Though It Burns Your Lips
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: megyal | Word Count: 7.5k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: As they work on a serial murder case, Harry and Draco begin to really see each other.

Review: This is a dark fic with difficult to swallow parts, but it is beautifully written so it’s easy to read as well, to just go along with the flow and pace the writer has set in the fic. There’s a lot for us as readers to discover in this fic about Harry and Draco, just as they discover each other.

Content/Warnings: Implied Child Abuse/Rape, Minor Character Death, Implications of Dissociative Identity Disorder

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I feel like CC fans (myself included sometimes) are using only Sara’s kiss last season as why we want to see closure with Len, but there’s another big moment commonly forgotten.

“And me and you.”

Her feelings weren’t one sided. That kiss wasn’t sympathy. Leonard confessed to actively thinking about a future with Sara. Sara needs closure as much as Mick does, but also, so does Len.

this isn’t a recent story but today I was thinking about I loved dealing with asshole customers during the national whipped cream shortage. they would ask for whip and get indignant when I had to tell them we were out due to a national shortage. they’d say things like “what are there no more cows for milk?” or something stupid like that. and I’d just look them dead in the eyes and go…

“actually there was an explosion at a nitrous oxide plant. they use nitrous oxide to propel and whip the cream out of the can. it was really very tragic. people actually died”

and just the look on their face when they realized they were being assholes was just so satisfying.

(granted…. you still had some people who made it about them being the victim but such is the nature of working in customer service)

Sitting here reading the fivethirtyeight article on how badly Repubs screwed themselves on ACA.  I need a salad to properly condescendingly laugh at this

this show ever existing is little more than a fever dream to me? did anybody actually like this show? it was so bitter and hostile and the protagonist literally never came out on top one time. ever. all of the characters were mean and antagonistic, most of the plots revolved around misunderstandings, most of the “humor” was secondhand embarrassment and iirc didn’t a recurring character legit fucking die?