Missing the partners and their week of terror

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The Partner prompt: Their friends give them a wedding gift.

Dear anon, thank you for the prompt! Also, according to AO3, it has been exactly four months since I last updated this. Sorry!

Edit: I forgot to mention that the thumb biting happened to me when Mr. Slug thought the cake had some chewy bits in it. ;)

The drive back into town was enough to shatter Belle’s nerves completely. The snow was melting and the back roads had turned into a bumpy, dangerous mush that threatened to slurp the tires right off her tiny car and jostled Nick’s leg until he was white-lipped and tense beside her, but she was too scared of sinking into the muck to try to turn around. She felt that she had to move forwards and at speed to keep from getting irrevocably stuck for the next week and a half.

She didn’t even want to think of the drive back to the cabin when they had finished their business in town. It would be dark by the time they reached the turn off. Maybe they could get a room at Granny’s. Except there wasn’t anything on the ground floor. She glanced at her husband, her forehead creased in what felt like a permanent frown.

“I’m sorry,” she said for the tenth time, her hands keeping a death grip on the wheel as she navigated another muddy hole in the gravel. “I’m so sorry.”

“‘T’s okay just keep going,” Nick gritted out, his face red and beaded with sweat.

But it wasn’t okay. Not by a long shot and if they didn’t have PT appointments to keep or Nick’s first visit to Dr. Hopper to go to and another check in with Dr. Whale and Zoso needed more food and, if they had time, they would swing by the library to pick up the rest of their things, Belle wouldn’t even have bothered to get out of bed. Bed was cozy and comfortable and it smelled of Nick and of herself all mixed together in a heady perfume and it was the place where she was happiest so far in their marriage. It was their safe spot, where nothing outside their tiny family was allowed to invade. All talk about the accident and their homelessness and joblessness were banned once they crossed the bedroom door. The closest thing that came to it was when they spoke of what they would like for their future — usually after the lights were turned off and the blanket was draped over their heads. Their own little tent in their own little world where they could let their hands wander in exploration and kiss each other — finally, actually kiss like she’d fantasized about for years… why would they ever want to leave that?

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Awakening Partner Quest
Duration: 9/1 (Thu) 10:00 ~

Chance to get the Awakening Partners 5☆ Seres and 4☆ Bienfu from their respective event quests! Seres can be used to Awaken the just-announced Velvet, and Bienfu can be used to awaken the just-announced Laphicet and Magilou.

Each character has their own quest only available during certain timeslots, and after defeating them as a boss there is a chance that they will drop.

※ Even after you use them as an Awakening Partner, you can acquire them again through the quests.

Our post on how to awaken characters is here, and here is how to check the quest schedule.

I hate Corey. I have hated him from Day 1. And now, after Nicole has carried his ass all this time he’s going to publicly shit on her, and cause her future embarrassment and hurt with his comments? Fuck him.

I never thought he was going to be with Nicole outside of the house, and honestly that’s a blessing for her, but I can’t believe he’s putting her on blast like that… and to Victor? Is Corey so dumb that he hasn’t figured out that Victor has a crush on Nicole? That he goes out of his way to constantly be touching her, hugging her, hanging out with her. I get that Corey legit doesn’t give a shit about what Nicole does in real life, but I can’t believe he’s so dumb that he doesn’t realize Vic can use this against.

Praying Victor tells Paul about Corey shitting on Nicole so openly, so Paul can use it against Corey to get him out, and still keep Nicole in that alliance. It is good game for Paul and Victor to break the bond with Corey, and on a personal note it would be really nice if Victor attempted to let Nicole know. I mean he’s already low key making shady comments so Nicole will see how Corey reacts. It’s a game so he owes Nicole nothing, but I don’t think Victor is the type of guy to do what Corey is doing. He cut it off with Natalie and was blunt and honest. He’s said he would do that in real life as well. Corey is a fucking useless asshole.

so i’m absolutely desperate for a 1x1 plot based on aria and ezra’s relationship in pll ( minus the whole A drama ) bc i’m dying for that whole first meeting in the bar and hitting it off, literally feeling like they’ve never met anyone so perfect for them before and then showing up to class and seeing one another across opposite sides of the desk and being all ….. hell no and all the complications that come with student / teacher romances and sneaking around and having to stop themselves but not rlly wanting to and just gimme.
BONUS POINTS if we use ian harding and lucy hale !!

@flannelandchill from the Mun play!

             ✒~ ❝ I can’t say that I am aware of it’s subcultures, but Soos and Wendy had begun to introduce me to it… However in my opinion McGucket would be much more interested in it.