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Marvel AU: Peter gets invited to the Avengers Post-Battle Party for the first time, and it’s everything he had imagined and more. 

Your Ascendant: Expression in Poetry

Felt like I should be writing today, partly because I was inspired and because it’s cathartic. Hope you all enjoy! 

Aries AC:   

a million and one sunsets cannot match the beauty of your smile // red lipstick smears on your coffee cup // and he says “care to come home with me?”

Taurus AC: 

sitting by the fireside with your oversized sweater, tired eyes // flawless without even having to try // please don’t break my heart tonight.

Gemini AC:

whispers turn into giggles, giggles into laughter // acting strange for strangers // drunk on the moonlight and maybe a beer.

Cancer AC:

you’re diving into the deep end, yet again // the craters in the crescent moon start to look like swimming pools // but dear, there are no ladders up in space.

Leo AC:

a conversation with the mirror turns into dancing in your lingerie // whiskey on the breath & a french manicure // that hair flip says: “don’t tempt me with a good time.” 

Virgo AC:

perfection leads to madness, but isn’t madness genius? // that’s what they call you, glasses and all // with a heart made of crystal that’s chipped from the world’s fist.

Libra AC:

lollipops and gumdrops, cough syrup in your cup // sickly sweet like strawberry taffy, drink it up // make a funny face and wish the next girl good luck.

Scorpio AC:

smoking outside of the city lines // the sky is red and you feel so alive // you don’t need a lighter, your penetrating gaze is the flame.

Sagittarius AC:

you’ll be the first to fly, so tell me what it’s like // riding on an elephant’s back, kissing another stranger goodnight // in the back of his car, another anatomy lesson.

Capricorn AC:

throw another pebble into the ocean and it splashes like a stone // you put on a brave face so nobody knows // won’t you stop eating yourself alive?

Aquarius AC:

your mind is like a never-ending movie, so don’t wait for those credits to roll // lucy told me that you two have met, you’re one in the same // her watercolor pictures wouldn’t let you catch your breath. 

Pisces AC:

step into the flowerchild’s garden or better yet, let’s step into her head // licorice dreams melt into cotton candy scenes // use a seashell as a cellphone & hear her voice.

-Admin L


Who shall I see when I look at your face?

This is a prayer to R'iia, the Teedos’ god. I don’t believe in her, and I don’t really understand it, but I like the way it makes me feel,  so I put bits of it on pretty things I’ve found. And all of it here, of course. Maybe you will like how it makes you feel, too, you unlucky castaway.

- scratched out entry in the Scavenger’s journal. Who would have thought she liked poetry?

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17 May 2016 ||

The Early Modern Period is such an interesting topic, but very complex as well - I needed three pages just to cover the basics, and now my hand is cramping. If I didn’t make handwritten notes, I wouldn’t remember anything though, so it’s necessary! Have a productive week, friends :) 

Hi, I’d just like to take a minute to thank all of the fanfic authors that literally kill themselves doing research and taking so many necessary steps towards creating a work of art that is historically accurate and believable, even taking the most minute details into consideration. Thank you for putting so much love and care into your story. You guys do not get nearly enough credit.


and what a week it’s been

I’m sorry, Tony. I’m sorry… 


This Time Imperfect 

{{SPN AU: hunter!Lucifer angel!Sam}}

It was the same voice, night after night - the same breathtaking eyes, undefinable, yet entirely unforgettable, lingering behind the hunter’s eyes long after the sun had risen and the day had begun. They had been haunting him from the beginning of his relatively limited memory - from the day one Bobby Singer had found him, slightly battered and entirely confused, shut away in the back room of some unnamed, unmapped facility. 

He’d known little more than his name - though of that he was certain - but a nagging in his mind had convinced him to conceal that truth from the rough, yet kind man, offering him the shortened “Luce” to be safe. Bobby had taken him back to his humble home, for which Luce was eternally grateful. He had cleaned him up, given him clothing and a place to sleep, and when it became undeniably obvious that the displaced man’s memories would not be returning anytime soon, he had allowed him to stay. 

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And way down we go
Way down we go
Say way down we go
Way down we go  [X]

A drawing I did for a modern/futurist AU where Laurent and Nicaise are genetically modified humans who escaped from their lab and Damen will eventually try to protect them.

This AU got partly inspired by the trailer of the Logan movie (hence the music linked above

Two versions of the colored drawing because one has a filter and I can’t seem to decide which to put.

I’m annoyed that it put the image in really small tho, so if you’re not in mobile and want to see the picture in bigger I’d recommend doing a right click and “open picture in a new tab”. Otherwise here’s a close-up of the filter one: