Democrats then:

  • forcibly import poor people from the 3rd world to support the economy, feed clothe and house them to control them. 
  • use gun control to disarm black people
  • advocate for eugenics to control populations of undesirables
  • establish a permanent income tax 
  • use sedition laws to punish people who do not support WW1

Democrats now:

  • advocate forcibly importing poor people from the 3rd world to support the economy, giving them welfare so that they vote for Democrats. 
  • advocate for gun control to save the children disarm black people 
  • advocate for abortion on demand especially for poor, WoC. 
  • advocate for higher taxes 
  • threaten administration officials with treason for not wanting WW3 with Russia

Also Democrats now:

lol didn’t you take 4th grade history? the parties switched. 

  • What I expected high school to be like: OH my god! Did you hear about Karen and Josh! They were totally hooking up yesterday while Jessica and Daniel were breaking up yesterday!
  • What high school is actually like: Guys! Look! There's a peanut on the fire alarm! Amazing!
Poet sits there, glassy eyes and parted lips,
smoke rising through the lamplights.
The music blurs, slows and whines
and whistles and her shoes
are two paperweights too heavy.
Poet loses two hours.
Poet trying to find the right words
at the bottom of a wineglass.
Poet wants to say something new
about change—not resolution,
not gym memberships, not a better me,
but something her brain
is too tired to pronounce.
Poet doesn’t write clichés.
Poet becomes cliché.
She slips back into the decaying couch;
vows they’ll die together.
—  Schuyler Peck, POET MISSES THE NEW YEAR (12/30 an event in third person)
The Good Old Days

Magic moments timeless, the 70′s
on albums, 8 tracks and cassettes
so naive, or was it only innocence
our hair worn long with few regrets
surfing, assured we’d live forever
good friends, old cars and weed
possessing little save for freedom 
what more could we possibly need 
pretty girls and parties at the beach
not yet blinded by the world’s ways
rebels with neither a clue nor cause 
indeed they were the good old days