The Sims 4 Mod: More CAS Presets (+Improved Randomization)
zerbu: “ Are you tired of the same old CAS presets? Well, this mod has you covered! It adds hundreds of new face and body presets, all extracted from premade Sims (from all packs) and Sims in the game...

FaB for creating sims and randomization.

YOU WILL love this MoD!

Adds hundreds of eye shapes, lips shapes, chins etc. to your pre-sets.  Here is less than 20% of the lips available:

These are the toddler Lips….  I can’t believe the options..

This is @xureila Gallery Toddler Cali McKinney Before and After 2 Lips Options from the Pre-sets

Note>>> In the tot above, I got these beautifully shaped eyes from a pre-set.  Fast, easy and instant.  Just love!

There are tons more for teens and adults but you guys know how much I’m into the toddlers.