stomach growled, and he felt his anger spike. Great. On top of everything that had happened to him, now he was hungry. Take out was a no go after missing tonight’s shift at work. He’d have to go home and put together something for himself.

A blunt finger tapped Peter on the shoulder.

Peter turned around and something burrito-shaped and wrapped in foil was shoved at his face. The delicious smell of cheese, rice, and spice caused Peter’s mouth to water.

“Happy Birthday,” Deadpool said, in a far more solemn tone than before.

Peter stared at Deadpool and his offering of food.

“You like chimichangas, right? I figure I owe you for ruining your birthday.” Deadpool pushed the chimichanga against Peter’s chest, forcing Peter to take it.

Peter hugged the chimichanga. Deadpool’s presence and the chimichanga were so unexpected, he found himself bereft of his anger. All he felt was a throbbing ache in his chest. “What are you doing here?”

“I hopped on the bus. Literally.”

“Are you saying you road on top of the bus?”

“Hey, you are a smarty after all.” Humor injected itself into Deadpool’s voice.

Bitterness gnawed at Peter. “Thanks for the food.” Peter walked past Deadpool and signaled for a cab.

“Hey, Petey!” Deadpool shouted after Peter. “I really didn’t think you’d react that badly.”

Peter clenched his fist. He had plenty to say to Deadpool, but he didn’t have a death wish, no matter how depressed he was. So he bit the tip of his tongue and waited for a cab to pull up to the curb. It didn’t take long, and Peter climbed inside. He half expected Deadpool to join him, but the mercenary surprised him by not doing so.

Peter rattled off his address to the driver. The cab driver was one who liked to chat, and Peter cursed his luck. Normally, he would be happy to converse with the driver, but he just wanted to marinate it his thoughts and feelings for the duration of the ride. To avoid being rude though, Peter engaged in conversation with the driver. His sentences were short and direct without being pointed. Eventually, the driver picked up on Peter’s low energy and left Peter to soak in the silence for the remainder of the trip.

Deadpool and the bus had taken Peter quite a ways from his home. He internally winced at the amount he owed the driver once they landed at Peter’s apartment. Peter offered the driver his bank card and signed the receipt. He should have spent the extra five minutes looking up bus schedules and routes instead of storming off in a huff.

No point sulking over what could have been, Peter told himself, and felt his heart lurch.

Peter trudged into the apartment complex, up the stairs, and to his place. He stopped and stared at his door. He didn’t have his key.

Peter lightly punched the door. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

The image of Deadpool pushing into his apartment came to mind and Peter opened his eyes. In all the chaos, he might have left his front door unlocked. He hoped eighteen years of self preservation had failed him as he twisted the doorknob.

His door opened, and that tiny bit of luck filled Peter with so much hope he started tearing up again.

Peter cursed and wiped the tears away as he entered his apartment. A quick survey of the room told him his luck had really held out, because there were no signs of intrusion or theft. He put the chimichanga in the fridge; he was too emotional exhausted to eat, even if his stomach still burned with a need for nutrients. He went to the open window, shut it, and locked it. He then kicked off his shoes and flopped onto his bed.

Some birthday.

There was a knock on Peter’s window.

Peter groaned and lifted his head just enough to confirm his suspicions about who was at his window.


Deadpool knocked again and held up a bakery box.

“Go away, Deadpool,” Peter shouted. He dropped his head on his pillow.

Deadpool knocked again. “Come on, Petey. You don’t have a fire escape. I am literally standing on a ledge here.”

“Not my problem.” Peter rolled onto his side so he his back was aimed at the window.

Deadpool knocked again.

And again.


Peter looked over his shoulder to see Deadpool hanging from the ledge of the top of his window. His feet kicked at the bottom ledge as he tried to find his purchase.

Damn it. Peter couldn’t let someone fall from his window, even if that person was Deadpool.

Peter rolled over, flung himself off the bed, and opened his window.

“Thanks, Baby Boy.” Deadpool swung himself inside. He held the bakery box up to Peter and opened it. “Ta da!” A six inch chocolate cake with the words “Happy Birthday” written in red on it sat in the box. “I have a custom made one back at my pad, but that one had a spider motif. Do you hate spiders now?”

Peter shook his head incredulity. “No, I don’t. Why are you even here? I’m not Spider-Man.”

“It’s your birthday, Baby Boy!” Deadpool sounded offended. “You can’t spend your birthday alone. Even I don’t do that. I usually spend it with strippers. Would you like me to get some strippers?”

“No!” Peter blurted and snatched the cake from Deadpool. He marched over to his table-desk and set the cake down.

Peter considered his options at the moment. He could insist that Deadpool leave, but Dr. Strange had not been joking when he said Deadpool was persistent. Truthfully, Peter was also too tired to fight with Deadpool.

Peter went to his kitchen and pulled out a knife, two plates, and two forks. “So how big of a piece do you want?”

Deadpool cooed. “You’re inviting me to stay?”

Peter set the plates and utensils down on the table. “You brought the cake, right? It would be rude if I didn’t share it with you.”

“Baby boy, I could just hug you right now.” Deadpool didn’t though. Instead he made a triangle shape with his hands that was about a quarter size of the cake. “I want this much.”  

“Okay.” Peter moved to cut the slice for Deadpool, but Deadpool stopped him with a shout.

“Wait! We gotta put a candle on it first and have you blow it out.”

“I don’t have any candles.”

“Well, then, you at least have to let me sing for you.”

“You really don’t-”

Deadpool belted out Happy Birthday. His voice was cringeworthy as he sang off key. At least he wasn’t doing a Marilyn Monroe impression though.

“…You smell like a monkey, and you look like one too~” Deadpool finished.

“Can I cut the cake now?” Peter asked.

“Of course!” Deadpool clapped his hands together and bounced in place. “I can’t wait for my piece.”

Peter rolled his eyes, but smiled. He really was exhausted if after the long day he’d had Deadpool was able to make him smile.


❝ Are you ready, Omega? ❞   Part 5

Plot: Heechul ABO universe (Alpha, Beta, Omega)

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 2,2k+

Genre: Drama, Angst and SMUT!

For zhao-jie-shanghai, I hope you like it!

Parts so far: Part 1  Part 2   Part 3  Part 4


                            AWESOME POSTER MADE BY ILLI HYUNG!

‘Excuse me?’ You asked, choking on your food just a little.

‘Are you sure you are literate?’ Heechul asked, eyebrow raised.

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, ‘You have seen my qualifications, and forgive me for being shocked but it isn’t everyday when a man asks you to do something like that.’

‘Yet you are having my child.’

‘That is different.’

‘In what way? If anything, you are renting out your body for money,’ Heechul gestured to you, grabbing his wine with the other hand, ‘And I am not opposing to it because you are doing me a huge favor. But this is more of a request.’

You placed your cutlery on the table, crossing your arms and looking at him sternly, ‘So you need to have sex with me?’

‘Well not entirely just you.’ He confessed, taking a sip of his wine.

You sat across the table from the man you were having a baby with, now he was asking for your body due to some heat? At first it sounded completely deranged, but once you heard the stress and plead in Heechul’s voice, you eased up a little. From what you knew about the man before you, he was a hard worker and never took anything for granted nor did he take any shit from anyone. To be fair, the first time you both had sex, he was gentle but there wasn’t much emotions due to his rules that he set. There wasn’t much romance attached to it, but he wasn’t rough and harsh either. He knew you were a person at the end of the day.

‘And of course I will pay you extra for this.’ Heechul clarified.

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