partner spinning

Turbulence in LA

My favorite highlights

BamBam calling his partner a Queen

Mark picking his partner up and spinning her around

Yugyeom singing his hard carry lines but still sounding the same

Youngjae hitting his If You Do high note and singing to Elliot Yamin

Jinyoung king of hacky sack

Jackson still hype even though he doesn’t feel good

Darth Jaebum during If You Do

I really want to thank JYP for letting our boys come back to the states to see us. It means a lot truly especially during this crazy time we are having. There were so many memorable moments for me even though I did not attend. Watching it through my phone screen was a blessing in itself because I really felt like I was there. I am beyond happy my baby boy Youngjae got to meet his idol and will do a possible collaboration. I want to thank GOT7 for working so hard each and every day to continue to make us smile and have songs to get lit to and songs that get us deep in the feels. I will continue to support and respect them. Thank you so much for everything. Until next time GOT7. ♡

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Having a gym partner is one of the best ways I stay motivated. Whenever I’m tired, lazy, not in the mood, I always have a friend to pull me out of my slump and work it off at the gym instead.

* “I regret that workout. Said no one ever” *

Little early, but Motivation Monday!

i’ve never watched twin peaks before, but everyone’s been talking about how riverdale is so much like twin peaks so i got intrigued and started it today. anyway i just finished the first episode, and….oh my god, there is SO much cheating in this show..every damn person is cheating on their partner with someone else, who is probably also cheating on their head is spinning