partners for just trade

so someone has leaked information about trump’s phone call with mexico’s president last week, and it’s equal parts terrifying and embarrassing

mr. pissboy in charge reportedly told the mexican president “i don’t need the mexicans. i don’t need mexico,” and “we are going to build the wall and you all are going to pay for it, like it or not”. which is bad enough, but then trump really outshitted himself by suggesting that unless mexico were able to combat drug trafficking, he would send US troops to take care of it

if this is true, the american president literally just threatened to invade an allied country. let that fucking sink in for a while


Requested by anon: Lucas Friar 

Farkle: “What, why do you want to switch partners?”
Lucas: “Look, they’re really cute and my partner is just as smart. It’s a fair trade. Come on just let me work with y/n.”
Farkle: “Alright, I see what you’re getting at. Of course I’ll switch with you.” 

If Deku & Shinsou dated, I could totally see Shinsou being the Sleepy Boyfriend™ who loves his partner to death but sometimes just wants Deku to shut up and cuddle so he can sleep.
Deku: “And this new American hero, their Quirk is just like yours-”
Shinsou: “It is?”
Deku: “Yeah she can-” *brainwashed buzz*
Shinsou: “Sweetie, I love you, but it’s 1 in the morning. Go to sleep.”
(I think some of Class 1-A would see it as creepy how much Shinsou casually uses his power, but Deku doesn’t care that much because he can break free easily.)

Can we talk about this brilliant move  of Elsa she knows that Arendelle lost two

trade partners but she’s just like:“ I don’t care, I have ice powers, I  make an ice company let’s start with this Kristoff ice guy I’m such a genius.”

well played Elsa, well played.
I made a Tumblr for my internship!

Guys check this out. I’ve been interning with a Fair Trade organization and offered to make a Tumblr for them, since Tumblr is my one worthy job skill. So click and follow and learn about our organization (which works with Artisan groups in Peru, giving them fair wages for the products they make for us) and if you have to do any shopping anytime soon…y'know…

This is complete fucking bullshit. Do you even realize what the fuck you’re doing? The entire fucking country will be fucked now. Unbelievable. There will be a fucking awful recession. Your economy will go to utter shit. The prices of everything will go up drastically. You just told your biggest trading partner to go get fucked. You have absolutely no trading agreement with the US because the US works with the EU. You’re fucking up a good system because you’re racist fucks that can’t just live and mind your own business. (Because a lot of this leave vote has to do with immigration) You’re practically completely on your fucking own right now and there is no way you will be able to function like that. And on top of all of that the pound is dropping drastically every fucking second.

trying to write a simple frozen fanfiction but i keep getting sidetracked by the sociopolitical environment of arendelle. like someone please talk with me about what a terrible move it was to cut ties with weselton. like, if someone is your BIGGEST TRADE partner and you just null that agreement ur gonna have some issues. i wanna talk about food shortages and riots. also i want to talk about who was in charge between the dead king and elsa coming to power. was there a regency? if so why was it just accepted that hans was ok to come to power. like when hans comes in the room after leaving anna to die there aren’t any advisors representing arendelle it’s just some randos that came for the coronation okaying everything. i hate this garbage movie but i am haunted by these questions HELP