I’m finally re-reading A Court of Mist and Fury and I realized that I initially missed the symbolism of Tamlin giving Feyre a wedding ring with an Emerald. Emerald is known as the “Stone of Successful Love” because it promotes friendship and balance between partners. The problem is stones are not a cure-all, it builds off of and sways the emotions that already exist.

“He worshipped my body with his hands, his tongue, his teeth. But that wasn’t the hard part. We just got tripped up with the rest.”

Feyre and Tamlin have a strong physical  connection but lack everything else. They don’t communicate what they feel. When they had a minute alone before Feyre faced her last trial, and almost certain death, they made out. There were no heartfelt speeches, or potential goodbyes, just a hardcore make out session. The night after Feyre killed those two Fae and defeated Amarantha they had sex. There was no sweet words of comfort, no emotional breakdown…just sex. My point is, there was no friendship for the stones energy to build off of. There also was never any balance between them. Feyre was the Prisoner, Tamlin the Jailor. Feyre was the mortal, Tamlin’s Fae, Feyre was his Subject & Consort, Tamlin’s the High Lord. Once again giving the stone nothing to accentuate.

Emerald is also supposed known to be helpful in relieving claustrophobia, meaning if you get a little uncomfortable in tight spaces you might find some comfort having this stone on you. However, if you are absolutely terror-stricken being trapped (with good reason due to some not too long ago trauma that occurred) this stone will do nothing for you.

“He’d trapped me; he’d trapped me; he’d trapped me- I had to get out…”  This not only emphasized the imbalance of power between them but also shows us how out of sync he is with Feyre. Due to Tamlin’s ignorant actions she falls into a full blown panic attack. She tries to summon her powers to winnow, to escape, to show her the way out of this new prison. “There was nothing and I had become nothing, and I couldn’t ever get out-” I feel like this is Feyre’s lowest point, it’s symbolic of her depression which had made her feel like there’s nothing left for her because she’s not good enough, in her head she’s become nothing and there’s no end in sight. Tamlin by ignoring Feyre’s pleading and pain has helped enforce what she already thinks of herself. Fuelled by fear and panic she desperately uses her powers to try free herself from this new prison. “I was ensconced in a cocoon of darkness and fire and ice and wind, a cocoon that melted the ring off my finger until the golden ore dripped away into the void, the emerald tumbling after it.” Instead of freeing herself from the walls of the house, this is the moment she starts to free herself from him; From her Jailer and Saviour, her no-longer-needed Protector, her High Lord. This is the moment that we realize just how far Tamlin has pushed Feyre. This is the moment that we realize there is no longer any hope that their relationship will recover.

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do i see ship memes happening? am i late? can i still have adrinette for the ship meme?

ship meme  |  @disturbxnces

  • who walks out of the movie theatre after a movie and suggest they watch another movie straight after? adrien, he’s actually a huge movie nerd deep down ok.
  • who swears like a sailor when driving? OK BUT. imagine mari driving and someone cuts her off and she just drops a huge f-bomb out of nowhere. and adrien just !!!!!!! OMG. official answer is neither, though; just wanted to share that hc :’)
  • who is always ten minutes early to appointments? adrien, mostly because he has someone drive him around everywhere. mari tries, but her life’s just too chaotic to get to stuff on time ok.
  • who swears they can set up the new home entertainment system without any help? ADRIEN. he thinks way too highly of his abilities sometimes ( it’s his chat noir showing ).
  • who can spend five hours straight in ikea? they’d both enable this tbh. mari likes looking at all the different kinds of stuff, and adrien’s probably never been to an ikea in his life so he wants to stay there as long as he can and see EVERYTHING.
  • who buys things online & returns them a few days later? marinette. she’s very picky with the stuff she buys, so if it’s not exactly what she wants, she’ll return it. ( adrien on the other hand just keeps it, because he can just buy a better version with all his money cries )
  • who plays the music so loud that it basically ruins everyone’s hearing? adrien. he does that at home a lot when he’s trying to tune out everything else :’)))
  • who is more likely to spend money on unnecessary things? ADRIEN. again, bc he’s loaded and what’s a couple less euros right.
  • who stays up until 5am reading? i feel like adrien reads more? and he usually clocks out early bc of his busy schedule, but if he’s really into a story he won’t be able to put the book down.
  • who has a strict “no shoes” rule in the house? marinette bc of her mom.
  • who complains about not having a bathtub because they can’t buy bath bombs? probably marinette bc bath bombs are !!! so pretty !!! and adrien probably just offers the bathtub at his place for her to use tbh ( and if he’s feeling flirty, he may make a very obvious joke out of that ).
  • who’s the more competitive one? ok but marinette is actually lowkey crazy competitive. and adrien doesn’t find out about this until it’s too late and she’s already decimated him on mario kart.
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may i love you for all of eternity
me studying you, you learning me

player 1:player 2

layers undone
layers, truth

lay your troops at the door

entrance to what we’ve been waiting for

no escaping


there is none

here, there is one

- e. a. ©2016

I recognize the quality of a teacher by how much his or her teaching motivates me to perform the best I can and how I always get the right tips that help me fix what doesn’t work properly. I am so lucky to have an opporunity to train with such talented acrobats as Wybren. Big thanks to him for teaching me during the last week in France!🌟😆

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So Batman likes to be seen as a loner, an “I work alone” type. But in actuality, he has the largest family of associated heroes of any DC superhero: Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, Robin, Oracle, Spoiler, Batgirl, etc. And people laugh at this irony, and joke about the difference between his image and the truth, and go on with their lives.


I want to see a take on Batman that embraces this tendency. A Batman who completely understands, both unconsciously and consciously, that working along is dangerous on many levels. That you need a partner, someone to balance you. A Batman who gets what Tim Drake once saw - that he needs a partner to keep him from going to far. And a Batman who knows, too, that he needs a partner to watch his back, because he’s only human. That no one, not even people with super-powers, can be perfect all the time, and that you need to work with people so that you don’t have to be. A Batman who maintains a large circle of vigilantes in Gotham, not just so that the city will safer, but so that all of them will be safer.

And more than that, a Batman who extends this tendency to work with others to work with all the other heroes of the world. A Batman who’s not the grim loner of the Justice League, who hates leaving Gotham and doesn’t like working with anyone except the very best of the best. Instead, a Batman who built the Justice League because he knows that it’s better for everyone if heroes work together instead of on their own. A Batman who’s always willing to work with other heroes when they need help. A Batman who’ll pair up with inexperienced heroes and train them. A Batman who wants to work with people, not on his own, even if they might slow him down. Because even if you’re slower, even if you can’t save quite as many people at a given moment, being safe means that you’ll be around to save people longer, and more people will be saved overall. And because heroes deserve to be saved as well.

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Big fan of "Gaara the Over-Protective Dad TM," good shit good shit

  Gaara suffers from the catch-22 of not wanting to be like his father, and as a result, actually acting quite a bit like him, at least in terms of strictness and inflexibility. He is far more doting toward his children than Rasa could ever hope to be, but due to the paranoia of bringing harm to them and general anxiety around raising children considering his history with/as a child, quite stern as well. He hovers somewhere between authoritarian- and authoritative-style parenting.

  His ability to parent depends on the verse. On average, it starts off as mediocre and develops over time to adequate-bordering-on-above-average. The right partner, however, would balance him out and create an exceptional team.

  (bonus parenting headcanon here!)