partly cloudly

Morning Walk 08.22.2017.02

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So we all know the problem of dynamic range. The light meter in your camera can only arrive at one value in terms of how much light it thinks is needed to properly expose your photograph. But when the sky is really bright and the trees are in shadow, that does not cut it. The best it can do is take an “average,” as it were, and that leaves the sky a little overexposed and the trees a little underexposed–sometimes more than a little in both cases.

As a landscaper, I always priviledge  the sky, because that is the part that is dynamic. The trees will certainly change over the seasons, from green to lots of other colors to no leaves at all, but day to day, it is the sky that changes. Lots of clouds, a few clouds, no clouds, red light, pink light, orange light. You get the idea.

But this makes certain outings a bust. You go out expecting partly cloudly and the sky is just a gray soft cottony mist. A lot of times when this happens, I kick myself for getting out of bed at 4:30 am. Damn, therer is nothing here.

But then it occurred to me this morning, why not give the trees their due? Overexpose the sky, massively, and bring out all that detail in the trees that you always hide because you are after that diva, the sky.

And so here they are ladies and gentlement, the unsung tree that provide all that structure and line in my pictures. For once they are the star of the show.

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If I were a…

month: April
day: Thursday
planet: Saturn
god or goddess: Hestia
sea animal: Jellyfish
piece of furniture: Umbrella stand
gemstone: Sapphire
flower: Anemone
weather: Partly cloudly
color: Blue-Gray
emotion: Grief
fruit: Orange
element: Air
place: Cambridge, UK
taste: Sour
scent: Scent of lavander
body part: Eyes

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Disney-Pixar’s short “Partly Cloudy”, a short film accompaniment of Up. Directed by Peter Sohn with music by Michael Giacchino, one of my ultimate favorite movie music composers (Alexandre Desplat’s another). [NOTE! Apparently, the music for this particular clip isn’t the original one. For some reason I like this one more… If anyone knows whose this is, please tell me! I’d like to listen more of this composer’s stuff.]

M-My heart ;__; Pixar, why do you crush me so? I’m starting to tear up just at the sight of ‘Gus’ (haha Sorola why are you here) being all grey and placed lower than the other clouds, and I’m bawling as the seconds pass by with Peck getting more and more… gah poor bird, poor cloud ;____;

I really like the concept and the execution, but I can’t get myself to become happy at the ending. I mean, you gotta admit, it’s a pretty fucked up relationship. One could argue that it’s true friendship, but I really can’t help but just see an (unintended) abusive relationship that both aren’t aware of.

Like, Gus is aware that Peck’s getting hurt and shit, but he loves what he does and not all creations should be traditionally cute and fluffy and he shouldn’t be pressured to copy others. He’s got the right to create something he likes. However, understandably Gus doesn’t want Peck to leave him. They’ve been partners for who knows how long already, and they’re really good friends it seems. On the other side, Peck sticks by Gus’ side even though Peck gets hurt most of the time with Gus’ work. There’s no ill intent from Gus– it just so happens that Gus’ creations are a little hazardous. Peck asks another cloud for help, and the cloud gives peck protective armor that, as seen on the short, doesn’t completely do its job.

It’s… I dunno. It’s nice and all, but I don’t think I’ll be showing this to any kid I know until they’re grown up and most likely understand how abusive relationships go.

Is it true friendship? Or is it a fucked up relationship? Knowing how Pixar stuff usually goes, I’ll continue looking at it with shaded glasses.