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What Language Barrier? (Final Part)

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader
Genre: Romance, Fluff, and Comedy
Words: 2,371
POV: 2nd Person
Song(s) of the day: Lucky Girl

Previously: part 1

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“No! No! No! Okay, guys please help!!!” Seokjin pleaded loudly, not wanting to waste another moment.

The younger males began to laugh and gathered in a huddle as they devised a way to keep you at Big Hit Entertainment awhile longer or at least until Seokjin successfully asked you out, whichever comes first.

Jimin pulled away from the huddle, “Wouldn’t she pissed off that we deceived her though?” He questioned, finding a tiny problem with their evil plot.

Taehyung gave him a look before forcibly pulling him back into the huddle. After discussing a couple more details and practicing what phrases to say in English and in Korean, they simultaneously clapped their hands and broke the huddle.

           “Alright, starting tomorrow, Operation: Get Jin hyung a Girlfriend commences!”

           “You know we really should come up with a better name for this…” Yoongi commented, finding the operation name a bit stupid.

The following day was filled with learning English phrases that were too advance for the members of BTS. Why did they choose to learn advance level phrases? The answer is quite simple. The harder the phrases, the harder it will be for the boys to properly say them and will force them to switch to Korean. This is why they are happy that they have a brainy leader on their “team”. He comes up with all good plans.

You calmly entered the company building, your hair styled in a neat ballerina bun with a few strands of hair cascading down, as you navigated your way through hallway after hallway until you finally reached the meeting place where you will be testing the fellas on their English-speaking skills.

           “They better not pull anything…” You thought as you opened the door to their original practice room where you saw seven men smiling rather innocently at you. A little too innocent for your liking.

You gave them a look, wondering what they are hiding. From the months you worked for Big Hit Entertainment and gradually got to know them, you noticed how devious these boys can be.

           “Alright, who wants to go first?” You questioned, raising an eyebrow and crossing your arms over your chest.

The members looked at one another, giving each other an expression that essentially said, “Remember the plan.”

Yoongi raised his hand first, wanting to get this test over with. Plus, just like they discussed, his phrases were deemed interesting and a bit hard to comprehend what he wanted to say. Even Namjoon had a hard time trying to figure out what he was trying to say.

           “Alright Yoongi. Give me your best shot, okay?” You requested politely with a sweet smile painted on your lips.

Remembering what the plan was, Yoongi started off with simple phrases, such as “how are you?” and “where are you from?”, but as the conversation went on, you began to notice that he was starting to stutter over his words and eventually gave up and switched to Korean. You found that rather odd since Yoongi was never known to give up that quickly.

           “Um…” You began, trying to find the right words to say, “Well, that was an interesting attempt Yoongi,” You pulled out your smartphone and typed a quick note, “So for you, I think we need to practice music conversation phrases.” You announced as you still felt rather confused with his conversation. From what you could understand, he was talking about the piano and something about Daegu.

With a confused expression still written over your conversation, you called for the next member, hoping that each member will show enough progress that they wouldn’t need you anymore. Unfortunately, that was not the case. As each member went to test their conversation skills, their English-speaking skills gradually worsen with each attempt.

Finally, it was Seokjin’s turn. You let out a long sigh of relief since Seokjin’s skills were considered the second best after Namjoon.

           “For the love of God, Jin oppa, please actually show me your English-speaking skills. I know you and what you are capable. Please, just do your best.” You pleaded, rubbing the temples of your head, feeling a headache coming on.

Seokjin made a face, suddenly feeling bad that you are being tricked by him and the rest of BTS. Throwing the plan out the window, he decided to showcase his best English-speaking skills. The joys of being in love.

           “Y/N-ah, I want coffee.” He spoke in almost perfect English, causing you to smile.

           “Then why don’t you go get coffee, Jin oppa?” You replied in English, chuckling a bit at his phrase since it reminded you of the infamous line he said when he was filming for American Hustle Life. Your chuckles gradually turned into laughter as you remember all the boys attempts of flirting with the “girl” in English.

           “Y/N noona? You okay?” Jungkook asked in English, finding it a little creepy and a bit odd that you were laughing suddenly.

You wiped the tears that were forming because of you laughing too hard.

           “Oh, I’m sorry Kookie, I was just reminiscing of your days during AHL, and your attempts of flirting in English.” You confessed, giggling near the end.

A playful smirk graced Seokjin’s lips as a lightbulb went off in his head.

           “Do you speak Korean?” He asked in English, deciding to initiate the infamous conversation that all the BTS fans like to quote.

You stared at him in awe, unsure if he was being serious or not.

           “Um… sort of?” You replied in a questioning tone of voice, causing the other BTS member to laugh at your confusion.

           “You don’t know annyeonghaseyo?” He asked in English once again, flashing a knowing type of smile, hoping you would catch on.

Then it finally hit you…he was doing his infamous attempt at flirting.

           “No.” You answered, stifling your laughter and holding back the smile that was threatening to form.

           “Well, I want coffee. Do you know where I can get coffee?” He continued with his charade, causing you to break out into a small fit of laughter.

Playing along with this charade, you pretended to direct him to the nearest coffee shot, just like Nate did in AHL.

Faking a confused yet blank expression, Seokjin broke his English-speaking streak by switching to Korean.

You faked confusion in response, still trying your hardest to have a straight face. Eventually, Seokjin grabbed your wrist and started to pull you out of the room.

           “Well, I want coffee. Let’s go.” He stated politely as he forcibly yet gently pulled you out of the room.

The rest of the members stared at your retreating bodies with such confusion, wondering if they are going to be back or not.

           “Was that part of the plan?” Hoseok asked, smiling rather nervously yet with a hint of confusion.

           “Uh… I don’t think so.” Jimin answered, staring blankly at the door, blinking a few times.

           “Dang… Seokjin hyung finally grew some balls and asked Y/N noona out…and it was before I turned forty years old.” Jungkook commented, teasing the eldest member even though he was not present.

The other members simply laughed/chuckled at their maknae’s comment and silently hoped that their hyung will finally confess his feelings for you.

At the nearest coffee shop with Seokjin, you stared at his back with pure confusion written on your face, as he ordered for the both of you. You both patiently waited for your drink order to be ready and once Seokjin’s order number was called out, he walked up to the bar and grabbed your drinks. He politely handed your usual coffee order as you both made your way through the café to find a vacant table to sit at. Finding a vacant table by the window, Seokjin set his cup of coffee down on the table before rushing over to you and pulling out your seat like a gentleman.

You smiled shyly at his act of chivalry and took your seat, pushing your chair in yourself. Seokjin did the same before grabbing his cup and taking a sip.

           “So…why did you bring me here?” You asked in English, still wanting Seokjin to practice his English-speaking skills.

Seokjin almost choked on his drink, realization hitting him. He didn’t think that far ahead. All he thought of at that moment was get you alone and asking you out on a coffee date. That was it.

           “Shoot…” He cursed in his mind as he tried to quickly translate what he wanted to say from Korean to English in his head.

Noticing the smoke coming out of his ears and this super focused expression on his face, you nervously smiled as you reached over to grab his hand.

Seokjin’s body froze at the sudden skin-on-skin contact. His ears started to turn a reddish-pink color as he felt embarrassed by the fact that you were making the first move. He wanted to be the man and be the first one to initiate everything. Your guys’ first kiss. The first “I love you” confession. The list continues.

           “Y/N ah…” He nervously began, avoiding looking at your beautiful eyes, “Do you like me?” He asked in English, stuttering over few words.

You almost choked on your drink, did you like him?

           “Well, of course I like you Seokjin! You’re a really good friend.” You replied in English, suddenly feeling butterflies in the pit of your stomach.

Seokjin smiled shyly, letting go of your hand, as he began to rub the back of his neck nervously.

           “No. No. I mean,” He let out a sigh of frustration, “Do you like me as more than a friend because I am going to be completely honest with you. I have fallen in love with you and the thought of you leaving the company makes my heart hurt. I want you to be my girlfriend because I can’t stand the fact of someone else being the one you share precious memories with.” He spoke quickly in Korean, leaving you staring at him in awe.

He lifted his head to meet your confused gaze. Of course, you didn’t know what he was saying. Seokjin scoffed, feeling frustrated with himself.

Deciding to take your silence as a chance to quickly translate everything he said in English, he failed to realize the soft smile gracing your lips.

           “Seokjin oppa, I would love to be your girlfriend.” You said in English as you smiled brightly at him.

Seokjin’s eyes widened, “Wait, what did you say?” He asked in Korean, trying to confirm the fact that you did understand him.

You giggled at the shock expression that was gracing his handsome face. His exaggerated expressions always brought a smile on your face. Can’t forget the laughter as well.

           “I said, I would love to be your girlfriend, Seokjin oppa!” You repeated in English, this time raising your tone of voice so that his “old man” ears can hear you.

Seokjin made a face and stared at you, wondering when and where did you learn to understand Korean.

           “You can understand me?” He asked in Korean, feeling both happy and a bit curious with the fact that you can understand his native language.

You playfully scoffed, “Well, yeah… how else do you think I am teaching here and helping you weirdos with your English? Do you honestly think they would let a person work at their school who cannot understand a lick of Korean? I don’t think so.” You explained, but this time in Korean, causing Seokjin’s jaw to drop.

He wasn’t going to lie but hearing you speak Korean was music to his ears. He thought hearing your melodious laughter was his favorite thing in the entire world, but hearing you speak Korean takes the cake.

Seokjin playfully glared at you, “Wait a minute! Why didn’t you say something before?!”

You simply shrugged, finding his over-the-top reaction amusing.

           “You guys didn’t ask and just assumed that I didn’t know how to speak or understand Korean.” You replied in English, taking a sip of your beverage.

Seokjin continued to stare at you in awe, “Now I don’t know if I want a devious person as my girlfriend.” He playfully announced, standing up from his seat and walking over to you as he helped you out of your seat like the gentleman he is.

You gasped, faking being offended, “Says the man who devised a plan with his members to keep me around longer.” You playfully argued, revealing that you knew of their little plan.

Seokjin froze in his tracks and then turned his head towards you. He let out a nervous laughter before speaking.

           “You knew about that?” he asked in Korean as he quickly fixed your beanie, not wanting you to catch a cold.

You rolled your eyes, “It doesn’t take a rocket science to know that you boys are always planning something,” You then stood on your tippy toes and placed a shy yet loving kiss on his cheek, “You guys should work on your poker faces because they suck right now.” You playfully advised in English as you began to tug your surprised boyfriend back to the company.

           “So, how should we tell your members?” You randomly asked in English as Seokjin held the entrance door for you.

           “I think they know. Now Jungkook can stop making jokes about things that will happen before I confessed my feelings to you.” Seokjin replied in Korean, walking inside the company building after you.

You stopped in your tracks, “Wait what?”

           “Don’t worry about it baby.” He said in English, interlacing your fingers with his as you two made your way back to the practice room.

As soon as you two stepped inside the practice room, you were instantly bombarded with question after question.

           “So, do you want to tell them, or should I?” Seokjin asked you in Korean, trying to hide a knowing smile.

You smiled sweetly at your boyfriend.

           “I will tell them Seokjin oppa, besides it will be fun to see the shocked expressions on their faces.” You responded in Korean and like clockwork, the rest of BTS had the most hilarious shocked expression written on their faces.

           “You can speak Korean?!!! Why didn’t you say anything?!!”

           “You didn’t ask…”

A/N: With that concludes my little Seokjin scenario! Hope you guys loved it :) Aww, I want to write for Seokjin more often now ^^ Anyway, be sure to check out my two ongoing series, We Bring The Boys Out! & Not A Kid Anymore!, it will make me happy lol but I will try to write other things for different members and different groups! :) Happy reading! 

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This gonna get sum hate 😂😂 I'm light skin and I don't think I'm privilege like if I was in the entertainment business yea I wld feel privileged but I'm going for social work when I was in high school niggas wanted no parts in BLACK GIRLS I never felt Above anyone bc of my shade if anyone want to comment and point on everyday privilege I may face as a lightskin girl go head but all the ones I'm aware of is entertainment business 👀👀

I don’t know what HS you went to but were I’m from lighter girls seem to get privilege and it’s hella heavy in the entertainment industry. I know someone in the music business and they said that execs are looking to push out “light skin” females that have the “it look” so that they can appeal to “everyone” (whatever the fuck that means) and he said that the girls who are darker are hella talented but get over looked simply because they are darker. 

It sucks that it has to be that way. I have nothing against lighter skin people because at the end of the day we are ALL black  but I just think this colorism shit is bogus.


Mean Girls, Seventeen edition: Who are the plastics? They’re teen royalty. If Pledis was Ceci Magazine, they would always be on the cover. Plan V + My Angel