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jared leto: *gets a haircut*


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jared leto: *shaves the whole beard*


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jared leto: *grows hair and doesn’t get a haircut*


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jared leto: *grows beard, doesn’t shave, doesn’t trim, looks like a handsome caveman but still a caveman*


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Jared Leto x Reader: The concert

Requested by @alexxx-barebone: “What about the reader being a singer, just like Jared Leto, and they’re doing a duet of Stay by Rihanna, and they’re really handshake, cute and kind of just singing to each other <3″

Hope you enjoy it! Links for the songs are down below.💕

Stay x Thirty Seconds to Mars

Conquistador x Thirty Seconds to Mars

Most people were standing in line to buy merchandise from one of the large trailers outside. Others ran around excitedly, some with neon war paint on their faces accompanied by colorful bracelets and necklaces. Everyone of them wore a bright smile on their faces, ready to see their favorite band live.

Music blared from your headphones as the limo drove around the building. Staring out the window you could see hundreds of people milling around the stadium waiting for the doors to open. Most were standing in line waiting to buy merchandise at the large trailers that had been set up.  

Watching everyone in front of the stadium made you think how lucky you were to be apart of such an amazing fanbase. The limo pulled up to the back of the building, hidden from where most of the fans we’re. You sighed as you waited for everyone to situate the best way to get you into the building without anyone seeing. You took your headphones off and stared out the window across the street; watching as more and more people made their way to the stadium.

When you got the call from Jared you were more than excited to do it. A chance to perform with him and surprise your fans at the same time, you couldn’t pass up the opportunity. You were always dreaming of working with Jared and now it was finally happening.

Your were standing at the stove, waiting for the teapot to start to steam, humming your newest song when you heard your phone go off. phone went off as you were making lunch. There was a strange number on the screen but you decided to answer it any way. 

“Hello?” You attempted to disguise your voice.

“Hey (y/n), it Jared.”


“Hey there!” You said in almost an excited squeal.

“So I have this really great idea to surprise everyone and I want you to help me out.” 

“Sure, what do you have in mind.” The teapot began to whistle, you ran back to the stove and took it off the burner.

“I want you to come and close the last show with me.” The water you were pouring into your mug spilled over the top as you stood there in shock. You jumped and set the teapot down when you noticed that the counter was covered in water.

“Are you serious, yes!” Jared went on to give you the details about the show and the venue, he told you that he would pay for your home and your airfare. You had only met Jared once but you’ve had the biggest crush on him since you could remember, you almost felt like you would do anything for him and you were certain that he knew it.

‘Could probably smell it on me.’

“Its definitely a possibility for someone that intense.” You said quietly to yourself, daydreaming about what being in a relationship with Jared would be like. 

‘Would he be that intense all the time?’

“We’re ready for you, ma’am.” One of the guards opened the door for you. The fans weren’t supposed to know that you would be there tonight so you pulled the hood of your jacket up over your head to hide your face. Once you stepped out of the limo you sprinted for the backstage doors, surrounded by guards.

Inside you were escorted to your dressing room, a few doors down from the boys’ room. You snatched a bottle of water off of a table next to the door and looked around the room. It was a cozy little room, just enough for you to be comfortable. Your eyes stopped when you saw a bouquet of roses in front of the mirror. in front of the roses was a card addressed to you.

‘See you out there.

Smiling you set the card back down and picked up the small box next to it. Inside was a container of neon warpaint to wear during the show. Taking it with you to the bathroom you began to get ready for tonight’s show. In the bathroom was a small can of silly string and another note from Shannon and Tomo.

‘For the big finale!’

You put on a white muscle shirt with the triad printed on the back of it, black pants and combat boots. Lastly, you tied a flannel secure around your waist and walked over to the mirror to apply your war paint.

‘Certainly look like part of the Echelon now.’ 

You did a quick once over of yourself in the mirror before going to sit on the couch and wait for the show to start. The roses caught your eye again and you couldn’t help but smile that he went out of his way to get you flowers.

‘What possessed him to get me these?’ 

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” You yelled. Jared walked in with a big childlike smile on his face. When you made a move to get up and greet him he held his hands up telling you to stay put.

“Well what can I do you for?” You leaned back on the couch and crossed your leg over the other.

“How about we all grab some grub after the show?”

“Yeah, of course!” Jared smiled again and then ran out the door to make it to the stage on time. Your cheeks began to heat up and you laid out on the couch, burying your face into the couch cushions. You rolled over and took the can of silly string out of your boot, making a mental note to spray him down and ask questions later.

‘Oh, he’s going to get it good!’

Laughing to yourself at the thought of Jared covered in silly string, you didn’t notice when a woman poked her head through the door. 

“Its almost time.” You put the silly string back and took one last swig of your water before leaving the dressing room. The music got louder and louder the closer you got to the stage and you couldn’t help but get even more excited. 

For a while you stood backstage watching to the crowd go wild with Jared as their leader, the relationship that Jared had with them was an amazing this to witness. You couldn’t help but admire the boys on stage, putting everything into their performance trying to give the audience the best show that could. They seemed to surge and calm at his command

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Quietly you sang along to the music as you were handed your microphone. There were homemade signs and flags that waved in the air, giant beach balls and pool floats bounced along the top of the of the crowd. The lights went down on the stage and only a single spotlight remained on Jared.

“Now for this next song, I have something really special for all of you.” Jared’s voice rang through the stadium. Girls screamed at the sound of his voice, you rolled your eyes but you couldn’t blame them, it was heavenly whether he was singing or speaking.  


Tomo dropped off his guitar and walked over to the keyboard that had been set up, hidden by the darkness. You shook out your hair and took a deep breath as adrenaline began to coarse through your body. Jared started to sing again and you saw the stadium light up as everyone rushed to turn on the flashlight on their phones.

“All along it was a fever!” The millions of tiny lights swayed back and forth to the rhythm of the music; it looked like Jared was singing into a sky full of stars. You stepped onto the stage, placing your hand on Shannon’s shoulder to say a quick hello as he took a small break. He smiled up at you then took a swig from his water bottle. Your hand fell from his shoulder as it was almost your time to jump in.

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“I threw my hands in the air, said show me something… She said—“ 

“If you dare come a little closer.” You brought the mic up and sang out, finishing the line for him. You heard everyone in the stadium pause and then scream as you stepped out from behind Shannon and a spotlight fell on you as well. A smile spread across your face at the warm welcome from the audience. Jared turned and looked at with a brighter smile than his own fans had for him.

“Round and around and around and around we go.” Your voices melded together and floated out into the night. The triad behind you flashed to the beat of Shannon’s drums as you walked towards Jared. He stood at his microphone waiting for you to reach him, occasionally turning to the audience but he always returned to you.

“Something in the way you move.” You did a little dance that made Jared laugh mid note, he returned your dance with one of his own. The group in front of the stage smiled up to both of you as they sang along. Some of them had tears in their eyes as you and Jared sang to each other and some had cheek bursting smiles painted across their faces.

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“Makes me feel like I can’t live without you…” You had finally made it to Jared. He pulled you into a hug not missing a beat in the song. Breaking from the hug you turned and began to sing to the fans directly in front of you while Jared stood next to you singing out to the entire stadium. You stood up and decided to go interact with another area of the crowd. 

“Ooo the reason I hold on.” Jared grabbed your hand before you could take a step. He pulled you into him and wrapped an arm around your waist, rocking you back and forth.

“Cause I need this hole gone.” You looked into each others eyes as you sang together. It seemed like the everyone in the stadium stopped singing just to listen to the both of you. It felt natural being so close to Jared, you  rested your head on his shoulder and continued to sing with him  You felt like you never wanted to leave his arm again.

“I want you to stay.” The crowd erupted again into a frenzy as the song finished, you stepped forward picking up the ends of your flannel and curtsied for the crowd. One of the beach balls flew up on stage, you and ran up and kicked back into the crowd. You knew what was planned next so when Jared looked at you with mischievous eyes you were more than ready.

“Are you ready?”

“Hell yeah” You said returning his look with a devious smile.

“Are you guys ready?” He yelled into the microphone, flipping his hair expertly over his shoulder. 

“Yeah!!” the audience screamed Jared nodded to Shannon and Tomo then looked back at you. He took your hand in his and raised them high above your heads. You smiled at the crowd as they screamed and jumped up and down in anticipation for the next song.

“ONE, TWO, THREE, GO!” You and Jared flew off of the stage as Shannon unleashed the beast. At the same moment the lights went off and the black lights kicked on making everyone in the stadium glow, neon confetti shot out over the audience making them go nuts. The two of you landed in The Sea of Echelon; they carried you along the length of the stage as you and Jared began to sing.

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“This is a fight to the death…”

I’m looking for more Thirty Seconds To Mars related blogs to follow. If the content of your blog is Shannon Leto, Jared Leto, Tomo, or anything related to them I’ll probably be interested in what you post. I just went through and deleted all of the inactive blogs off my follow list, and now I’m looking for new ones. If you’re part of the Echelon, I’d love to follow your Tumblr!!

Happy Birthday to my greatest Idol - Jared Joseph Leto!!!

Thank you for being here when no one was! Thank you for your music! Thank you for saving my life! Thank you for your heart, smile & music! Thank you for making me a better person & for making my life worth! Thank you for making 30 seconds to Mars!!

30 seconds to Mars for me is A CULT, an escape from my shitty life, an inspiration, a way of living - it’s EVERYTHING!

I will always love you, always admire you, always remember you! ALWAYS!

I am so happy for being part of the Echelon! Love you, guys! Today is a Great day! Today we celebrate the born of our Jesus!

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30 Seconds To Mars experiment

There’s no need to introduce this band. Most of you probably heard their songs, some of you probably know the frontman - Jared Leto. 30 Seconds To Mars is this kind of band that everyone knows, but most prefer not to talk about it. You can hate it or you can love it or maybe make fun of it, but you can’t pass by without noticing.
I need to tell you, I’m not a music critic. I never had any education in this direction, I’m just a simple music lover, a fan, a normal person like you.
I’ve decided to make a social experiment to explore the 30 Seconds To Mars phenomenon.

The band is nothing special, their music is a simple mix, something between pop and rock. Perfect combinantion for all the radiostations around the world. Following the band’s discography I have to say that in my opinion they downgraded their music and it’s really visible. On the beginning their songs, now called “old school Mars” were great rock, maybe it wasn’t really great rock, but it was harsh, loud and not mainstream. The new album, Love Lust Faith + Dreams is totally mainstream, hitting the charts with pop-rock beats and very good vocals. They went into totally different direction and somehow, someway they lost the special something. I’m not saying they don’t have talent. They do. Jared’s voice is amazing and to hear it loud and clear you have to attend the gig. But still, for me this is not right.
So what’s the big deal? Why they are so different? Why people love them so much?

The answer is very complex. I want to show you what I’ve learned during the past year.
Jared Leto found the perfect way to get new fans and keep the ones he already had. His amazing PR is to show people that he cares. He’s doing random mini gigs in different cities. He’s using social media such as Twitter to invite everyone to join him. People have free gig and he has them to think he cares. Of course he was doing this just before and right after his band’s new CD was released. It’s so funny to see how easy people are believing him. He has this huge affection on them and he’s like a puppet master.

The next thing is VyRT. A website created by Jared to connect with fans.
The concept is amazing, gathering fans all over the globe and show them gigs they can’t attend or some small talks with the band for everyone. While I was hanging out in there I’ve heard people talking about how great he is that he’s taking his time to talk to people and it’s so amazing.
Yes. It’s amazing. I can appreciate the fact that he is hanging around with people, chatting or doing video chats. I don’t know how it was before, how did it look like a year ago or so, because I never saw it, but when I joined it all looked like one giant PR action.
The tickets to see the show and hang out with a band via web cam were not really that expensive, only $10. To sell as many tickets they could, Jared was hanging out with people doing random chats. Perfect, right? Not really. All he was talking about was tickets. People who bought the tickets had little stars near their login so he could’ve easily notice who bought it and who didn’t. For those who had their stars he made private chat and he basically blew off the main chat, writing from time to time about how great fun he was having with people in his VIP room. During other chats he was asking people to buy the CD and the tickets. To get more people to actually pre-order his new CD he was doing competitions such as call from him and the song dedication during VyRT which he never did. People were buying, some bought over 20 CD’s. This way even before the CD had its premiere it was already gold. Amazing PR. And don’t forget about the sleepover contest which was the most stupid idea ever.
The same was during other VyRTs. This time, Jared, knowing that people gonna buy anything he wants he was spending time with people doing so called VyRT Violets. He was playing songs, chatting with people, all the time talking and almost begging people to buy tickets. This time was funny because they didn’t sell as many tickets as they wanted so he was showing up on chat very often because then people were buying tickets. It was funny mostly because of people who were buying hundreds of tickets just to keep Jared happy, because nobody wanted to disappoint him.
Andd don’t forget about the newest onventions such as VIP rooms for the wealthy ones who have not only separate room but also special features. This is totally not fair since calling people a “family” separating the ones with money is just a shitty move. All I can think about is “greedy bastards”.
VyRT is the whole long story, not a good place or topic to actually talk about it right here right now.

The next thing I saw was the infamous Meet and Greet thing.
Obviously to meet celebrity and pay for it is a very stupid idea. You can easily meet them on the street. I paid for it because I was going to check everything.
For a little bit over $400 you have ticket to the show, early entry, shitty merchandise, poster signed by a band and individual photo. Of course there are also more expensive packages worh $900 where you can be on the stage for the entire show or recently added hang out with the Mars crew.
Obviously Mars are not the most expensive band or celebrity, some are charging more. I have no idea how it is with others but with Mars the thing is weird. The whole “meet” thing is depending on Jared’s mood. Some are really great and some are shitty. I’ve attended few and I had 50 shades of Jared Leto. Basically this is all not worth the money. Mostly because they don’t care about the fans who have paid for this not really awesome experience. Shannon Leto is not talking at all, sometimes when he is forced to talk he is able to answer one question with one sentence or sometimes with one word. Tomo Milicevic is there, talking from time to time, but it’s all about Jared. He’s choosing people to talk, he’s answering the questions. all of that lasts around 30 minutes. Then you have very quick picture and the experience is over. Doesn’t sound nice, does it? So let me tell you one more thing. The band is trying to sell as many M&G packages as possible. So you can go to this thing and have 50 people and you can actually hear and see anything and maybe if you’re lucky, Jared will pick you to ask the question or you can have 200 people where you won’t see anything at all. This is totally greedy and not really fair. Some bands have this M&G experience but the packages are limited. With Mars is different because they’re selling upgrades and giving the great occassions just to sell as much as they possibly can. So basically, if you aren’t outside the venue since 6am you have no option to see or ask question. And you just paid 400 dollars.  
There are more reasons to write about the band being greedy. Ignoring people and just ask to vote or buy tickets. RT-ing or answering tweets about voting or tickets. I can go on and on.

The most important part of the band is Echelon. Not fans, family as they like to call themselves.
In one of the band’s videoclips we can see the words “This is a cult”. Jared likes to say that their music is not for everyone, only for those who believe, who understand. And this is quite dangerous.
Joining the Echelon I’ve seen a lot. I have to say that 30STM fans are people who belong nowhere. You can find there all kinds of people, young, old, those who are there because they love the music and those who just want to f-ck Jared, gays, bisexualsm straight. Mostly people with problems and thanks to Jared they have someone to talk to.
Hanging out there I know now that the whole “family” is a totall bullshit. People on VyRT are different. Usually they have a small group of friends and they just don’t want anyone else to join them. So newbies, be prepared to be ignored.
The most common topic in there is “Leto porn”, where people are throwing links to one of the Leto brother’s pictures.
The main group on VyRT are people who are calling themselves “Dirty VyRTies” and they are the most known group of people who like to talk about sex and what they can do to any of the Leto brother. Doesn’t matter if you are boy, girl, old or young, married or single. All the people love the “Leto porn” and all kinds of sex talks.
No matter how hard Jared and the Echelon are trying to prove they are family, they’re not. They may be friends, they may talk, but it’s so far from the family. If you’re lucky to get into their group you can be kicked out even faster. Follow the crowd, don’t speak your own opinion and you’re in the right place.
The people are following Jared blindly, without a word. Whatever Master says they’re doing it. And it doesn’t matter if he just posted a phone number to some crazy fangirl and asked to call her and ask why she was writing to him. They’re gonna find the explanation for his actions. He’s rude? So what, maybe he had a reason. He didn’t show up to M&G? Maybe he had a reason. Doesn’t matter that you payed for this. He doesn’t care, but the Echelon will find an explanation always.
I feel so sorry for those people. They are trying to fit in so hard that they just don’t see clearly that this skinny vegan guy is using them. They have the delusions that he is so good for them because he cares. No. He doesn’t care about anyone. He showed it so many times and he keep doing it.
People should know the truth. For a year I’ve been there and hearing him saying the same stuff over and over again just to kiss people’s asses is boring. He’s not honest at all. So wake up and stop blindly following him.

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I'm pretty sure South Park punches in both directions. They constantly make fun of the U.S. Government and celebrites.

the US Govt and celebrities are a really tiny part of the upper echelons.

Does south park make fun of white cisgender men for being white cisgender men? Ever?