Separate Lives by @lenfaz

Summary: Set after 3x20 “Kansas”. After saving the town one more time, Emma decided to return to New York, leaving her past behind. Three years later, she realizes that might be not have been the best decision.

With Arrow’s John Diggle and Lyla Michaels as the most adorably meddlesome couple, Mac and Laura

Fics that deserve to be movies [8/?] [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]
Mesa County Deputy Derek Geer to be taken off life support after being shot Monday
Deputy Derek Geer was rushed to St. Mary's Hospital Monday morning after being shot multiple times.
By Anica Padilla

You’ve all heard the arguments. “Why did the cop have to use his gun? Why didn’t he try using a taser? He had options!” This is why.

Deputy Geer responded to a report of a suspicious man with a gun, saw a man matching the description. The man ran, Geer drew his Taser, the man drew his gun. Geer found himself armed with a non-lethal weapon in a life-or-death battle and predictably lost. This is why lone officers are prohibited from using a Taser in many jurisdictions - when things turn deadly, they turn deadly faster than you can drop your taser and draw your gun. The suspect already has the drop on you, and you can’t out-draw a drawn gun.

ACAB all you want, but cops are humans who want to go home at the end of the day just as much as you want to. This is why they ignore their tasers and reach for their firearm when they don’t have backup to cover them if shit happens.

Dear Ski Jumping Family!

Dear young and not that young Ladies!

Dear enthusiasts of a new way of watching and enjoying ski jumping competitions!

Me and my beloved friend @shape-of-a-potato ​ have some precious and superb news. The new created Golden Pancake Association is looking for new honorable and noble members. Me and my dear friend and partner in crime are going to spread the love to Pancakes and Cheekbones into Tumblr. We need You girls. Association is nothing without members who enjoy it with us. Enjoy, but what, someone could ask?

According to this post: (2 links, the same post, idk which is more sutable for read to U):



there is all you need to know. But to present it much more deeper and better we would cut it and tell you the crazy story that happened one day on Tumblr:


Well, I could tell you about my current and past ski jumping crushes, heros, role-models for hours. But to be honest and short, 3 teams has always mattered, ofc Polish, Austrian and Norway, nothing original I must admit. One of my heros was probably Morgernstern. And after he ended his career, even I had kind of a break from watching ski jumping, like I didn’t watch every competition in the past season etc.

[The lights went out, show must go on, @shape-of-a-potato ​ is taking the floor]:

You know, I’ve always been a Peter Prevc fan. Firstly, because he is Slovenian, our eagle, then because he is so damn good and after all, because he has a great personality, he is kind and modest and I remember one of his very different interviews, different than the usual ones. And he told the guy, that he always thinks about the question and tries to give a good, well thought answer, not just blurting out something. That just stuck in my head. Yes, I’ve always been a Peter Prevc fan.

We both had such situation when we came back to the fandom after a break and we realized that something happened. The Norwegians happened.

@shape-of-a-potato ​:

I started following different ski jumping blogs and I’ve discovered that 3265% posts are about the Norweigan team. Okay, not so many percents, but still. Team Norway is winning Tumblr. So the more I’ve seen of Kenneth Gangnes, the more I have slowly started to like him. Damn Norweigans! And I had trouble dealing with that fact, good Lord or Odin or whatever, he’s not even my type!

@be-my-jude ​:

The only guy that I remembered from previous years was Fannemel, but Little Fairy is another story, not to tell today. When I started to discover this new-old Tumblr, I’ve discovered Kenny the Hero as well. He wasn’t as young as Tandex, Forfang etc but I didn’t remember him at all! And I do remember Norwegians. I’ve started to search the Net and I found out that he had few bad injuries, he couldn’t jump, that he spent all of his money to come back to this sport. I was reading and couldn’t believe it, the New Hero appeared. The difficult past, the amazing look, breathtaking cheekbones and gorgeous smile. Do I need more?

And then came this post, when we met. I mean I knew this creature before because of her Valentine’s cards (which are amazing, if you don’t know what am I talking about let’s check it better on the profile of this girl, xoxo, I’m talking about U @shape-of-a-potato ​) but this super long and crazy post has connected us.


Well, her first exact words were: »but tell me how is it even possible not to like Kenny the Hero?« and I tried to explain, but then she kindly told me that once you discover that an average pancake isn’t just an average pancake to you anymore, there’s no way back. After long talks and posts, we’ve discovered that this particular pancake, Kenneth Gangnes, is so special, one of a kind, that he became the Golden Pancake. And that’s how we decided to create a very special, the Golden Pancake Association.

We are the co-founders and dirty-minded partners in crime. We’ve also come up with a few rules how to become a member for all the fellow fangirls, who appreciate this Golden Pancake of ours. Not that he is only the Golden Pancake, his other nickname is Cheekbones. So if you have the same obsession problems and you’re dirty minded and you’d like to become a member, you have to follow these rules:

  1. Sharing is caring. (we are all sharing Kenneth Gangnes)
  2. Sharing is eating. (unfortunately, we can’t really eat him, but we eat pancakes)
  3. »Drop it like it’s hot« cannot be used here, because never, ever, you drop a pancake.
  4. To honour the Golden Pancake eat your homemade pancakes in front of TV or computer during weekly celebration of the cheekbones.
  5. Drinks that are allowed during the competitions: coffee, hot chocolate, tea, mulled wine, etc…alcohol only when celebrating! and NO COLD drinks
  6. Sweets. Eat as many sweets as you want and can.
  7. Be dressed comfy. Either you’re in pajamas or naked, it doesn’t matter. Unless you’re watching it with your family.
  8. If you ever post anything about Kenneth Gangnes a.k.a. the Golden Pancake a.k.a. Cheekbones, ALWAYS use these hashtags - #golden pancake, #Golden Pancake Association, #cheekbones.
  9. @prevctrinity rules:  When kenny is jumping turn the volume on your tv right up (not all the way but u get what i mean - we don’t want neighbors to riot or your parents to become deaf). You have to mentally become a superhero when kenny is jumping as well (y’know do the superman fist thingy).
  10. @aliniiii rule: Like and share all posts of  and about this golden Pancake, so all the members of this association always get the actual news and pictures to share it even more (using the above mentioned hashtags for sure).
  11. Make a new rule!

And each girl gets this special golden card as a sign of our Association [prepared specially for U by the amazing @shape-of-a-potato ​]:

This is it, the new noble Association who needs YOU. We offer our help in sharing, eating and other stuff, we make fun and jokes, text in mysterious way. If our sense of humour doesn’t go with you, better leave it just like that and be happy that you’re not so fucked up like we are. But if you were laughing or smiling during reading this shit, I think we need Ya here. So come on, add a new rule, use your imagination and join the Association. First come, first served. For first top rules and applies we have reserved some roles in our Association. Don’t make us wait, You dirty-minded creature. Pancakes are all you need in your life, Cheekbones for president! Pancakes gonna pan and fairies gonna fair!

Technical stuff:

{This post contains a lot of auto-irony and is also a kind of joke. Real joke. We have created it for fun and we want to make this shit happen. We don’t want to insult anyone but if you feel insulted… meh Idk what are u doing even on Tumblr. Me and @shape-of-a-potato ​  are real partners in crime. Be prepared to see much lulz stuff in the next few weeks. This cooperation won’t end. Never. And the Association is going to be developed by us, it’s even supposed to go into other social media if it works. See you here or there.}

The noble co-funders of the new Association:



PS: As I said, all the graphics belong to amazing @shape-of-a-potato

Normal Sidelean: Midorima. Sideways slant courtesy of trying to get away from Takao.

Selfish Prick: Aomine. C’mon you know he’s the type of guy to toe off his shoes and then put his sweaty socked feet up on the loveseat.

Comfy Sidelean: Momoi. Also Kuroko, if any of the following apply: fluffy dog, good book, warm seatmate.

Ian You Prick: Murasakibara. Except no matter how hard he tries, some part of him always sticks at least six inches over any of the various edges.

That’s better: Kagami, Kasamatsu, most sane people. 

Ian You Fucking Dick: Akashi. Because Akashi has to make sure everyone knows whose sofa this is on general principle. Even if it is most definitely not his sofa.

Linda NO: Haizaki. Also Aomine, before Momoi bruised his shins kicking his legs closed on the subway because Dai-chan your crotch does not need two seats urgh. 

Ian Sit on the Fucking Sofa: Himuro. Ikemen don’t sit like normal people. Also the sofa kind of disappeared under Murasakibara somewhere.

LINDA WHAT THE FUCK: Kuroko, when people forget to make room for him. **

IAN: Takao. It makes Shin-chan confused and distressed~~

Ian Have You Ever Been on a Fucking Sofa: Mayuzumi. Because a) Akashi and b) everyone knows that the cool badass characters in anime always stand/sit apart and facing away from everyone else and nothing will ever convince me that Mayuzumi hasn’t cast himself in just that role in his own personal dramatization of his life.

Linda, I Believed in You: Kise. Always, always Kise.

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Imagine kagami is like making dinner and he has some music playing and dinner just gets done but he is dancing to the music a little and aomine comes in from taking a shower or something and sees kagami and he pulls him over and they start dancing together. Idk I imagined it and it was really great so you should imagine it to cuz it’s really cute and also I’m in hell thanks.

If the man (or woman) in your life can’t or won’t support your dreams (going to school, being a dog trainer, whatever), push you to be a better person, or be there for you when you’re at your lowest point (illness, injury, you name it), then they are not the person for you. Wait for the person who won’t make you choose between them (and what they want) and what you want (or need) to do in life. Your life partner should be your biggest cheerleader and your softest shoulder, don’t settle for less.

anonymous asked:

imagine grantaire getting sober but not actually telling anyone its just like they all notice eventually and ofc enj is the last to notice and when he does he gets RLY EEXCITED and he throws a party thank u good bye

omG i LOVE that 
They’re having a really bad evening and a shitty fight, R is being really grumpy and Enj is being short-tempered and impatient with him and R says something stupid and antagonistic and Enj rolls his eyes like “someone’s pissy, when was your last *drink* R,” and R getting all quiet and irritated and going “3 months ago…” 

and Enj just 

feels like such a huge gigantic asshole 

like he’s just been hit in the chest with a brick and doesn’t know how to overcome his pride to apologize and be proud of Grantaire, so he just throws him a party to make up for it

my first oc was rly cool tbh she was like a mercenary n like she always had her face mask up bc she didnt want anyone to see her n her makeup was on fleek 24/7 n had a lot of friens despite them knowing her original job also she was gay n had a snake