A toxic relationship to Aries: Where there is no admiration, in fact the opposite, too much criticism.

A toxic relationship to Taurus: Where they are being used for money. They might let their love of security blind them to moochers.

A toxic relationship to Gemini: Smothering or controlling partner, a lack of support, and little to no understanding.

A toxic relationship to Cancer: Unhealthy dependency, a partner using their kindness, or a total lack of attachment and emotional connection.

A toxic relationship to Leo: Being used emotionally, constantly being let down, and someone who always attacks their self-worth.

A toxic relationship to Virgo: Someone who expects them to do everything without appreciation, being pushed around, and bad communication.

A toxic relationship to Libra: Being financially or physically dependent on someone, abusive partner, or an extremely jealous partner.

A toxic relationship to Scorpio: A partner who hardcore guilt trips, someone who makes them emotionally dependent, or a partner who has way too many boundaries or rules.

A toxic relationship to Sagittarius: A partner that is restrictive, controlling, jealous, or possessive in any way.

A toxic relationship to Capricorn: Someone who fuels their negativity, someone who isn’t physically reassuring, and no emotional sharing.

A toxic relationship to Aquarius: Someone who puts them down especially about their individuality, negative competition, or a lack of freedom.

A toxic relationship to Pisces: Being used, abusive partner, being physically, emotionally, and/or financially dependent on a partner.

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