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A little more on Quantum Entanglement and Teleportation

Fundamental particles all have a quantum state called spin. Quantum entanglement means that if one particle has a spin of up, then its partner will have a spin of down and any change in the quantum state of one particle will alter the spin of the other.

Everything in the universe is made up of the fundamental quantum bits and that allows us to view everything as a collection of information stored in qubits. We are not entirely sure how quantum teleportation works but it could be some sort quantum tunnel that opens allowing the quit to bypass spacetime. Multiple experiments have been done demonstrating that the electronic state of an atom can be transferred from one place to another instantaneously.

Drinking Games (2500 Follower Giveaway Fic #21)

For @ahn-juhl-ras, who requested a fic based on this prompt: Imagine that your OTP are enemies of some sort and are fighting furiously and Person A is trying to scream “fuck you” and “fight me” at the same time and ends up screaming “fuck me” really loud at Person B in front of all their friends and it gets really quiet until Person B goes ‘why not’ and kisses A. Turns out they liked each other all along and fluff ensues and their friends just go “FINALLY”.”

And, well, kind of, if you use “based on” loosely.

E/R, Modern AU, developing relationship, all of the shenanigans.

Courfeyrac propped himself up on his elbows and fluttered his eyelashes at Enjolras, who pulled his laptop closer and did his best to ignore him. “Enjy,” Courfeyrac said in a sing-song voice, sticking his bottom lip out in a pout. “You can’t spend all night on your laptop. Come play with us.”

“Firstly, I can in fact spend all night on my laptop if I want,” Enjolras said. “And secondly, I’m not playing King’s Cup with Combeferre ever again. You know that Rule Master goes to his head.”

As if to reinforce Enjolras’s point, across the room, Combeferre pointed at Grantaire and exclaimed triumphantly, “You didn’t say it! You have to drink!”

Grantaire gave Combeferre the finger but willing drained his red Solo cup, and Courfeyrac shrugged as he gave Enjolras his most winning smile. “Yeah, but we’re done with King’s Cup now, and Combeferre is only enforcing one specific rule for the rest of the evening, and only because Grantaire told him that he didn’t give a flying fuck if he was Rule Master so he’s being punished.”

Enjolras considered that for a moment. “Fair.” He frowned at Courfeyrac. “So if you’re not playing King’s Cup anymore, what exactly are you trying to convince me to play?”

“Just a little game I like to call…Spin the bottle.”

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Let’s Pretend

Lexa pulled at her black tie and then adjusted her cuff link on her right wrist. The air in the back of the car felt stuffy, constricting, god she hated these events. The car slowed to a stop and the driver looked into the rear view.

“We’re here, ma’am. Just another second and it’ll be your turn to exit.” The man said. She hadn’t bothered to learn his name because his service was a one time deal. Gustus would be picking her up from the event at 11:00pm sharp. She looked to her watch, an overly expensive Hublot, and sighed. 8:00pm, on the dot. Three hours, just three hours. She could do this, it’s for the children. The door to the car was wrenched open and she stepped out quickly. She made her way inside the building, Polis, a posh hotel on the east side of the city.

She was greeted by the bright smile of a perky hostess. “Welcome to Arkadia Children’s Hospital’s Annual Benefit Gala, Miss Woods. If you would follow Jasper here, he will show you to your table.” The lanky boy smiled at her then turned and made his way inside the ballroom. It was the cocktail portion of the event, where people who don’t know or like each other pretended they do. They arrived at her table, at the very front of the seating area.

“Cocktails are being served now, unfortunately you missed the dinner service, but I can get you something if you’d like, Miss Woods.”

“Thank you Jasper, but that won’t be necessary.” He nodded and walked away. She still felt constricted, so she removed her jacket and placed it neatly on the back of her chair, leaving her in a deep red button down, her favorite black tie, perfectly tailored black slacks, and black Oxford’s. She was almost immediately tapped on the shoulder by an older man.

“Miss Woods, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Dante Wallace.” He smiled and offered his hand, which she took firmly and shook.

“Mr. Wallace, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” She smiled her best ‘I’m still not sure I know why I agreed to this’ smile.

“Firm handshake and well spoken, you’re a Woods through and through.” He laughed. “Usually your aunt attends this event. What had to transpire to get the CEO here?”

“Several scheduling conflicts. Indra was upset that she could not attend. She says this is her favorite event of the year.”

“I see. Well, you should meet my son. Cage, get over here.”

“Oh, there you are!” A slightly husky voice caught Lexa’s attention and she turned to look over her right shoulder to find a stunning blonde in a gorgeous navy blue gown. It fit her body like it was made specifically for her and the color made her eyes sparkle like sapphires in the sun. She immediately sidled up next to Lexa and placed a soft hand on her shoulder. “Excuse me Mr. Wallace, but may I steal Miss Woods? She promised me she would be on time, and she most decidedly was not. We bet a dance on it.”

Dante chuckled. “Of course, Dr. Griffin. The night is still young, I’m sure we will find each other again before it’s through.”

The blonde smiled and grabbed Lexa’s hand. “I’m sure. Follow me, Lexa. Dance floor is this way.” Unsure of exactly why, she followed the blonde to the dance floor until the reached the unoccupied center. The blonde turn toward her a offered her hand which was immediately taken. Lexa’s other hand went instinctively to her waist as they began to sway to the gentle music.

“I get the feeling I should thank you for saving me back there. Although I don’t know you’re name to do it properly.”

“Dr. Clarke Griffin.” The blonde smiled.

“Well, thank you very much for saving me back there, Dr. Clarke Griffin. I appreciate it.”

“It seems to me that you don’t want to be here.” Clarke assessed. Lexa took the opportunity to spin her partner slowly, bringing her back into the same position. “Tell me if I’m wrong.”

“You’re not.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Why are you?”

“Not many doctors look this good in evening wear.”

“I’m not sure many people in general look as good as you do in evening wear, Doc.”

The blonde blushed slightly at the compliment. “It’s my job tonight to make this list of rich suckers empty their pockets.”

Lexa raised a brow, but smiled softly. “Am I one of those rich suckers on you list?”

“You? No. Your company always makes the same donation every year for the past twenty five years. It far surpasses everyone else’s contributions.” Clarke looked her in the eye softly. “Why is that?”

Lexa gently lifted their joined hands and placed Clarke’s on her chest. Then grabbed her fingers and pushed the tips down so the blonde could feel the scar just over her heart. Clarke takes control back of her own hand and gently slides her fingers along the length of the scar.

“Careful, this is a thousand dollar custom Armani shirt.” She smirked. Clarke rolled her eyes playfully, then looked back to where her fingers were still pressed. “I was four when my parents and I were in an accident. They were okay, relatively, but I died three times that night before they could stabilize me. Twice more at the the children’s hospital. But the doctors and the nurses never gave up. I’m here because of them, and my parents were forever grateful.”

“Someone once said to me, the healing power of a person’s mind is never as strong as when they are a child.” Clarke quoted and Lexa hummed in agreement.

“What’s your specialty?”


“You’re sort of magnificently brilliant, aren’t you?” Lexa smiled softly as the doctor shrugged. “So, Dr. Griffin. If you’re here, dancing with me, who is wooing all the rich suckers?”

“Oh, well. I sort of had an idea.”

Lexa smiled and raised a brow. “What is that?”

“You don’t want to be here, and I don’t want to be pawed at by old men who had one too many scotches. Scotch? What’s the plural?” Lexa smirked and shrugged. “How about, for tonight, you’re my date? Pretend we’re together, and you can help me take these suckers to the cleaners and build a new oncology wing in the process. I’m sure you love a good swindling, Miss CEO.”

“I won’t even try to deny that, Doc.” Lexa chuckled. “It sounds like a fun. Besides, it’s for the children, right?”

“Right.” Clarke laughed and pulled her in closer, moving her arms around Lexa’s neck, while two hands were placed gently on her waist. “Spin us around, will you?” Lexa did as she was asked. “Okay, see the bald guy over my right shoulder? That’s Charles Pike. He’s the co-founder of A&P Incorporated.”

“They try to be direct competition for Woods Inc.”

“Correct. He has a lot of personal wealth. His company is nowhere near as generous as yours with their employees, which I am sure you know. His downfall is his ego.”

“I know exactly how to play this one. Follow my lead.” The blonde nodded as her arms fell to her side. The brunette looked almost reluctant to pull away from the doctor. She made her way off the dance floor and came to a stop about three feet from Charles Pike. “Look, Clarke, I can appreciate the fact that the hospital is looking to expand. It’s just a plain and simple fact that Woods Inc is not in a place to pledge any more funds this year. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to look else where. Excuse me.” She turned to head back toward the bar, and bumped straight into Pike.Causing his drink to slosh onto his tie. “Oh. Please excuse me, I wasn’t paying attention, I apologize.”

“Here, let me help.” Clarke chimed in, grabbing a napkin from a nearby table. She patted the man’s tie, until the stain was no longer visible.

“You’re Charles Pike, aren’t you?” Lexa feigned ignorance. “Nice to meet you sir, Lexa Woods.” She stuck her hand out in introduction, which was firmly ignored. “I apologize again for my inattention.”

“Not to worry, Woods. Us little folk will be alright without your white knight act.” Charles snapped quickly. “Now, Dr. Griffin, it sounded like Miss Woods here was denying your request for additional funds, it that correct?”
“Why, yes sir. It is.” Clarke played along, and chanced a glance at Lexa who rolled her eyes and stepped back about ten feet. “She is an awfully pretty date, but a bit tight in the wallet.”

“I see.” Charles glanced over his shoulder at Lexa who was rolling up the sleeves on her overpriced shirt, flashing that fancy watch. “Well, maybe I could help the hospital out with some funds.”

Lexa made her way to the bar to order herself a drink, then realized she didn’t know what her ‘date’ would like. She glanced to the side of the bar to see an older couple talking. They were wearing name badges and she could just make out the name Griffin-Kane. She hesitated for a second before making her way over.

She approached the conversing couple and waited politely for a break in conversation. “Excuse me. I couldn’t help but notice you’re last name is Griffin-Kane. Would you by chance be related to Dr. Clarke Griffin?”

“I’m her mother, Dr. Abby Griffin-Kane and this is her step father Marcus Kane.” The older woman explained. The younger brunette stuck out her hand and introduced herself to them.

“Ma’am. I apologize, but your daughter has requested that I accompany her for the evening and I, well I don’t really know what she would like to drink. She’s doing such a good job of securing an extra donation from Mr. Pike right now.” Lexa looked over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of the blonde with her head tossed back in laughter, feeling an intense pull toward the infectious blonde. “I don’t think I should interrupt her.”

“Ah. I see. Well, she likes wine, reds mostly.” Abby revealed. “I’m glad to see you walking around here tonight Miss Woods. It’s not often I get to see my patients fight like you did and live.” 

Lexa looked to her confused and Abby gave her a sad smile. “I’m sorry. What?”

“I was the doctor in the ER that night you came in. We nearly lost you three times. Scary situation for anyone, let alone a four year old.”

“I don’t really know what to say to that, except for thank you. I am very glad I have been able to live my life.”

“I don’t do this job for thanks Lexa. I do it for that dopey little smile you just had when you looked at my daughter.” And with that comment, a smirking Abby Griffin-Kane pulled something out of Lexa that no person has managed to since she was about sixteen. A blush.

“I um.” She stammered.

“Go get the wine Lexa.”

Lexa nodded. “Yes ma’am.” Then she allowed her feet to carry her back to the bar, where she ordered a glass of red wine and a scotch. She turned and headed back toward where she had left Clarke, to find her just stepping away from Pike with a small white envelope in hand.

“Mission accomplished. You were fantastic on that set up.”

Lexa smiled and handed her the glass. “Glad I could be of assistance. Here, your mother said you are a fan of reds.”

Clarke’s eyes went wide. “You spoke to my mother?”

“I did. Oh, and apparently she is the one who saved my life all those years ago.” If it were possible for the doctor’s eyes to go wider, they did. She didn’t say anything, but Lexa could feel it coming. “Yes, really.”

“She never told me that. Huh. Thank you for the wine.”

“Of course, I know how to treat a date.” Lexa smirked. “Now, who’s next.”

“We’ll I was thinking we hit up the old guys. I wore this dress for a reason, I barely need to speak with them before they pull out their wallets.” 

“Clarke, you’re beautiful, and that dress is amazing. I don’t know how I feel about that whole scenario, though.” Lexa sighed.

“It’s okay Lexa, that wasn’t me being self-deprecating. I love my body. I am completely comfortable with it and the power it holds over dirty old men.” Lexa couldn’t help but chuckle at Clarke’s explanation and confidence.

“Alright, let’s do it.” Lexa relented. She held her arm out, bent at the elbow for the doctor to take. The first few tables, the men gawked at Clarke and were baffled by Lexa’s appearance at the event. They each coughed up a few grand. The fifth table is where they ran into trouble.

“Ah, Mr. Westin. Nice to see you again.” Clarke greeted the eighty-something year old man.

“The young Miss Griffin. Lovely as ever, please join me.” He gestured to the chair next to him. “Who is your friend, dear? She’s almost as lovely as you.” He said with his eyes glued to Clarke’s cleavage, which made Lexa cringe internally and clench her jaw tight.

“This is my date for the evening, Lexa Woods, CEO of Woods Inc. I’m sure a man of your business mind is familiar.” She took a the seat that was offered and nodded to Lexa to sit as well, which she did. “Lexa this is Baron Westin, but he goes by Barry.”

“Nice to meet you sir.” She leans over in her seat to shake his hand.

“Well, if my mind serves me right, I just shook hands with the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 top 20 company ever.”

Lexa nodded. “That is correct sir, but I can’t take credit for any of it. It was all my father’s doing.”

“Well, isn’t that how it always goes, dear?” He put his hand on Clarke’s knee. “A good man builds a great thing and woman swoops in and takes it. Good thing I sold all my stock in Woods Inc when Henry passed.” Lexa sat up straight and tried her hardest to hold her tongue. “You know dear.” He cooed at Clarke. “That stock dipped twenty two percent that day. Strong men make the world go round.” His hand attempted to slide a bit higher and inward, but Lexa caught him firmly by the wrist.

“First off. Take your dirty, misogynistic hand off my date. Who is a doctor. Not miss or dear. She earned that title.” Lexa growled low, so no one outside of the three of them could hear. “Secondly, my father died, sir. How dare you suggest I stole something from him. Lastly, you are correct, the stock dipped when my father died, as all stocks do when they lose their founder. However, we’re up nine percent from where we were before that dip a year ago. So, you lost out Mr. Westin. Oh and Clarke, give him that envelope, because, Mr. Westin here is going to make a sizable donation tonight.”

He bawlked. “Now, why on earth would I do that?”

Lexa smirked. “Well, you see. Dr. Griffin is an employee of the hospital who’s putting on tonight’s event. That means, what you just did there to her, well she can claim that as sexual harassment suffered in the workplace. Do you really think hospital lawyers are just going to let that go?” They waited at the table long enough for him to sign the donation pledge, then Lexa grabbed Clarke’s had, intertwined their fingers and led them away from the table. She got about fifteen feet before she stopped abruptly. She turned to face Clarke, who was still holding her hand. “If I double everything in those envelopes, would you meet your goal?”

The doctor narrowed her eyes and furrowed her brow, looking confused. “Yes.”

“That would mean your work here is done and you could leave, right?”

“Yes. Yes, it would.”

“Good, because I could think of about a million of things that we could do that would be more fun than watching you get gawked at by the geriatric society.”

Clarke chuckled softly. “Is that your version if ‘let’s get out of here’?” Lexa smirked and nodded. “Meet me by the door in five minutes.”

The CEO gathered her jacket and moved toward the door then glanced at her watch. 9:49pm. She texted Gustus that she would not need his services tonight as she waited for Clarke, who appeared a moment later.

“Do you have a coat?”

“No, I got ready upstairs in my mom and Marcus’ room.” Lexa draped her jacket around her date’s shoulders then offered her arm again. As they hit the sidewalk outside, Lexa realized she did not have a plan.

“Where would you like to go, Doc?”

“Hmm. Surprise me.”

“Would you like to change, or are you comfortable?”

“Depends on where you’re taking me, Woods.”

“How do you feel about art?”

Clarke small smile quickly twisted into a full blown grin. “It’s high on my list of enjoyable things.”

“Well, what’s at the top?”

The grin turned into a smirk. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“I know a place, but we are a bit overdressed. I’m fine with that, because it happens to me all the time, but would you be okay?”

“Yes.” The blonde nodded eagerly. “Let’s go.” Lexa hailed a cab and they made their way across town. The car ride was quiet, but not uncomfortable. Clarke found herself playing with Lexa’s fingers on her left hand, then she flipped it over and traced the lines of her palm slowly.

“We’re here.” Lexa whispered. “Stay put for a second.” She slid out of the car, paid the driver and made her way around to the side Clarke was seated on. She opened the door and offered her date a hand, which was taken. They made their way inside of a small cafe.

“What is this place?”

“This is TonDC. It’s technically a bar.” Lexa explained. “But they showcase local artists, and all the walls are chalk board surface, so their patrons can participate in art as well.” She led Clarke to the first wall of artist submissions, hands still intertwined. They stood in front of the largest painting on the wall and studied it.

“This artist is very sad.” Clarke assessed. “It’s beautifully tragic.” Lexa hummed in agreement, before they were interrupted by a soft voice.

“Hello, and welcome to TonDC. Can I get you ladies anythi- oh, hey Lexa.”

Clarke watched as Lexa squared her shoulders slightly and bristled at the woman. “Costia. Hello, I was unaware you worked here.”

“It’s alright Lexa, we’re adults. Besides, Bellamy told me you come here often when he hired me.”

Lexa nodded stiffly. “This is Dr. Clarke Griffin. Clarke this is Costia Jones.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss Jones.” They shook hands softly.

“So, would you ladies like anything to drink?”

Lexa shook her head. “No thank you. I would like to show Clarke the roof.”

“Of course.” Costia pulled a key on a lanyard from her pocket and handed it over. Lexa reached for the doctor’s hand again and lead her through a back corridor and up a flight of stairs. She pushed open the door at the top and revealed a dark rooftop patio. She made her way over to a small covered area and flipped the power on, lighting the rooftop with soft white light.

“Lexa.” Clarke breathed out like a prayer, overwhelmed by the sight. “This is beautiful.” There was a large abstract mural on the wall of the building. Lexa made her way back over to where the doctor was approaching slowly, deciding to be bold, she brushed blonde hair of her shoulder and off to the side and slipped her arms around her waist from behind.

“You’re beautiful.” The CEO whispered and pressed a small kiss to Clarke’s bare shoulder. The doctor’s breath hitched and she turned in Lexa’s arms. She brought her hands to Lexa’s face, cupping it gently.

“I want to stop pretending now. You’re by far the best date I’ve ever had, and I need it to be real.” She leaned in slowly and pressed their lips softly together.

“I stopped pretending five minutes after you asked me.”

One Year Later

“You’re on time this year, Miss Woods. Does that mean Dr. Griffin won’t be stealing you away this time?” Dante Wallace laughed from next to Lexa in line for drinks.

“Not on my life Dante.” Clarke answered from behind him, making her way over. She stepped into Lexa’s space. “Hi.”

Lexa pecked her on the lips. “Hello, Love. How’s it going so far?”

“Decently, but I could use some assistance with Westin after you get our drinks. Oh and Mom and Marcus want to do drinks after.” Clarke kissed her again.

Lexa rolled her eyes at the mention of the old man’s name. “Westin’s here?”

“Not Barry. His son David.”

“Okay, why don’t you head over and I’ll join you as soon as I get the drinks.” Clarke nodded then kissed her cheek.

“Love you.”

“I know.” Lexa replied with a cheeky grin.

“Ah. Young love.” Wallace sighed out happily.

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Some fluff Alex headcannons?

  • He likes to pick up his partner bridal style and spin them.
  • Also throw them over his shoulder.
  • He can cook basic foods, and likes to cook his partner breakfast.
  • He loves kissing his partner’s hair.
  • His ultimate date is watching a game with his partner.
  • He will make his partner picnics and take them to the spring onion field.

Relationship: Tim Drake x Reader

Summary: You accidentally flung your shoe across the ballroom and hit Tim in the back…or was it an accident?

Key: Y/N= your name, Y/F/C= your favorite color

Your parents were the uppity-up stuck up kind of people in Gotham. They weren’t Bruce Wayne rich, but god they were rich enough to get invited to those crappy galas with all the other rich old people. Your parents always ended up sending you off to dance with some child of a family they wanted to do big business with.

This gala was no different. Your parents were trying to expand their company and you were so unfortunate that they had a son, probably nine years old, that they dragged along. As you dance with the little twerp, you saw a boy across the floor. His dark hair was combed back, but you could tell it was shaggy, and his blue eyes laid dully on the scene before him. He was handsome, you felt glued to him, but you were busy entertaining a little ‘angel’.

This was complete crap.

Tim didn’t want to go to the gala. He finally had a big break in his case when Jason kicked down his door, literally, and dragged him out of his room. Tim didn’t go without a fight though, he kicked and punched Jason, yelling at him. It got so bad that Dick intervened, telling them both to grow up and get dressed. 

With the events leading up to the gala, it was understandable that Tim wasn’t ecstatic to be there. He watched as the old business men and their wives chatted with other couples. He set his dead gaze upon the dance floor, unenthralled, then his eyes landed on you. You were wearing a dazzling Y/F/C floor-length dress. Your hair was in a fabulous up-do and your eyes were shinning even though you were stuck with a child latched on your arms. 

He was captivated by you.

The night was just as any other night had been before, except the boy.  Every time you were dragged out on the dance floor, you saw him, but the more often you went out, the more you’ve noticed the boy looking at you. On your latest escapade, with a man probably in his early twenties, you couldn’t stand just watching, waiting for the boy to ask you to dance, and you most certainly didn’t want to wait around for another set up.

The dance had a bit were one partner would spin the other up in the air. It was your least favorite dance, but you were going to use this to your advantage. You prepared for the lift, letting your shoe hang loose on your foot. If you timed it just right, you would be lifted right in front of the boy. And….WACK.

It was perfect.

Tim had turned to tell Damian off about one thing or another when he felt a hard wack on his back. He stumbled forward a bit, catching himself, before he spun around and found no one but a shoe. He picked it up and studied it. Tim scanned the room and saw you and some man had stopped dancing. The man was looking at the floor, but you were looking at Tim. He glanced the shoe then to you, and back again.

“Dude for being a super genius, you’re super stupid,” Jason heckled. Tim just glared at him and walked over to you.

You met him halfway, leaving your partner to look for your shoe on his own. When Tim met you, he looked at you awkwardly, shifting from one foot to the other.

“Hi.” You gave him a small wave. Tim just nodded. You looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to either say something or hand you your shoe. “Thanks for finding it.”

“Find what? Oh, Oh! Yea this, no problem,” Tim began to mutter nonsense, waving your shoe around everywhere. You reached for it, but Tim would move it too quickly.

“Excuse-hey, sorry. Excuse me!” Your shout stopped Tim in his tracks. “Sorry, but, I kinda need my shoe back.”

Tim just laughed handing you your shoe back. “So,” he started swaying, “What’s your name?”

“Y/N, and you?”


“So, who dragged you here,” you questioned with a smirk.

“My brothers and my dad,” realizing you didn’t know who he was talking about, “I’m with the Waynes.” He watched as you put the pieces together.

Your mouth formed a small ‘oh’. You thought about it for a minute then smiled, “I’m sure my parents would love for me to talk to a Wayne,” you scooted closer to him, “Good for business.” You winked and Tim gulped.

“You wouldn’t want to dance, would you?”

You chuckled, “With you? I’ll even try to keep my shoes on.”

He Had It Comin’

Anon asked: A modern AU with Poe as a vocal coach and the Reader as a Broadway choreographer and the cast is just so done with the fact that their teachers are so clearly into eachother from every single rehearsal that they practically force them to date after the show’s over.

Author: Zoe

(A/N: MY WEAKNESS. This is it, I absolutely love Broadway. I decided to make the musical ‘Chicago!’)

Broadway AU: Poe Dameron x Reader

Plot Summary: The dance combinations for ‘Chicago’ are incredibly hard, as well as the singing, so you and Poe have teamed up to help out the chorus in the show. Working on each piece, however, the cast had begun to notice the unrelenting attraction between their teachers, groaning with every flirt followed by each sassy, sultry remark. That’s when they decide to take action on opening night.

Originally posted by stagecoachjessi

“Alright, from the top!” You stretched as Poe took his place beside you, preparing for the combination.

“Finn, key of F minor if you don’t mind.” Finn put a thumbs up, setting up the sheet music at the piano.

“Remember, just spot the movements. Y/N and I will demonstrate as she follows along with your chorus. Make sure you are in the right key!” Poe raised his hand, counting them in as they sung the key, before returning to you.

“Ready?” You asked, smirking slyly.

“Only when you are, honey.” He replied, grinning as the ensemble sighed.

“And five, six, seven, eight!”

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Aro Harry hates that he is expected to participate in the yule ball, but can't quite figure out why. He knows that everyone's eyes are on him and the other triwizard tournament contestants, though, so he plays along. -H

‘I didn’t even choose to be in this tournament, why do I have to follow the worst of its rules?!’ Harry wondered.

Everyone seemed to have Yule Ball Fever. He couldn’t walk through the halls or have a peaceful moment in the common room without hearing about who everyone wanted to ask or who they wanted to avoid. Harry just wanted to focus on passing classes and not dying in the next task, but both were impossible at this point. It seemed that everyday he didn’t have a date, the pressure grew stronger. And everyday another Triwizard Champion found a date seemed like a death knell. At last Harry Potter was one of the last left (Champion or otherwise) who didn’t have a date for the dance on Christmas.

One day in the library, Harry scratched out a short list of everyone he knew who didn’t have dates yet. He only had one good friend still on the list, Ron, and Harry couldn’t ask him because they were both terrible dancers. He needed someone who would help him make it through the opening dance and who would understand that they were only going to the dance as friends.

Harry looked out the window hoping to see something that would end all this, like the Beauxbatons carriage and Durmstrang ship leaving the grounds. Or a giant meteor. Instead, he saw dancing. 

A group of Ravenclaws and a few Gryffindors were showing Roger Davies how to dance. The Triwizard Champions and their dates had had plenty of practice, but Roger was like Harry. Nervous with two left feet. Padma Patil dragged him over, gave him a lot of instructions, adjusted his hand on her waist, and… Roger danced more gracefully with Padma than Harry had ever seen him do in practice. They switched partners, Roger spinning off with Marietta Edgecombe and Padma joining up with her sister. Parvati and Padma outshone everyone else at the impromptu dance. 

The Patil twins were on Harry’s list, and he had even heard Parvati give an impassioned speech at the dinner table about how it’s wrong to think that everyone wants or needs a romantic relationship. He would be able to explain himself to Parvati, and hopefully she would still say yes. She was his only hope.

Harry swept his quills and papers into his bag and practically sprinted out the library doors.

- Ravenclaw Mod

I want more grounder music. More songs like Take a Life With Me. Songs about love and loss, of myths and legends. I want songs about heroes and their battles; songs about Lexa. I want instruments forged from scrap metal and leather. Instruments salvaged from pre-war caches; some of which are used as designed and others repurposed to wonderful effect.

I want grounders dancing. Men dancing with men to flaunt their prowess on and off the battlefield. I want men dancing with men to fall in love and women doing exactly the same. I want grounders of all traits and clans, dancing to music that echoes and pounds inside them.

Give me grounders dancing around fire pits in the dead of night, with nothing but ale and off-key singing as accompaniment. Give me huge festivals where the music is so loud it can be heard across the seas. Show me the graceful turns and intricate footwork that only the best warriors can master. Bring the mountains down with the foot stamping in the aftermath of battle.

Show me a celebration of alliance. Show me Clarke on the outskirts of a great hall, trying to hide, mesmerised by all the dancing figures. This is not the music of the ark, or the symphonies of her ancestors the mountain men lauded so much. This music is life. It’s in her blood and making demands she doesn’t know how to assuage.

There’s a pattern to some of the madness. Grounders dance in groups and some as partners. They spin circles around each other and tattoo the flagstones with their boots. Some look locked in combat, with others showcasing that grounders love as fiercely as they fight.

But recognising the pattern and making the movements are two entirely disparate concepts. Clarke says as much when Titus asks if she’s going to join the celebration meant to honour Wanheda and her people. But curiosity does get the better of her; gaze flickering to Lexa on her throne.

Does the Commander dance? Is she like the lithe warriors whose steps would dizzy the butterflies? Or is she the kind for big and bold, and raucous singing along? Somewhere in between?

Titus raises his glass with the hall when a new chant begins that tells the story of the first grounder wars. Whether the wine or the music, or wicked mischief, a knowing smile plays around his mouth. He looks at Clarke and – barely loud enough to be heard above the descant – says, “You have seen my Heda fight, no?”

And soon she gets to see Lexa dance. Clarke is watching the footwork of a broad-backed warrior so intently, trying to shuffle her feet to the same, when Lexa is abruptly by her side. Lexa’s pupils are wide in the low light and a faint sheen of sweet has gathered at her hairline. The ‘no’ on Clarke’s lips dies before she can breathe it. Lexa has pulled her onto the dance floor. Someone has taken her drink and it’s just the two of them trapped in the press of exuberance.

Lexa can dance. Clarke can’t. She stumbles and stops and steps on Lexa’s feet often enough to be sure she’s caused lingering damage. But Lexa is eminently patient and smiling. The smile alone is enough for Clarke to persevere, even though she knows her friends are laughing at her somewhere.

The steps don’t get easier but Clarke gets steadier. It helps that Lexa’s hands are at her waist and her shoulders and low on her hips. She tucks in behind Clarke to show her how to twist one way and move her feet the other. Their dresses whirl to mad effect around their ankles. Lexa’s dress has even slipped away from one shoulder. She spins away to draw Clarke with her and Clarke is helpless but to follow.

When the humming-bird tremors of instruments fade away, Clarke stumbles to a stop in Lexa’s arms. Her hair is falling free of its intricate braid work. Her cheeks are flushed red and her mouth is open to draw rapid breaths. There’s an evanescent moment to wonder at the smile so clear in her eyes, before the drums start.

This music, Clarke can move to. This was the music her genes knew without question. She can stamp her feet and clap her hands, and lose herself in the journey back to her origins. The room is rocking off its axis with the circles they turn. But with Lexa as her fixed point on the horizon, she isn’t going to fall off the edge of the world. Or so she thinks.

Clarke was not raised among the rivers and trees like Lexa; her cousins were the stars and galaxies. She knows what happens when two bodies with immense gravitational force get too close. Light leaves the room. They’re swallowed by a vacuum where all she can hear is Lexa’s laboured breath. They’re at the event horizon of stars about to go nova. A single electron out of orbit and Clarke knows she’ll be beyond the point of no return.

Lexa saying her name pushes her too far. The slope of her shoulder and the way her ribcage expands and contracts is too much: her soft skin over lean muscle, the scent of her sweat, and her inescapable aura. All too much.

Never enough.

Somewhere between the drum beats, she yanks Lexa into a kiss that is too much teeth and too much heart. She’s going to die if she stops. If she doesn’t get her hands in Lexa’s hair and her body tucked in close, she’s going to cease to exist. If she doesn’t kiss Lexa like the world is ending, she’ll end up as one of those stars that never becomes anything more than a brief phenomenon, one soon forgotten.

Clarke isn’t ashamed of the whimper of protest that leaves the back of her throat when the kiss ends. Nor that it’s heard by the entire – now silent – hall. She’s too mesmerised by Lexa blushing to care about the grounders all hollering and whistling; or her mother’s stunned face in her periphery.

The music starts again and Lexa stumbles through the steps right along with Clarke. She’s so turned around that she gives up on the dancing entirely, drags Clarke to a secluded corner, and gets to learning the steps to an entirely new dance. And Clarke is happy to let her. She’s pretty sure she can teach Lexa a thing or two in this dance.

Title: Collapse

Word count: 1,013

Summary: She looked back at the building, her brows furrowed. “Did any of you see Chat Noir before the building collapsed?”

“No. Why?”

Ladybug bit her lip. “Because he was in there.” She kept her voice and face as steady as possible, her gaze fixed stoically on the ruined school building. But Adrien could hear the tremble she tried to hide.

He felt terrible for worrying her, but part of him was stunned that he could. His stomach twisted as he watched her stare hard at the wreckage.

Say something, you idiot. He swallowed hard. “You’ve both survived worse things, Ladybug. I’m sure he got away fine.”

She looked at him with a weak smile. “I hope so.”


Ladybug was ready to lasso the akuma’s foot, but the loud beep of a Miraculous broke her concentration. Her yo-yo missed its target and clanged on its way back to her hand. She frowned, annoyed.

“My lady…”

“Do what you have to do!” she said to her partner, spinning her weapon. “Go recharge! I have things under control!”

“I can stay a few more minutes,” Chat Noir said.

“I can handle this. Just hurry. Go!” Her yo-yo lashed out once more. It missed again.

As she battled with Papillon’s latest victim she caught sight of Chat Noir running into her school. She did her best to draw the akuma’s attention away from the site, and prayed his kwami could eat quickly.

But the victim noticed anyway. A wide grin crept onto her face as she realized what must have been happening. She cackled.

Ladybug tried to knock her off balance again, but she didn’t do it in time.

The next destructive beam of golden light collided directly with Collège Françoise Dupont.

The building crumbled.

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Birthday Gift (Prompt #1, #27)

Requested by anon:  For the prompts, 1 with Isaac??? /  27 with Isaac? /  Isaac 1 + 27

#1: You heard me. Take. It. Off.

#27: Because that’d be hot.

Warnings: smut

A/N: Yeah, this is gonna be a smut one! I’m not sure if you wanted it to be one, but it just fits so well! If you don’t wanna read the smut: I’ve marked when it starts, so you can still read about the making out. ;) Have fun! 

Birthdays. You don’t always like your birthday but today is an awesome one. Lydia is mainly responsible for that. She knows how to throw a party and she knows who to invite, that’s for sure. Your parents are at vacation, your house is crammed with great people and she made a playlist that perfectly fits you. You love her for that and you’ve already told her that a million times today.

You spend the first half of the evening with your friends and some drinks but you find yourself a pretty cute dancing partner soon. The guy seems nice enough, you’ve already noticed him a few times in the hallways in school, so you follow him willingly to the spot in your living room where Lydia organized a dancing floor after some flirting. You discover Isaac’s frown as you leave them but don’t really think about it. Of course you’d rather dance with him. You had a weakness for him ever since. And there’s this inexplicable tension between the two of you. But he didn’t ask you and you highly doubt that he will.

You start to dance, still having all the control over your body. You were never much of a drinker and that hasn’t changed. Your partner spins you around a few times and makes you giggle. You enjoy yourself, you have to admit that. His intense green eyes and the overall attractiveness certainly help with that.

As the songs become slower the guy comes closer. A smirk plays around his lips as he places his hands on your hips and sways back and forth in the rhythm of the music. You chuckle, somewhat shyly, but wrap your arms around his neck just because you feel like doing it. You are usually not so straightforward but today is your birthday and everything is allowed!

Your partner seems to have the same opinion. He leans down so his head is next to yours now. You feel his breath on your neck and his fingers wandering from your hips upward under your shirt. You hold your breath for a moment, just thinking if you really want that as suddenly a hand appears on his shoulder and rips him away from you.

In utter surprise you stare at Isaac who is glaring at the other guy. His eyes are sparkling dangerously and his grab on that boy, that is a lot smaller than him, seems unnecessarily rough.

“You should go now”, he growls. And his voice carries so much anger and threat that he obeys without hesitation. He shoots you a last irritated and annoyed look before he turns around, frees himself from Isaac’s grip and stomps off.

“Isaac, what the hell?”, you ask stunned.

He doesn’t even care. Now he grabs your arm, although a lot gentler, and pulls you away from the crowd. You let it happen because it’s him.

“Let’s go into your room”, he mumbles. Your confusion heightens with every step but you don’t see how you have a choice, he seems quite determined. You hurry up the staircase and stumble into your bedroom. You softly close your door with a thud and stare at Isaac standing in the middle of the room, scratching his neck.

“Okay, what’s going on?”, you ask expectantly, folding your arms in front of your chest.

He looks up at you and you are taken aback by all the emotions in his eyes. It’s a weird mix between anger, despair and, you can’t take it any other way, lust.

“I’m here to give you your birthday gift”, he announces after some seconds of pondering.

You frown. “But you’ve already given me your gi…”

You never get the chance to finish this sentence. He’s with you in no time, cupping your face and leaning down to kiss you passionately. You make a surprised sound, bewildered for a moment. But then you realize what’s happening right now, you realize how good his lips feel on yours and you stand on your tiptoes to be closer as you kiss him back. Quite automatically you bury your hands in his amazing curls.

But eventually you have to break away to catch your breaths and as you do so, you stare at him in utter confusion.

“What is this about?”, you ask him suspiciously.

He doesn’t really give you any space to properly think, though. He doesn’t let go of you at all. His hands just wander from your face downwards, over your shoulders and upper arms until they rest on your hips. You have to admit that it feels a lot better with him. And he even gets you more distracted as he comes so close that he softly pushes you against the wall of your room and bends down, gazing at you intensely.

“I couldn’t watch you with him”, he just says.

Then he starts kissing your neck ever so gently while the heat radiates off his body. You close your eyes, forgetting to inhale for a moment. This definitely feels amazing and you are almost incapable of forming actual words. Almost.

“What do you mean?”, you whisper, standing there like frozen while his lips start to trace a line from your neck to your collarbone.

“He shouldn’t touch you like that”, he mumbles hoarsely. His voice in combination with his kisses make you shiver. You are surprised that you are reacting so heavily to him. But then, it’s Isaac. You always wanted Isaac. “I should be the only one touching you like that.”

His hands are still resting on your hips. He pushes them upwards, to the seam of your shirt, but slower than the guy before. More carefully, awaiting your consent. His lips wander up and hover just inches away from yours.

“You should?”, you ask weakly, having difficulty to control your breathing.

He smirks. You love this sexy smirk. “Definitely.”

“I think I’d like that”, you admit and you don’t have to tell him twice. He kisses you once again while his hands move under your shirt and grip your waist. You push out a satisfied moan as he opens his lips and his tongue starts to work in perfect unison with yours. You press yourself against his chest, longing for more. He lets you have it for a moment, then he pulls away a few inches, a mischievous smile playing around his lips while his blue eyes sparkle.

“Take your shirt off”, he says.


You heard me. Take. It. Off.”, he demands.

You consider this for a moment. Usually you would never do that. But everything about him drives you crazy. His beauty, his voice, his smell. His character. If you trust someone to see you exposed like this, then it’s Isaac.

Therefore you get a grip on your shirt and just pull it over your head before you toss it into the corner. His eyes trail from your stomach up to your eyes. The admiration in his gaze is quite flattering. He softly kisses your nose, your cheeks, the corners of your mouth while his hands rest on the wall to your side. Then he suddenly lifts you up in one swift movement and you wrap your legs around his waist.

“Do you have any idea how amazing you are?”, he asks you.

You look down at him with a smile on your face. “No. And I’m still not sure if this is a dream or reality.”

“Why, are you having sex dreams about me?”, he retorts naughtily, grabbing your butt tighter and sending shivers through your whole body. He seems quite satisfied with your reaction as you blush.

“Pfft….”, is all you get out.

Because that’d be hot”, he states. Then he kisses you again and carries you to your bed at the same time. You sink into the kiss, sink into the whole situation and run your fingers through his hair while you enjoy every single moment of it.

Smut starts

As you fall down on your mattress, a soft chuckle escapes your lips. You turn around, grab his shirt and pull it over his head. Fair is fair and you definitely enjoy the view of his muscles. Then you crawl on top of him and now it’s your turn to attack him with kisses. Your boost of confidence makes this possible. You kiss his lips, his sharp jawline and neck. He moans which motivates you even more. It’s an incredible feeling to know that you are able to turn on Isaac Lahey.

As you are about to wander to his stomach he suddenly cups your face and makes you look up. You are both breathing pretty quickly by now, your faces are reddened.

“What?”, you ask him weakly. Scared that he might’ve changed his mind.

“Do you really want this? Because I do for a while now but if you don’t…”

“I do”, you assure him before you seal his lips with another kiss. You feel him smile which makes the butterflies in your stomach flutter wildly.

He deepens the kiss. It turns hotter now, more concrete. His fingers trace from your hips to your back and upwards until they land on your bra. He opens it in no time and tosses it away. Then his hands go over to massage your breasts. Now you are completely gone. You can’t think anymore. You can only sigh and arch backwards, overwhelmed by the sensation.

He flips you over to be on top again. You hear his increased breathing while he sucks on your neck and your collarbone until he reaches your breasts. The passion and heat raises your pulse. You grow wetter, especially as he starts to work on your breasts now, licking your nipples in turn. You close your eyes, get a grip on your bedsheets and stretch your body in satisfaction.

You can feel him smile once again as he gives your breast a rest and wanders to your waist. He unbuttons your jeans and softly pulls it from your legs, doing the same with your panties shortly after. You are absolutely okay with that, more than okay. While he starts to stroke your calf now, trailing upwards, you wrap your legs around him once again, wanting so desperately for him to come closer to your weak point. He presses his lips against your calf, against your inner thighs, nearly driving you into oblivion as he draws a wet line on your leg. Then he gets to your clit and his tongue circles your core.

You arch your back and inhale sharply. Your grip on the sheets gets tighter while he licks you ever so gently and slowly, teasing you in all the best ways. With every second you are coming closer to the edge, breathing faster and heavier.

But he doesn’t let you come yet. Right before you do, he pulls back with a cheeky smirk. You know exactly what he’s up to and you won’t complain. You even tug at the waistband of his trousers with your toes to signal what he’s supposed to do. He doesn’t hesitate to follow your plead. Within seconds he unbuckles his jeans and gets undressed, slips over the condom. Then he positions himself over you, his head hovering inches from yours. You can feel his breath on your cheeks and see the passion, love and lust behind his eyes.  It gives you goosebumps.

Then he pushes himself inside of you and you both moan. He does it very softly. Slowly and rhythmical, just in the perfect way, kissing your neck and cheek while doing so. You let go off the sheet now and place them on his back instead, so in need of touching him while the anticipation builds up inside of you.

His movements become faster, hungrier. You forget to breath, forget to do anything except for enjoying this moment, this incredible feeling. The same emotion is written on his face, making you even more ecstatic. His moans become louder, his thrusts more irregular. Your fingers dig into his skin as you arch your body upwards, pushing him even deeper inside of you.

That’s when you are both send over your edges. You push out a loud moan as your orgasm sets in that mixes with his own. You ride on it for a second, dwelling in it as long as it lasts. Then both of your bodies get limp and he rolls off of you, breathing hard.

You need a moment to catch your breaths. The beautiful thing is: he intertwines his fingers with yours while you’re at it, obviously having no intentions of letting go. A smile tugs on your lips. You expected to feel kind of ashamed or weird afterwards but you absolutely don’t. It just felt right. More than that. It felt perfect.

“That was the best birthday gift ever!”, you announce. His soft laugh makes your heart melt.

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“Neon Lights” – LOVE TRACTOR

Kraftwerk’s brilliant original had the same words sung with the same plaintive melody, but where their version is chilly and spare, Love Tractor’s take is warm and full. A bright acoustic guitar fills up all the empty space the Germans left between each icy note, and Mike Richmond’s vocal expresses wonder where Kraftwerk sounded like an android transmitting a status report back to its home planet.

Both versions express a specific mood so completely it’s kind of amazing they’re equally successful doing so at the opposite ranges of an emotional spectrum – they were only recorded five years apart, but Love Tractor’s take sounds like the robot that gave that first report got stranded on earth for centuries, and somehow gained consciousness and a personality in the interim.

Since the Athens, GA jangle poppers had spent their first two LPs playing almost nothing but instrumentals (there’s a brief bit of singing almost two minutes into “Spin Your Partner,” but I’m pretty sure that was it), the awe in Richmond’s voice here seemed to have as much to do with the fact that he was singing at all as it did with how pretty those neon lights could be. And his voice was so perfectly suited to the moment, and the tune, that it seemed odd he’d never really bothered before. Future albums would feature many more vocals.

“Neon Lights” has such a nice little pop tune hiding inside it that plenty of other bands have taken a pass at it. Like Love Tractor, Luna played most of the parts on electric guitars, but kept the pre-emotion vocals. OMD stayed electronic but gave it a rhythm that the robots could maybe dance to. Simple Minds made the bizarre choice to maintain the minimalism and the distance, but to remove all traces of melody.

Love Tractor wins.

Royal Servant!Dino
  • Very hyper and always happy
  • Likes to steal some snacks from the kitchen at times
  • Dances anywhere, anytime no matter what he’s doing
  • Is really loud and doesn’t always do his work so royal tutor Woozi usually kicks him out for “disturbing the peace”
  • Helps out the gardeners since he’s usually banished there most of the time
  • Gardeners absolutely LOVE him because he’s so youthful and happy and playful and he always brightens up their day
  • Gardeners have secretly named him their “sunflower” but never tell him
  • Dino always asks the gardener named Jeonghan about the different plants and their meanings and excitedly runs to his hyungs like Seungcheol and Hoshi and tells them everything Jeonghan taught him
  • Since he’s in the gardens a lot, he is usually very dirty (and he is usually unaware of it)
  • Sweat on the back of his neck, dirt smeared on his skin and clothes, mud sticking to the bottom of his shoes, a few blades of grass in his hair, etc.
  • Woozi always scolds him for tracking mud everywhere and tells him to wash off
  • One time Dino was too lazy to take a shower so he just jumped into one of the fountains outside in the garden
  • If he’s not working (he never really is tbh) or in the gardens, Chan likes to sneak into the ballroom and just dance
  • Sometimes the band will be there and he’ll use his aegyo cuteness to convince them to play a few songs and he’ll dance around, somehow managing to dance hip-hop to a slow song
  • One time Woozi came late to one of your lessons, which is weird because he’s always punctual, and when you ask him why he explains that one of the servant boys was dancing in the ballroom again and was tracking mud everywhere
  • You pick up on the fact that Woozi said “again” which means this has happened multiple times and your interest is piqued
  • During the entire lesson you cannot stay still because you really want to see this mystery servant boy who dances in the ballroom but you don’t ask Woozi about him because you know that he won’t tell you anything
  • Woozi probably notices that you pay extra attention when “boy who dances in the ballroom tracking dirt everywhere” is mentioned and he gets super suspicious
  • So he goes into the ballroom where, sure enough, Dino is dancing, leaving small traces of dirt everywhere and Woozi just walks over like “what did you do”
  • And Dino is super scared and confused like ??!!??what??!!?? I didn’t do anything??!!
  • And Woozi is like “You haven’t talked to the prince/ss?”
  • And Dino just goes “The prince/ss? No, why?”
  • Woozi is just silent, staring at Dino, which makes Dino really uncomfortable and scared because he knows how violent Woozi can be. He once hit someone with a guitar because they insulted you
  • Finally decides that Dino is innocent and turns around and leaves but Dino is still really confused and calls after him
  • “What about them?! Did they ask about me??!!!”
  • But his questions go unanswered because Woozi just ignores him
  • The day after, Lee Chan is just sweeping the hallways while doing a few dance moves
  • Okay, I lied when I said “a few” because he’s really doing the tango with the broom
  • He spins his “partner” around, while simultaneously sweeping up a big pile of dust and you just happen to walk by at that time and the dust gets in your face and you start to cough
  • And Dino is just kind of shocked because he’s never seen you in person before (he’s seen your portrait in the castle, but they don’t really do you justice) and wow what a coincidence! Didn’t Jihoon hyung ask about you yesterday?
  • Finally snaps out of it and realizes that he basically just swept a cloud of dust into the face of the kingdom’s future ruler so he’s apologizing but you’re smiling like no, it’s alright, don’t worry
  • You start to make conversation with him like “I saw you dancing with the broom earlier. You two make a good couple. You’re a really good dancer”
  • Hearing this, Dino visibly brightens and gets really happy like his face lights up, he’s smiling widely, and it’s a bit much to handle because he looks so happy it’s adorable and he just goes “ah~really?!!”
  • When you nod, he kind of jumps up and down a little, he can’t contain his joy because THE FUTURE LEADER OF THE KINGDOM JUST COMPLIMENTED HIS DANCING!!! AHHHHH!!!!!
  • “Do you want to see me dance?” he asks because he’s excited and really wants to show what he can do and when you say yes he suddenly busts out into these powerful dance moves, popping his chest and just moving all around the hallway and he almost hits you in the face at one point, so you step back and watch in awe as little Lee Chan dances his heart out for the future leader of the kingdom
  • When he’s done, he’s breathing hard and sweating just a teeny bit, but his smile is shinning and he’s looking at you expectantly like “well?? what did you think???” and when you tell him how much you liked it, he jumps up and down and scoops you up in a big hug, momentarily forgetting that hugging you isn’t really appropriate
  • “What can you dance? Can you dance hip-hop? I want to see! Dance, dance, dance~!”
  • Dino is so excited and he’s chanting for you to show him your moves but you’re just profusely shaking your head like nononononono I can’t dance hip-hop in the hallways it’s not appropriate for me
  • He just leans in and looks at you with his wide, innocent eyes and is like “Is it because you’re the future leader of our kingdom and Jihoon hyung won’t let you dance?”
  • And you’re a little flustered because his face is really close to yours but he’s so innocent that he doesn’t see the problem with it so you just kind of gulp and nod like y-y-yep tha-that’s why!
  • “So you can only dance at those parties we have in the ballroom?” he asks and you nod.
  • There’s no doubt about it that after talking to you Dino will run around the castle to find his hyungs and tell them all about his great conversation with the “future ruler of our kingdom”
  • He’ll go up to Hoshi and explain how he danced for you and you complimented him and Dino will just be like “Hey, guess what!!! I danced for the future ruler of our kingdom and they LOVED IT!!!” and Hoshi will just wonder to himself why you asked Dino to dance instead of him
  • Dino will run all around the kingdom, going to butler Joshua, seamster Mingyu, bodyguard Jun, dog-sitter Minghao, music instructor Seungkwan, fellow servant Vernon, royal advisor Seungcheol, basically EVERYONE and tell him that he danced for you and you complimented his dancing and keeps on retelling the story until Woozi kicks him out for being too loud
  • Goes out into the gardens to tell gardener Jeonghan the entire story and Jeonghan just patiently listens while watering all the flowers
  • And when Dino is done telling his story, Jeonghan will ask what Dino thinks of you and Dino will just light up and be like “they’re AMAZING! The future ruler of our kingdom is super nice, and they’re really attractive, too! I bet they’re a really good dancer. They wouldn’t dance because Woozi hyung won’t let them unless it’s during a ball.”
  • And Jeonghan has this little smile because Chan gushing about you is so adorable, and him calling you the “future ruler of our kingdom” is honestly the cutest
  • Questions Jeonghan about you like “Have you met them before?” And Jeonghan just nods like “yeah, they’re really nice.”
  • Jeonghan gestures to one of the flowers like “Did you know this is their favorite flower?”
  • And Dino is like “rEALLY?” and he asks Jeonghan to tell him more about the flower
  • During one of the balls, Dino is really sulky
  • Woozi forced Dino to wear an itchy suit and he hates the ball because the band is only playing slow songs for old people
  • Seungcheol notices how sulky Dino is and goes over like “You know you have to wear the suit. It’s required to look good.”
  • But Dino is like “That’s not why…”
  • So Seungcheol asks why he’s so sulky like is it the music?
  • Dino just kind of shakes his head and points over to the dance floor where you’re waltzing with an official from another kingdom and he’s like “They haven’t asked me to dance yet”
  • And Seungcheol is just like “No…Dino…that’s not how it works…YOU have to ask them to dance” and Dino is just like “oohh~~~”
  • So he marches over to where you are and asks the person you’re dancing with to leave and he takes your hand and is like “May I have this dance?” and you’re laughing because Dino is trying to act all mature-like so you accept and Dino immediately takes over and spins you all around the ballroom and he’s such a good dancer that you find yourself struggling to keep up
  • His dancing is super impressive, but he soon grows tired of waltzing and just tells you to wait there for a moment and he jogs over to where DK and the band is and whispers something
  • And DK nods and suddenly the music changes from a nice, calming waltz to a really loud club beat and then Dino just runs back to you with a huge grin and is like “let’s dance”
  • And he busts out into all of these moves, doing a few hip thrusts and it’s weird because he’s the only one dancing (because all the other people on the dance floor are basically just old men who can’t dance)
  • But you laugh and dance with him, moving to the beat and Dino is so so so happy because you’re a good dancer (and even if you’re not, he’s still happy because you’re dancing with him and having fun and being yourself)
  • And it’s adorable because you two are dressed in fancy clothes but are dancing in the elegant ballroom like it’s a club
  • Servant!Dino is a cute, innocent thing who likes to hang out in the gardens and learn about your favorite flowers and really just wants to dance with you

This was so long I’m so sorry. Creds to @theboyswhomwelove for helping with this! Love ya, Laura~!


Royal Butler!Joshua

Royal Dog-Sitter!The8


Requested by:  leana-armen

The volume was turned all the way up and the trumpets of the swinging song blared their mighty melody. Your feet were everywhere as you danced and flung yourself around your room, at that moment you were the best dancer in the world. You kick your legs to the front of the beat and wag your hands to the back and then jump on your bed, waving your hands in the air. The big finish was coming up and you being to flail your arms around as you jump up and down on the bed.

“OHHHHH YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!” you cream at the end of the song, landing on your knees for the big finish, your chest heaving.

A clapping sound makes you jump ten feet in the air. “What the hell?!” you exclaim, falling off of your bed. “Ow. Criminy.” you grumble as you sit up to see who it was that was spying on you.

“What a performance.” His blue eyes immediately make you blush. The blonde haired beauty walks up to you.

“S-Steve. I uh.. I was just…”

The muscular Captain America smiled and took you in his arms. “May I have this dance?” he asked, looking at the speakers that were blaring We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn. You smile and nod at him.

“I couldn’t resist the call of swing music. I couldn’t ever keep up with the fast ones, but this… I can keep up with this.” There was a sadness in his eyes that was always there, it had been there since the day he had been unfrozen.

“Steve…” He twirled you around your room, and held you closer, his eyes as blue as ice.

“This… This is the first dance I’ve had in years.” he admitted, a light pink flooding his own cheeks. There’s a little part of you that panics.

“I… I didn’t mean to-”

“No, (y/n), if I didn’t want to dance I wouldn’t have asked, but you’re a pretty fantastic partner. “ he spins you around, and suddenly the music stops, but you and ‘Cap don’t stop dancing.

“I… Thanks, Steve.” You mumble, looking down at you feet, still not quite sure what you’re supposed to be feeling. 

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bokuto, terushima, akiteru's reaction to their wife after she told them they're going to be a father?


“Seriously!? Is it a boy or a girl, when is it coming, how much longer do you think it’s going to take? Should we start coming up with names? Are they going to look like you or me, or both of us? Though I mean, if they looked like you they would be so pretty an-“

As you can imagine Bokuto would be extremely excited, probably the most excited out of anyone. He’d be ready to start buying the clothes and furniture for the child right then and there, and much to his partner’s chagrin, would be asking questions everyday if the child would be coming soon.


“You? Pregnant? We’re having kids? Oh man, oh man, you’re not joking right!?”

Would pick up his partner and spin them around with a goofy grin on his face. He’d be incredibly happy and excited, though much less than Bokuto. He’d be asking his partner all sorts of things, like what it felt like, or if they had a feeling what gender it would be. He would also be really curious and couldn’t wait for the baby to arrive.


“Y-You’re pregnant? Really?”

Akiteru would be really surprised at first, and then he would give his partner a smile and start tearing up a bit. He always knew he wanted to have kids but to actually have it happening to him now, it was basically a dream come true. He would want to tell his family about it right away, Tsukishima being the very first person to know that him and his partner were having a child.

Learning - A Jaspearl OneShot 

       Jasper was never a very good dancer. It just wasn’t part of her warrior training. But she was learning. She was learning many things, actually: her new place in the Crystal Gems, the treachery of Homeworld and their mangled fusion experiments, the quirks and charms of the humans inhabiting the Earth. And unlearning other things too: the toxic attitudes and behaviours of her Kindergarten upbringing, the built-up fear and resentment of Malachite. But now that she was freed, she was a Crystal Gem, and it was important to learn the art of fusion. Proper fusion. Not – what had happened. So she danced.

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Turbulence in LA

My favorite highlights

BamBam calling his partner a Queen

Mark picking his partner up and spinning her around

Yugyeom singing his hard carry lines but still sounding the same

Youngjae hitting his If You Do high note and singing to Elliot Yamin

Jinyoung king of hacky sack

Jackson still hype even though he doesn’t feel good

Darth Jaebum during If You Do

I really want to thank JYP for letting our boys come back to the states to see us. It means a lot truly especially during this crazy time we are having. There were so many memorable moments for me even though I did not attend. Watching it through my phone screen was a blessing in itself because I really felt like I was there. I am beyond happy my baby boy Youngjae got to meet his idol and will do a possible collaboration. I want to thank GOT7 for working so hard each and every day to continue to make us smile and have songs to get lit to and songs that get us deep in the feels. I will continue to support and respect them. Thank you so much for everything. Until next time GOT7. ♡

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