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Space Partner Rangers :’D Throwback from AWA!
Working on new Keith and Lance costumes for Katsucon, hint: Purple Lights and body suit for me and Towel + Facemask for Vincent LOL 

Both costumes made by yours truly
Keith worn by me, Lance worn by my boyfriend
Photos by Francisco Nazario Photography

RFA Halloweenie

Mod’s Note: (ember: “my type a self: fix the ‘n’”)
Time to get spooky! So Ember and Cryptic tag team on Halloween.


  • Has a couple’s costume with Elizabeth 3rd
  • “Why the hell are you matching with that cat?”
  • “She looks better in her costume than you, Zen.”
  • Turns off the lights to pretend he’s not home he wants the candy for himself (before the party)
  • Ends up drinking the entire punch bowl
  • Slow dances with Elizabeth 3rd


  • Dresses up as his Zorro character
  • “What do you mean it’s not appropriate?”
  • Jaehee takes so many photos (”It’s only for the RFA memories…”)
  • Seven tries to throw Elly at him and fails
  • Zen shrieked in horror and ran home
  • Gets cat hair on his outfit and sneezes the entire time
  • Accidentally brings cat hair home and cries
  • Swears to murder Jumin


  • Dresses up as a LOLOL character bought by Seven
  • (He thought he was going to do a partner cosplay with Seven)
  • (He cried)
  • Goes trick or treating instead of attending the RFA party
  • “But MC pleeaase!! This neighbour (Cryptic is Canadian fite me spell check) has really good candy!”
  • Every house thinks he’s 12
  • “Your child’s costume is so cute.”
  • MC cries with Yoosung
  • Rip his dignity


  • She dressed up as a secretary that isn’t stressed
  • (She just covered the bags under her eyes and chugged 2 litres of coffee)
  • “Jaehee are you okay?”
  • “I’m ecstatic. Just peachy. Great. Perfect. Fine.”
  • Jumin didn’t recognize her
  • Rip everyone who didn’t realize it was her
  • Glad she’s free from Jumin


  • Sexy angel costume, complete with wig and fake boobs
  • “MC feel them! They feel so real!”
  • Tries to seduce Zen (again)
  • “Look now I’m an actual child of god!” [cue eyerolls]
  • Spikes the punch bowl
  • Tries to dance with Elly
  • Almost succeeded until Jumin body slammed him


  • Didn’t dress up
  • He just takes pictures of the decorations and costumes
  • “Who are you dressed as?” “The photographer.”
  • Helps Jumin after drinking the punch bowl Seven spiked
  • Holds his hair for him
  • Takes him home and tucks him into bed
  • “You’re an idiot, go to sleep. Don’t trust Seven.”
  • Kisses his forehead before leaving (ha gAY)


  • He was forced into a devil costume by Seven
  • “I can be your angle or your devil”
  • (Rip Seven, he is now dead)
  • Thought about stopping Seven from spiking the punch
  • Decided to watch the results
  • Spikes Seven’s glass
  • Laughs hysterically when Seven hits on Zen and Zen flirts back
  • Regrets it when Seven starts thinking he’s a cute girl
  • (Seven is now officially dead)
BSD School/Domestic AU

For BSD week Day 5: Adversity

Characters: Atsushi Nakajima, Akutagawa Ryuunoske, Dazai Osamu, Chuuya Nakahara, eventually Kouyou Ozaki

Pairings: Atsushi Nakajima & Akutagawa Ryuunoske, Dazai Osamu/Chuuya Nakahara

Genre: School/domestic AU

Chapter: 1/? (Will most likely be continued as a multi-chapter fic)

Warnings: None

Additional Tags: Lots of emphasis on friendship and found families, And stupid bickering

Summary: Atsushi and Akutagawa attend an elite middle school for children with abilities. They get into a fight and the ensuing parent-teacher conference is disastrous for all the wrong reasons.

Actual fic is under the cut. I’m really happy I got to contribute something to bsd week! The anime is definitely one of my current obsessions, and oh man, soukoku + shin soukoku are A+ ships.

Dedicated to my beta, cheering squad of 1, and beloved cosplaying partner: @sammieart

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Me as Bonnie, my lovely wife @stripper-stalker as Marcy. This is my very first time wearing a wig and some cosplay make-up, and I can’t believe I really enjoyed it and felt comfortable in the princess’ shoes. I’ve always thought my girlfriend was perfect as Marceline, even before we became close friends, so I was incredibly flattered when she asked me to cosplay with her. I’ll do my best to be the best cosplay partner she could ever want. I love her so much. ❤

More HERE.


AWA was basically the most fun we’ve had in months!

It actually even went better than I expected, because holy shit, I didn’t even know ask-theworldbeginswithyou was in the AWA area, much less attending the con. Holy shit. They are a quality person irl, as well as online, 10/10, would hang again. 

I have … a lot of picture editing to do, on that note, holy moly.