particularly for those two

  • Found in the skin details
  • Thumbnails for each nose
  • For all ages and genders
  • Includes 8 different nosemasks
  • 6 are styled from the TS3 blueberry pie and polyster bride noses
  • 2 are completely new
  • Some of these nosemasks look better on different nose preset. Particularly the last two nosemasks. Those look better on noses like on the top row.
  • & no they aren’t duplicates in the preview, blueberry pie has a darker shade for darker skintones
  • Layer these on alpha skins and suddenly…maxis match! haha such magic.. 
  • More nosemask sets coming soon <3

Download Nosemasks

Credit: Lilith and Mouseyblue for their TS2 skins which the Polyester Bride and Blueberry Pie were based on.


In the end, Fujita is still Fujita. What a twisted fellow!

[ - but I like stronger and scarier men! ] I Ballroom e Youkoso, Heat 42 - 43

Confession time.

When I was a kid and (admittedly) into my teenage years, I used to care a lot about being the “biggest” fan of something. My friend might like the same show as me but I’d be like “Oh, so you like Inuyasha? What about [obscure random fact/trivia]? Is your Inuyasha/Kagome fanfiction canon compliant, or do you just think it is because you haven’t read Volume 80 of the manga in the original Japanese yet?”

And like— speaking as an old salt when it comes to fandom— I’m here to tell you that life is short, people are generally good, and it does not effing matter how much you know, how much of the source material you’ve read/seen, how obsessive you are or how much merch you own. If you like a thing, and you are lucky enough to find someone else who likes the thing, then by god, like the thing together. Fandom isn’t a competition, and it’s so much more fun when we’re all cool to each other.

why black paladin keith is bad writing (in which i criticise a lot of writing choices)

So if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know how much I hate the unfortunate possibility that Keith will become Black Paladin and leader of Voltron in Shiro’s absence. And I have good reason, it’s multiple levels of bad writing. it shows really blatant writer favouritism and actually does a disservice to his character as well as those of the other main characters. I’m putting this under a readmore because its long but here we go

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No, I don’t hate GRRM, and I don’t hate ASOIAF.

It seems whenever I offer a criticism of ASOIAF and the way it’s been written, I receive a flood of messages asking me, “do you even like ASOIAF?” or “if you hate GRRM so much, then why do you read his books?”

Both types of questions are annoying and willingly ignorant.

I, along with many other people in this world, consume media critically. I search for flaws the same way I search for highlights. I make lists of what I like and don’t like. There’s a good chance that if I’m still talking about it months (or in ASOIAF’s case, years) after I had initially seen/read it, there is something about it that I liked enough to have latched onto it.

As a beginning ASOIAF fan I was extremely uncritical. I found nothing in particular to complain about except maybe a few minor grievances here and there. I romanticized ships like Rhaegar/Lyanna, I thought Jon Snow was a flawless character, I found every protagonist to be pleasant enough and every antagonist to be unpleasant enough.

As time (and GoT seasons) dragged on, some things I did not consider before were called to my attention. I read some meta. I browsed tumblr and reddit. I became more enlightened through reading these opinions and thought pieces until I slowly began to embrace some of these ideas and formed my own opinions around them.

I soon found myself bothered by the romanticization of Rhaegar and Lyanna. I found myself bothered by how often rape and sexual assault were introduced in the books. I found myself bothered by the depiction of the Dothraki, then later of the Dornish, Summer Islanders, and other characters that were depicted as PoC. When I was able to put those feelings to words, I received feedback both positive and negative. People agreed with me. People disagreed with me. I was corrected many times, I shared many back and forth constructive conversations, until I’ve reached where I am now, still sometimes wrong but a person with my own opinions and grievances on this book series I latched onto.

Why did any of this happen? Why I read and reread and learn and grow? Why did I introduce my criticism? Why did I bother at all? Because I love ASOIAF. I fell in love with the story, the characters, the complexity, the details, the worldbuilding, all of it, and I was not satisfied with the books alone, so I sought out more writings, more fans, a community where there is an exchange of ideas and where I could delve even deeper into the series than ever before.

The first thing I ever wrote that I tagged as “my meta” was a criticism on how GRRM wrote misogyny and sexual assault into the narrative but failed to address those issues within the narrative. I wrote that three years ago and I still can’t believe I did that, I can’t believe it got 100s of notes and that I got a dialogue going. The response was encouraging, because it told me that people are listening to me, people agree with me, there are others out there who love the books as I do but are also bothered by the same things as me! That’s crazy!

Yet somehow, this criticism of GRRM’s writing is often translated into: “oh, so you must hate GRRM”. No! I don’t! I hate how he wrote some parts of this story, but do I hate him personally? No! Why would I? I don’t know him. I’m irritated at his writing choices, particularly with how he wrote race and sexism. Those two things are real things people like me and millions of other deal with everyday, so when one of us say “hey, I’m bothered with how he wrote the Dothraki as a dark-skinned barbaric horde with no personality traits except Rape and Violence” it is not the same thing as saying “I think GRRM is toxic waste, should be sealed in a lead drum and buried 20 feet underground”. Stop translating criticism, especially that which comes from a personal place, as some sort of thesis on the man himself. It’s insulting and reductive and just says to me “hey, your points make me uncomfortable and/or I don’t understand it, but I did see you mention GRRM a few times in your writing so it looks like you have something against him”. It tells me that you missed the point completely.

So please folks. I beseech you. Stop doing that. Stop derailing. Stop believing that those of us who criticize ASOIAF are part of some crusade against this 69 year old white dude. He’s never harmed us personally, I assure you. He wrote some amazing literature that we have all eaten up and eagerly have been waiting for more, we’re all a little bored here, and he’s given us lots of time to reflect on the flaws and isms of his writing. Let us do that without assuming that we’re all waiting with pitchforks outside of house ready to skewer him Oberyn-vs-Mountain style because of something we didn’t like.

Moreover, if you read something that you disagree with, don’t take it personally. Either build an argument in return or let it go. Stew over it with your friends or alone, idc. Just don’t go stomping into inboxes derailing the OP’s post with ad hominems and red herrings, okay?

I once joked that I love the books so much that sometimes I hate them. ASOIAF is like that best friend I get along with really well, but then they say something racist or catcall a woman on the street, I have to yell at them until they learn to behave again.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and please don’t make me write another post like this again. Please.

As everyone knows, your brain cannot function without food, particularly without healthy food. When studying, your mind is on overload and it can be stressful. Studying can last from five minutes to six hours, but keeping your brain energized is key.

I have composed a list of some of my favorite snacks along with some others. All of these are vegan friendly but are great for anyone!

-tea (any calming tea is good, also tea that is used for headaches can help because i get headaches when i work for too long) (my favorite teas are mint, fruit teas, green tea with citrus, cinnamon/vanilla) im not sure exactly what they are called but my therapist always puts different kinds of powders in my tea that have antioxidants or vitamins and theyre like super foods. you can get tons of different ones and you cant really taste them but they can add some extra umph to your health.

-smoothies (one of my favorites)
•1/2 cup black berries
•1/2 cup raspberries
•4-8 strawberries
•two (preferably frozen) bananas
•handful of spinach

-apples with peanut/almond butter

-a fruit burrito (i accidentally made this when there was no food in the house and ive loved it ever since)
•whole wheat tortilla
•butter (i used vegan butter)
•fruits of choice (i use strawberries/bananas)
~spread the butter on the tortilla and heat it up to your liking.
~cut the fruit
~put the fruit in the middle of the tortilla so it fits when you roll it up
~sprinkle cinnamon/sugar and roll it up and youre good to go!

-sweet potato chips

-plantain chips (they taste like fries if you get good ones)

-veggie sandwich (you can get this at subway or make it at home and modify it to your liking)
•bread of choice
•(at home i add avocado or black beans)

-nice cream (basically a frozen smoothie haha)
•frozen fruit of choice
•bananas (mostly the base but not mandatory)
•anything you want to add in flavor wise such as mint extract, vanilla extract, or cacao powder
~literally just blend it and it should be fully blended but a thicker, cold consistency
~if it is not thick enough blend in some ice or freeze it to your desired texture

-blue corn chips

-granola (obviously)

-fruit (if youre lazy like me)

-spinach salad
•toppings of choice (strawberries/pine nuts for me)
•balsamic vinaigrette

-peanut butter/avocado sandwich (its amazing i swear)
•peanut/almond butter
•whole grain bread
~mash up the avocado until it is a creamy consistency
~mix in cinnamon
~spread peanut butter on both slices of bread
~spread the avocado/cinnamon mix on one side and enjoy!

-juice (if you have your own juicer)
•spinach or kale
•apple juice
~make it to your liking but that is my favorite combination of fruits in juice

-Silk Very Vanilla or Chocolate soy milk cartons (little 8oz ones that come in a pack but fill you up if you are just a little hungry or in a hurry and have TONS of calcium and protein) (you can get almond ones too)

-pretzels & peanut butter

-oats/oatmeal with fruit and cinnamon

-quinoa dishes (you can do anything with quinoa/rice/couscous and they are very good for you and fill you up) i personally add vegetable oil with curry and peppers

-Outshine fruit popsicles. made with real fruit juice and are wayyy healthier than other frozen treats (lemon is my favorite)

-trail mix
•any dried fruits/nuts/toppings your little studying heart desires


-ABC company cookies (you can get them at Whole Foods or Smoothie King, theyre huge cookies that are good for you and taste amazing)


Those are just some things I love eating and are somewhat healthy. Some of them require cooking, but others you can just pull out of the fridge! Happy studying! Blessed be! xx.

title: a wasp on the length of my arm

rating: t

pairing: klance

tags: modern au, childhood best friends au, trans guy keith, anxiety, miscommunication, mild angst later on, all that good good stuff. also lots of best friends tho. it took me a billion years but i decided to upload this finally as 2 separate chapters so

ch 1 of 2


Keith and Lance have been friends since elementary school.

This surprises most people when they first see them interact. Keith acts like he hates Lance, and Lance acts like they’re rivals, but in reality they joined at the hip in second grade and never separated, and maybe it’s because they’ve known each other so long that they act the way that they do. Lance is annoying, and Keith isn’t afraid to tell him that, and Keith is a hothead, and Lance isn’t afraid to call him out on it. It’s a weird equilibrium, a give-and-take that Keith has yet to experience with any of his other friends, but it works so well for them that Keith tries not to think too much about it.

alternatively titled: the klance childhood best friends au where keith isnt sure what they are anymore and lance is bad at talking about his feelings

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AWM 2017 recap

Things I saw at AWM today plus some bonus content I was informed of by other attendees of the event (roughly in chronological order):

Cinderella Girls

- I know next to nothing about this series except that Rin and Uzuki and that Love Laika duo are popular yuri ships lol.

- I already forgot their setlist OTL sorry I’d probably remember if I listened to some of their songs again. I think they performed 5? STAR, GOIN…uh…

- They pretty much spoke Japanese the entire time and were impressed that the audience seemed to be following along well despite that.

- They did a live skit or something? They showed clips from the anime(?) for each character and had them read a script live. Was pretty cute.

- Lit songs of the set list: YES PARTY TIME (is…is that the right title lol I just remember screaming those words a lot), and of course their closing song Onegai Cinderella.

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how you get the boy - one

“You usually sleep with more than one girl at the same time?”

“What?” His face mirrored my shocked expression and he began shaking his head. “No, Jesus, no.”

read below // story page

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm sorry, you've probably totally already answered a question like this but I can't find it. Do you know of ways a military would try to train their soldiers to be prepared for capture and torture? In modern times? Would they torture them and teach them to resist or something?

I can tell you what they do yes, but I’m afraid the evidence suggests it really does not work.

In fact the evidence we have suggests that this sort of training may instead act as a way of transmitting and encouraging torture techniques. That doesn’t mean that everyone who’s been through one of these programs turns into a torturer, but it does tend to have the unfortunate side effect of teaching them how to torture.

In the US these programs are set up as a sort of fake capture scenario. Soldiers have a day on ‘patrol’ and are then ‘captured’. They’re hooded, separated from each other, sleep deprived, starved, dehydrated and beaten over a period of about 48 hours. They’re also shouted at a lot.

Morgan did a series of rather wonderful studies on soldiers who went through this particularly pointless ‘training’. He split his soldiers into two groups, those that went through a ‘high stress’ confrontational ‘interrogation’ involving slaps and verbal abuse, and a control group who instead got a calmer chat and a cup of tea.

Morgan then asked the soldiers to identify their ‘interrogator’ the next day.

The ‘high stress’ group, for the most part, couldn’t do it. In fact more than half of them identified the wrong person and were absolutely positive they were correct in their identification. (The figures were 51-68% wrongly identified, depending on the method of identification used, compared to 12-38% wrongly identified in the control group).

This is a brilliant illustration of just how big the effects of torture on memory actually are. The subjects were volunteers, they knew what to expect, they were as far as possible prepared. And the results speak for themselves.

These studies were conducted in 2004.

Central to this question is the definition of ‘resistance’.

There is no way to resist the damage torture inflicts on the human brain. Problems with memory, psychological problems and chronic pain are unavoidable. They are normal.

But resistance to torturers is also normal.

If resistance is defined as the refusal to give in a torturer’s demands rather than as immunity to natural psychological reactions to trauma- Then resistance is absolutely the norm.

Figures from historical France show that on average only 10% of torture victims can be forced to confess. 90% of people when tortured refuse to comply with their torturers long enough to write their name.

We don’t have figures and statistics for so-called ‘enhanced interrogations’ but everything we know about torture and its effects on the human body and brain suggests that torture fundamentally can not make people give up accurate information. The data we have actually suggests that it makes people more likely to lie, become an entrenched enemy of their torturer’s ‘side and resist by any means available.

There has never been a proven case of a victim giving up accurate, timely information under torture.

And what this all means is that programs that ‘train’ people to resist torture are utterly pointless. They are likely to give their trainees psychological problems and don’t do anything to enhance a human being’s natural and innate ability to withstand brutality.

We don’t need training. We are already much much tougher than pop culture would have you believe.


Onsra ─ 5

Originally posted by bloody--cherry


Pairing: Jungkook x reader | Jimin x reader
Genre: angst, fluff
WARNINGS: Infidelity, brief mentions of alcohol/drinking
Word count: 2.8k

Summary: While reminiscing in your most meaningful memories, you come to a decision made from what you knew you couldn’t handle the most ─ their love

OnsraLoving for the last time; that bittersweet feeling you get when you know a love won’t last.

“We should have a child,” Jimin hummed gently, his head resting over your shoulder. You both were sitting on the couch under a big, shared blanket absentmindedly watching whatever was playing on TV.

“Sure,” You strum your fingers along his forehead, your engagement ring glimmering, “After we’re married,” Flicking the smooth surface, causing Jimin to yelp and lift his head. You giggle at the annoyed frown on his face, “Don’t make that kind of face, it’ll give you wrinkles!”

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anonymous asked:

This is a bit of an oddball and really open but I was curious if you had any general headcannons for the gods? It's so cool that each of them have their own personalities attached (Ifrit's lazy almost cat-like lounging at first, Shiva's gentle wiseness, etc etc) and I'm interested in your take on them

So basically they’re one big dysfunctional family.

Also it seems I’ve fallen in love with each of them and now they’re all my children.


  • Is so, so gentle like it would melt your heart if you saw him on a typical day in the land of the Astrals
  • Tends to both a regular garden and a rock garden
    • His favorite plants are these silver petaled flowers that only grow in the world of the Astrals and hibiscus
  • Gets along with animals really well??  His particular favorite are cats
  • Takes pride in the fact that Leviathan actually considers him a friend of hers
    • He knew that the others were wrong to brand her as such a terrible person; they just needed to put in the effort to get to know her…though he does admit that her attitude could uh….use just a little bit of work
    • They’ll get there and he’ll help in whatever way he can
  • Basically just think Hunk from Voltron tbh
  • Suffers from being labeled as some scary monster by the mortals, and it didn’t help when everything happened at the Disc with Ardyn and Noct and the gang
  • Has been taken under Bahamut’s wing though Titan doesn’t rely on him as much these days as he had previously
  • Dislikes the world of the mortals, especially after having been there for so long
    • He’s particularly sensitive to negativity and there’s a lot of that in the mortal realm
  • Does enjoy the mortal realm for it’s flora and fauna though
  • Usually on the quieter side of the scale, but not an introvert
    • He enjoys going out with the others to go drinking and such
    • Plus he knows it makes it easier for Leviathan to relax when he’s with her since as she gets along with him the best

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I can’t figure out who sent me this story suggestion, but since I wrote it, I’m posting it anyway (I had a URL when I copied it into a document, but that name has since changed.)

Suggestion: hey nerdforestgirl can you do a plot where sheldon and the gang meets amy’s family and amy’s mom and dad something bad about sheldon and amy defends him and then he cuts in and proposes to her right there infront of the mom and dad thanks

“Amy, why have you never brought any of your little friends around?” Amy’s mother asked her during one of their Sunday visits.  Of course her mother thought that she and her friends were all children.

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anonymous asked:

okay but imagine baby!jeon turning into a 'bad boy' as he gets older and developes a cold/scary attitude but that all melts away when he see his noona

to say jungkook had grown up right, would be true. but to say he grew up like the rest of his hyungs? not really.

he has a completely different demeanor when he’s with his friends. every time he steps out of home, it’s like he’s not the warm or fluffy jungkook you’ve come to know. apparently on the streets, he’s the heartthrob of many girls, the ones in his highschool, carrying on to college and even now in university.

although jungkook takes a liking in black and red, dressing up in particularly those two colors, it seems like he has quite the attitude in classes. now, that doesn’t necessarily bad but he’s just the cheeky kind that lightens up the mood. he does get in trouble every now and then but nothing too serious. he’s mischievous with his replies and you’d need to twist his ears a couple of times but he always apologizes after. plus, you can’t complain much when his grades are always above par from the average, nearing excellent in almost every class that fine, you’ll close an eye and let jungkook live.

however, what you don’t know is also how much of a switch up it would turn into once he sees you outside, on the streets.

jungkook stays back sometimes for his classes, extra classes or training on certain days. on wednesday, today, he has an extra class for some science subject and football practice. during your lunch break, you’re taking a drive to his university, because none of the guys would be home for dinner and it would be just the two of you. so you come by to give him a heads up, while buying takeaway for his lunch, too. that little rascal doesn’t eat sometimes because he’s saving up. for whatever that is, you’re not sure (it’s your birthday gift, hoseok is bad at keeping secrets) but this is the least you could do.

as you circle around the back of the campus grounds, you spot jungkook with his circle of friends. to which most of them know you because once your car pulls up and you get down, they’re a rowdy bunch that greets you with cheers and shouts, “hey, miss y/n!”

“how’ve you been? you look younger! your skin’s perfect!”

“age must just be a number for you because you don’t look any different from the last time i saw you! damn!”

you can only laugh as jungkook rolls his eyes at them and jogs over to you to cut the distance. once close enough to you his arms naturally come around you, tugging you close and burying his face in your neck as he hums, “noona…”

“hey, kid,” you snort, rubbing his back, then leaning away to hand him the paper bag of his lunch, “don’t skip your meals, yeah? i’ll come by and pick you up after your class because it’s just you and me for dinner.”

“what about hyungs?” he questions, but the look in his eyes already show he’s excited. 

“i’ll tell you later, yeah? i’ve gotta go, my lunch break’s almost up,”

“drive safely,” he says softly, bringing you back to his arms and squeezes you tight. you smile in return, putting your arms around him, then letting go to step back and you chuckle at the kiss he plants on your cheek briefly before heading back to his group of friends. his aura changes just as you turn your back because then his friends are - “okay, okay! we won’t say stuff like that anymore, jeez!”

“…but forreal tho, she’s hot and i would- jeon jungkook!!!”

thestockhouse  asked:

Hi! Can you explain to me the king and lionheart trope and how it relates to the machiavel/messiah trope? Thank you!

ahh okay this is a tricky one, because king/lionheart is not my trope in the sense that while I love it, it’s not my thing, ya know?

if you really want to hear about king/lionheart you need to talk to cat or maddi, probably. they are both kinda brilliance itself, and are the experts on king + lionheart dynamics.

messiah/machiavel on the other hand is so entirely my thing, tbh it probably shouldn’t even be considered in the same category as a trope? it’s more of a personal term/tag i made up with the inimicable mal (who gave me lots of clever + witty + horribly mean advice for this answer). but i shall endeavour to explain what i - personally - mean by messiah+machiavel and how/when it intersects with king+lionheart.

SO it can definitely be a subset of king/lionheart with a particular twist of context. you see for me, messiah/machiavel is always in a political context of some kind. it’s about that separation of skillsets in the political context: the charismatic shining-bright leader of people, and the vicious (often-but-not-necessarily-violent) cunning enforcer.

so to my understanding (which could be wrong!), king/lionheart has a couple of few components:

  • a) that status difference, where one of them really is a king, or of some other status defined by outside forces, and
  • b) a consuming, fiercely loyal mutual love that is
  • c) informed by their status difference so you end up having one being a swordarm/right hand type (lionheart) to the king, but behind the scenes that imbalance is kind of subverted/overcome by the love and respect they have for each other?

messiah + machiavel is something that can overlap with king/lionheart - where that emotional core of the dynamic exists - but not necessarily. it’s more about the political context + skillsets involved; leadership (messiah) + enforcement (machiavel). 

to expand:

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On Mischaracterization and Backlash

tl;dr Peppermint bitches about prevalent fanon that she doesn’t like.

This is primarily going to be talking about Atem and Yuugi, since I’m more invested in them than say, Kaiba or Malik, but I would say this issue occurs with pretty much all of the major/popular characters. I’m also sure this applies to the spinoffs as well, but I will only be talking about the original in this post. Of course, I think this is a general problem, and I would encourage reflection on it in regards to other characters/series too.

Fanon, Headcanon, and Mischaracterization

Most of you are probably familiar with these terms, but for the sake of clarity, I’ll define these terms as I understand them and will be using them in this post.

Headcanon - An individual’s belief or interpretation of a character, event, etc., that is neither contradicted nor confirmed by canon (although it can have hints towards it).

“Headcanon” - a common misuse of headcanon, in which the belief/interpretation is clearly contradicted by canon - no amount of freedom of interpretation can get around the fact that it’s just plain incorrect.

Fanon - When a headcanon or “headcanon” is prevalent and shared by significant numbers of fans, and is often popular enough to even be confused with or taken to be canon by those fans.

Mischaracterization - when a character is represented in a way inconsistent with their personality/actions in canon. This is often expressed as exaggeration of traits the character does possess in canon, but taken to an extreme and reductive degree, where other aspects of their character are downplayed/ignored, to be inaccurate. However, it can also be expressed as traits the character does NOT possess in canon at all.

Mischaracterization can be part of fanon and “headcanons”, but doesn’t have to be. In some cases, mischaracterization can be done deliberately (such as for a crackfic/humor or role reversals), with the understanding that it is not plausible in canon.

Just to be clear - there’s nothing inherently “bad” about these things. However, they can certainly be incorrect, and it annoys me when things that are incorrect are taken as canon - not even “up for debate” but taken as absolute fact.

Characterization and Mischaracterization in YGO

Characterization is a complicated issue in YGO, because canon is complicated in YGO. We have the manga canon, we have the Toei anime canon, we have the DM anime canon, we have the dubbed anime canon, we have the movies, we have R, we have the video games, we have Capsule Monsters…granted, not all of this is considered canon, but it does influence people’s perceptions of characters.

So, characterization can be different between the different canons, and what would be mischaracterization in one canon may, in fact, be accurate to another canon. It is also the case that most of the major characters change and grow over time, making their early characterization much different than their late characterization - Atem in the manga is perhaps the most obvious example. Often, fans will mix the characterizations (or what they believe to be the characterization) from different canons and different times, which can create some muddy mischaracterization problems. After all, Atem issuing harsh penalty games is not out of character for the early manga, but post-Duelist Kingdom, it would be inaccurate to portray him inflicting those. Yuugi threatening Kaiba is canon to the DSOD dub, but would be out of character to portray him doing so outside of the dub context.

Regardless, there are some things that are inaccurate no matter which canon you go by.

I won’t pretend to be an expert in fandom history - I never watched this show as a kid, so I’m a latecomer to the fandom. However, the Internet never forgets, as they say, so I’ve had some exposure to the remnants of old fandom, and from this, I’ve identified three rough “eras” of mischaracterization: “young”, “abridged”, and “backlash”. These roughly occurred in that order, and I say roughly because you can still find all of these in modern fandom, and likely “backlash” existed even in the early days, just not to the extent I see it in recent fandom. Perhaps a “fandom old” could give more insight into this or narrow down these areas, but these are my personal observations.

“Young” Fandom Mischaracterization:

The “traditional” mischaracterization. The kind that mostly everyone complains about these days, at least in my corner of Tumblr. I call this “young” because it came out of the days of fandom before I got here, and also because it seems to come from young (as in young teens) fans more than others. It still persists to this day, but is nowhere near as popular as it once was.

This is the kind of mischaracterization that gives us Anzu bashing, where she’s made into an evil and manipulative person who doesn’t care about her friends. She becomes completely unrecognizable, as the only thing she shares with her canon self is an attraction to Atem, which is twisted into something evil.

This is the kind of mischaracterization that gives us the yami/hikari fanon, which is little more than a euphemism for seme/uke - essentially making characters into bad yaoi stereotypes. Atem, Kaiba, Yami Malik, and Yami Bakura are characterized as extremely suave, sexy, powerful, dominant, aggressive, controlling, protective, etc, in a way that makes them hardly distinguishable from one another. Yuugi, Jounouchi, Malik, and Bakura are characterized as cute, innocent, powerless, submissive, helpless, passive, etc, again in a way that makes them hardly distinguishable from one another. Their unique personalities are stripped away.

Often Atem is made cruel and abusive towards Yuugi, Yami Malik is made hyperactive towards Malik, and Yami Bakura is made to be gruff but caring towards Bakura.

In modern fandom, at least Tumblr fandom, it’s pretty well accepted now that these things are mischaracterizations, as Atem is recognized to be an awkward lost soul who cares very deeply about his friends, especially Yuugi, Yami Bakura is recognized as having no idea what he’s doing, and also abusive towards his host, Yami Malik is recognized as the manifestation of of Malik’s trauma and therefore distinct from Yami Bakura and Atem, and Anzu is recognized as someone who cares about and supports her friends. Because of this, I don’t really have to complain about this one much, although I will confess that most of these things annoy me enough to cause me to immediately lose interest in a fanfic.

“Abridged” Fandom Mischaracterization

Mischaracterization done for humor. I call this type of characterization “abridged” because that is probably the most obvious case of this. However, this can encompass more than just the abridged series characterizations - in fact, the one that particularly bothers me the most didn’t come from YGOTAS at all. But it is the spirit of humor that ties these mischaracterizations together.

Aside from YGOTAS, this gives us my personal unfavorite, Atem as an idiot that doesn’t understand modern technology or modern culture/slang, or doesn’t understand anything except dueling. I’ve talked about this plenty, but this is completely inconsistent with canon, as Atem uses technology on a regular basis, has all of Yuugi’s memories, and even believed himself to be Yuugi for some time. There is no reason why he shouldn’t understand everything that Yuugi would.

Related to this is a characterization of Atem where he will inflict penalty games/send people or things to the Shadow Realm/murder at the drop of a hat. Again, he knows how to work a toaster, he’s not going to banish it to hell. He’s also not going to inflict a penalty game on someone for cutting in line or otherwise mildly inconveniencing him/Yuugi - most of the penalty games were the result of Yuugi or friends getting badly hurt.

We’d be here all day if I listed everything, but those two particularly stick out to me as annoying. With this mischaracterization, I do feel bad about getting so annoyed by it sometimes, because in a way, it seems less legitimate to get annoyed when it’s clearly done for humor. But personally, I think the issue for me is not the humor, it’s when it’s taken as canon so often that even when clearly a joke, it rubs me the wrong way. And it IS taken as canon - I have seen posts comparing “fanon” (usually the above “young” mischaracterization) with “canon” (this “abridged” mischaracterization, usually). Neither is accurate, yet one is accepted that way. This also brings me to the final category:

“Backlash” fandom mischaracterization:

Because a lot of people have realized that the first type of mischaracterization is just that, mischaracterization, in recent times there’s been a backlash against it. An example is as I’ve referenced above, contrasting “fanon” with supposed “canon”. As well as just a general shift in the characterization in new fanworks.

However, this backlash doesn’t represent characters as accurately as it purports to. For this reason, this type of mischaracterization is starting to get on my nerves the most - because it is held up in contrast to the obvious, “young” mischaracterization, it is given false credence. But is equally as inaccurate…perhaps even more so in some cases.

This type of mischaracterization gives us reversals - switching who gets the bad yaoi stereotypes (i.e., making Yuugi the “seme” and Atem the “uke”). This is again more of a younger fandom thing and an earlier part of the backlash, but is still present.

Particularly there seems to be this push to make Atem completely awkward and Yuugi completely smooth…a reversal of “young” characterization where Atem is smooth and suave while Yuugi is innocent and blushing. But both are inaccurate characterizations - they’re both awkward teenagers. Yuugi’s only “experience” with sex is watching blurred out porn videos. He’s not going to be some ultra-dominant sex god who completely takes control in bed. He’s gonna be just as awkward as any teenager with his first time.

I know. That’s not sexy. People want sexy so they need to have some sort of dominant and controlling character involved. At least, that’s my assumption behind why this sort of characterization is so prevalent either as Atem or as Yuugi. I’ve even seen this characterization for Yuugi apply to other ships too (like peach). I don’t think it’s any more accurate there.

There’s also a tendency towards a cruel abusive Yuugi. Again, this is a backlash against innocent angel Yuugi, and may also be a backlash to cruel abusive Atem (although why one of them must be cruel is beyond me). Lately scrolling through fanfic, summaries and tags are full of “Yuugi is a jerk”, “Yuugi is an asshole”, “Yuugi is a killer/criminal/etc”. I’m honestly getting really tired of the trend. No, Yuugi is not some perfect innocent angel, but he’s not an asshole, he’s not cruel, he’s not any of those things. He’s not perfect, but he is an exceptionally good and kind person.


As I said above, there’s nothing “bad” about these things (although there’s certainly a lot wrong). And I am not saying that people can’t or shouldn’t write mischaracterizations such as these or any others. After all, just because something doesn’t appeal to me personally doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t exist.

But I will complain about it. And I do want to ask people to stop acting like these things are canon.

And quite honestly…I can understand how things get exaggerated sometimes. Especially for humor. And sometimes more subtle aspects of a character can be forgotten about. But completely contrary characterizations…I don’t understand how those become so prevalent. You like these characters, right? That’s why you write them, that’s why you write about them. Did you not fall in love with them for their canon personalities? Where then is the appeal in completely changing their personalities and relationship dynamics? If that other sort of personality/relationship dynamic appeals to you, why did you fall for this one in the first place?

I don’t know. For me, I like the characters for who they are in canon and I don’t want them to be something completely different. Same with relationship dynamics.