partner's complaint

the men who hate real women

I’ve been remembering a guy I used to see and all these things he used to say about women, and it got me thinking… so I thought I’d share my experience a bit.

This guy said that women with piercings, short hair, tattoos, coloured hair or scars were ugly. He hated those things on a woman. He said they weren’t “feminine”. If a woman was taller than him or had more muscle definition, he’d deride them. He expected women to have perfect bodies, but criticised women who exercised because it was “too manly.”

Yet he expected me to be interested in all his interests, and whenever I spoke about my own he ignored me. He would say I was “manly”,  that my hair was too short for me to be feminine, and it really damaged the way I viewed myself. He wanted women who were blonde, petite, small, quiet, tanned, big-breasted, never shared their opinions, weren’t funnier than him, always wanted to have sex, and were interested in all his interests without sharing their own.

Only now do I realise that the woman he wanted was not a woman who existed. But the idea of a woman who existed just to please him. He didn’t want a real person. And the only way he could make himself feel like a man was by making me feel as if I was not good enough.

Real woman have scars. Scars are one of the sexiest things I can imagine - they show you’re a survivor. That you have survived. Why are men seen as sexy for having scars, but scars on women are seen as ugly? Weak men are afraid of women who are survivors. I once had a therapist who told me this, and it rings true.

Real women care about their health and treat their body well. Real women are passionate about fitness and work hard not because they want to look “beach body ready” but because sweating and running and working their asses off feels amazing. And having the strength to kick ass is sexy as hell.

Real woman have tattoos and piercings and coloured hair. Real woman take control of the way they look and decide what they want their body to be like. We can etch things that mean the world to us into our skin. We can cover ourselves with art and stories, and if that’s not beautiful, what is?

Real women have opinions. We don’t have to pretend to be interested in fucking Transformers if we’re not - we can love what we want. We can love video games or fashion or biomedical engineering or construction or art or politics. Or all of these. The world is not split into “pretty, stupid girls” and “clever, ugly girls.” We can be everything - we can be strong, intelligent, hilarious, kind and talented all at once.

Men who want their partners unscarred, opinionless, complaint, soft and pretty don’t want real women. They want a sexist’s fantasy of a woman. Not the reality. And if you hate the reality, you’re a misogynist and don’t deserve a woman to ever even look your way.

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Can you please do a fluffy injury Soukoku headcanon where Chuuya has gotten hurt and has to stay in bed and Dazai is assigned to take care of him? I might just draw some illustrations for it if you do <3333 Thank you so very much and thank you for all that you do!

I don’t know what to think of this. I really, really wanted to write a one-shot or a scenario instead, but as you asked for headcanons, I hope these will suffice. ;w; 

And thank you very much! Your words mean a lot.

Soukoku Headcanons: Injured Chuuya:

  • Being adamant that he can take care of himself, Chuuya would throw as many insults at Dazai as he physically can while attempting to ignore how severe his injuries really were. At one point, he’d have to stop speaking for a good two minutes just to keep himself from crying out, especially when his wounds begin to feel worse by the second.  

  • Dazai, giving his partner no room for complaint, would gently but firmly lay the man down and tend to as many of his injuries as possible in an uncomfortable silence. Even if Chuuya tries to goad him into an argument, he would simply shoot his partner a silencing look before continuing on with tending to the worst of his wounds.  

  • Once finished, Dazai would remain unusually quiet, his expression artfully vacant of emotion.  

  • At the sight of such a stoic Dazai, Chuuya would feel unnerved. He would be too preoccupied with trying to ignore his aching muscles and burning injuries to make a jibe at him, but the sight of his partner being so disconnected would make him feel nervous.

  • After a while, when it begins to get irritating, Chuuya would subtly enquire the taller man as to why he was acting so… different. Even when Dazai seems to snap out of his previous state, it doesn’t fool him at all

  • While he may be smiling and laughing like usual, Chuuya knows that Dazai is acting. He isn’t a stranger to recognising when Dazai is lying, but the more the other tried to pretend like nothing was wrong, it just made Chuuya feel even more puzzled. 

  • Whenever the two would make eye contact when conversing, Chuuya would absentmindedly take note of how… intense Dazai’s eyes were. It would serve to confuse the smaller man even further, but he would keep this acknowledgement to himself.

  • Eventually, when they run out of effort to keep up regular conversation, they would both become quiet. A part of Chuuya would be thankful for the sudden silence as his head was steadily becoming heavier by the second, but he would still be wary about sleeping with Dazai in the room.

  • Even so, the moment would be ruined when Dazai exclaims that he’s leaving, claiming to have better things to do than babysit a hat rack the size of a child. His smile is lazy, but his movements show that he is slightly reluctant as he walks out of the room, glancing over his shoulder more than once.

  • Chuuya would ignore the man and close his eyes, uncaring of how his chest suddenly felt hollow without the other man’s presence. 

  • Time would pass, and the redhead would be on the verge of falling asleep when he feels someone slip into the bed beside him. As an automatic reaction, his nerves would run cold and he would reach for the dagger that he hides underneath beneath his pillow, only to be stopped when feels a hand wrap around his wrist.
  • It’s only when he hears Dazai’s familiar snort of amusement at his side that Chuuya, against his better judgement, relaxes against his partner’s touch

  • Minutes would pass, and eventually Dazai would let go of Chuuya’s wrist. The redhead would feel slightly emptier with the loss of contact, but would nearly choke on his own breath when he feels Dazai move even closer, resting his chin atop of the shorter man’s head.

  • Redfaced, he wouldn’t be able to hide his surprise when he hisses at Dazai to get the fuck away. Even though he would act annoyed, Chuuya would still fight to try and keep his breathing under control and his heart in his chest. 

  • Against his better judgement, he would feel himself moving closer as well. Not by much, but just enough so that his forehead gently rests against Dazai’s throat, and he can feel his thoughts become clearer at the contact. Their chests brush together ever so slightly with every breath they took, and it would serve to make Chuuya feel slightly more at ease.

  • The redhead wouldn’t be able to help but release a shaky breath at the uncharacteristic gentleness the bandaged man was showing, but he wouldn’t dream of commenting on it. 

  • The moment Dazai slowly tangles their legs together, Chuuya is fairly sure that he’s on the verge of passing out. He doesn’t react when the taller man brings them closer together by wrapping his arm around Chuuya’s waist, too comfortable to complain about the closeness.

  • With Chuuya curled up in Dazai’s arms, the two of them would remain close and unmoving until they both fell asleep, and would get even closer during the night.

  • In the morning, however, when Chuuya awakens to the sight of a sleeping brunette, would let out an unmanly yelp. When the other only laughs, the redhead wouldn’t think twice about kicking him off of the bed, disregarding his injuries altogether.
  • Once they’re both dressed and ready to go their separate ways, neither of them would comment on what transpired the night before. That being said, their actions would still weigh heavily on both of their minds for the rest of the day; why would Dazai suddenly come back? Why did Chuuya reciprocate at all? Why did he even like it? 

  • Despite having avoided each other during the day, they would both unknowingly find themselves in the same position together later that night. They would be equally as unwilling to forget just how nice it felt to be so close to another person with no ulterior motive in mind.
Daria Episode Asks
  • Season 1:
  • Esteemsters: How's your self-esteem?
  • The Invitation: What's the last party you went to?
  • College Bored: What are your college plans?
  • Café Disaffecto: How do you take your coffee?
  • Malled: Describe an unpleasant experience you had at a mall.
  • This Year's Model: What's your opinion about the modeling industry?
  • The Lab Brat: Describe the worst group project you ever participated in.
  • Pinch Sitter: Describe your last babysitting experience.
  • Too Cute: Are looks important to you?
  • The Big House: Have you ever sneaked out or stayed out way too late?
  • Road Worrier: Talk about your favorite road trip.
  • The Teachings of Don Jake: Talk about a camping trip you've been on.
  • The Misery Chick: What really makes you think?
  • Season 2:
  • Arts 'N Crass: Did you ever scare your teachers with something you turned in?
  • The Daria Hunter: Describe your worst field trip ever.
  • Quinn the Brain: How do you feel when someone takes your "role"?
  • I Don't: Describe your worst experience at a wedding.
  • That Was Then, This is Dumb: How do you feel about your parents' friends?
  • Monster: What's something that you think is superficial?
  • The New Kid: Have you ever hung out with the new kid?
  • Gifted: Were you ever the smartest kid in school?
  • Ill: Talk about a time you were in the hospital.
  • Fair Enough: Have you ever been to a school fundraiser?
  • See Jane Run: Were/are you on any sports teams?
  • Pierce Me: Do you have any piercings?
  • Write Where it Hurts: Are you a writer?
  • Season 3:
  • Through a Lens Darkly: Do you need glasses/contacts?
  • The Old and the Beautiful: Who's your favorite old person?
  • Depth Takes a Holiday: Describe your favorite holiday memory.
  • Daria Dance Party: Have you ever been to a dance?
  • The Lost Girls: Are you "edgy"?
  • It Happened One Nut: What was your first job? What's your dream job?
  • Daria! The Musical: What's your favorite musical?
  • Lane Miserables: How is it for you when family visits?
  • Jake of Hearts: When did you first come to terms with your own or someone else's mortality?
  • Speedtrapped: Do you have a bad driving story? (What is it?)
  • The Lawndale File: Do you believe in aliens?
  • Just Add Water: Have you ever been on a boat?
  • Jane's Addition: How did you meet your last significant other?
  • Season 4:
  • Partner's Complaint: Have you ever used your resources to gain an advantage?
  • Antisocial Climbers: What does it take for you to apologize to your friends?
  • A Tree Grows in Lawndale: Talk about a bad decision you've made.
  • Murder, She Snored: What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
  • The F Word: Are you afraid of failure?
  • I Loathe a Parade: How do you feel about parades?
  • Of Human Bonding: How's your relationship with your parents?
  • Psycho Therapy: Have you ever needed a psychological examination?
  • Mart of Darkness: What's your weirdest experience in a store?
  • Legends of the Mall: Do you know any good ghost stories? Care to share?
  • Groped by an Angel: What do you believe in?
  • Fire!: Have you ever had a house fire?
  • Dye! Dye! My Darling!: Have you ever cheated on someone or been the person someone's cheated with?
  • Is it Fall Yet?: Talk about your favorite summer.
  • Season 5:
  • Fizz Ed: What's your favorite soda?
  • Sappy Anniversary: Have you ever forgotten an important date?
  • Fat Like Me: Have you ever tried to lose weight?
  • Camp Fear: How well do you handle organized activities?
  • The Story of D: How well do you deal with rejection?
  • Lucky Strike: Talk about your favorite substitute teacher.
  • Art Burn: How much do you value originality?
  • One J at a Time: Do you date around, prefer a single partner, or neither?
  • Life in the Past Lane: What's the weirdest experience you've had with someone you've dated?
  • Aunt Nauseam: Do you get along with your extended family?
  • Prize Fighters: Have you ever been passed over for something for something you wanted because of a reason you found to be ridiculous?
  • My Night at Daria's: Have you ever stayed out too late with a significant other?
  • Boxing Daria: What's a childhood memory that shaped who you are today?
  • Is It College Yet?: What are your plans for the future?

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Male captains with their partner swearing and cursing at them while in labor 😆

This is too adorable. (・◇・)

Kyouraku Shunsui: Shunsui would be all grins and goofy chuckles. He is too excited about starting a family to take his partner’s words seriously. He would coo at them and press kisses into their wrist, ignoring their growing murderous intent.

Otoribashi Rojuro: Rose would simply agree with his partner. It’s easier that way. He would nod along at his partner’s words while caressing their face and hair, trying to ease the pain.

Hirako Shinji: Shinji would already be cowering in a corner, shrinking from his partner’s fury. He would yell back that it “takes two to tango” and hide from his partner’s venomous retorts.

Kuchiki Byakuya: Byakuya would take his partners words without complaint, terrified that if he spoke back that his partner would rip his hand off. He was proud of his partner’s resilience, but scared of their ferocity.

Komamura Sajin: Komamura is in tears, but stood firmly at his partner’s side. He felt guilty for his partner’s pain and thinks that he deserves their insults. He conveniently forgets that his partner was the one to bring up trying for children.

Muguruma Kensei: Kensei would grip his partner’s hand tightly, and grin back at their swears. If they had enough energy to slander his name, then they would be able to deliver a baby just fine.

Hitsugaya Toshiro: You couldn’t pay Toshiro enough to be in the same room as his partner in labor. He is terrified of the entire birthing process. He could hear his partner from his place outside the door, however and pales at each progressively horrifying threat.

Zaraki Kenpachi: Kenpachi would grin at their words and hold their hand tightly. He would think that his partner’s spark is more beautiful than ever as they were fierce even as they brought a child into the world.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri: Mayuri would immeadialty inject them with a safe anesthetic and back away. He would snarl at the healers that even remotely insinuated that he was scared of his partner’s ire.

Ukitake Juushiro: Ukitake would apologize constantly and pet his partner, trying to soothe them. He was pale and shaking, wishing they wouldn’t be in quite so much pain.

  • *Molly's bathroom*
  • Molly: *wiping lipstick from Sherlock's mouth; biting her lip hard*
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Go on.
  • Molly: *clears her throat; trying to remain straight faced* Hmm, sorry?
  • Sherlock: *grumpy* Get it out of your system.
  • Molly: *grins* I'm sorry...but you came all the way over here looking like that.
  • Sherlock: Mary didn't have any make-up remover.
  • Molly: *giggles; shaking her head* No, that's not funny.
  • Sherlock: Well, no more late night cases when I have to look after Rosie. Falling asleep in her presence is dangerous.
  • Molly: *wiping away tears* Stop it.
  • Sherlock: Several cars pulled up beside me. I could have made a lot of money tonight.
  • Molly: *clutches his arm for support; snorts* Don't...
  • Sherlock: *watching her* Hmm.
  • Molly: *gently rubbing at his face; distracted* What?
  • Sherlock: I don't think I've ever seen you laugh.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Yeah, well, don't get used to it. Tom's getting married tomorrow. I'll probably just crawl inside a bottle of wine and try to fuck the first thing I see.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *smirks at him* That was a joke.
  • Sherlock: *narrows his eyes* Was it?
  • Molly: *concentrating* Well, I don't fancy going out soooo...unless that fit bloke from downstairs is up for it, my chances aren't looking so good *discards the tissue; smiles* there. Good as new.
  • Sherlock: *stands* Thank you, Molly *shrugs on his Belstaff* Much appreciated. Good night *leaves the bathroom*
  • Molly: *bewildered* Good night.
  • -door to her flat closes behind him-
  • Molly: *shrugs; washes her hands*
  • -her phone rings-
  • Molly: *answers* Hello?
  • Sherlock: *on the phone* Ah, Molly. The fit bloke from downstairs would like to know if you were in the mood to fuck the first thing you saw this evening?
  • Molly: *gasps* You asked him? I can't believe you!
  • Sherlock: Mmmm, not exactly.
  • Molly: *confused* Then, what?
  • Sherlock: I'm in the lobby.
  • Molly: *grins* Come on up.

 I hate seeing people complain about the things other roleplayers do. I see so much hate spewed because people are selective or they only make starters for their mutuals or something of the sort. I wish people would notice that roleplaying is for creative enjoyment and fun for the muns and their muses. Everyone acts like people are supposed to work to please them. It’s a real mood dampener.

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Hey~~•3• would it be okay if I asked something? What would sex with EXO be like? *blushes and hides* thanks love

Xiumin: Sex with Xiumin would be the type of sex that would leave you laying in bed for the next three days straight, he’d tease you in the beginning but immediately move on to the more important part of the night. Xiumin wouldn’t hold anything back, he’d go all in or not at all.

Luhan: Definitely a man would would scream, moan, and grunt just as much (probably more) than his partner. Luhan’s sex would leave you voiceless but you’d want to ask for more.

Kris: The kisser. Kris would constantly be kissing you, both on your lips and anywhere else he’d feel like placing his lips, you’d definitely be left with some love marks all around your body after having sex with this man.

Suho: Suho would be surprisingly dominant and rough with his sex. Don’t let that scare you though, he’d make sure it’s rough but enjoyable and he wouldn’t be too dominant, he’d make sure you’re both comfortable but, like Xiumin, he wouldn’t want to waist time and he’d go all in or nothing. He’s a definite round 2 sort of guy, he’ll have you believing you’re finished for the night but after a short break, he’d be right on top of you and ready to go again”

Lay: Caring and considerate without a doubt. Lay will only go as far in or as fast, or slow, as you want. He’s the man who’ll do it the way his partner wants it without complaints and be satisfied every time. After you’re through he’ll cuddle up to you and ask if you’re satisfied with his performance or if you need another try.

Baekhyun: everyone knows Baekhyun can’t takes many things seriously sex is no exception. He’d mess around and play with you before, during, and after having sex with you. How? Depends on how playful he feels. A good way to know when he’s planning on having sex with you is when you’d hear “here comes trouble” out of no where”, that would be his signature “I’m about to fuck you” line.

Chen: forget about the troll everyone knows Chen to be, when Chen has sex, he’d be an extreme sweetheart. he’d be similar to lay but not as submissive to his partners requests. He’d start off with asking you to come and ‘cuddle’ with him then he’d make his move.

Chanyeol: If anyone can survive after having sex with this giant they deserve an award. Chanyeol will be a completely uncontrollable, rough, fast, and far in monster when he has sex. Chanyeol won’t hold anything back and once you’ve begun, you better be prepared to go all day, and night, without a single break. He’ll make sure to not stop until you can’t speak or move without needing his help and once he’s just finished, your entire body will be left shaking”

Kyungsoo: This man will definitely live up to his nickname, Satansoo. Having sex with Kyungsoo will feel like and be like the equivalent of having sex with the devil himself, it’ll hurt and it’ll last forever but you’ll end up begging for more every time you do it with him.

Tao: Tao will appear out of nowhere at the most random times and tackle you to the floor when you’re at his house, he won’t bother to carry you to the bedroom when he does but he’ll be kind enough to ask you if it’s alright to proceed while holding himself above you, once you give him your consent he’ll remove both of your guys clothes at the most rapid pace he can manage then get on with business.

Kai: Another panter, moaner, but slightly less of a screamer as Luhan is. Kai would actually be quite shy and unsure of how to ask you to have sex with him but once you understand what he wants and tell him he can do it with you he wouldn’t waist a moment in removing your clothes, carrying you to the closest room and fucking you all night long. Be ready to sweat, sweat, and sweat some more, kai’s sex will leave you both, and the bed covers, covered in sweat. You’d really want to take a shower after having sex with this man.

Sehun: Anything you imagine doing with anyone while having sex would probably happen with Sehun, he’ll be up to any kind of sex at any time at any place. Don’t let that whole ‘maknae’s are innocent when it comes to sex’ thing fool you cause Sehun will do everything possible to prove that wrong.


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how would ushijima, suga, oikawa, iwaizumi, kuroo, lev, bokuto and akaashi react to their partner ignoring them since they left quite a handful of love bites on visible areas on their partner last night and now the partner have to try their hardest to cover it up for school?


Ushijima: “I don’t think that’s something you should be avoiding me over.” He’d be really mad when he learnt the reason why because his partner made no complaints when he left those love bites there a few days ago.

Sugawara would beat himself up over it. “I’m really sorry, ____,” he’d say and his partner would cave and talk to him again.

Oikawa was already very upset with their cold behavior towards him, so one day he confronted them. “____-chan, you’re being mean. What did I do wrong?” When they told him about the love bites, he’d smile and kiss them on the cheek. “I’m just very happy that you’re mine.” He wouldn’t understand.  

Iwaizumi would facepalm when he learned what was going on. He did this out of shame for inconveniencing his partner, so his partner accepted his apology pretty quickly since he learned from his mistakes. 

Kuroo would laugh when his partner told him about them being upset; he thought it was so trivial. But he’d agree to not leave them in very obvious places. 

Lev would genuinely deflate when his partner told him about the problem. He’d think his partner wasn’t happy to be with him, or something to that nature, and his partner would have to  clear up this misunderstanding. He’d be very careful not to mark them from now on.  

Bokuto would be upset that his partner was ignoring him, but when he learned why, he agreed to be more careful from then on. 

Akaashi would be very sorry, and never repeat his mistake. After all, he was sensible enough to know love bites were a pain to cover up under a school uniform. 

i’m so tired of hearing people complain about how no one reads their rules. i’m an RPer who tries to RP with 5-20 new people everyday. each one has a separate set of rules and i read every one of them. so i’m sorry if i do something that breaks one of your rules, like trying to get in touch or liking for a starter when we aren’t mutuals (especially if you don’t tag that it’s only for mutuals). i’m only human and i try my best, but having a slip up doesn’t mean you have to be rude about it.

  • Helen: Daria, you have strong beliefs and you want to live by them. That's not a fault or a character flaw, it's admirable; it's what makes you who you are.
  • Daria: Jodie didn't think so.
  • Helen: Jodie is a little more pragmatic than you are. She didn't appreciate being criticized for it.
  • Daria: I don't blame her.
  • Helen: And since she's pragmatic, she also knows that the fact that someone's having a bad day, doesn't make them a bad person.
  • Daria: What about someone with a pattern of alienating people with her self righteous pronouncements?
  • Helen: People aren't as easily alienated as you think, Daria.