FH1 House | KDVA Design

The architects opted for a mix of concrete and glass as chief elements; both materials are in vogue and offer plenty of depth in use. The structure is simple as can be, influenced by modernists and its predilection for an open plan; consequently leading the way to candid openness thanks to the glass partitions from floor to ceiling. Hence, natural light is guaranteed throughout the entire house and, remarkably, more amplitude than its 70m2 would normally guarantee. An unexpected addition comes forth as the veranda extends more 30m2 exclusively for social gatherings and sight-seeing — an unconventional bonus.

The interior design sets the tone using plenty of geometric furniture and understated tones alongside the black and white theme. The dining room is the heart of the house, with a charming kitchen in tow. The concrete wall fulfils its role as structure and gorgeous visual draw for the interior, making for the visual attraction alongside a lively fireplace. The bedroom sits quietly behind curtains though, clearly not the main draw in this case. A simple approach was perfectly executed guaranteeing breadth and style in all areas.

FH1 House justifies its small scale with ease, as exactitude takes the wheel in this charismatic abode.

Feminisation Masterlist

Come What May (ao3) - PhantasticFiction

Summary:  Phil Lester usualy wasn’t one to go to strip clubs. But after being coaxed into it by a couple of his friends he meets the ever hypnotizing Greyson Bear(Dan Howell). Easily falling in love with him Phil works to save Dan from the underworld of prostitution.

danandphilKINKS (ao3) - snsk

Summary: Chapter 5: He nosed at the band of Dan’s panties. They were as soft as they looked.

Driver, roll up the partition (ao3) - Furud

Summary: The tourbus’ driver went out. Phil wants to see Jurassic Park, but Dan? He has other plans.

Hey, Big Spender, Spend A Little Time With Me (ao3) - sloppyseconds

Summary: In a desperate attempt to pay for law school, Dan Howell decides to attend one of the famed parties held by the (filthy rich) Phil Lester in hopes of getting his hands on some of that big money.

i sing the body electric Iao3) - nokomisfics

Summary:  prompted genderfluid!phil university flatmates au.

Pain in the Neck (ao3) - peopelarenotokay

Summary: Normally, Phil loved Dan’s snakebites. The younger got them when he was 16, before he met Phil, inspired by the cool looking emos on MySpace he aspired to be. Phil had never known Dan without the piercings, had only ever seen pictures of him before he got them. They were a part of Dan, and Phil loved them. Normally.aka Vampire Phil

Princess (ao3) - anushwa

Summary:  Boys should be allowed to wear dresses, everyone should be allowed to wear dresses. Dresses are awesome!
Phil thinks so too. Or will think that by the end of this.

Red Lipstick All On The Paper (ao3) - Phantasia

Summary:  After filming the Blind Makeup Challenge, things happen.

Soft and Safe (ao3) - Madameshay

Summary:  Dan is stressed and so is Phil…so Phil asks if Dan wants to turn the apartment into a “safe space”.

The Locker Room (ao3) - omgdatphantho

Summary:  Dan and Phil have an experience in the locker room.


@nanyalan! aka the Creator of @weabootale the best undertale troll au of all times

Yeeeeah I know I’m 5 days late but I already warned her that her birthday gift will be late lol

Ya know, homeworks, life problems, those kind of things ahahaha

maybe only her will be able to understand this acutally xD

ok lol c'est partit pour un long texte en français et je sais même pas par quoi commencer XD A la base je voulais faire tes OCs mais vu qu'ils sont tout récents pour moi et que je les ai jamais dessiné je me suis dit “naaaaan pas maintenant je vais me foirer ptn” DONC je suis partis en mode nostalgie, tout les fanarts que t'as fait pendant ces 4 ans sur Colors (si je me trompe pas) et qui ont fait que je suis devenu fan de toi, dont Girahim et les comics sur Mean Teacher, le gars -dont je me souviens plus le nom- et son Supernova next to the door, les comics sur Kaeloo avec Mister Chat et ceux avec Sans et Robert le HP, les deux mecs gays je sais plus comment ils s'appellent non plus x’D Bref, pleins de trucs

A la base je voulais aussi rajouter un personnage de Touhou mais pareil j'arrive pas à les dessiner donc j'ai fait Tsubaki à la place -u-“ J'ai rajouté Weeaboo Gaster avec la tête qu'il avait dans la version 1.0 de weeabootale parce que je l'aimais mieux comme il était avant //NAN JE DEC TKT// parce que bon maintenant on ne dit plus "Nanyalan” sans dire “Weeabootale” en même temps vois tu UvU


JE ME SOUVIENS MEME DU NOM DE TES EPIS STP (non non je suis pas du tout un fou)

Bon par contre je me souviens plus où ils étaient donc j'ai pris deux épis au pif et je les ai appelé Connard et Enculé
BRREEEEEFFFF en espérant que t'as eu pleins de cadeaux et de dessins meilleurs que celui ci ptdr

Et bonne chance avec les études, la famille les amis, bref VOILA SUR CE JE M'EN VAIS


I’m okay.
When it first started everyone was just shocked for a moment but it went on for about 30-45 seconds. The partition between our classes (that were locked and never used) slid open against a guys chair. (I was on the 4th floor btw)
Our school just got a small crack on the 3rd and 2nd floor so they evacuated us all and closed. (Nothing big)
But im home now and im okay, no news of any deaths yet.

Partition (Orchestral Arrangement)
  • Partition (Orchestral Arrangement)
  • Beyonce (Cover by chonthenomad)


HI everyone!

Partition has been stuck in my head ALL WEEK so I decided to make an orchestral arrangement of it. Hope you guys like it! It’s up on Bandcamp where it’s up for free! There’s also a set your price option where you can help me with my impending doom with student loans.

Hope you guys like it. ^-^