partner cosplay


ezio “i have plenty of outlets” auditore and leonardo “women provide little distraction” da vinci: a dynamic duo by any standard!

otakon was wondersul, and i was so excited and thankful every time someone recognized my cosplays and talked to me about my deep love for assassin’s creed in general and my two soft boys ™ in particular! while i meant to have ezio’s full robes finished, not getting them done gave me the chance to do a young, innocent, first-ten-minutes-of-the-game ezio which was really fun! also be sure to catch me at katsucon 2018 where i’ll have a partner cosplaying this set with me so i can bring these boys together like they deserve~



Choosing Our Cosplay

-Top 5 cosplay ideas will be chosen for the voting
-Choose ONE Pair cosplay. Only exception is if there is a partner to a cosplay that we don’t have yet. Then you may name the partner.
-Don’t make multiple accounts to vote.
-1 Vote per Social Media. This mean if you follow us on other social medias, you may vote on the other social media as well.
(Comment on the post containing the video. DO NOT send in asks or PMs containing your vote.)
-If rules these are disobeyed your vote will not be counted.
**END DATE FOR FIRST VOTE: 9/12/17 @ 11:59pm CST**

Cosplay RULES

-No NSFW: This means no sexual content. Light Gore is fine.
-You may only enter one cosplay.
-This is just for fun, so anyone can join and can be any cosplay, but if you are younger than 15 we’d feel comfortable if you make sure your parents are OK with this.
-No profanity, keep videos clean.
-If these rules are disobeyed you will be disqualified.
**ENTRY DATE ENDS: 10/15/17 @ 11:59pm CST**

(Do Not Submit forms Here. Submit forms and videos to the email provided.)

I, [Your Name] have read all the rules of TheNobles’ Cosplay Contest, and agree to the terms and conditions. I understand that my video and image will be posted on a YouTube video for voting purposes.
-Name You want Posted in Video (Cosplay name/nickname/ect):
-Where is your Character From:
-Best Email to contact:Social media for Tagging Purposes (Tumblr/Twitter/YouTube/Ect):

In the video we ask that you say “I am Cosplaying [Cosplay Character] for TheNobles’ Contest” and answer the following questions:
-What inspired you to cosplay?
-Who are you? Who do you want to be?
-What has cosplaying done for you?
-What is a message you would like to share with others?
-What is your favorite thing to do while cosplaying?

Voting RULES

-2 votes per person, per social media. You can vote for 2 different people or the same person.
-Be respectful and don’t be rude EVER. (ALWAYS BE KIND)
-You can advertise the event, but not for yourself.
-Don’t vote solely on the look of the cosplay. Think about the meaning of their answers as well.
-Anyone disobeying the rules will be disqualified.
**We will go over voting rules again before each round.**

More kagehina because y not!
(Truth is, I just miss my partner in cosplay Ali-Tobio)

Me as Hinata Shoyo (ig: _coelispex_)
@imgonnawearitasamishtache as Kageyama Tobio (ig: nekuroo_cosplay)

Pics by the super duper talented @ starfleet.boy (ig account)