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(all photos by bunny-speak)

This is my Rose Quartz cosplay. I wore it to AnimeNEXT in June, and have never in my life felt more accepted, beautiful, and at home in my body. I want to thank my cosplay partners,  bunny-speak and elyseexplosion, for their help on this costume, ghostcowboy for calming me down every time I thought I wasn’t good enough to cosplay, and averyfatopossum for being so enthusiastically supportive of me even attempting this. 

This costume was hand-made. Every curl on the wig I put there. Every stitch on the dress either bunny-speak or I sewed. My father helped built the sword. elyseexplosion helped me spray paint. I hand-painted all the details. It took months, but it all came together and to me, it is absolutely perfect.

From the moment I stepped out of our hotel room door, I felt a wholeness I had never really felt before. I felt that people were looking at me and not seeing a monster. Every time someone asked for a picture of me, I knew it wasn’t to mock me later. I could look people in the eye and feel like I was worth something when I was Rose. Rose is huge. Rose is beautiful. I am huge.

So, to Rebecca Sugar, and all of the crewniverse, THANK YOU. Thank you for giving me, and anyone like me, someone beautiful and kind and bright and shining to look up to. Someone who isn’t the butt of every joke, someone who isn’t seen as repulsive. Someone who is, most importantly, loved. Thank you for giving us a giant woman who is shown as worthy of love and respect. I’ve never been able to cosplay comfortably before because I’ve never in my life seen a character that looked remotely like me that wasn’t a joke. Thank you for Steven Universe. Thank you for Rose Quartz. 

nct 127 reaction: you being a cosplayer.

taeil would be surprised at first because not everyone has the same interests that you have, but slowly he’ll begin to warm up to it and think that it’s different and unique. he’ll shyly tell you that you look pretty when you show off your outfits to him omg wtf cute moon taeil i’m hfahk.

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he’d think it’s really cool as he doesn’t really get to see that very often. he’d give you these over-exaggerated reactions when you explain this interest of yours to him and he’d ask you if he could try on one of your wigs. or even a school girl outfit just to be funny.

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*cues bed squeaking noises* okay, jk. raise your foot if you get the reference. taeyong would be cool with it. either that or he’d turn into a curious kid, asking you questions and all. he’d probably offer to be your cosplay partner too since he looks like anime. just let him be your hobbit- okno rachel stop keep this pg.

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being a cosplayer would earn you a brownie point if you’re dating yuta. he’s a japanese pumpkin who absolutely loves watching anime and the moment he knew about your interest, he’d be all over you, asking you questions like if you’ve ever cosplayed his favourite characters.

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doyoung would think it’s cool too. just don’t be surprised when he avoids your gaze or when his ears turn red when you show him some of your um.. quite.. revealing.. outfits. nonetheless, he’ll show you a lot of support and would love you the same.

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jaehyun would be fully supportive of you. he’d accompany you to conventions and would even sit down with you while you’re making props. he’d tell you that you look great in everything even if you didn’t and there will be times when he’ll go, “don’t worry, oppa will pay for it,” and you’ll just snort at him bc smh.

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winwin, too, is an anime fan, just like yuta. so when he discovers your interest, he’d be very amazed. he’d be gasping over how similar you look to the original characters and he’d point out all the resemblances. and tbh this kid might even want to try cosplaying with you afterwards.

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mark would be really surprised, in a good way. he’ll say something like, “woah, that’s really cool!” and keep repeating it because he’s just that amazed. he’d ask you if he could join you to a convention and tbh you might regret bringing him because it’s so obvious that he has never experienced it before.

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the moment you tell him about your interest, he’d bring up that one period when he had to crossdress for their concert. then he’d come up with this crazy idea where the both of you cosplay together, with you being the guy and him being the girl. it might be funny then, but he’ll regret it later on.

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