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im tired of how shoescream shippers have ruined the actual canon term “sou/koku” like IN CANON it doesn’t have anything to do with the ship it’s just the two characters’ partnering together in the past so anytime anyone “official” says “sou/koku” doesn’t mean that they’re canonly acknowledging it as a ship or shipping it like y'all have ruined the term completely

Day 1 (February 19, 2017): [x]

A character you headcanon as aromantic and on the asexual spectrum.

Sorry for being late ><

Miera is one of my OCs (sorry for taking the fandom challenge for that). She is part of Delphinium: Don’t Drink the Tea comic. A smart ass super feminine girl, that, with her brother, sells “grades” in school -tests answers, they can hack the school system and change your grade there, things like that-

She is probably the most aromantic asexual character I have, at the beginning I tried to give her a partner, but the character itself didn’t seem to want ANYONE? Also, she is the character in my avatar =x

You can have asexual characters who date.

In fact, please have asexual characters who date.

Give me asexual characters who have loving romantic relationships with people.

Give me asexual characters who will only date other asexual characters, and asexual characters who will date allosexual characters.

Give me asexual characters who tries having sex once as a compromise and then decides they can’t deal with it and still have their partner stay with them.

Give me asexual characters who have separate bedrooms and/or separate beds from their partner.

Give me asexual characters who are in polyamorous relationships.

Give me asexual characters who have friends with benefits without (or with) the sex.

Give me asexual characters who have had many partners.

Give me asexual characters who have been with the same partner for their entire life.

Give me asexual characters who date.

Pansexual!Drew Tanaka

“All of the boys and the girls,
And the girls lookin’ pretty.
We’re gonna walk on down
To the holy city”


PAY ATTENTION the traits unique to the character your partner is writing. Read their bio, read it again. Just because they didn’t bring it up in the post, don’t forget to it. Think about how physical traits change how you interact with someone in real life.

Do they have a scar that your character’s eyes keep drawing to? Maybe long hair that tangles in your muse’s fingers when they run their hands through it. Is their muse taller? Shorter? How does that effect how your character interacts with them? What about non-human attributes such as horns, tails, ears or wings? It changes how your character will physically interact with their space.
For example; A character with wings takes up more space, has different physical requirements and limitations. Their clothing is altered (unless magical), it probably needs to be taken off differently. Coming from behind them could result with a face full of feathers or scales. They can’t rest on their back without causing pain, think about this as your character picks them up, holds or touches them.

When your muse interacts by touch, will their touch cause pain to an old injury, or tender place? Will it elicit positive sensation?

If a muse is disabled, how will that effect your muse’s interactions with them? Will they make more of a point to face a Hard of Hearing person, make their body language more pronounced? Will they be more deliberate in handing something to someone with sight-loss? Do they sit so they are eye-level when interacting with someone who uses mobility aids?

Think about these things as you are writing, especially if you struggle with talking about the concrete details of the scene. It may allow you to better communicate what you envision in the scene and it makes your partner feel validated in all the work they’ve put into writing a character!

Someone asked “What about a totally aroace Newt? /H”

Totally aroace Newt who wants a partner but never mentions it because people would take it the wrong way. He wants someone to travel with him, to explore the wonders of the world with him, to passionately protect magical creatures and their habitats with him, and to drink tea with him while looking up at the stars each night.

- Ravenclaw Mod

Artsy AU

Characters A, B, and C are all roommates, and each one of them specializes in a different types of art. This usually works out fine – so long as Character B doesn’t try to wash out their brushes in the kitchen sink – but there are the occasional clashes when Character A is up at 3am playing weepy sad music and Character B is not in the mood, or when Character C tries to partner up with Character A for a style mashup.

  • Fictional character: *is hardcore crushing on some random person from the opposite gender*
  • Me: They are so fucking gay I love it
  • Fictional character: *makes out all the time with their s.o. From the opposite gender*
  • Me: flaming homosexual
  • Fictional character: *enjoys thoughts of heterosexual intercourse and the activity itself with their partner*
  • Me: gayyyyy
  • Fictional character: *repeatedly describes in elaborate detail how much they love their lover from the opposite gender*
  • Me: gay... SO GAY!!!!
  • fictional character: *is one half of a heterosexual marriage*
  • Me: fucking
  • Fictional Character: *is really obviously not gay at all*
  • Me: gay