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Golden Afternoon by Jackie Nell


Magic Kingdom Hub at Christmas by Matt Stemerman
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WIth the hub and turrets finally being completed, I couldn’t wait to see how awesome the turrets looked all dressed up in christmas lights. And man, they did not disappoint. It really ties in well and just gives it an even more grandiose feeling. They did a terrific job with this. Thanks for looking! Instagram - Twitter -

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Name: Olivia

Nickname: Liv

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Height: 5'6″

Sexual orientation: lesbian

Ethnicity: American

Favorite fruit: watermelon

Favorite season: spring

Favorite book series: honestly probably Artemis Fowl even though it’s been years since i’ve read anything of substance

Favorite fictional character: Serana Volkihar or Victoria Chase

Favorite flower: Marigold

Favorite scent: old steel and oil (like at a museum ship)

Favorite color: orange

Favorite animal: Cat

Favorite band: Muse or Incubus

Coffee, Tea or Hot chocolate: coffee simply because i work at a coffee place

Average hours of sleep: seven to ten

Number of blankets: two or three

Dream trip: England and France

Last thing I googled: starbucks partner hub

How many blogs I follow: 40

Number of followers: 455

Do I get asks regularly: no


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This NotCait thingy is IMO just typical and predictable HW pr/marketing. The only mystery is how is it possible that the pubs don't see how outdated it is.

I agree with you. It probably helps Sam’s career to have gossip about him with a woman not on Outlander. Cait, wanting support her partner/hubs/god-she-shares-a-bed-with’s career, initially went along with it.

The pubs are PR machines. That’s probably why most don’t question it. Except for Elle. We loved your post @elle !!!


Make it Pink! Make it Blue! by Jackie Nell


Partners till the very end! #disneyland #nikon #waltdisney by Jonny

This Day in Disney History

June 19, 1995:  The statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, the Partners statue, is installed at the Magic Kingdom in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

Disney legend Blaine Gibson took a whole year working on the sculpture, and the expression on Walt Disney’s face is said to reflect how he actually looked when watching guests enjoying his park.  One thing is for certain, Mr. Disney certainly loved for his guests to have a good time!

Hey, guys I got married last month <3

We honeymooned in Disneyland (is there anywhere better?!) - which only makes sense because that’s where James proposed.

Before you ask, no, we did not get married at Disneyland. We got married on December 17th, 2013 (which was also on my 23rd birthday), and we stayed at the Disneyland Resort for our honeymoon from December 18th-21st. Since I didn’t want my wedding dress to go to waste on just one day, we brought our wedding attire with us and took advantage of Disneyland’s amazing Cast Member photographers!

It was cold, gorgeously gloomy, and rainy when we took our pictures, but they came out phenomenal! Let me tell you, wearing a wedding dress in Disneyland seriously made me feel like a real princess!

James and I have been together for almost 6 crazy and amazing years, and I’m so lucky I tied the knot with someone so wonderful. We plan on saving up for my dream of having a magical (and painfully expensive, but totally worth it) Disneyland wedding, with the ceremony in front of the castle and everything after a few years of serious saving.

I ordered all our pictures on a Photo Pass CD, and they should be coming in any day now, so I’ll post more by next week! I just wanted to give you guys a small preview :3


Catherine | CatherineHepburn


Morning at the Hub by Matt Stemerman
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