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She’s the Man! ch. 1

Wow! I can’t believe I wrote this, haha! This is a Miraculous Ladybug AU fic loosely based on the movie She’s the Man, which, in turn, is an AU of Twelfth Night by Shakespeare… to quote the lovely @adjit, it’s AU-ception! Hope you guys like it, because I’m sure having a great time writing this!

Summary: When Marinette is denied entry to a local fencing team due to her gender, she finds a way around it by pretending to be her twin brother, Mark. She attends his boarding school in disguise, as well as fences on the team in order to prove herself. Along the way she meets and befriends Mark’s roommate and fencing teammate, Adrien Agreste, and falls into a strangely familiar relationship with.

Word count: 4k+

FF.NET // A03

    “En garde!” Ladybug yelled, wielding one half of her partner’s staff as she charged at him.

    “I know… that you’re… really excited about this… but for the last time… the ref is the only one that says that!” Chat Noir said in between blocks. He was also holding a half of his staff, and backing up along the rooftop as Ladybug advanced and swung at him.

    “Less talking!” Ladybug called, lunging at him. Chat ducked and rolled out of the way. “More fencing! Don’t go easy on me either, kitty!”

    Chat chuckled before cracking his neck back and forth. “Well, if that’s what My Lady wishes…” He sprinted forward, clashing staffs with Ladybug. She backed up and tried to jab, but Chat easily deflected it.

    “Remember that defense is just as important as offense,” Chat instructed.

     Ladybug scoffed and lunged again. With a flick of his wrist, Chat brought his staff up and under hers and disarmed her. The staff went flying off the roof and into the road below, and before Ladybug could swing down and get it, she was knocked off her feet and pinned to the ground. Chat grinned from above her.

    “I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t in the rules,” Ladybug quipped, glancing at the position he had her in.

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Today’s second diary from Tatsu :)
Seems that some technical problems happened during broadcasting but Tatsu said since the audiences were excited he also enjoyed the happy atmosphere. He also mentioned that thanks to the staffs, his partner (YORKE.) and band members, he rediscovered something that he lost before (not sure about the translation, maybe that “something” refers to some feelings or motivations or things like that) and had a strong impulse to fight (for better music and performance).

Btw, some repos say that Tatsu had tears in his eyes when singing Aching Horn. (Some say it was Rage On, and when that happened the fans helped with singing to support him)

These guys are just awesome. They really love what they are doing and try to present the best to their fans.

Enjoy XD