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7/11 - beyonce // buttons - the pussycat dolls // s&m - rihanna // work bitch - britney spears // anaconda - nicki minaj // get me bodied - beyonce // she wolf - shakira // feeling myself - beyonce, nicki minaj // tik tok - kesha // partition - beyonce // fergalicious - fergie // 212 - azealia banks // bad romance - lady gaga // toxic - britney spears // hollaback girl - gwen stefani // applause - lady gaga // cannibal - kesha // drunk in love - beyonce // bitch better have my money - rihanna // telephone - lady gaga

shoutout to @crowking10 for helping this playlist come into existence and for dealing with my headcanons and intense voltron tweeting

Qualora ti andasse la pizza, e i cd in macchina senza nome sopra che si confondono tutti.
Qualora ti andassero litigate coi piatti che volano, partite alla playstation, il divano sotto il condizionatore mentre in TV ricomincia il campionato o la moto gp, le lenzuola contese e la spesa fatta male con molte caramelle gommose e poche cose importanti.
Qualora ti andassero i barbecue con gli amici in cui tu pensi alle bruschette, metti caso sentissi il bisogno impellente e irrefrenabile di un weekend sulla neve, di una sbronza colossale, di un centinaio di foto stupide, di tortellini fatti in casa la domenica e di farina tra i capelli.
E a proposito dei tuoi capelli che mi permetto di dire, vostro onore, che quei capelli sciolti hanno causato più danni dei fast food e delle trivelle per il petrolio e delle band emergenti, a tal proposito, dicevo, se ti andasse pure di lasciarli così come sono e farli svolazzare fuori dal finestrino in macchina alle due di notte vicino al Colosseo e ai Fori Imperiali, si insomma se tu volessi queste cose e magari anche altre mille, fammelo sapere, che passo a prenderti alle otto.
—  Tommaso Fusari

So today, as I was looking through my archives, I got this idea. A sudden stroke, a eureka, a spark of madness, whatever you may call it. An idea that has now gripped me completely, consumed my mind and I can think of little else.

It is the same feeling I had when I first first conceived of my thesis with the Partitioned objects, or when I looked out from Cape Sounion, despite my fear of water, onto the vast Aegean Sea, or stood inside the historic Wazir Khan Mosque in Lahore or rode an auto rickshaw through Chandni Chowk, or listened to stories of one’s migration across the border. The same vast, overwhelming, all-consuming feeling.

There are so many things I am yet to discover, so many things await me. The world is endless, absolutely endless and I am simply standing at the edge, looking in. There are so many larger than me, my own being. When I began my thesis research, this feeling wouldn’t leave me, reminding that I have a responsibility to make full use of the world around me. Learn, discover and share. 

Today I have this feeling once again as I begin to conceptualize this new project, which I hope will allow many people to come together.

littleaviatrix  asked:

im stuck between mikey and galen so i'm saying both i love my adopted terrible human sons

shgfdfshf humaniest humans to ever human yes indeedy cough yes

mikey “technically human” meir - 

what they smell like: he doesnt smell of anything in particular? usually just a bit sweaty, he spends most of his time running around doing errands for people. 
what music they like: All Star by Smash Mouth (1999)
something they collect: comic books!!! its pretty common knowledge, he and art share a collection and elyon despairs of it completely (the writing is so bad!! theyre so bad!!!! christ)
what their bedroom looks like: his bedroom is six square feet partitioned off by a bit of fabric its not very impressive. he does have a proper bed with a mattress and everything though; underneath it is one (1) pile of clothes and five (5) stacks of penny dreadfuls and comic books. a stuffed lion hiding beneath his pillow. thats about it, he hasnt got enough space nor stuff to be messy and either way elyon’s a neat freak.
their eating habits: whatever has the five food groups; salt, fat, sugar, carbs, and burnt crunchy bits. art makes sandwiches sometimes. his cooking skills are soup, miso, and miso soup. hes a man of many talents.
intellectual pursuits & other hobbies: he is a Medic-In-Training like his dad, and he’s actually very clever, just never has opportunities to really foster it. he’s quick and good with cons, so dont trust him with your wallet. he’s learning maths from sally, too, although it’s slow going and he doesn’t understand most of it.
their most prized possession: said stuffed lion. shhhhh. 

galen “logically human” earthmender -

what they smell like: anything, its a mystery. he’ll smell like whatever his latest job attempt was. currently he smells like a normal person bc tailors have no discernible scent, unlike tanners, galen you heathen,
what music they like: i have no idea but i can see him jammin out to like. top 40 pop. hes a good egg he just wants to have fun
something they collect: hmmmm i don’t think he can afford to collect things? if he manages to hold down a job for a bit he’ll splurge but it’s usually on food. in an ideal world he’d collect art. what a nerd.
what their bedroom looks like: a lot of space actually!! he’s very neat and doesn’t have a lot of stuff, so his bed is always made and his things are hung up or in drawers. there’s always a little family portrait with him that he props up, and he likes having lanterns around. his mom raised a Good Boy.
their eating habits: he’s a vegetarian i think? but not a Good vegetarian hes more like me. he hates salads and would rather eat straight up chips for dinner. he does eat a lot, though, he’s a twenty-odd year old cis guy and puts food down like you wouldn’t believe
intellectual pursuits & other hobbies: he doesn’t know!! he signed up for the army the second he could because he wanted to help but unfortunately, now has no idea what he wants to do or what he likes doing. that’s kind of why he hangs around rajni; reminds him of when he was a pilot. that was fun but haha ptsd isn’t
their most prized possession: his overcoat!! his mom made it for him and he wears it even in bazillion degree weather he loves it and looks ridiculous. but it makes him happy.