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A little more on Quantum Entanglement and Teleportation

Fundamental particles all have a quantum state called spin. Quantum entanglement means that if one particle has a spin of up, then its partner will have a spin of down and any change in the quantum state of one particle will alter the spin of the other.

Everything in the universe is made up of the fundamental quantum bits and that allows us to view everything as a collection of information stored in qubits. We are not entirely sure how quantum teleportation works but it could be some sort quantum tunnel that opens allowing the qubit to bypass spacetime. Multiple experiments have been done demonstrating that the electronic state of an atom can be transferred from one place to another instantaneously.

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Are requests now officially open? Cause a bitch has a real need for your Gladio HCs... I'm so in love with your writing already, so glad Saph introduced you to us!! 💖

Well a bitch can deliver, my good friend. Let’s just dive right in. <3 
(Also thank you! It’s so nice to be here.)


  • Gladio has a fondness for giving stuffed animals as gifts. He did give Iris her beloved Moogle doll, so don’t be surprised if you come home one day to a teddy bear or a chocobo plush on your bed with a sweet note or a box of assorted chocolates. (And he does the exact same thing on your anniversary, only instead of chocolates, there’s a beautiful ring, and when you turn around, he’s taken a knee behind you.)
  • He’s fond of shooting you little texts reminding you that he’s thinking of you, or sometimes a picture of something he snapped on a whim. And quite a few selfies. 
  • He’s really fond of picking his partner up and spinning them around, but he’ll usually give you a warning before he does this unless he knows you’re comfortable with being surprised. 
  • He loves having his hair played with. Lying on your lap with a book, hair splayed over your thighs while you run your fingers through it is an ideal way to relax. Sometimes he’ll forgo the book and just nap on you instead for a bit. 
  • He’s a light sleeper - necessary, when you’re a bodyguard, so if you get up in the middle of the night for any reason, expect him to be right behind you, making sure you’re alright. If you can’t sleep, he’ll plop down on the couch with you and pull you into his arms, rubbing your back to at least relax you, if not put you back to sleep. Maybe he’ll even sing to you a bit (but that’s like seeing a unicorn).
  • He loves taking you out on walks – even if it’s just out in the castle gardens for a few moments, just to breathe in fresh air and be with you. He’ll stick right by you and let your hands brush, sometimes taking it and stealing a kiss when no one’s looking.
  • He knows he’s an attractive guy, and that someone might try to get his attention, but once he can tell someone’s flirting with him, an arm’s immediately going around you and pulling you close, partially to tell the person that he’s taken and partially to assure you that you’re the only one he’s got his eye on.
  • Speaking of PDA, he’s a very affectionate guy. If you’re not, that’s okay, he’ll restrain himself, but be prepare to be loved on behind closed doors, my friend.

The behind closed doors line is a good place to move into this next section…


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Second Chance - Part Eight

Originally posted by queeniessgoldstein

Guys, I’m posting this from my new home in Florida! Whoot-whoot!

Thank you so, so much for your patience with me. My life has gotten incredibly hectic, and it’s taken me a while to be able to update. But it’s finally here, chapter eight of Second Chance! It will be a while before chapter nine comes out since I’ve got to unpack and apply for jobs and get settled in here. Thanks to all who have commented on this fic or messaged me–I still jump for joy when I get a notification that someone’s said something about it! Let me know if you want to be tagged in upcoming chapters! Special thanks to @sannvers who is busy with band camp and still managed to edit for me.

Title: Second Chance

Pairing: Eventual Gaston x Fem!Reader

Rating: T

Words: 7,466

Summary: You try to stop Gaston from shooting the Beast and falling to his death, but you arrive too late to save him. As you sit there, sobbing, the Enchantress offers you a second chance to save him.

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Wishes of Sunset and Moondust

Rating: T

Pairing: John Lennon/Paul McCartney

Prince & stable boy AU - Romance - Fairytale - Pining - Fluff

Wishes of Sunset and Moondust

Sunset in your eyes. Moondust in the lining of your skin. What hope did I ever have?

He had been in love with the prince of sunset eyes and moonlit skin for as long as he could remember, his sweetshop window, wishing for an impossible dream. He was but a stable boy by the name of John, just John, working in the dirt, and longing for the stars.

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Drinking Games (2500 Follower Giveaway Fic #21)

For @ahn-juhl-ras, who requested a fic based on this prompt: Imagine that your OTP are enemies of some sort and are fighting furiously and Person A is trying to scream “fuck you” and “fight me” at the same time and ends up screaming “fuck me” really loud at Person B in front of all their friends and it gets really quiet until Person B goes ‘why not’ and kisses A. Turns out they liked each other all along and fluff ensues and their friends just go “FINALLY”.”

And, well, kind of, if you use “based on” loosely.

E/R, Modern AU, developing relationship, all of the shenanigans.

Courfeyrac propped himself up on his elbows and fluttered his eyelashes at Enjolras, who pulled his laptop closer and did his best to ignore him. “Enjy,” Courfeyrac said in a sing-song voice, sticking his bottom lip out in a pout. “You can’t spend all night on your laptop. Come play with us.”

“Firstly, I can in fact spend all night on my laptop if I want,” Enjolras said. “And secondly, I’m not playing King’s Cup with Combeferre ever again. You know that Rule Master goes to his head.”

As if to reinforce Enjolras’s point, across the room, Combeferre pointed at Grantaire and exclaimed triumphantly, “You didn’t say it! You have to drink!”

Grantaire gave Combeferre the finger but willing drained his red Solo cup, and Courfeyrac shrugged as he gave Enjolras his most winning smile. “Yeah, but we’re done with King’s Cup now, and Combeferre is only enforcing one specific rule for the rest of the evening, and only because Grantaire told him that he didn’t give a flying fuck if he was Rule Master so he’s being punished.”

Enjolras considered that for a moment. “Fair.” He frowned at Courfeyrac. “So if you’re not playing King’s Cup anymore, what exactly are you trying to convince me to play?”

“Just a little game I like to call…Spin the bottle.”

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Let’s Pretend

Lexa pulled at her black tie and then adjusted her cuff link on her right wrist. The air in the back of the car felt stuffy, constricting, god she hated these events. The car slowed to a stop and the driver looked into the rear view.

“We’re here, ma’am. Just another second and it’ll be your turn to exit.” The man said. She hadn’t bothered to learn his name because his service was a one time deal. Gustus would be picking her up from the event at 11:00pm sharp. She looked to her watch, an overly expensive Hublot, and sighed. 8:00pm, on the dot. Three hours, just three hours. She could do this, it’s for the children. The door to the car was wrenched open and she stepped out quickly. She made her way inside the building, Polis, a posh hotel on the east side of the city.

She was greeted by the bright smile of a perky hostess. “Welcome to Arkadia Children’s Hospital’s Annual Benefit Gala, Miss Woods. If you would follow Jasper here, he will show you to your table.” The lanky boy smiled at her then turned and made his way inside the ballroom. It was the cocktail portion of the event, where people who don’t know or like each other pretended they do. They arrived at her table, at the very front of the seating area.

“Cocktails are being served now, unfortunately you missed the dinner service, but I can get you something if you’d like, Miss Woods.”

“Thank you Jasper, but that won’t be necessary.” He nodded and walked away. She still felt constricted, so she removed her jacket and placed it neatly on the back of her chair, leaving her in a deep red button down, her favorite black tie, perfectly tailored black slacks, and black Oxford’s. She was almost immediately tapped on the shoulder by an older man.

“Miss Woods, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Dante Wallace.” He smiled and offered his hand, which she took firmly and shook.

“Mr. Wallace, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” She smiled her best ‘I’m still not sure I know why I agreed to this’ smile.

“Firm handshake and well spoken, you’re a Woods through and through.” He laughed. “Usually your aunt attends this event. What had to transpire to get the CEO here?”

“Several scheduling conflicts. Indra was upset that she could not attend. She says this is her favorite event of the year.”

“I see. Well, you should meet my son. Cage, get over here.”

“Oh, there you are!” A slightly husky voice caught Lexa’s attention and she turned to look over her right shoulder to find a stunning blonde in a gorgeous navy blue gown. It fit her body like it was made specifically for her and the color made her eyes sparkle like sapphires in the sun. She immediately sidled up next to Lexa and placed a soft hand on her shoulder. “Excuse me Mr. Wallace, but may I steal Miss Woods? She promised me she would be on time, and she most decidedly was not. We bet a dance on it.”

Dante chuckled. “Of course, Dr. Griffin. The night is still young, I’m sure we will find each other again before it’s through.”

The blonde smiled and grabbed Lexa’s hand. “I’m sure. Follow me, Lexa. Dance floor is this way.” Unsure of exactly why, she followed the blonde to the dance floor until the reached the unoccupied center. The blonde turn toward her a offered her hand which was immediately taken. Lexa’s other hand went instinctively to her waist as they began to sway to the gentle music.

“I get the feeling I should thank you for saving me back there. Although I don’t know you’re name to do it properly.”

“Dr. Clarke Griffin.” The blonde smiled.

“Well, thank you very much for saving me back there, Dr. Clarke Griffin. I appreciate it.”

“It seems to me that you don’t want to be here.” Clarke assessed. Lexa took the opportunity to spin her partner slowly, bringing her back into the same position. “Tell me if I’m wrong.”

“You’re not.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Why are you?”

“Not many doctors look this good in evening wear.”

“I’m not sure many people in general look as good as you do in evening wear, Doc.”

The blonde blushed slightly at the compliment. “It’s my job tonight to make this list of rich suckers empty their pockets.”

Lexa raised a brow, but smiled softly. “Am I one of those rich suckers on you list?”

“You? No. Your company always makes the same donation every year for the past twenty five years. It far surpasses everyone else’s contributions.” Clarke looked her in the eye softly. “Why is that?”

Lexa gently lifted their joined hands and placed Clarke’s on her chest. Then grabbed her fingers and pushed the tips down so the blonde could feel the scar just over her heart. Clarke takes control back of her own hand and gently slides her fingers along the length of the scar.

“Careful, this is a thousand dollar custom Armani shirt.” She smirked. Clarke rolled her eyes playfully, then looked back to where her fingers were still pressed. “I was four when my parents and I were in an accident. They were okay, relatively, but I died three times that night before they could stabilize me. Twice more at the the children’s hospital. But the doctors and the nurses never gave up. I’m here because of them, and my parents were forever grateful.”

“Someone once said to me, the healing power of a person’s mind is never as strong as when they are a child.” Clarke quoted and Lexa hummed in agreement.

“What’s your specialty?”


“You’re sort of magnificently brilliant, aren’t you?” Lexa smiled softly as the doctor shrugged. “So, Dr. Griffin. If you’re here, dancing with me, who is wooing all the rich suckers?”

“Oh, well. I sort of had an idea.”

Lexa smiled and raised a brow. “What is that?”

“You don’t want to be here, and I don’t want to be pawed at by old men who had one too many scotches. Scotch? What’s the plural?” Lexa smirked and shrugged. “How about, for tonight, you’re my date? Pretend we’re together, and you can help me take these suckers to the cleaners and build a new oncology wing in the process. I’m sure you love a good swindling, Miss CEO.”

“I won’t even try to deny that, Doc.” Lexa chuckled. “It sounds like a fun. Besides, it’s for the children, right?”

“Right.” Clarke laughed and pulled her in closer, moving her arms around Lexa’s neck, while two hands were placed gently on her waist. “Spin us around, will you?” Lexa did as she was asked. “Okay, see the bald guy over my right shoulder? That’s Charles Pike. He’s the co-founder of A&P Incorporated.”

“They try to be direct competition for Woods Inc.”

“Correct. He has a lot of personal wealth. His company is nowhere near as generous as yours with their employees, which I am sure you know. His downfall is his ego.”

“I know exactly how to play this one. Follow my lead.” The blonde nodded as her arms fell to her side. The brunette looked almost reluctant to pull away from the doctor. She made her way off the dance floor and came to a stop about three feet from Charles Pike. “Look, Clarke, I can appreciate the fact that the hospital is looking to expand. It’s just a plain and simple fact that Woods Inc is not in a place to pledge any more funds this year. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to look else where. Excuse me.” She turned to head back toward the bar, and bumped straight into Pike.Causing his drink to slosh onto his tie. “Oh. Please excuse me, I wasn’t paying attention, I apologize.”

“Here, let me help.” Clarke chimed in, grabbing a napkin from a nearby table. She patted the man’s tie, until the stain was no longer visible.

“You’re Charles Pike, aren’t you?” Lexa feigned ignorance. “Nice to meet you sir, Lexa Woods.” She stuck her hand out in introduction, which was firmly ignored. “I apologize again for my inattention.”

“Not to worry, Woods. Us little folk will be alright without your white knight act.” Charles snapped quickly. “Now, Dr. Griffin, it sounded like Miss Woods here was denying your request for additional funds, it that correct?”
“Why, yes sir. It is.” Clarke played along, and chanced a glance at Lexa who rolled her eyes and stepped back about ten feet. “She is an awfully pretty date, but a bit tight in the wallet.”

“I see.” Charles glanced over his shoulder at Lexa who was rolling up the sleeves on her overpriced shirt, flashing that fancy watch. “Well, maybe I could help the hospital out with some funds.”

Lexa made her way to the bar to order herself a drink, then realized she didn’t know what her ‘date’ would like. She glanced to the side of the bar to see an older couple talking. They were wearing name badges and she could just make out the name Griffin-Kane. She hesitated for a second before making her way over.

She approached the conversing couple and waited politely for a break in conversation. “Excuse me. I couldn’t help but notice you’re last name is Griffin-Kane. Would you by chance be related to Dr. Clarke Griffin?”

“I’m her mother, Dr. Abby Griffin-Kane and this is her step father Marcus Kane.” The older woman explained. The younger brunette stuck out her hand and introduced herself to them.

“Ma’am. I apologize, but your daughter has requested that I accompany her for the evening and I, well I don’t really know what she would like to drink. She’s doing such a good job of securing an extra donation from Mr. Pike right now.” Lexa looked over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of the blonde with her head tossed back in laughter, feeling an intense pull toward the infectious blonde. “I don’t think I should interrupt her.”

“Ah. I see. Well, she likes wine, reds mostly.” Abby revealed. “I’m glad to see you walking around here tonight Miss Woods. It’s not often I get to see my patients fight like you did and live.” 

Lexa looked to her confused and Abby gave her a sad smile. “I’m sorry. What?”

“I was the doctor in the ER that night you came in. We nearly lost you three times. Scary situation for anyone, let alone a four year old.”

“I don’t really know what to say to that, except for thank you. I am very glad I have been able to live my life.”

“I don’t do this job for thanks Lexa. I do it for that dopey little smile you just had when you looked at my daughter.” And with that comment, a smirking Abby Griffin-Kane pulled something out of Lexa that no person has managed to since she was about sixteen. A blush.

“I um.” She stammered.

“Go get the wine Lexa.”

Lexa nodded. “Yes ma’am.” Then she allowed her feet to carry her back to the bar, where she ordered a glass of red wine and a scotch. She turned and headed back toward where she had left Clarke, to find her just stepping away from Pike with a small white envelope in hand.

“Mission accomplished. You were fantastic on that set up.”

Lexa smiled and handed her the glass. “Glad I could be of assistance. Here, your mother said you are a fan of reds.”

Clarke’s eyes went wide. “You spoke to my mother?”

“I did. Oh, and apparently she is the one who saved my life all those years ago.” If it were possible for the doctor’s eyes to go wider, they did. She didn’t say anything, but Lexa could feel it coming. “Yes, really.”

“She never told me that. Huh. Thank you for the wine.”

“Of course, I know how to treat a date.” Lexa smirked. “Now, who’s next.”

“We’ll I was thinking we hit up the old guys. I wore this dress for a reason, I barely need to speak with them before they pull out their wallets.” 

“Clarke, you’re beautiful, and that dress is amazing. I don’t know how I feel about that whole scenario, though.” Lexa sighed.

“It’s okay Lexa, that wasn’t me being self-deprecating. I love my body. I am completely comfortable with it and the power it holds over dirty old men.” Lexa couldn’t help but chuckle at Clarke’s explanation and confidence.

“Alright, let’s do it.” Lexa relented. She held her arm out, bent at the elbow for the doctor to take. The first few tables, the men gawked at Clarke and were baffled by Lexa’s appearance at the event. They each coughed up a few grand. The fifth table is where they ran into trouble.

“Ah, Mr. Westin. Nice to see you again.” Clarke greeted the eighty-something year old man.

“The young Miss Griffin. Lovely as ever, please join me.” He gestured to the chair next to him. “Who is your friend, dear? She’s almost as lovely as you.” He said with his eyes glued to Clarke’s cleavage, which made Lexa cringe internally and clench her jaw tight.

“This is my date for the evening, Lexa Woods, CEO of Woods Inc. I’m sure a man of your business mind is familiar.” She took a the seat that was offered and nodded to Lexa to sit as well, which she did. “Lexa this is Baron Westin, but he goes by Barry.”

“Nice to meet you sir.” She leans over in her seat to shake his hand.

“Well, if my mind serves me right, I just shook hands with the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 top 20 company ever.”

Lexa nodded. “That is correct sir, but I can’t take credit for any of it. It was all my father’s doing.”

“Well, isn’t that how it always goes, dear?” He put his hand on Clarke’s knee. “A good man builds a great thing and woman swoops in and takes it. Good thing I sold all my stock in Woods Inc when Henry passed.” Lexa sat up straight and tried her hardest to hold her tongue. “You know dear.” He cooed at Clarke. “That stock dipped twenty two percent that day. Strong men make the world go round.” His hand attempted to slide a bit higher and inward, but Lexa caught him firmly by the wrist.

“First off. Take your dirty, misogynistic hand off my date. Who is a doctor. Not miss or dear. She earned that title.” Lexa growled low, so no one outside of the three of them could hear. “Secondly, my father died, sir. How dare you suggest I stole something from him. Lastly, you are correct, the stock dipped when my father died, as all stocks do when they lose their founder. However, we’re up nine percent from where we were before that dip a year ago. So, you lost out Mr. Westin. Oh and Clarke, give him that envelope, because, Mr. Westin here is going to make a sizable donation tonight.”

He bawlked. “Now, why on earth would I do that?”

Lexa smirked. “Well, you see. Dr. Griffin is an employee of the hospital who’s putting on tonight’s event. That means, what you just did there to her, well she can claim that as sexual harassment suffered in the workplace. Do you really think hospital lawyers are just going to let that go?” They waited at the table long enough for him to sign the donation pledge, then Lexa grabbed Clarke’s had, intertwined their fingers and led them away from the table. She got about fifteen feet before she stopped abruptly. She turned to face Clarke, who was still holding her hand. “If I double everything in those envelopes, would you meet your goal?”

The doctor narrowed her eyes and furrowed her brow, looking confused. “Yes.”

“That would mean your work here is done and you could leave, right?”

“Yes. Yes, it would.”

“Good, because I could think of about a million of things that we could do that would be more fun than watching you get gawked at by the geriatric society.”

Clarke chuckled softly. “Is that your version if ‘let’s get out of here’?” Lexa smirked and nodded. “Meet me by the door in five minutes.”

The CEO gathered her jacket and moved toward the door then glanced at her watch. 9:49pm. She texted Gustus that she would not need his services tonight as she waited for Clarke, who appeared a moment later.

“Do you have a coat?”

“No, I got ready upstairs in my mom and Marcus’ room.” Lexa draped her jacket around her date’s shoulders then offered her arm again. As they hit the sidewalk outside, Lexa realized she did not have a plan.

“Where would you like to go, Doc?”

“Hmm. Surprise me.”

“Would you like to change, or are you comfortable?”

“Depends on where you’re taking me, Woods.”

“How do you feel about art?”

Clarke small smile quickly twisted into a full blown grin. “It’s high on my list of enjoyable things.”

“Well, what’s at the top?”

The grin turned into a smirk. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“I know a place, but we are a bit overdressed. I’m fine with that, because it happens to me all the time, but would you be okay?”

“Yes.” The blonde nodded eagerly. “Let’s go.” Lexa hailed a cab and they made their way across town. The car ride was quiet, but not uncomfortable. Clarke found herself playing with Lexa’s fingers on her left hand, then she flipped it over and traced the lines of her palm slowly.

“We’re here.” Lexa whispered. “Stay put for a second.” She slid out of the car, paid the driver and made her way around to the side Clarke was seated on. She opened the door and offered her date a hand, which was taken. They made their way inside of a small cafe.

“What is this place?”

“This is TonDC. It’s technically a bar.” Lexa explained. “But they showcase local artists, and all the walls are chalk board surface, so their patrons can participate in art as well.” She led Clarke to the first wall of artist submissions, hands still intertwined. They stood in front of the largest painting on the wall and studied it.

“This artist is very sad.” Clarke assessed. “It’s beautifully tragic.” Lexa hummed in agreement, before they were interrupted by a soft voice.

“Hello, and welcome to TonDC. Can I get you ladies anythi- oh, hey Lexa.”

Clarke watched as Lexa squared her shoulders slightly and bristled at the woman. “Costia. Hello, I was unaware you worked here.”

“It’s alright Lexa, we’re adults. Besides, Bellamy told me you come here often when he hired me.”

Lexa nodded stiffly. “This is Dr. Clarke Griffin. Clarke this is Costia Jones.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss Jones.” They shook hands softly.

“So, would you ladies like anything to drink?”

Lexa shook her head. “No thank you. I would like to show Clarke the roof.”

“Of course.” Costia pulled a key on a lanyard from her pocket and handed it over. Lexa reached for the doctor’s hand again and lead her through a back corridor and up a flight of stairs. She pushed open the door at the top and revealed a dark rooftop patio. She made her way over to a small covered area and flipped the power on, lighting the rooftop with soft white light.

“Lexa.” Clarke breathed out like a prayer, overwhelmed by the sight. “This is beautiful.” There was a large abstract mural on the wall of the building. Lexa made her way back over to where the doctor was approaching slowly, deciding to be bold, she brushed blonde hair of her shoulder and off to the side and slipped her arms around her waist from behind.

“You’re beautiful.” The CEO whispered and pressed a small kiss to Clarke’s bare shoulder. The doctor’s breath hitched and she turned in Lexa’s arms. She brought her hands to Lexa’s face, cupping it gently.

“I want to stop pretending now. You’re by far the best date I’ve ever had, and I need it to be real.” She leaned in slowly and pressed their lips softly together.

“I stopped pretending five minutes after you asked me.”

One Year Later

“You’re on time this year, Miss Woods. Does that mean Dr. Griffin won’t be stealing you away this time?” Dante Wallace laughed from next to Lexa in line for drinks.

“Not on my life Dante.” Clarke answered from behind him, making her way over. She stepped into Lexa’s space. “Hi.”

Lexa pecked her on the lips. “Hello, Love. How’s it going so far?”

“Decently, but I could use some assistance with Westin after you get our drinks. Oh and Mom and Marcus want to do drinks after.” Clarke kissed her again.

Lexa rolled her eyes at the mention of the old man’s name. “Westin’s here?”

“Not Barry. His son David.”

“Okay, why don’t you head over and I’ll join you as soon as I get the drinks.” Clarke nodded then kissed her cheek.

“Love you.”

“I know.” Lexa replied with a cheeky grin.

“Ah. Young love.” Wallace sighed out happily.

He Had It Comin’

Anon asked: A modern AU with Poe as a vocal coach and the Reader as a Broadway choreographer and the cast is just so done with the fact that their teachers are so clearly into eachother from every single rehearsal that they practically force them to date after the show’s over.

Author: Zoe

(A/N: MY WEAKNESS. This is it, I absolutely love Broadway. I decided to make the musical ‘Chicago!’)

Broadway AU: Poe Dameron x Reader

Plot Summary: The dance combinations for ‘Chicago’ are incredibly hard, as well as the singing, so you and Poe have teamed up to help out the chorus in the show. Working on each piece, however, the cast had begun to notice the unrelenting attraction between their teachers, groaning with every flirt followed by each sassy, sultry remark. That’s when they decide to take action on opening night.

Originally posted by stagecoachjessi

“Alright, from the top!” You stretched as Poe took his place beside you, preparing for the combination.

“Finn, key of F minor if you don’t mind.” Finn put a thumbs up, setting up the sheet music at the piano.

“Remember, just spot the movements. Y/N and I will demonstrate as she follows along with your chorus. Make sure you are in the right key!” Poe raised his hand, counting them in as they sung the key, before returning to you.

“Ready?” You asked, smirking slyly.

“Only when you are, honey.” He replied, grinning as the ensemble sighed.

“And five, six, seven, eight!”

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breachy-breeches  asked:

Alright Hailey, was just listening to Smooth ft Rob Thomas by Santana (pure classic &asexual 👌)idk you take prompts now but here's the scenario/headcanon. MC is a professional dancer (who's a regularly participants in international dance sport) RFA members (including V & Saeran) walk in seeing their s/o wear a bright red dress with high heels (or MC's a guy who's in his black dance wear) dancing Cha Cha to the song ;D

A/N: my friEND SMOOTH IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SONGS AND HAS BEEN SINCE I WAS A KID AND I JUST- HHHNNNN just know that im singing this song the whole time~ ~Admin 404

I’m just gonna spin a wheel and let it decide whose MC is female and whose MC is male~


               -Where did you go some nights?

               -You promised to play some LOLOL with him and the guild but you would… disappear? And when you came back you were always extremely sweaty and that concerned him


               -P A N I C

               -He followed you one day to find out the Truth™, Detective Yoosung on the case!

               -You went to this studio type building, he slipped in behind you and went into hiding behind some curtains, watching to see where you went. It looked like some sort of dance floor, there were speakers around the room, with a phone plugged in via aux chord. Some older woman walked out onto the floor in some heels, tapping one of them in impatience

               -“MC! If you expect to win at this upcoming competition, I suggest you hurry out here so we can practice!” she called as you walked into the room in a sharp suit. Yoosung had to physically cover his mouth to stop him from gasping. A blush crept across his face because you looked amazing dressed up like that- it was a different look from your casual attire, but he loved both!

               -The guitar riffs bounced off the walls as you and your partner make your way around the room, her heels clicking against the floor, as the both of you danced to the beat, hand in hand before breaking away to dance side by side

               -When you turned to face the same direction he was in, he couldn’t stop himself from coming out of hiding with a huge smile on his face. His laughter and cheering was loud enough to hear over the music, causing you to stop in your tracks and your partner ran into the side of you

               -You paused the music as Yoosung apologized profusely  for ruining your practice, he just couldn’t believe how good you were? He had never learned dance moves like this and he thought they were really cool! The shy blush on your face told him you just felt embarrassed to confess about it to him and he was okay with it- he forgave you! Your partner told him about the latest dance competition and how the two of you were going to compete with that routine and his smile lit up! He vowed to be your number one fan, and to be the loudest one there, cheering for the both of you, because he cannot imagine the amount of talent and work that goes into learning the routine and he was definitely ready to support you from then on!

*ZEN: (Female!MC)

               -He wanted to learn a few different dances so he could add them to his resume, you know, spice it up a bit!

               -He asked a friend to set him up with a great dance instructor, but not just /any/ instructor

               -So, one of his other acting buddies decided to take him to the national dance competition, so he could scope out his own instructor or catch a glance at the one they were going to suggest

               -“No, no, no, none of these are dazzling enough… I need to learn something that can really wow everyone!”

               -He was looking for something fun, something fast-paced but slow just when needed… something sexy, like him!

               -The main dance floor caught his eye, listening as the announcement of the national champions entering the room blared over the speaker.

               -A familiar song started to play, he watched as a sharp dressed man made his way expertly across the floor, holding his hand out for his partner to join in

               -From the corner of his eye, Zen watched as a woman practically floated across the wooden floor, meeting with her partner and stepping in time together. Their movements fast and precise, he could definitely see why they were the national champions. They moved so quickly he couldn’t catch the woman’s face. Her hair reminded him of yours… in fact, a lot of this woman reminded him of you?

               -You and your partner had your grand finale- your body now facing Zen head on so he can get a clear look at you. After taking in the fact that, holy shit that is HIS MC out there on that dance floor, he is immediately taking in your outfit. Bright red, body-forming dress paired with shiny pumps, you were looking sexy and bright- he was melting just looking at you. But he’s trying to wrap his head around the fact that you… were a national dance champion. You, his beautiful MC…. the both of you were now The Amazing Performing Duo™!!!!

               -He ran up to you as you were leaving the floor, he actually scared the hell out of you and you were ready to dig that high heel of yours into his leg- until you saw that it was really him that is. You listened, watching as his eyes gleamed with excitement and his lips move a mile a minute- compliment after compliment, his surprise imminent in his body language. You promised to teach him everything you knew, so long as he was committed to the hard work, which of course he was!

*JAEHEE: (Female!MC)

               -After a long day at work, she couldn’t wait to come home and see you!

               -There was music blaring before she even opened the front door, and she was curious as to what you were doing

               -She recognized the song as one you’ve been listening to for a few weeks at a time on repeat. But why? Sure, it was a good song, but you seemed to always be lost in thought when you had it on, almost as if you were analyzing each and every part of it

               -And now she would find out why

               -With your high heels clicking across the floor, your red dress moving and flowing to the rhythm of your hips, she was captivated with not only your appearance, but the determination in your face as you plan and organize every movement in time with the song’s beat

               -The way your hair bounced around, always a step behind you, it framing your face at the most beautiful times- she was dazzled and couldn’t look away. You looked as if you were an expert- which you were

               -She dropped all her paperwork when you were finished just so she could clap like crazy, letting you know of her presence and her absolute thrill!

               -Couldn’t stop herself from talking nonstop, mumbling and blushing, trying to get out the words and questions she had about how you learned to dance like that

               -You told her you had grown up doing it! You usually had a partner and would attend competitions, but you haven’t performed in years and had just wanted to get back into it

               -Which she was 100% for! You can bet your sweet ass she’s there every time you practice, signing you up for competitions, helping you pick new music and piece together routines. Her love is in performing arts!!! She’s so excited!

*JUMIN: (Male!MC)

               -Another day another important business party

               -He hates coming to these things but knows for the sake of his company, he has to attend

               -So now he just makes you go as well! “MC, I don’t want to suffer through these alone anymore. Now I have you to keep me compan- MC get back out here you can’t just hide in the bedroom!”

               -After being dragged against your will arriving at the party, there were many eyes on the two of you the moment you entered the room

               -Jumin tried to reassure you that it’s common, and they could stare all they wanted since their gazes meant nothing to him

               -Nervous laughter bubbled up from the back of your throat as you nodded in agreement, knowing full well that they were staring at you for other reasons you have yet to tell your boyfriend

               -Later into the evening, the two of you had been separated and were wrapped up into different conversations. The man talking to him kept complimenting him for “catching” you, asking how well he was able to keep up? He kept calling you a “firecracker”? What in the world was he talking about?

               -The man pulled up a video from online from last year’s national dancing competition, and staring at him from the small screen was your bright smile in a dazzling black suit and tie, holding your partners hand in the air. He watched as your intricate foot work took the dance floor, spinning your partner around, stepping in time with each other and shaking your hips faster than he’s ever seen you move

               -He was conflicted. He wanted to sit and watch your body move so fluidly over and over again. Yet, he also wanted to remove all versions of this video because he didn’t want anyone else to see how majestic, amazing, and sexy you were. He wanted all of you all to himself, dance moves and everything

               -You jumped when you felt his breath against the back of your ear, he was whispering soft words of love and raspy sexual innuendos about Cha-cha-ing with him in bed later that night which made your face turn as red as the vest you wore in that dance video


               -He’s already seen your video online!!!

               -Has practiced alone in his room for /such/ a long time before he actually got a chance to meet you in person

               -The two of you are constantly dancing with each other around the house, nothing too fancy

               -He’s always telling you how he’s in love with how you move and how handsome you look in your dance outfits

               -The little brat throws himself across any and every object in exasperation at how sexy you are

               -/Totally not constantly asking you to show him the way your hips move in bed?? What are you talking about???/

               -You’ve noticed he’s been trying to copy a few of your old partners moves to the song Smooth, and you decided to plan a surprise for him!

               -You left a gift for him on the bed. A stunning red dress with a wig and high heels lay in wait for him to change into while music played softly in the living room. Once changed, he came out to find all of the furniture pushed to the walls of the room, stacked in front of the hallway, anywhere to be out of the way. He could hear the soft beat of the song playing from a nearby speaker and he couldn’t keep his smile off his face

               -He kept up surprisingly well! He had studied very hard, because he wanted to be a worthy partner! There were moments where you had dipped him and he found himself losing himself in your eyes and how amazing you looked in your sharp suit, but he had to snap himself out of it so he could focus on showing you his skills! With the final move, he leaned in close to your face, ready to plant a kiss on you when Saeran’s voice broke you two out of your dancing spell


*DADDV: (Female!MC)

               -You’ve always attended all of his photo galleries so of course he would support you in whatever you wanted to do!

               -The moment you told him that you were a national champion in dancing, he was ecstatic!

               -You were in the arts and he was excited about it! Even if it was a different kind of art, it was still so creative and beautiful, and he thought it said a lot about you

               -So he asked to photography you at your latest competition!

               -He set up multiple cameras to record and take rapid shots as he got ready to take some closer ones with his handheld one

               -You and your partner had picked such a great song, he was moving around to it himself, so he definitely couldn’t wait to see how fluidly and gracefully your body would move

               -The way your hair and dress seemed to move together, flowing behind you. The way your hips moved in time with your high heeled clad feet- everything captivated him. He was afraid he was going to forget to take photos

               -Some of the shots he got were mesmerizing. He thought you looked like an absolute goddess. It was almost as if your red dress acted as your wings- every time you twisted or spun around the bottom would fan out and he was sure to get many pictures of it

               -His next gallery was sure to be full of the shots he got of you at just this competition. He couldn’t wait to follow you to each and every one from now on

               -Was sure to ask you to have a private lesson at home so he could get intimate photos of the two of you bonding over something so beautiful- something that embodied you in every perfect way he could think of

*SAERAN: (Female!MC)

               -I hardcore believe that he loves this song and its one of his top 5’s

               -So when he hears it playing in the living room, he practically runs from the bedroom to peek around the corner

               -He has to make sure it wasn’t his brother playing it just to get him to come out, after all!

               -But what he saw was definitely not his brother- he can tell your body from a mile away

               -And your body was clad with a bright, body-con, red dress paired with some killer heels

               -Couldn’t help but stare, not just because he loved your outfit, but because he loved the way your body seemed to be moving

               -The way your hips moved, the way you could twist and spin your body, it was all amazing…

               -He didn’t know you could move like that?? So gracefully, so quickly, so… sexually?

               -Watches you until the song’s over. Afterwards, he’s asking you to do it again and again. He wants to watch and study every single movement your body makes. He wants to memorize everything from the curve of your hips to the toes of your heels that hover half an inch off the floor. Videos of past dance competitions are played on repeat, notes and screenshots scattered about the floor. You would think he was creepy and obsessed with you but in reality, all of the notes were about the dance moves instead? Was he trying to learn how the moves worked?

               -That is indeed what he was doing. You walk in on him one day attempting to recreate your moves in more of a leading man’s way. You couldn’t help but smile at his dedication and at how cute he was trying to do this all on his own instead of just asking you to help. The moment he feels your presence though, he’s a blushing, stuttering mess and has to push you out of the room to calm down, constantly denying that he was doing anything


Klance- Confessions

“Now, I’m starting to think you’re doing this on purpose, just to force me to put you to rights. For gods sake, you’re a mess.”

Lance’s breath stuttered as Keith reached out, palms smoothing down Lance’s shirt, fingers adjusting his tie so the silken knot pressed firmly against the hollow of his throat. Just a fraction too tight. Lance swallowed. Keith did it all if it was the most natural thing in the world. As if every skim of touch didn’t send goosebumps along Lance’s skin.

“There,” Keith continued. “Much better.”

“What if I was?” Lance blurted out. “What if I was doing it on purpose?”

Keith froze. His fingers idly hovering above the tie. He glanced up, locking eyes with Lance. His lips parted as a small whispered word brushed across his lips and into Lance’s ear.

“What?” He let out a breathy laugh giving an awkward smile. “What do you mean?” Lance’s breath faltered. He knew he had just made an irreversible mistake.

“It’s nothing,” He grumbled. He hopped of the counter, pushing Keith out from his-slightly awkward- position in between Lance’s legs. Lance pushed open the doors, and walked back into the giant ballroom.

Keith stood there, frozen, trying to process Lance’s words. What did he mean by that?

Shiro’s return had sparked a new hope for the Paladins.

The citizens of some of the nearby planets had soon heard of the black paldin’s escape from zarkon. And in honour of Shiro’s escape, they celebrated.

Lance could see Allura over by the drinks with Shiro. The two of them were getting close. He cast his glance downward. Why couldn’t he and Keith be that way? Shiro and Allura were probably discussing some sort of war tactic or other. He didn’t want to intrude in their little reunion. He looked up and spotted the dance floor.

Bodies rapidly moving from one end to another. Partners changing as their bodies mixed together in melted forms. Taking a deep breath, he stretched his lips up into a thin smile and entered the mass of bodies.

The song continuously played on as he danced with every alien on the dance floor. He would rapidly spin with whoever had as his partner before spinning into the arms of another partner.

The dancers continued like this, all of them mesmerized by Lance’s ability to dance. He gracefully moved throughout the crowd, flowing from dance partner to partner as if it were the most naturel thing.

Keith stayed out at the side. He watched as Lance effortlessly moved through each dance. What could he have possibly meant by what he said?

An arm reached out and dragged Keith into the dance. He let out a small yelp of surprise before being cast into an aliens arms. He didn’t know what he was doing.

Not like Lance did.

His hips and feet moved gracefully throughout the crowd as he danced along with the music. Keith merely stumbled and tripped throughout the crowd. His eyes glued to Lance was not helping him either.

After a few different partners, Keith was twirled into the arms of Lance. Quite literally in fact. He stared up at Lance as the song slowed down. The two boys looked around and noticed the others partnering off.

Hunk was with shay, Shiro with Allura, and pidge sitting on the ground over by the food on her altean computer.

Lance blushed and let out a small huff. He grabbed Keith’s hands and pressed their bodies together. One of Lance’s hands rested on Keith’s hips while the other was tangled with Keith’s hand. He could feel Keith’s arm resting on his shoulder, he could feel as Keith played with strands of hair.

The two of them continued to dance in silence, each being carried away by their own thoughts of the other. Keith was the first to break the silence.

“What did you mean?”

“Huh?” Lance played dumb. He had slipped up, and Keith was close to finding out. These stupid feelings just had to be for Keith.

“Back in the kitchen,” Keith said. “When I was fixing your stupid tie. You said you were doing it on purpose. Why?”

Lance stuttered and tried to get away. Keith’s tight grasp on him restrained Lance from moving more than 4 inches away from the shorter boy. He sighed in defeat.

“Can we talk somewhere else?” Keith nodded and held Lance’s hand, guiding him through the crowd. They found a utility closet over by the side lines of the ball.

It was smaller than they had originally thought.

Their bodies were pressed together, their chests touching. Lance could feel Keith’s breath graze his own lips. The dimly lit closet barely gave enough light to see the blush on Keith’s cheeks.

“Now,” he said. “Explain.” Lance took a deep breath. What was the worse that could happen?

“I meant, I like you.”

“Dipshit we’re friends, of course you like me.” Lance let out a sigh.

“I mean, like, /like/ you.”

“Okay. Pretty sure friends have to like each other.” Lance gave a frustrated groan before giving up.

“Lance, what does that have to do with-” Keith was cut short by Lance’s lips crashing against his own. Lance held onto Keith’s hips as Keith stayed frozen in surprise. His eyes wide open and his arms still in the air. Slowly, he closed his eyes and let his arms drop.

He wrapped his arms around Lance’s neck and melted into the kiss. Keith jumped up, wrapping his legs around Lance’s hips. Lance’s arm shot out against the wall as he pressed Keith up against the wall. Keith broke away to trail small kisses along Lance’s jaw line.

“See,” he panted. “Oh god- see what I meant now?” Keith mumbled a “shut up” before locking his lips back to Lance’s neck. Lance groaned as he threw his head back.

How would he explain the small marks on his neck to the rest of the team the next morning?

Thinking about VM’s FD lifts…

1.  The leap of faith jump.  I mean, that entry is everything.  It’s unexpected and difficult and sharp.  Scott starts the rotation himself, and he was so centered here (an important point in this years rules regarding stationary lifts).  They change positions seamlessly, and though Tessa’s skate touches the ice to finish the official lift, the choreography continues in that same vein, and makes the lift feel even more substantial (and of course reach a level 4).

2.  The Carmen/Latch hybrid.  So obviously, the entry is from Carmen - personally I’m excited they’re using it again.  It is such a dramatic, audience-gasps! entry - and in an Olympic year, many people watching the Olympics won’t have seen it before.  It deserves to be seen.  Plus, it is the type of lift that really works with this passionate type of music. 

But unlike the Carmen lift, as Tessa drops down from Scott’s shoulders, it is a completely different movement, which means they had to train a new and difficult transition to get from one section of the lift to another.  Both lifts are absolutely incredible, but even though this one goes into the Latch position, think about what they have to do, to get her body into that - her legs go from being closest to his head, and when she flips down out of that, they also have to shift so that instead her head is near his.  (And like the music, the lift goes from bombastic to tender in a heartbeat, LOL.)  (Oh, and like all short lifts, all of this must be accomplished in 7 seconds or less, or they face a deduction.  7 seconds.  Plus hit a certain number of rotations to get a level 4, plus never accidently stop the rotation.  There is a lot happening here… in 7 seconds.)

3.  The Prince lift.  Yes, it is repeated, though Tessa has changed the arm movements to fit the theme, and it hits a perfect point of the music for this type of lift.  The music soars, and so does she.  Look at the improved position she hits, especially from when this lift debuted.  Then, they changed the exit completely.  Remember, she used to do a kind of flip down onto his shoulder, and then they exited on a synchronized lunge.  Here, Scott gently sets her down so her skate touches the ice (and therefore falls under that 7 second rule), but then like the first lift, immediately she is lifted again and onto his thigh for a thematic and tender moment.  Again it ‘extends’ the lift for a bigger impact and levels.

a gifset of the first lift: x

a photographic breakdown of the entry to the Carmen lift: x

a comparison gifset of the Carmen/MR lift: x

stupid screenshots but to illustrate my point Prince lift:

(As for the SD lift, yes, it’s an oldie but a goodie, too.  My request is that someone gif that thing, for it is a feat of technical prowess.  There is not a single moment in that lift that isn’t difficult.  The entry is a twist, into an upright position; then she has to swing her free leg up around Scott’s neck, briefly putting her upside down before she and Scott hold hands behind her back (and he actually has a free hand here!); then they let go of hands and he has her at the waist, which is good since he’s guiding her leg back across him so he can set her down – one handed.  Yeah, for just a moment, as he’s putting her down on the ice - and not dropping her down, but setting her down, he’s only got one hand on her, and she’s got a single hand on his thigh.  But they’re secure enough that she can immediately go into a partnered spin and then into a drop.  This is not a lift that should be dismissed.  Plus, IIRC, they haven’t used it since the 2011/2012 season, so I think that maybe they had to do some training to get that baby back.)

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Hey, since you're reading Deckerstar fics, do you have any recs?

Wow, I have so many, but here are a couple I’m currently reading:

Plus any tumblr prompts posted in asks :)

Alex Headcannons

- Alex spends every Sunday playing cards with Evelyn

- He used gridball as a way to release his anger

- When Alex’s mom was sick, he sat by her bed and they watched gridball matches together

-Penny reminds Alex of his mother, she’s sweet, smart, and she believes in him

- Alex can’t wait to become a father and throw the gridball around with his kids

- Alex loves picking up his partner and spinning them over his head

- He is terrified of spiders

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Some fluff Alex headcannons?

  • He likes to pick up his partner bridal style and spin them.
  • Also throw them over his shoulder.
  • He can cook basic foods, and likes to cook his partner breakfast.
  • He loves kissing his partner’s hair.
  • His ultimate date is watching a game with his partner.
  • He will make his partner picnics and take them to the spring onion field.

Relationship: Tim Drake x Reader

Summary: You accidentally flung your shoe across the ballroom and hit Tim in the back…or was it an accident?

Key: Y/N= your name, Y/F/C= your favorite color

Your parents were the uppity-up stuck up kind of people in Gotham. They weren’t Bruce Wayne rich, but god they were rich enough to get invited to those crappy galas with all the other rich old people. Your parents always ended up sending you off to dance with some child of a family they wanted to do big business with.

This gala was no different. Your parents were trying to expand their company and you were so unfortunate that they had a son, probably nine years old, that they dragged along. As you dance with the little twerp, you saw a boy across the floor. His dark hair was combed back, but you could tell it was shaggy, and his blue eyes laid dully on the scene before him. He was handsome, you felt glued to him, but you were busy entertaining a little ‘angel’.

This was complete crap.

Tim didn’t want to go to the gala. He finally had a big break in his case when Jason kicked down his door, literally, and dragged him out of his room. Tim didn’t go without a fight though, he kicked and punched Jason, yelling at him. It got so bad that Dick intervened, telling them both to grow up and get dressed. 

With the events leading up to the gala, it was understandable that Tim wasn’t ecstatic to be there. He watched as the old business men and their wives chatted with other couples. He set his dead gaze upon the dance floor, unenthralled, then his eyes landed on you. You were wearing a dazzling Y/F/C floor-length dress. Your hair was in a fabulous up-do and your eyes were shinning even though you were stuck with a child latched on your arms. 

He was captivated by you.

The night was just as any other night had been before, except the boy.  Every time you were dragged out on the dance floor, you saw him, but the more often you went out, the more you’ve noticed the boy looking at you. On your latest escapade, with a man probably in his early twenties, you couldn’t stand just watching, waiting for the boy to ask you to dance, and you most certainly didn’t want to wait around for another set up.

The dance had a bit were one partner would spin the other up in the air. It was your least favorite dance, but you were going to use this to your advantage. You prepared for the lift, letting your shoe hang loose on your foot. If you timed it just right, you would be lifted right in front of the boy. And….WACK.

It was perfect.

Tim had turned to tell Damian off about one thing or another when he felt a hard wack on his back. He stumbled forward a bit, catching himself, before he spun around and found no one but a shoe. He picked it up and studied it. Tim scanned the room and saw you and some man had stopped dancing. The man was looking at the floor, but you were looking at Tim. He glanced the shoe then to you, and back again.

“Dude for being a super genius, you’re super stupid,” Jason heckled. Tim just glared at him and walked over to you.

You met him halfway, leaving your partner to look for your shoe on his own. When Tim met you, he looked at you awkwardly, shifting from one foot to the other.

“Hi.” You gave him a small wave. Tim just nodded. You looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to either say something or hand you your shoe. “Thanks for finding it.”

“Find what? Oh, Oh! Yea this, no problem,” Tim began to mutter nonsense, waving your shoe around everywhere. You reached for it, but Tim would move it too quickly.

“Excuse-hey, sorry. Excuse me!” Your shout stopped Tim in his tracks. “Sorry, but, I kinda need my shoe back.”

Tim just laughed handing you your shoe back. “So,” he started swaying, “What’s your name?”

“Y/N, and you?”


“So, who dragged you here,” you questioned with a smirk.

“My brothers and my dad,” realizing you didn’t know who he was talking about, “I’m with the Waynes.” He watched as you put the pieces together.

Your mouth formed a small ‘oh’. You thought about it for a minute then smiled, “I’m sure my parents would love for me to talk to a Wayne,” you scooted closer to him, “Good for business.” You winked and Tim gulped.

“You wouldn’t want to dance, would you?”

You chuckled, “With you? I’ll even try to keep my shoes on.”

my wish | kth

pairing: taehyung/you

genre: fluff, makeup artist!reader

word count: 1923

Everybody says your job is a dream job. It’s true. Who wouldn’t think so?

You drew a pretty line in deep espresso over the top and the thinnest layer below Taehyung’s eye. Applying a shade of rose gold, you gently blended the eyeshadow on his eyelids. 

“All done and pretty,” you said jokingly as you put aside your brushes and your palette. He let out a soft chuckle that sent warmth through you. You felt heat rising in your cheeks as he replied, “Says the one.” 

It’s a dream job. But it is not part of the dream to have sparks ignited within you, have palpitations as though your heart is about to burst out of your chest, the inability to focus, every single time you see Taehyung.

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Aro Harry hates that he is expected to participate in the yule ball, but can't quite figure out why. He knows that everyone's eyes are on him and the other triwizard tournament contestants, though, so he plays along. -H

‘I didn’t even choose to be in this tournament, why do I have to follow the worst of its rules?!’ Harry wondered.

Everyone seemed to have Yule Ball Fever. He couldn’t walk through the halls or have a peaceful moment in the common room without hearing about who everyone wanted to ask or who they wanted to avoid. Harry just wanted to focus on passing classes and not dying in the next task, but both were impossible at this point. It seemed that everyday he didn’t have a date, the pressure grew stronger. And everyday another Triwizard Champion found a date seemed like a death knell. At last Harry Potter was one of the last left (Champion or otherwise) who didn’t have a date for the dance on Christmas.

One day in the library, Harry scratched out a short list of everyone he knew who didn’t have dates yet. He only had one good friend still on the list, Ron, and Harry couldn’t ask him because they were both terrible dancers. He needed someone who would help him make it through the opening dance and who would understand that they were only going to the dance as friends.

Harry looked out the window hoping to see something that would end all this, like the Beauxbatons carriage and Durmstrang ship leaving the grounds. Or a giant meteor. Instead, he saw dancing. 

A group of Ravenclaws and a few Gryffindors were showing Roger Davies how to dance. The Triwizard Champions and their dates had had plenty of practice, but Roger was like Harry. Nervous with two left feet. Padma Patil dragged him over, gave him a lot of instructions, adjusted his hand on her waist, and… Roger danced more gracefully with Padma than Harry had ever seen him do in practice. They switched partners, Roger spinning off with Marietta Edgecombe and Padma joining up with her sister. Parvati and Padma outshone everyone else at the impromptu dance. 

The Patil twins were on Harry’s list, and he had even heard Parvati give an impassioned speech at the dinner table about how it’s wrong to think that everyone wants or needs a romantic relationship. He would be able to explain himself to Parvati, and hopefully she would still say yes. She was his only hope.

Harry swept his quills and papers into his bag and practically sprinted out the library doors.

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