Part 1: This Summer, Let’s Enjoy the Yukata: How to Choose and Wear a Yukata! A Yukata Date with A 2.5D Actor

Part 2 is here → Ueno Park Date in a Yukata!

2.5D Actor’s First Time Shopping for Yukata…So, a Yukata Date Scenario in Ueno!

Kondou Shouri is active in various 2.5D stageplays, and one of it is this September’s Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!! The Summer of Evolution. This summer, we went with Kondou-san to a men’s yukata shop to get his own yukata. After that, with Kondou-san’s unusual suggestion, a hypothetical date at Ueno Park. Well then, please enjoy the shopping and date!

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🐘  Mutual Attraction (feat. sneaky Jun, adorable Hoshi, minor-almost-nonexistent Jigyu, and a partks&rec reference)
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Jun doesn’t see it coming. 

He notices of course when the box of Oreos is on a higher shelf than usual (him and Jihoon are really the only ones that eat the cookies, and the short producer would kick his ass whenever he places them too high) but he dismisses it as Mingyu trying to rile Jihoon up again in a self-endangering attempt at attracting attention. He doesn’t notice the suspiciously minty smell as he digs his hand in the box, and grabs an Oreo to munch on. He definitely notices the minty taste as he pops the entire Oreo into his mouth, choking on the cookie as he rushes to spit it all out into the kitchen sink. He hears a chuckle behind him and he whips around to see Soonyoung leaning casually on the island counter, taking a bite out of a perfectly untainted Oreo. The smirk on his face says it all.

“Since you like toothpaste so much, I figured you’d like the surprise.”