Mesa County Deputy Derek Geer to be taken off life support after being shot Monday
Deputy Derek Geer was rushed to St. Mary's Hospital Monday morning after being shot multiple times.
By Anica Padilla

You’ve all heard the arguments. “Why did the cop have to use his gun? Why didn’t he try using a taser? He had options!” This is why.

Deputy Geer responded to a report of a suspicious man with a gun, saw a man matching the description. The man ran, Geer drew his Taser, the man drew his gun. Geer found himself armed with a non-lethal weapon in a life-or-death battle and predictably lost. This is why lone officers are prohibited from using a Taser in many jurisdictions - when things turn deadly, they turn deadly faster than you can drop your taser and draw your gun. The suspect already has the drop on you, and you can’t out-draw a drawn gun.

ACAB all you want, but cops are humans who want to go home at the end of the day just as much as you want to. This is why they ignore their tasers and reach for their firearm when they don’t have backup to cover them if shit happens.

anonymous asked:

Okay I've been talking to this girl that I REALLY like online for a while now, and I told her I was a girl (I am a transgender girl) and I want to tell her that I am transgender because I like and trust her and I feel like she should know but I'm too shy to do it because I really like her and don't want to mess things up you know? Do you have any tips on how I should do this? I really want to I've just been too shy to. ~Chloe

Emery says:

First of all: omg this is adorable Chloe you are my fav baby lesbian (or baby queer woman if you don’t identify as a lesbian) i love it i love girls who love girls I’m sorry I’m emotional okay anyway moving on

If you’re mostly talking online, it often makes it easier to bring up subjects like this. You can say, “Hey, can we talk about something serious for a second?” or “There’s something I want to tell you” if you want to make it a very intentional, serious conversation. You can also casually say, “oh btw i’m trans!” if you’d rather it be more lighthearted and offhanded. 

Another way to slip it in more seamlessly is to connect it to something you’re already talking about. For example, if you’re talking about getting names mispronounced at school, “yeah, when I went by my birth name…” Or if you’re talking about television shows you like, “it’s cool that Orange is the New Black has a trans woman character like me.” 

Good luck Chloe!!