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Who shall I see when I look at your face?

This is a prayer to R'iia, the Teedos’ god. I don’t believe in her, and I don’t really understand it, but I like the way it makes me feel,  so I put bits of it on pretty things I’ve found. And all of it here, of course. Maybe you will like how it makes you feel, too, you unlucky castaway.

- scratched out entry in the Scavenger’s journal. Who would have thought she liked poetry?

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Your Ascendant: Expression in Poetry

Felt like I should be writing today, partly because I was inspired and because it’s cathartic. Hope you all enjoy! 

Aries AC:   

a million and one sunsets cannot match the beauty of your smile // red lipstick smears on your coffee cup // and he says “care to come home with me?”

Taurus AC: 

sitting by the fireside with your oversized sweater, tired eyes // flawless without even having to try // please don’t break my heart tonight.

Gemini AC:

whispers turn into giggles, giggles into laughter // acting strange for strangers // drunk on the moonlight and maybe a beer.

Cancer AC:

you’re diving into the deep end, yet again // the craters in the crescent moon start to look like swimming pools // but dear, there are no ladders up in space.

Leo AC:

a conversation with the mirror turns into dancing in your lingerie // whiskey on the breath & a french manicure // that hair flip says: “don’t tempt me with a good time.” 

Virgo AC:

perfection leads to madness, but isn’t madness genius? // that’s what they call you, glasses and all // with a heart made of crystal that’s chipped from the world’s fist.

Libra AC:

lollipops and gumdrops, cough syrup in your cup // sickly sweet like strawberry taffy, drink it up // make a funny face and wish the next girl good luck.

Scorpio AC:

smoking outside of the city lines // the sky is red and you feel so alive // you don’t need a lighter, your penetrating gaze is the flame.

Sagittarius AC:

you’ll be the first to fly, so tell me what it’s like // riding on an elephant’s back, kissing another stranger goodnight // in the back of his car, another anatomy lesson.

Capricorn AC:

throw another pebble into the ocean and it splashes like a stone // you put on a brave face so nobody knows // won’t you stop eating yourself alive?

Aquarius AC:

your mind is like a never-ending movie, so don’t wait for those credits to roll // lucy told me that you two have met, you’re one in the same // her watercolor pictures wouldn’t let you catch your breath. 

Pisces AC:

step into the flowerchild’s garden or better yet, let’s step into her head // licorice dreams melt into cotton candy scenes // use a seashell as a cellphone & hear her voice.

-Admin L


and what a week it’s been


And way down we go
Way down we go
Say way down we go
Way down we go  [X]

A drawing I did for a modern/futurist AU where Laurent and Nicaise are genetically modified humans who escaped from their lab and Damen will eventually try to protect them.

This AU got partly inspired by the trailer of the Logan movie (hence the music linked above

Two versions of the colored drawing because one has a filter and I can’t seem to decide which to put.

I’m annoyed that it put the image in really small tho, so if you’re not in mobile and want to see the picture in bigger I’d recommend doing a right click and “open picture in a new tab”. Otherwise here’s a close-up of the filter one:

Flirt [j.j.]

Originally posted by riverdaleselite

Jughead x reader in which she is painfully shy and he knows she likes him (partly inspired by this post) ((also, jughead is just the tiniest bit ooc)).




You had been best friends with Betty Cooper for as long as anyone could remember. You had met when you were six years old and had both been fighting over the last available swing.

From that moment on, your friendship grew. But where Betty grew in a sweet, confident girl, you grew into a shy, introverted girl who didn’t talk to anyone except for Betty.

Which is the reason why Betty was the only one who knew about your crush on Jughead.

You had been crushing on Jughead since 6th grade when he helped you stand up to Cheryl. That was the year when you became shy and reserved, so you were surprised to see that you had developed a crush on Jughead, seeing as you tended to avoid everyone.

Flash forward four years and you were still pining over the beanie-clad boy.

Betty had suspected something for a while and had finally confronted you about it. You had been sitting in a booth at Pop’s, vehemently denying the existence of your “supposed” crush but Betty knew you were lying and eventually forced it out of you.

“You should definitely tell him (Y/N),” Betty had said, ecstatic.

You had shaken your head. “No Betty. I can’t even talk to the guy. Besides there’s no way that he’d like me. Never in a million years!”

Betty had glanced behind you before gesturing for you to turn around. Jughead had just walked in. He looked around, his eyes stopping once they met yours, making you blush and turn around as he smirked.

You turned around and sank into your seat as he made his way over to your table.

“Hey Betty, (Y/N),” Jughead greeted as he slid in next to you.

Betty greeted him as you turned your attention to the table, mindlessly tracing patterns with your fingers and blushing every time his thigh brushed against yours.

You couldn’t speak around anyone who wasn’t Betty. Especially not him. So you sat in silence the rest of the time, not noticing the glances that Jughead would sneak at you ever five minutes.


“I’m telling you Ronnie! It’s hopeless. She won’t even look at him!” Betty exclaimed as she sat with Veronica at Pop’s the next day.

Veronica pursed her lips as she stirred her milkshake with her straw. “Wait, you’re telling me (Y/N) willingly told you she has a crush on Jughead?”

Betty looked down at her fries and blushed. “Well…I may have forced it out of her,” she paused at Veronica’s harsh look. “But I swear that girl has a crush on him. Its killing me to not see her do anything about it.”

Both girls froze as someone jumped over the booth and sat down between them.

“So,” Jughead started. “(Y/N) likes me?”

Betty gulped. She was so dead.


Over the next few days, you found out a multitude of things.

You found out that you could actually get along very well with Veronica, especially once she started spending so much time around you and Betty that you had no choice but to befriend her. You didn’t stutter around her, and you could carry on normal conversations with her now.

Another thing you found out was that Betty Cooper was a horrible liar. You already knew this, of course. But for the past week she had been hiding something, and she was giving out horrible excuses to anyone who asked.

The thing that surprised you most however, was that fact that you figured out that Jughead Jones was in fact, a huge flirt.

It had started Monday, when you were walking down the hallway with B & V. Jughead had caught up to you and had thrown his arm over your shoulder, greeting the two girls and then bending to down to whisper a greeting in your ear. You had blushed fiercely, and had barely managed to stutter out a simple ‘hi’ in response. He had walked with you to your class, once again bending down and whispering a quick ‘see you later (Y/N)’ in your ear before walking off.

You had been a blushing mess the entire period, and the knowing looks from B & V weren’t helping.

On Tuesday, Jughead had joined you and Betty at Pop’s after school. Luckily for you, he sat on the opposite side of the booth, typing on his laptop, so you were able to somewhat talk to Betty without any embarrassment. But that didn’t mean you didn’t notice the looks Jughead kept sneaking your way.

You’d finally had enough and when Betty got up to go order another milkshake, you had asked Jughead about it.

“What Jones?” You asked, surprisingly without a stutter. “Why do you keep looking at me?”

“I didn’t realize it was a crime to stare at a beautiful girl,” he had replied smoothly, arching an eyebrow.

By the time Betty came back, you were a blushing mess and you were gathering all your stuff, muttering excuses about having to be home as soon as possible.

“What did you do to the poor girl Juggie?” Betty asked as she watched you walk away.

“Nothing,” Jughead replied, a small smile on his face as he too, watched you leave.


Wednesday was slightly different. Your routine started out normally, except Jughead spent the whole day around you. He’d walk you to class, arm slung over your shoulder, and sat with you in the student lounge.

You resembled a tomato the whole day. Finally, when you were sitting at your usual lunch table, waiting for Betty to arrive, you broke the silence.

“Jughead, why are you following me around?” you asked.

“A pretty girl shouldn’t be left alone. There’s a murderer on the loose you know,” he replied coolly, not breaking eye contact with you.

“No offense, but there are plenty of better things to do than follow me around,” you scoffed, proud of yourself for being able to keep the conversation going.

“Yeah, but ever since Betty told me you liked me I thought I’d-”

“What?” you cut him off.

He glanced up as Betty arrived. “Yeah. I thought Betty had told you that she told…me.”

You turned to Betty, who was now standing, wide-eyed, as you flushed. This time, in anger.

“Elizabeth Cooper,” you began. “How could you? I trusted you not to tell anyone!”

She opened her mouth to speak. “(Y/N), I-”

“No Betty,” you cut in. “Is this what you’ve been lying about all week?”

Betty stayed silent, looking down at the ground.

“(Y/N) let me explain,” Jughead said.

You turned to him. “Save it Jones. I bet this past week has just been so fun for you, hasn’t it?”

Jughead stared at you, mouth agape, as you gathered up your lunch and left.

“Well she sure isn’t shy when she’s all worked up huh?” Veronica stated as she took a sip of water, all three of them watching you as you stormed off.


You ignored all messages and calls from both Betty and Jughead, only responding to Veronica to tell her to tell Betty and Jughead to leave you alone.

The next day however, was full of Betty following you around like a lost puppy all day until you agreed to talk with her. Sighing deeply, you gave in.

“(Y/N),” she began. “I swear I never meant to tell him. I will however, accept full responsibility for telling Veronica. I was talking about your crush with her at Pop’s and Jughead overheard. I never meant for it to happen.”

You stared at her, seeing nothing but the truth in her blue eyes. You spread your arms towards her, her face lighting up as she embraced you, knowing you had forgiven her.

“He likes you too y'know,” she whispered in your ear.

“No he doesn’t Betty,” you whispered back.

She pulled away slightly, her eyes focused on something behind you. “Please don’t hate me (Y/N/N),” she whispered again.

“Why would I hate-” your words were cut off as Betty spun you around and pushed you, effectively causing you to crash into someone and go tumbling down, taking the other person down with you.

You sat up, pushing your hair out of your face as you looked down to apologize to the person you had knocked over.

Your words got caught in your throat as you realized you had been pushed into Jughead. Even worse, you had fallen on top of him, and you were now straddling him as he lied beneath you, his hands gripping your waist.

“Well hey there (L/N),” he spoke, a cocky smirk spreading across his face.

You were faintly aware of Betty trying to stifle her giggles in the background as you tried to come up with the wrds to apologize. “Uhhhh J-j-jughead. Hey, I-i-i’m sor-rry,” you finally managed to stutter out.

Jughead’s smirk never left his face. “Hey, no worries, all is forgiven…on one condition.”

You looked at him hesitantly, waiting for his next words.

“Kiss me.”


“I still can’t believe you actually kissed him!” exclaimed Betty.

“I knew you had it in you,” Veronica said, winking at you.

You slid down in your seat, blushing. School had ended and you, B, & V had decided to go to Pop’s, like always.

“The whole school stopped,” Veronica continued. “Like seriously. Everyone in that hallway stopped and stared when shy little (Y/N) (L/N) gave Jughead Jones a hot, steamy kiss.”

You slid down even further as Betty smacked Veronica’s shoulder, causing the raven-haired girl to laugh.

Veronica finally straightened up and shot a smirk as you before focusing on something behind you. “Hey Jughead, Archie.”

“Oh ha ha Ronnie,” you said, straightening up as well. “Very funny. Embarrass me even more.”

“Hey (Y/N/N),” you heard Jughead’s voice as he sat next to you, sliding his arm around your shoulders and pulling you close.

Veronica gave you a look as if to say ‘see, I wasn’t lying’.

“You gave the school quite a show today,” Jughead continued, sharing a look with Veronica that said that he had heard their previous conversation. “Maybe we could have a repeat?”

And with that, Jughead Jones tilted your chin up, pressing his lips to yours as Betty, Veronica, and Archie cheered.

You pulled away, burying your face in his chest as your friends kept cheering.

“By the way, if it wasn’t obvious, I like you too (L/N),” Jughead whispered, kissing you once more.

You definitely had to remember to thank Betty.


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The Falcon and the Wolf

Summary:  This is an AU where you and Dean have been separated by a terrible curse for over two years.  You’re banding together with some old friends and old enemies to bring down the person responsible in hopes of removing the curse.

Characters: AU!Dean x Reader, AU!Sam, AU!Crowley

Word Count: 3542

Warnings: smut (I mean at this point it should be a given), canon typical injuries

A/N:  I may be showing my age here, but I grew up loving the film Ladyhawke with Michelle Pfeiffer.  This is partly inspired by the film, though I’m taking it in a different direction.  This will be a three part series.  This will be a multi-part series.  Part 2 can be found HERE.  This is my first AU, so feedback is very much appreciated!

Thanks to @wheresthekillswitch the lovely, talented and helpful wonder woman who beta’d this for me!

And thank you to the fabulous, wonderful and talented @arryn-nyxx for the AMAZING aesthetic!

My tags are open so send me a message or an ask if you’d like to be added!


A single candle burns in the small room.  You’re lying on a bed of rabbit furs which tickle your naked skin.  Dean is on his side looking down at you with his emerald green eyes.  Your shadows dance on the wall beside the bed as he lowers his head touching his lips to yours.  You slip your hand up his neck running your fingers through his hair as your kiss deepens.  His fingers trace lines down your naked form leaving a trail of fire as they go.  Taking one breast in his mouth he caresses the other with his strong hand as he swirls his tongue around your hardened bud making you moan his name.  He moves over your body, taking his time exploring every part of you; dropping a kiss here, licking a spot there, until at last he reaches your throbbing bundle.  You whine as he feathers over your folds ignoring your swollen bud.

“Impatient,” he whispers in your ear.  “We’ll get there, Y/N.”

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SaeZen Headcanons (or why this is a Good Ship™

I love the idea of Saeran and Zen together! Here’s a list of hc’s brought to you by the combined efforts of @juminlovesv, @mysticmessengervibes, @rixsig-writes and myself. Enjoy~

-When they first meet, Saeran finds Zen a little overbearing.

-After a little while, he realises that he actually doesn’t mind too much. Zen seems to be the one RFA member who isn’t nervous about starting a conversation with him, and he doesn’t treat him as though he could break at any moment. He treats him like an actual person.

-Zen’s first thoughts on Saeran are that he wants to make him feel like he’s part of the RFA family, because although he doesn’t know the full story, he knows Saeran needs support. He’s willing to be patient and put in the time to get to know him.

-And he knows Saeyoung means well, but he can tell Saeran’s frustrated.

-Zen starts coming over to make sure Saeran gets to go outside and that Saeyoung isn’t being too smothering

-Zen stands up to Saeyoung if he is, and tells him Saeran’s an adult who can make decisions for himself

-He looks up all the good places to go on walks and watch the sky so he can take Saeran there

-When Saeran still isn’t allowed out, Zen will send selfies that include prime shots of the the sky to him on days he can’t visit

-As it turns out, Saeran actually wants to keep his hair bleached along with his ‘edgy’ clothing, but Saeyoung seems to think he needs to wear bulky sweaters and grow his hair out to aid in his recovery.

-Zen ends up helping Saeran bleach his hair, because if it makes Saeran feel more comfortable then how can it possibly be a bad thing?

-He offers to take Saeran shopping to buy clothes he likes and encourage his own style, helping him out and giving him advice, partly inspired by his own ‘bad boy’ phase in high school

-Zen even lends Saeran some of his old clothes from said ‘bad boy’ phase, because even though they’re slightly too big, Saeran seems to like them

-He supports Saeran in expressing himself via clothing and helps him pick things that look good together

-Zen does some research on PTSD and learns as much as he can on how to help others ground themselves so he can make sure Saeran always has someone who knows how to help around when they’re out, and because he just wants to make sure he’s okay and safe

-Saeran actually finds that it’s easier than he expected for him to open up to Zen, because his link to Rika and V isn’t quite as direct as most of the other RFA members

-Zen learns music therapy techniques for the same reasons

-Zen’s always there whenever Saeran needs someone to call, and isn’t shy or embarrassed about singing him to sleep if he needs to

-When Saeran makes significant progress, Zen argues on his behalf if Saeyoung refuses to see it

-He points out all the smaller things that maybe even Saeran hasn’t noticed, which takes both the twins by surprise

-“Hey, I know you’ve done some fucked up shit in the past but man, so have I. You can get through this.”

-Zen doesn’t think of Saeran in terms of being ‘the other Choi twin’ or ‘the Mint Eye hacker’, but as a separate person, a man who once lost his way but is now trying to figure out who he is.

-Zen makes sure to compliment Saeran on things that are unique to him

-Zen makes a point of showing Saeran that friendship is a Good and Wholesome thing, even though he’s wary of it at first

-Initially, Zen just wants to be friends, but the more he learns about Saeran, the more he ends up falling for this curious, loyal, witty guy who was hidden behind the mask he had to wear to survive.

-He helps Saeran discover everything he’s good at, no matter how silly

-Zen encourages Saeran to write down his jokes and comebacks because they’re so clever and might be able to be worked into scripts

-Zen constanty reminds him that not everything comes naturally and you have to practice sometimes

- “Quit comparing yourself to your brother! Your goal shouldn’t be to be better than him, but to be good at what you want. …besides, you’re already better than him. ;)”

-They bond over not finishing/going to school

-They also bond over shitty parents and brothers who think they know best

-Saeran starts to realize it’s okay to like things about himself through how much Zen loves himself

-Saeran likes Zen for who he is without a lot of outside influence (like that he’s a minor celebrity)

-Saeran is very fascinated by the fact that Zen’s willing to help him for absolutely nothing in return

-Saeran randomly surprises Zen with his ‘creepy voice’ and Zen finds it hilarious, telling him he’d be a great voice actor

-He feels accepted by Zen’s acting friends because most of them came from hard backgrounds too and don’t judge him

-Saeran becomes defensive of Zen when he finds out about his family and reminds him that he’s a great person even if they don’t want anything to do with him

-Ofc Saeran sings “Merry Christmas” to Zen in the ‘spooky voice’ and Zen ends up recording it and making it his ringtone

-Saeran and Zen playfully compete to see who can contort their voices to sound the weirdest and Saeran always wins by a long shot

-Saeran really enjoys watching Zen’s shows, but he isn’t always feeling up to going to the theatre, so Zen has someone (Saeyoung) stream it or eventually asks Jaehee to loan Saeran the DVD (a convenient opening for a beautiful friendship between Jaehee and Saeran)

-When Saeyoung prods for compliments, Saeran just says “Thanks for introducing me to Zen.”

-Saeran ends up falling for Zen because of how sweet and caring he is, and Zen is in awe that it’s not because of his looks or job

-Saeran casually acknowledges Zen’s attractiveness but always tells him things he likes more (like how much he genuinely cares for people) about him to remind Zen he’s more than just his looks

  • “You’re so… perfect”
  • “Ikr, I’m pretty handsome”
  • “Not just that. You make me like being alive.”

-Zen is, for once, utterly speechless

-Saeran convinces Zen to take a break now and then to make sure he doesn’t overwork himself

-Saeran makes sure the fridge is stocked with something other than just beer and water, and Zen starts to actually eat properly so he can have meals with Saeran, because he’s way too skinny

-Saeran helps Zen cut back on how much he drinks

-Also, they’re smoking buddies who are both trying to get each other to quit

-Saeran uses his artistic skills to help paint sets (and enjoying it)

-Saeran’s not used to having someone who can match his wit (Saeyoung takes him too seriously, and he can come off as mean to others) but Zen gets it and just hands it right back to him

-He enjoys Saeran’s dry humor

-Zen calls Saeran his ‘Prince’ and Saeran is surprised because he’s never been called anything so positive before

  • “I thought I was the dragon”
  • “Nah, you were just under an enchantment. You were always a prince ;)”
  • “Then you’re the knight who saved me?”
  • “You saved yourself, I’m just lucky enough to get to kiss you after.”

-Zen becomes the clouds in Saeran’s sky, while Saeran is the music in Zen’s life

On a lighter note, I have been reading the 5E D&D supplement Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Or, as Clio has taken to calling it after I read her a few excerpts, Volo’s Guide to Having Unexpected Feels About Monsters.

Why? Well, let me share with you the same excerpts…

From the section on kobolds:

Survival of the tribe is more important that the survival of any particular individual. Even a cowardly kobold might sacrifice itself to give its fellows time to collapse a nearby tunnel and prevent invaders from getting to the rest of the tribe… This practice contributes to the reason why most common folk (and adventurers) think kobolds are stupid as well as weak; they’ve seen or heard of a lone kobold trying to hold off a group of armed attackers and attribute the act either to idiocy or the creature’s ridiculously inflated idea of its prospects for success. The truth is that the kobold - persuaded into this role by its peers - is just hoping to slow down the invaders long enough to give the rest of the tribe time to prepare a lethal trap, an ambush, or a quick getaway.

Poor brave kobold… What? I mean, I’m fine. Everything’s fine.

And then I hit the section of mind flayers:

Sometimes a mind flayer that’s away from its colony breaks free from the elder brain… Unlike colonial mind flayers, rogue illithids develop a healthy respect for those not of their kind. They treat especially powerful creatures and individuals as equals, not adversaries, and seek to cooperate with them. A renegade mind flayer might become a trusted advisor or a powerful ally, so long as it is kept well fed. Any alliance it makes, however, collapses if the mind flayer falls under the sway of an elder brain once more.

And my fellow Critical Role fans may know why this one is SO NOT OK.

Sapphic Pronouns Survey

The pronouns survey is closed and I have processed the data and will discuss them below the cut.

In total, there were 2,498 respondents.

The category “other” in reference to orientation consists of respondents who identify as polysexual, wlw, etc. and describes less than 50 respondents. 

The “other” category with reference to pronouns consists of many pronouns that were listed by less than ten respondents each. 

The survey consisted of two mandatory sections: a multiple choice section where respondents filled in the pronouns they use and a single choice section where respondents filled in how they identify (orientation). 

Identities of Respondents

52% identify as a lesbian, 25% identify as bi, 11% percent identify as pan, 4% percent identify as sapphic, 3% said that they were questioning, and another 3% identify as gay. 2% identify with the categories described by other.

Pronouns of All Respondents

total number of respondents: 2,498

Pronouns of Lesbian Respondents

total number of lesbian respondents: 1,286

Pronouns of Bi Respondents

total number of bi respondents: 634 

Pronouns of Pan Respondents

total number of pan respondents: 281 

Pronouns of Respondents Who Identify as Sapphic

total number of sapphic respondents: 101 

Pronouns of Questioning Respondents

total number of questioning respondents: 78

Pronouns of Respondents Who Identify as Gay

total number of gay respondents: 69

Pronouns of Respondents in the Category “Other”

total number of respondents in “other”: 49

Respondents Who Use She/Her Exclusively

I have made some of the data available through this link.

There were some errors in collection, like unclear responses. I did my best to change them to something I could use, and I may have misinterpreted some of them. Similarly, there may have been a few responses that were incorrectly counted because I used the find tool in Excel and some did not use the terms I searched. And the sample size for non-lesbian sapphics was small (especially for the non-bi and non-lesbian sapphics) and may not accurately represent the total population. 

Despite that, this survey shows that about 77% or respondents use pronouns other than she/her, and only about 44% use she/her exclusively. This survey was partly inspired by pure curiosity, but I also wanted all the sapphic people out there who don’t use she/her to know that they’re not alone. 

For whatever reason we have complicated relationships to gender, it’s undeniable that so many of us do. I’m sure many of the respondents who use she/her do also. I know the bar for she/her on these graphs is always the highest, but don’t let that make you feel like you’re abnormal. 

There’s more data to process, but this post was already really long. Let me know if you would want me to make a post about it.

So me and @aceofstars16 have been talking about an AU where Hera knew the Bridgers and ended up taking in Ezra after his parents were taken (Though she doesn’t keep him straight away)

I’ve actually fallen so deeply in love with the Au..

(Hera’s design is partly inspired by @hayamika-art!) 

Shape of You (Steve x Reader)

Hello! This is the first fic I’m posting here, and I’m just super excited to release it!

Note: this was partly inspired by Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, and some little black shorts I feel pretty damn good in. 

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word count: 1,406 

Originally posted by luvinchris

Steve liked a lot of things about you. Even before you got together, he loved that you were kind, compassionate, intelligent, and not to mention beautiful. And yes, those things were at the top of his list of ‘Reasons I Love Y/N’, but also in the top chunk of that list, was your body.

Even when you two met a while back, he couldn’t help but think about what a “beautiful dame” you were, or as he put it to Bucky. Now, ever the gentleman, Steve would never outright say that to you, especially if you weren’t his girl, but damn there had been so many times that he wished you were. He doesn’t remember a time when a gal had gotten him so flustered in so many different ways before, but honestly, he wasn’t complaining.

Every part of you was exquisite to him. After getting to know you better, he learned that you did your best to care for your body, which is why he often found you in the training room doing simple workouts or fixing a small snack in the kitchen. One night after the two of you had been talking for a while, you let Steve in on a secret. You both had been in the kitchen, sharing some fruit.

“Ya know, I used to have insane body-image issues,” you had said as you dipped your apple slice in peanut butter. “Still kinda do. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but sometimes it’s a nagging voice in the back of my head.” You munched on your apple slice.

“What?” He seemed fairly surprised. In his mind, he didn’t see a single thing wrong with you and often stared when you weren’t looking. “But Y/N, you’re absolutely beautiful, why–,” he stopped himself, his face going pink as he realized where he was going. He folded his hands together in front of him and shut his mouth.

You smiled a little. “Thank you, Steve, really–but it’s not necessarily about what others see, as much as it is how I see and think of myself, you know?”

That he definitely understood. He had a lot of issues with how he thought of himself when he was growing up, a scrawny and sick little thing. Even after going Super Soldier, his mind still wandered and he had a lot to keep up with these days. Just because his bulk was originally superficial, didn’t mean he couldn’t do all he could to make himself feel good about it. He was glad that there was another layer you two could connect on.

After you shared that with him, he had made a point to help you when he figured you might need it. Training and toning sessions, different recipes, and even paying you a simple compliment when he felt it was appropriate. Eventually, it developed into a partnership rather than a friendship, and that’s when he really started to show you how much he appreciated your form.

Whenever you were together or around each other, he found himself always touching you; whether it was a gentle hand on your back or your hip, or a few interlaced fingers, it was constant. When you were secluded, he’d often lay his head in your lap, letting you play with his hair as he wrapped his arms around your legs. If you two were napping or asleep, he was always wrapped around you, a hand gently stroking your side, from the top of your back, over your bottom and down your thigh. His hands always seemed to rest in the curve of your hip or on your thighs. And ever the gentleman that he is, whenever you two were alone, he’d always remind you that he absolutely adored your figure. And he definitely had no problem showing you.

Steve had been sitting at the island in the kitchen, book in his hands when you had come strolling in after a run. He did a double take and his face flushed as he stared at you–no, more like stared at your legs as they passed him. You were flushed and sweaty, earphones plugged in and hair in a high ponytail. You smiled at him in acknowledgment, still slightly out of breath as you turned your back on him and reached up into the cupboard for a glass to get some cold water.

He gulped and continued staring, focusing his eyes on those damned little black shorts. They were made up of some sort of material–spandex, probably–and hugged your hips and bum perfectly. You often wore them during training or runs, and each time, they would distract him just the same. He wondered if you caught him staring all the time. He didn’t even notice as his eyes followed you out of the kitchen.

After a minute or two, he ran his hands down his face and tried to calm himself down. It’s just fabric, he repeated in his head. He picked his book back up and tried (and failed) to re-focus his attention on the page. After forcing himself to continue, he eventually fell back into it, your hips falling to the back of his mind. Maybe he could even get through a few chapters before dinner. He thought he could, at least.

That was when he heard light footsteps coming down the hall. He turned his head and there you were, fresh and clean and hair damp from your shower. He gave you a quick once-over, taking in the high-waisted black leggings and purple top that outlined your lovely figure. Your top was bunched together slightly at the side, exposing an inch or two of your stomach. You looked so good; he groaned internally.

You smiled as you made your way to him, pecking him lightly on his cheek. “Hi babe,” you said, slipping around the island before he could reach for you, completely unaware of his growing frustration. You started fiddling around in the fridge for something to snack on. You settled on some strawberries. You grabbed a cutting board and a small knife. “Did you just relax all day?”

“Mhmm,” he hummed, afraid of opening his mouth. Once again, he continued staring as you went about your business, biting his lip. You were completely oblivious, and it was edging him on. 

“That’s good,” you responded, cutting up one strawberry after the other. After a moment of silence, you barely heard his chair move and then felt Steve’s hands wrap around your waist, pulling you back into him.

“Y/N?” he said, placing a tender kiss on the side of your head. You simply hummed in response, feeling your damp hair being pulled back from your neck as Steve’s lips planted a kiss there as well. His thumb made small circles on your hipbone. “When was the last time I told you how absolutely amazing you look?”

You laughed. “The other day, I think.” You noticed that he had a habit of reminding you how much he liked your body–especially your hips. His big hands slid down your forearms and over your hands, and he turned you around to face him, still leaning up against the corner. You look up and see that his usually clear blue eyes are clouded.

He cups your cheek in one hand as his other rests on your hip, eyes looking all around your face before landing on your lips. “Well, you look absolutely amazing today, Y/N,” he says gruffly before kissing you. It starts out soft before he grasps you tighter and kisses you harder. The hand that was on your cheek slides down your neck, to your back and waist and you inhale on instinct. You feel him shift and suddenly he breaks away, flipping you up and over his shoulder, heading out of the kitchen. 

“Steve!” you nearly squeal, your own hands latching onto him. He’s almost rushing down the hall, presumably to one of your bedrooms. “What are you doing?”

A door opens and shuts, and suddenly you’re on your back against a bed. His hands are on you and his lips are on yours in a kiss that makes you feel dizzy.

“Well doll,” he breathes as he breaks away from your lips, trailing down your neck. Your face heats up and you can feel him smirk against your skin. “I figured I’d show you just how amazing you are.”

Well, I’m not going to argue with that. 

I had so much fun writing this! I hope you enjoyed it ! :)