participating in craft shows

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Gift Shop, Craft Booth

Kansas, USA

My husband and I operate a gift shop that sells handmade ceramic items. One day we were participating in a craft show, where we had dragons, ceramic eggs and orbs for sale among other items. A little boy around 5 years old came into the booth  with his mother.

Boy: “Mommy look at the dragons!”

Mom: “They look very nice, but they’ll break please don’t touch.”

Boy: “Mommy dragon eggs!!!! I bet if we get one of these a dragon will hatch!”

Mom: “Honey, I don’t think so.”

Boy: “Please Mommy can I have one? I bet a dragon like this purple and orange one will hatch from the purple egg with spots.”

Mom: “Not right now, let’s go look in the next booth - your Dad is over there.”

Boy: “But Mom….”

Twenty minutes later she was back without the little boy. “I have to have this egg. If for no other reason than the memory of that conversation.He’s going to spend days checking this egg.”

Every time we sell one of those eggs, we smile wondering if he’s figured out what type of dragon is going to hatch.