partners & crime


Lance: “You know, Keith, we’re sort of like your generic action movie couple. But, like, in space; saving the universe. Lance and Keith, side by side; partners in crime and all that cool jazz.”
Keith: “But aren’t we the GOOD guys? Why would we be partners in crime?”
Lance: “…”
Keith: “What?”

Love me some literal Keith.

Klance Week Day 5: Partners In Crime

We overcome stormy waters

Climb up the mountains so high

Partners in crime

Any time 

From Defenders of the Universe to thieves, Lupin III AU!

Lance as Lupin: dumb faces, lots of winking and flirting, good with guns and plans. Also, handcuffs.

Keith as Goemon: quiet and serious, samurai, martial arts and sword from space inherited from his ancestors.

Klance week 2017 - Day Five: Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime (Klance Week: Day 5)

Keith spat out blood. The colour of the liquid blending perfectly into his deep red suit, the very one that had earned him the nickname ‘Red’. It was the name the people had given him and he held the name with pride although he was slightly annoyed how it came about. He had accidentally ran into another vigilante, this one wearing all blue, and the two had been spotted fighting together on multiple occasions. Funnily enough, they had hated each other at first but soon they became a duo no one could rival. They became ‘Red and Blue’.
Keith was knocked out of his fond thoughts of Blue by another punch. It had rattled his skull and his jaw ached, a large purple bruise already starting to form. “I’ll ask you again. Where. Is. Blue?’ The man in front of him hissed, his spit landing on Keith’s face. The two were hated by both sides of the Law and right now Keith wished he were in jail. Instead he was in a cold, damp room, tied tightly to a straight back wooden chair, being beaten by a mob leader who wanted to sell Red and Blue to the highest bidder. Yet they only had Red.  

Still, Keith remained silent. The punches slowly becoming worse until he could hardly keep his head up and his vision was filled with black spots. Blood trickled down his face and Keith was certain a few ribs were broken but he still would not give them an answer. He didn’t give them an answer whilst he was crying out in pain. He didn’t give them an answer whilst tear dripped freely down his cheeks. Keith didn’t give them an answer as he saw Blue creep silently into the room, despite his almost delirious sate. He didn’t answer as Blue silently shot those nearest to the exit, Keith’s captor too busy to notice himself. He didn’t even let out a smile until Blue was directly behind his captor and tapped his shoulder, Blue smiling a shit eating grin as if to say ‘I’m right here’.  Keith watched as a flash of fear crossed the man’s face before Blue stabbed him in the abdomen. It being obvious by the expression on Blue’s dace that he didn’t want to kill the man outright and preferred for him to die a slow, painful death. 

Everyone else in the room either dying or dead, Lance rushed over to Red. One couldn’t see the extent of Red’s injuries and Lance honestly believed that Red was just a tad banged up. He helped Red stand, wrapping his arm around Red’s shoulders, then Red began to mumble. “I started to think you weren’t coming.” Lance looked at Red incredulously. “Of course I was going to come, I wouldn’t know what to do without my partner in crime!” Looking at Lance with a small, weak smile, Red passed out.


(A Vigilante AU for Day 5 of Klance week! Neither Keith or Lance know the real name of the other which is why they refer to the other by their title, not name. Also I’m going to be honest with you guys, first time I’ve written anything AU related and I think I like writing normal universe things better. Okie, byez.)


Bellarke in Reverse: A (Platonic) Series