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Little known fact “I am a sucker for a decent gimmick”. Most times I’m disappointed but on a few rare occasions (fondly gazing at my Sig Sauer p229 LEGION) it’s worth the price. This of course explains why today Mr UPS left a package from MidwayUSA on my porch. Inside said box was a box of ‘Jesse James Black Label Ammunition 9mm 124gr JHP’. No need to reread it I did say Jesse James which is the same Jesse James that used to make kickass motorcycles and hosted Monster Garage. Turns out Jesse loves firearms, so much that he moved out of the Socialist Republic of California and to Texas where he has started making custom 1911’s & rifles plus some weird football looking suppressor thing (check out @jjfu Jesse James Firearms Unlimited to see some amazing custom work). Well Jesse has decided to enter the world of ammo manufacturing and partnering with Ammo-inc have introduced 2 lines of pistol & rifle rounds.

The Black Label Ammo comes in a fancy looking box, with as you can probably guess black ammo. It’s not actually black but more of a dark gunmetal color. It is a plated brass case that has a headstamp of Jesse James 9mm Luger. The bullet is a 124gr jacketed hollow point, I’d read somewhere people thought it was a standard Hornady XTP round but comparing the two it isn’t. Not sure who made the bullet but I’ll keep my eye out for a match. It has 3.8gr of powder and according to the ballistic specs of 1017fps if it isn’t a proprietary blend I’d guess it’s Universal. The round definitely looks ‘cool’ and I’m looking forward to playing around with it (testing). To answer the inevitable question “no this will not be my carry ammo” it’s just something to try and talk about.

I’ll try and post a follow up after testing with thoughts and chrono data in the near future.
The ammo it is pictured next to is a Sig Sauer 124gr jhp

Would Not or Do Not Prt 1

Request ~  Hi! Can I request some good old jealous Wilford and Dark?

This is what happens when you give me a very vague idea for a request, it turns into a monster that needs more than one part. Hope you don’t mind too much Anon Requester. I just really wanted to get something out to all of you.
Love to my editor @tenaciouslovechopshop <3

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[ KBTBB Co-Writing Fic ] Hate At First Sight ❤ At Last Glance Part 2

Fandom: Kissed By The Baddest Bidder
Rated: Drama, mystery, thriller, romance
KBTBB OC: Ryoko Inui / Kyoko Nakama
Main Interest: Soryu Oh
Summary: A mysterious woman with impressive skills is hired under Soryu’s care, but is she all that she seems?
A/N: Leave Ryosuke alone! He’s just a puppy. Also I’m so glad @hotcocosharing​ was willing to write another fic with me~ always a honour and pleasure. You can find PART 1 <– here :)
Warnings: Soryu is cute
Word Count: 1354 words


Soryu Oh’s POV

“That’s impossible.”

Eisuke’s going off about how the security system in the hotel casino has malfunctioned but I find it hard to believe that the impregnable program, we’ve carefully installed, just ‘malfunctioned’.

“Fine, I’ll be there in 10 minutes,” I guess I can indulge in his little burst of frustration once in a while.

It’s not everyday you see Eisuke getting worked up like this so I wont be missing this. Heh, seeing 'The Great Eisuke Ichinomiya’ lose his composure is entertainment enough for me.

“Make it 5!” He spits with irritation. Impatient as ever.

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thatonepersonwithaface  asked:

Since I've seen implications of what jin will look like (mr. 60cm shoulders), I propose this concept: Leg & Son's pants clothing Co. partnered with Broad Shirts Inc.; a shirts company

THE BEST COMPANY everything specifically tailored for each individual’s needs

Ribbon Chapel overlooks a panoramic view of the Inland Sea of Japan, located in the gardens of Bella Vista Sakaigahama, a resort hotel in Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan.  The wedding chapel is designed by  Hiroshi Nakamura, of NAP Architects 2013

photos: koji fuji / nacasa & partners inc.

When in doubt

Your heart races double-time. Your eyes widen. You’re lost in a Class IV rapid of doubt. It’s the “add to cart” moment. Shopping online can be overwhelming and you could use some expert advice to guide you. Like when you need to know if a mountaineer grade sleeping bag is necessary for a June music festival. Or if a water-resistant jacket is more practical for Yosemite than a waterproof one. That’s why IBM Watson has partnered with Fluid, Inc. Together they are learning to understand product and review data to help online retailers like The North Face pair in-stock inventory with what’s in store for your upcoming adventures. Just take a deep breath, and proceed to checkout.

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If several hundred Economist’s and Economic Experts disagree with you that would make you the Economic Illiterate, wouldn’t it? 

  1. Robert Reich, University of California Berkeley 
  2. Robert Hockett, Cornell University 
  3. James K. Galbraith, University of Texas 
  4. Dean Baker, Center for Economic and Policy Research 
  5. Christine Desan, Harvard Law School 
  6. Jeff Connaughton, Former Chief of Staff, Senator Ted Kaufman 
  7. William Darity Jr., Duke University 
  8. Eileen Appelbaum, Center for Economic and Policy Research 
  9. Brad Miller, Former U.S. Congressman and Senior Fellow, Roosevelt Institute 
  10. William K. Black, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  11. Lawrence Rufrano, Research, Federal Reserve Board, 2005-2015 
  12. Darrick Hamilton, New School for Social Research 
  13. Peter Eaton, University of Missouri-Kansas City 
  14. Eric Hake, Catawba College 
  15. Geoff Schneider, Bucknell University 
  16. Dell Champlin, Oregon State University 
  17. Antoine Godin, Kingston University, London, UK 
  18. John P. Watkins, Westminster College 
  19. Mayo C. Toruño, California State University, San Bernardino 
  20. Charles K. Wilber, Fellow, Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame 
  21. Fadhel Kaboub, Denison University 
  22. Flavia Dantas, Cortland State University 
  23. Mitchell Green, Binzgar Institute 
  24. Bruce Collier, Education Management Information Systems 
  25. Winston H. Griffith, Bucknell University 
  26. Zdravka Todorova, Wright State University 
  27. David Barkin, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco 
  28. Rick Wicks, Göteborg, Sverige (Sweden) & Anchorage, Alaska 
  29. Philip Arestis, University of Cambridge 
  30. Amitava Krishna Dutt, University of Notre Dame 
  31. John F. Henry, Levy Economics Institute 
  32. James G. Devine, Loyola Marymount University 
  33. John Davis, Marquette University 
  34. Gary Mongiovi, St. John’s University 
  35. Eric Tymoigne, Lewis & Clark College 
  36. Trevor Roycroft, Ohio University 
  37. James Sturgeon, University of Missouri-Kansas City 
  38. Spencer J. Pack, Connecticut College 
  39. Thomas Kemp, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire 
  40. Ronnie Phillips, Colorado State University 
  41. John Dennis Chasse, SUNY at Brockport 
  42.  Pavlina R. Tcherneva, Bard College 
  43. Silvio Guaita, Institution, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) 
  44. Glen Atkinson, University of Nevada, Reno 
  45. William Van Lear, Belmont Abbey College 
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  47. Philip Pilkington, Political Economy Research Group, Kingston University
  48. Eric Hoyt, PhD candidate, UMass-Amherst
  49. Jon D. Wisman, American University
  50. James K. Boyce, University of Massachusetts Amherst 
  51. Hendrik Van den Berg, Professor Emeritus, Universities of Nebraska 
  52. Thomas E. Lambert, Northern Kentucky University
  53. Michael Nuwer, SUNY Potsdam
  54. Nikka Lemons, The University of Texas-Arlington 
  55. Scott T. Fullwiler, Wartburg College
  56. Charles M A. Clark, St. John’s University
  57. John T. Harvey, Texas Christian University
  58. Daphne Greenwood, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
  59. Gerald Epstein, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  60. Mohammad Moeini-Feizabadi, PhD candidate, University of Massachusetts
  61. Rebecca Todd Peters, Elon University
  62.  Andres F. Cantillo, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  63. Michael Meeropol, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Western New England University 
  64. Robert H. Scott III, Monmouth University
  65. Timothy A Wunder, Department of Economics University of TexasArlington
  66. Mariano Torras, Adelphi University
  67. Gennaro Zezza, Levy Economics Institute
  68. Wolfram Elsner, University of Bremen
  69. Larry Allen, Lamar University
  70. John Miller, Wheaton College
  71. Chris Tilly, UCLA
  72. Sean Flaherty, Franklin and Marshall College
  73. Clifford Poirot, Shawnee State University
  74. Anita Dancs, Western New England University
  75. Calvin Mudzingiri, University of the Free State
  76. Roger Even Bove, West Chester University
  77. Andrea Armeni, Transform Finance
  78. Anwar Shaikh, New School for Social Research 
  79. Steven Pressman, Colorado State University
  80. Frank Pasquale, University of Maryland, Carey School of Law 
  81. John Weeks, SOAS, University of London 
  82. Matías Vernengo, Bucknell University 
  83.  Thomas Masterson, Levy Economics Institute 
  84.  Antonio Callari, Franklin and Marshall College 
  85. Avraham Baranes, Rollins College 
  86.  Janet Spitz, the College of Saint Rose 
  87.  Nancy Folbre, University of Massachusetts Amherst
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  90. Yavuz Yaşar, University of Denver 
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  167. Susan Webber, Former Associate at Goldman, Sachs & Co.
  168. Richard D. Wolff, Democracy at Work and New School for Social Research 
  169. Mu-JeongKho, University College London 
  170.  Kevin Furey, Chemeketa Community College
  171. Randy Albelda, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Boston
  172. Lluis Rodriguez Algans, CNT Trade Union
  173. Peter Arno, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts-Amherst and Lehman College, City University of New York
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  179. David Barkin, Ph.D., Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco
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  182. Peter H. Bent, University of Massachusetts-Amherst and University of Oxford
  183. Cyrus Bina, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
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Miraikan (Jap. “future museum”) Sign Program
Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Materials: sign panels made of translucent laminated glass, rear illuminated and treated with dotted glass grains.
Hiromura Design Office Inc. (est. 1987). Design Solutions.Kisho Kurakawa (1934–2007). Architecture. Tokyo, Japan.
Image © Nacasa and Partners Inc.

Sign Program innovations include “alphanumeric identification codes and pictograms [… and …] a new typographic monospace font with rounded terminals based on the sans-serif/humanist typeface of (Adrian) Frutiger” (Graphic Design & Archit., A 20th century History, pp. 232-3; Frutiger, A., p.172. 1976.).