partners in love and science

I think Jaal has nightmares of seeing his family be exalted.

How could he not? After seeing that, watching it happen, his dreams keep on putting his family in that stranger’s place. In one the Moshae is turned because they were too late, they were always too late. In another it is one of his mothers, as he opens the door to his childhood home to watch her turning into something else before his eyes. In a third, he finds his siblings in a facility, snarling back at him, and he can’t lift his gun, he can’t.

He tells Lexi about them: there’s no shame in nightmares for him. And she helps him out the best she can but the nightmares do show up every once and awhile. Not as much as they used to, but enough for him to be awake some nights fiddling with tech as a means to keep busy.

(He finds Ryder awake at that hour too. Unlike Jaal, Ryder is not so open to discuss what terrors they see in their dreams. Jaal isn’t going to push. But when they want to tell him, he’ll listen)

Time passes. The Tempest becomes a home of sorts, free from the legacy of his family’s achievements. PeeBee and him discuss their various projects. Vetra is always willing to talk about the trials of little siblings. Cora is delighted at someone being awed by her biotics instead of afraid. Liam and him share movie after movie. Drack tells him stories of the Milky Way and Jaal tries to fit those stories with the people he knows now. The bridge crew talks to him, and proves excellent conversation partners, from Suvi’s interest in science, Kaello on what he loves about flying around, Gil about their respective tinkering.

And Ryder, well Ryder is family. Jaal made them as such when he invited them home. Alien or not.

He goes to bed one night and sleeps. The nightmares return. But this time, as he enters the facility his family is not transforming before his eyes. It’s the Tempest crew. And at the center of it, reaching out before they change them into something else, is Ryder.

There are different types of families. Jaal fears for both of his. 

MBTI Physics Adventures: ENFJ INTP INFP lab partners

Last year, I had the pleasure of being the judger of this amazing physics trio. We always ended up having the most spirited discussions (rarely about physics but whatever). 

(guest starring an INTP physics teacher)


INTP Teacher: Go forth and do work.

INTP: So. I’m just going to tell you that I didn’t do the reading last night.

INFP: You didn’t do the reading? 

INTP: It’s ok. I’m going to end up explaining everything to both of you anyway.

INFP: I’m trying really hard at this, but I still don’t completely get it in the same way you do. But I’m okay with that because I’m a self-actualized and kind hearted person. :)

ENFJ: I’m just going to sit here in awe of the fact that INTP can do calculations in his head faster than I can type them into the calculator. 

INTP: -tells a physics pun-

ENFJ: -swoon-

INFP:… so back to work then?

Free Time

ENFJ: Well now that we’ve finished early because of INTP, why don’t we talk about mbti!!! -over enthusiastic crackhead smile-

INFP: Hm. It says here that I tend to put my significant others on a pedestal. I will work on this in my quest for self-betterment!

ENFJ: You’re such a good person. -ISFJ girlfriend- is so lucky.

INFP: What does your profile say, INTP?

INTP: That my extreme intelligence coupled with my inferior Fe would make me a great sociopath!

INFP: … what site are you even looking at?

ENFJ: Don’t let typology put you in a box. :(

INTP: Oh don’t worry. It was a compliment. 

F/T Interests

INFP: You know I’ve noticed that -writing writing writing writing-

ENFJ: I know right! I really like -author-’s style because -writing writing writing writing-

INFP: -english analysis-

ENFJ: -philosophy!-

INFP: That reminds me of -book, writing, writing, analysis, writing-

ENFJ: Ooh! -creative process, writing writing-

INFP: -high brow language, writing-


ENFJ: … okay! :D

On Introversion…

ENFJ: So you’re both introverts.

INFP: When I was younger, I used to be so tired by people that I would have to retreat into my room and read every time I interacted with someone.

ENFJ: When I was younger, I used to talk to adults at the parties my parents brought me to instead of the kids because it was easier.

INTP: When I was younger, I used to go into my room, shut the door, and do math problems for fun. Except I still do that. :D

Those Chatty, Chatty INxPs

INTP Teacher: My, aren’t you all chatty. 

INFP: Said no one else ever.

INTP Teacher: It doesn’t really have to do with our lesson, but I’m going to talk about the physics of supernovas becuase they’re cool.

ENFJ: Are you an INTP?

INTP Teacher: Yes, actually.

ENFJ: CRUSHED IT. Self five!

INTP Teacher: …


INTP………. did I ever tell you about the time I was Schrodinger for Halloween?

ENFJ: -swoon-

INFP: …you really need to get that under control.

I forgot to post this with the whole age debacle, but I really didn’t change anything, haha. Here’s my spill about all of them.

OTPs/Love Them:

Shiro/Keith: pretty obvious there’s something between the two, and they have a history together. I really would have liked to see some kind of flashback centering around them in Season 1, but it seems like Season 2 will dive into the specifics of their relationship (…hopefully, honestly the relationship writing in this show is pretty shoddy at times). I also like all the touching between them, I’m really into ships that unabashedly touch each other. There’s a mutual trust and respect immediately that you unfortunately don’t see in the majority of popular slash ships.

Lance/Hunk: I’m always (always) a sucker for best friends into something more. Hunk and Lance also seem to understand one another in ways the other Paladins do not, and again, there seems to be a lot of trust in their relationship. Also they’re blue + yellow and that’s UCLA/beach colors, and that’s beautiful. Plus, they’re gonna start Season 2 together, and I can’t wait to see some glorious shipping fodder.

Lance/Allura: I’m in the minority, but I love Lance’s crush on Allura. It’s not super present, but the scene in Episode 10 really sold me on the ship. Lance’s giddiness over Allura’s “confession” that he was attractive made me laugh. I can definitely see the two working well together as Lance grows and matures. He’s outgoing, vibrant personality would bring back some of the energy Allura’s probably been missing for some time.

Allura/Hunk: I really like the idea of them together! Allura said that the yellow lion took “compassion” and “heart” to drive, and I feel like those are traits she really admires in a person, partly because she always has to be so calculated about their next plan of attack, not necessarily taking in the Paladins’ well-being into consideration.


Shiro/Lance: I really liked Lance’s hero-worship of Shiro in the first episode, but unfortunately that potential relationship dynamic was immediately dropped. I really would like to know what made Shiro Lance’s hero, and his feelings being a Paladin alongside him.

Shiro/Hunk: They have such great moments together in the first season, and Shiro played a big part with Hunk’s character development. They definitely built up their trust and respect for one another, and I hope they get more scenes together.

Shiro/Allura: pretty classy ship. Paladin Leader + Princess. I liked Episode 11’s focus on them, and the fact that Shiro was so hellbent on rescuing her the very next episode. Hopefully, more development will arise after those episodes.

Pidge/Allura: a space wlw couple would be fantastic, but if Pidge really is 14, probably best if they got together post-series, when Pidge is around 19/20 or so. I also like how there’s a few parallels between the two.

Pidge/Hunk: I think they’re cute science partners. And I love all the art of Hunk pitching Pidge on his shoulders!

Keith/Pidge: I shipped before I even saw the show. I just noticed they were Christmas colors and was like “ahh, yess. Would be great if that was a thing.” They do have a nice moment in episode 5 that made me squeal. Again though, probably best if they got together post-series.

Shiro&Pidge: Their arc together was very supportive, and I’m glad they have this sort of familial/sibling relationship. I think Pidge sees Shiro as some sort of surrogate brother, and he gives her hope that if Shiro came back, so can her father and brother.


Keith/Lance: it’s boring, standard “two skinny teenage boys hate/are frustrated with one another/barely tolerate each other” that’s typical of male-dominated shows. Lance and Keith are also the least developed characters from Season 1, and their scenes together hardly have substance besides providing humor for the show. I really can’t understand why it’s so popular, or why people believe it’s a source of queerbaiting. The original Keith/Lance ship was much easier to ship, primarily because they started out as friends, and although Lance questioned Keith’s leadership abilities at times, he still respected and trusted him greatly. Here, there’s hardly anything reminiscent of that, and each have healthier slash options anyway. (also…who decided to name them “klance?” like you understand the world “klan” has only ever been used in relation to, you know, the ku klux klan???)


“were you guys… best friends or were you…?”

How To Make The Signs Fall For You

♈Aries: Confidence. Don’t be afraid to say no to them; this only turns them on further. Show them that you’re a difficult prize to be won, and they’ll come running after you.

♉Taurus: Make them comfortable. Give them the feeling that they are in control of the situation and be sure to show the ability to commit long-term.

♊Gemini: Keep their mind running constantly. Talk to Gemini about intellectual topics and have friendly debates. Bonus points if you enlighten them to a new way of thinking.

♋Cancer: Show them how much they matter. Be nurturing to them and show them that their emotions matter. They long to be cared for more than anything else.

♌Leo: Give them gifts. Show that you’ve been listening by buying Leo that book they said they’d been wanting. They love to know that you care enough to listen and keep mental notes on them.

♍Virgo: Woo them with intelligence. The biggest turn on for Virgo is a partner that can match them in mind power. They love to talk about science, philosophy, and other topics that show an elevated level of thinking.

♎Libra: Be there for them. Be someone that they can confide their deepest secrets to: someone they can trust with anything. A long, embracing hug when Libra is upset will trigger their Venus influence and make them need you in their lives.

♏Scorpio: Show that you understand them. They often feel that they are left out by others because of their unique outlooks on life, which can leave them cynical and bitter about the world. Let them explain themselves and let them know they’re not all alone in their own minds.

♐Sagittarius: Think outside the box. Sagittarius is possibly the most philosophical and uniquely-thinking signs of the zodiac. Discuss abstract topics and show a deep understanding of said ideas to really reel in this sign.

♑Capricorn: Help them let their mind at ease. Capricorn is a very hard worker, and as a result, will probably be very stressed out. Help them check off things on their to do list and give them a chance to relax, especially in your presence.

♒Aquarius: Think things through. Aquarius wants to see that you can break things down logically to understand them rather than charging headfirst into unfamiliar situations. They want someone who takes time to process each move like a game of chess.

♓Pisces: Prove your loyalty, as a friend or otherwise. Pisces is very insecure about losing people they love, so they might be afraid to let you close. Show that you’ll always be around, especially through the bad, and you’ll have Pisces’ heart.

smother me - the used
for the past five years of my life, i have known an incredible, amazing girl. from the moment i met her all those years ago on facebook, she has been my everything. she’s been the person i wake up to, the person i fall asleep with, the person i go to when i’m upset, the person that cheers me up, the person that i call my best friend. i have had the biggest crush on her since meeting her. and not long after, i fell in love with her. i fell completely and utterly in love with this incredible girl. back in 2012, she asked me what song made me think of her. jokingly, i said something like “the bitch song” by bowling for soup, and “she likes” by forever the sickest kids. but with jokes aside, i told her that the song that always made me think of her was “smother me” by the used, “quiet” by lights, and “in the dark i see” also by lights. and even though we weren’t in a relationship, our entire friendship had felt like we were together. it felt as though we were soul mates, meant to be. looking back on it now, we basically were together. sure, we had boyfriends a few times and we’d see people and such, but we truly were together. i was the one she spent most of her time with. i was the one she came to with everything. i was the only one she ever opened up to and spoke about her feelings to. i was the one that she counted on and trusted most. and the same goes for me. she was the only person, and still is, that i’ve ever trusted and everything of the sort. on september 26th, 2013, i asked her to be my girlfriend. of course, she said yes right away with no hesitation, and i was the happiest boy in the world. in november of 2013, i asked her to marry me. again, she said yes. some may say i’m far too young to be engaged, but it isn’t really anybody’s place to say whether i am or not. i am completely, 1000% in love with this amazing woman. we have had our differences. we’ve argued. we’ve gone weeks without speaking. we’ve had little fights. we’ve had disagreements. everyone has. but we’ve had more good times than bad. we’ve laughed. we’ve had heart to heart conversations. we’ve played games together. we’ve hung out. we’ve had a good time. we’ve lip synced together to stupid hannah montana songs at 3 in the morning. we’ve agreed on mostly everything. we’ve made each other happier than we’ve ever been, and we’ve saved each others lives. if it weren’t for her, i honestly do not know what i would do, and i know that i wouldn’t be alive without her. she came in to my life when i was at my lowest point. she distracted me from everything going on. she made me feel happy, cared about, loved, and wanted when nobody else did, not even my own family. she made me feel good about myself. she still does. and continues to do so every single day. she is the light of my life. she’s my girlfriend. my fiancee. my love. my life. my partner in science and in crime. she’s my future wife. and i couldn’t think of a better person to be with. she is the most intelligent, caring, wise, sweetest, cutest, most beautiful woman in the world. she is perfection to me. in my eyes, she is nothing less than a goddess. she is the most incredible person i’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. the past year+ that i’ve been with her has been the best i’ve ever had. she makes me feel wanted. she makes me feel loved. she makes me feel cared for. she makes me genuinely happy. she makes me feel like the man i know i’m supposed to be. she makes me feel like myself. she brings out the absolute best in me. she’s so open minded, too. she’s done nothing but support me and love me through finding myself the entire time. she’s encouraged me to be myself and become who i know i’m supposed to be. she’s pushed me in the right direction, given me great advice, and she’s helped me with beginning to transition. she’s done so much for me. she’s, without a doubt, the best person i could’ve ever asked to meet. she’s my person. i fucking love her. with everything that i am. with ever fiber of my being. with ever inch of my heart and soul. i love her. i’m in love with her. words cannot even begin to describe how i feel about her. she’s just. so amazing. 
so with that being said, this is a song that pretty accurately describes how i feel about her.
i sincerely do feel as though i’ve found my place in the world, since i’ve found her. she makes me feel like i’m not alone, that i never have to do things on my own ever again. i feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. i feel free. i feel happy. i feel myself.
i’m just repeating myself at this point, i think. it’s always been difficult for me to put my feelings into words, but i’ve been trying. with such an intense feeling like this, it’s very, very hard to vocalize it.
i just want her to know how much i love her and care for her. though i’m sure she does know, because i try to show her every single day. i try to make her feel like the beautiful princess she is.
i just hope that this makes her smile, even for a second.
i love you, fawn. <3

anonymous asked:

Hey :) What do you think about Art & Science as "partners"? My teacher teaches chemistry and loves science but always drops a comment on how art is not "useful bc you can't do nothing with it" and "won't let you go far". I try to ignore it since I really like being curious but I also like creativity. However, he is not the only one saying that. :/ Although, let's be real da Vinci is the perfect example for the fusion between the two. What do you think as a physics pro?

Tell your chemistry teacher and people sho think like that to go suck a bag of dicks. As a person of science i spent my whole life drawing and making music. Some of my paintings were in an exhibition. God damn Einstein was a Violinist. Science might be good for the brain but art is good for the soul.

Flashvibe Week Day 6: Crossover Day

The Flash X Steven Universe

“I’m telling you we totally need to fuse, its an emergency!”

“Cisco, doing a Gravity Falls marathon is not an emergency.”

“Sure it is! Being Carnelian will make it so much better!”

Coral and Agate, or as they like to call each other, Barry and Cisco, are two Crystal Gem Warriors. The two are sworn to protect the Earth from any harm that might befall it, like rogue gems or natural disaster that would harm any humans. Cisco loves to fuse with Barry, which Barry, while embarrassed due to the intimacy, would never say no to his partner. Carnelian, their fusion, is a strong and stable fusion, that loves to do science and watch movies. 

When I was 10 I turned on the tv and saw Buffy for the first time, specifically the scene where Tara and Willow kiss. It was a bolt of recognition. A moment of “Oh. I’m not incapable of love. I’ve just been trying to force it in the wrong direction” I didn’t have the language yet but Buffy at least provided me with an explanation. It was comforting and I felt less lonely. And then Tara died. 

When I was a little older I started watching Skins. And watching Naomi and Emily. That one hit a bit closer. We were similar in age, I was going through my denial phase along with them. It was reassuring during a turbulent time in my childhood. So I was excited when it was coming back for a special two-parter. And then Naomi died. 

I started college and started debating with my family about gay rights, still firmly in the closet but maybe testing whether I could push the door open a bit. And then my mother, a woman I love and respect tremendously, told me she didn’t hate gay people. That she would never judge anyone with a mental illness. I went for a shower just so I could cry in peace. I started watching Orphan Black. And I loved how Cosima’s sexuality wasn’t the most interesting thing about her. I loved that she and Delphine were partners in love and in science. It encouraged me to maybe believe that I was more than this one “mental illness” or sexuality or whatever. And then Delphine died. 

Just as I was finishing college, still in the closet to everyone, I started watching the 100. And I’d been burned before but damn it this was it! Finally a show was speaking to me in this language I’d never been able to hear before. An epic love story, one in which the people bts seemed to understand the gravity of the situation and spent time assuaging our fears. I opened myself up, I started speaking to other fans, I finally had the courage to come out (slowly…its an ongoing process).  And then Lexa died.