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11.26.16 || very late, but here is my bullet journal spread from last week! since i had a bit of free time, i wanted to make a more artsy spread than my usuals. this one was inspired partly by kou (@studykouffee)’s amazing spreads and lucie aka @journalsanctuary‘s super helpful bujo tutorial! i had a lot of fun making this spread and the layout worked well for me too. i think i’ll be keeping this layout for next week! 


journal page 51/?


oh man. i was going through my brother’s ipad (which was honestly a huge part of what made me get into art, just the ability to use it to draw even if i only had my fingers to use as pencils cause ipad styluses are expensive ) and found this gem from 2014 which is probably one of the first things i ever drew and was very proud of and oh boi. 

i remember drawing this while waiting at the airport and the plane was taking forever and when i finally finished this i was like “wow, this is pretty good". it took me an hour just to finish that, mainly cause of that dual colored background you can see i put a lot of effort into. 

so i was just looking at it and i thought, well, what could i achieve now? (so naturally, i doodled yamaguchi.) i mean, i always bring myself down because i see my art and i see other peoples art and i’m like, “holy hell, i’m shit”, but never think about how much i’ve improved along the way and this was a great eye-opener for me. 

i still think my art has long ways to go but i’ve definitely walked a long distance since i started too. i guess this is just me trying to say don’t give up doing what you like to do!! perseverance pays off (yams is a great testament to that - that’s why i love him). don’t expect to become great overnight, if it were that easy, everyone would be an artist.

tl;dr: don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself with yourself.



It is possible you will see hockey players at the ice rink. Do not approach them. Do not approach the ice rink.

Would you rather have a faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home? Or 1000 roaches?

Bitty: Kent Parson. You don’t do anything except bring unacceptably dry scones to NHL meetings and take grammatically disastrous minutes on your shifts as meeting secretary. GET IT TOGETHER, KENT!”

Annie’s Coffee: Devour your own empty heart.

Ransom: “Angels are not real, and we are not allowed to know about their existence or hierarchical structure.”

Bitty, upon meeting Jack: “A new man came into the haus today. Who is he? What does he want from us? Why his perfect and beautiful cheekbones? Why his perfect and beautiful ass?” 


(inspired partly by this post by @cardamoms but mostly by the insanity that is hiatus)

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I can’t help but love the thought that Gran Torino once upon a time used to help Nana do her hair.

Like, after a particular nasty fight, Nana’s bun has come loose, dark hair falling into her face as she huffs and snorts and tries to push the strands out of the way. And Gran Torino is not content, not at all, since Nana once again jumped into the fray without him close behind and endangered herself, but still he pushes her to sit down, rips the hairclip out of her loose grip and starts gathering her hair up gently in order to put it back up into a clean and well-done bun (prove of how often he has done that already). All the while, he doesn’t miss a beat in scolding her, swearing up and down and promising her to kick her ass next time she goes into a fight without him. It’s a crass change, his harsh words and how gentle his hands are.

And Nana hums, makes sounds of agreements when appropriate, and grins to herself as she enjoys the grumpy yet tender care she’s given.

Countdown To You | Pt. 1

Originally posted by vminv

Genre: Angst, fluff, maybe some smut in the future

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 3.4k

“Your soulmate clock is actually a countdown of how long your soulmate has left to live and holy shit you have to find your soulmate soon because your clock says you have three months left.” (source.)

A/N: Surprise!! :D A little present because I haven’t written and posted anything for a long time ;) I had this in my drafts for a while, and I decided to go on with it and post it because I love soulmate aus and especially ANGSTY soulmate aus. I think I will split up this fic into two or three parts. It won’t be a long one anyways. 

Partly inspired by this song. listen to it while reading this pls its an awesome song i love hyorin and hwarang dfjgkshkj

Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4

You hated the concept of a soulmate clock.

The bright, red numbers displayed on the soulmate clock right next to your bed drove you insane, and you wanted nothing else but smash the stupid, useless object against your wall. You’d do everything to get rid of that clock and not lay eyes on these bright, red numbers anymore.

Ofcourse, you already tried smashing the clock against the wall, and ofcourse, the object did not bulge one bit, as the countdown kept going, and going.

Okay, a correction. You actually didn’t necessarily ‘hate’ the concept of a soulmate clock, but you just thought it was completely useless to have a countdown clock of your soulmate, signaling how many time you still had left to meet your soulmate until… he or she would leave this world.

Yeah. A soulmate clock was basically a countdown of your soulmate’s life.

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West End Girls
Pet Shop Boys
West End Girls

West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys (1984)

“West End Girls” is a song by British pop duo Pet Shop Boys. Written by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, the song was released twice as a single. The song is influenced by hip hop music, with lyrics concerned with class and the pressures of inner-city life which were inspired partly by T. S. Eliot’s poem The Waste Land. It was generally well received by contemporary music critics and has been frequently cited as a highlight in the duo’s career.

So you’ve all seen this

And this

But what about this?

That’s the ig of YOI’s screenwriter, Mitsurō Kubo.


This is pretty damning evidence that Victor was (or at least could have been) partly inspired by John Cameron Mitchell – as if the looks and the gayness weren’t already enough to draw a comparison.

Source: @NoahXica

I made a blog for people who want to make games.

Hi guys! I made a blog for people who want to make games, to make it easier for teams to come together. This was partly inspired by an IRL Unity class I help teach, because I see many talented folks there who just don’t know where to start or how to find other developers. Here’s a link:

Anyone can apply. Just use the application template and I’ll put you up there.

Day 29: Magnus + being the High Warlock of Brooklyn

His day began with three quick knocks on the door. Even as the third hit landed, he was off from his bed, hands reaching for his robes, magic the last thing on his mind as he hurried to get to the door in time, well aware that his early morning visitor only gave three chances before she would disappear and he wouldn’t see her in months. Three successive knocks repeated three times, and that was the only warning he got before she pulled off her disappearing act.

He got to the door just as she the last knock landed and pulled open the door, pleased to see that he caught her just in time. She had one leg extended, ready to walk away, her big gray coat way too big for her skinny frame, and she hugged herself, as if bracing herself against the dangers of the world.

“Miss Corinne,” he said and gave a little bow, gazing up at her with a smile that she slowly returned.

She gave a little curtsy, “High Warlock,” and when she rose to her full height, all four foot nine of it in her flat sensible shoes, her hands flapped about, her anxiety kicking into full gear.

Magnus pulled his door wide open and gestured her in, closing the door with a snap of his finger and then walking towards his pantry, throwing his hands in the air reaching for all the ingredients he needed to make her bones ache just a little bit less and have her heart just a little bit lighter.

Those brown eyes, slightly dimmed with pain but no less intelligent watched him and when he gestured at her, the old wolf took her seat.

Magnus took the seat across from her, and hummed as he added some dried helichrysum to the mix and ground it in, working with smooth motions until it was all blended in. He then poured a generous helping of vinegar over the mix and bottled up the jar. He snapped his fingers and another identical bottle appeared. “For the first six weeks,” he said to her, noting as she nodded at him. “The fresh batch will be good six weeks from now.” He waited until she gave him a quick nod, and then walked her out of the loft, a quick snap replacing the quarters in her pulse with several bills—all twenties because Corinne tended to have a problem with the larger bills. That should take care of her groceries for the three months it would take before she visited him again.

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A Snapback (Seven Minutes In Heaven With Seventeen)

(A/N: okay so this one was a long time coming, because people kept asking for it - but I spent a long time working on Overcome and I honestly felt bad for neglecting this series. because it’s inspired by my early writing days and it’s very close to my heart. and so, unlike the other chapters so far, which have been all fluffy fluff, I wanted to make this one more steamy - which was partly inspired by the character I was writing about. so there is a smut warning on this one, because it does get a little bit hot. be warned: smut. good, now that you’re warned also be warned of: underage drinking, swearing, and I think that’s it. also know that I would like to do another part of this immediately after this one, so if there’s an item that you’d like to see written about, please let me know, and if you haven’t read the intro yet please do. I always love the surprise of these, and I know I didn’t do it as well with this one because it was hard, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. I’ll try and surprise you all big time on the next one. -Tanisha<3)

The Introduction 

You were questioning all of this in your mind still, hating the way Chan was staring you down as you stuck your hand in the pillow case. You grabbed the first thing your hand brushed; a stiff something, fabric feeling that could have been anything, and you really didn’t have any guesses as to what it was. You weren’t surprised when you pulled it out and your fingers were gripping the wide brim of a snapback. A black one with bright red lettering stitched on the front, entailing the slogan “Fuck With Me”.

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Credence BareboneFantastic Beasts and where to Find Them

I don’t know what happened, this was supposed to be a quick sketch


Partly inspired by this exchange between Credence and Graves:

“You can control it, Credence!
- I don’t think I want to.”

(Also did you notice Credence’s eyes turn white during the transformation into the obscurial)

Credence has quickly become one of my favourite characters of all time (it helps that Ezra Miller is an adorable ball of sunshine). I cannot wait to see where the next movies bring him now that he escaped from two abusive relationships (getting beaten by his foster mother and manipulated by Grindelwald).

One of the deleted scenes was him boarding a boat headed out of New York, with or without Newt. I’d love to see those two interact (I think Newt and his creatures would be good for him, he needs someone he can truly trust and who can help him get back on his feet). Jacob, Tina and Queenie would also be a huge help!

And I really want to see him practicing his first spells…