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Day Six: April 22nd
Oath / Family / Protect

For @kiribakuweek2k17 again!! Guess who’s crawling back with the kiribaku’s family outing and kirishima taking 124378 pictures of his beautiful husband and their beautiful adoptive child

Creepypasta #1253: He Is Not My Son

Length: Short

My son went missing two weeks ago.

Like a good parent, I filed a police complaint. I participated in the search efforts and I was heartbroken when they could not find any trace of him.

I gave up. I asked the cops to give up too. It was hopeless, I said.

They did not give up.

One week ago, two of the officers turned up at my door. Triumphant smiles on their faces. And standing in front of them, was my son. They said they found him wandering in the woods beyond the edge of town.

He looked much worse for the wear, but otherwise unscathed.

They left him with me and went back to the station.

He is not my son!

He looked like my son, spoke like my son, and even behaved like my son. He settled in with me. But please, believe me, he’s not my son!

Every night since that day, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night in cold sweat. I always see him in the doorway of my room. His body silhouetted by the night light behind him. He always leaves as soon as I wake up.

Please, you have to trust me. Whatever he is, he is not my son!

Why do I seem so sure?

Because I killed my son two weeks ago. And buried him in the forest.

Credits to: Chanzy94 (story)

When: February 15th, 2017 (Event runs all day, real time)
Where: Aether paradise VLFS Grand Ballroom, Alola region
Why: The Aether foundation has always pledged itself to the conservation of endangered species of pokemon, but we are nothing without our generous benefactors. Please join President Gladion and his family for a night of Music, Dancing and a celebration of Love of ALL kinds under Alolas Full moon.

Dress code: Formal attire, Primary color must be White, Black, Red or Gold, Secondary and Tertiary colors are your choice.

Pokemon regulations: Pokemon bigger then the ballroom must be kept in their pokeballs, but any trainers wishing to engage in Pokemon battles may do so on the Terrace at the Rear of the VLFS. Any areas normally open to the public will remain open during the party, this includes the Conservatory.

We look forward to your RSVP!

During the event, please track the tag/search “Clefairymoonball”

Participants, please tag your threads with it so other participants may find you! This event is all about bringing the Pokemon fandom together for fun and shenanigans and hopefully forming new friendships along the way!

That being said, Leave any and all OOC drama at the door, but IC Drama is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

If you’d like to participate, please send an IC RSVP message to this blog ( @typenullandvoid ), and Gladion will add your muse to the registry, which will be posted along with the commencement post on Wednesday at 10am EST, I wanna make it as easy as possible for people to find partners to interact with!

The event will run all day, so feel free to pop in and RP whenever you have the time! I hope everyone has a fun time! Oh, and please reblog this post to spread the word!

Can US Customs and Border officials search your phone?

Recent detentions and seizures of phones and other material from travelers to the United States have sparked alarm. Below, ProPublica details what powers US Customs and Border Protection officials have over you and your devices.

A NASA scientist heading home to the US said he was detained in January at a Houston airport, where US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers pressured him for access to his work phone and its potentially sensitive contents. Last month, CBP agents checked the identification of passengers leaving a domestic flight at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport during a search for an immigrant with a deportation order. And in October, border agents seized phones and other work-related material from a Canadian photojournalist. They blocked him from entering the US after he refused to unlock the phones, citing his obligation to protect his sources. These and other recent incidents have revived confusion and alarm over what powers border officials actually have and, perhaps more importantly, how to know when they are overstepping their authority.

The unsettling fact is that border officials have long had broad powers — many people just don’t know about them. Border officials, for instance, have search powers that extend 100 air miles inland from any external boundary of the US. That means border agents can stop and question people at fixed checkpoints dozens of miles from US borders. They can also pull over motorists whom they suspect of a crime as part of “roving” border patrol operations.

Sowing even more uneasiness, ambiguity around the agency’s search powers — especially over electronic devices — has persisted for years as courts nationwide address legal challenges raised by travelers, privacy advocates and civil-rights groups. We dug out answers about the current state-of-play when it comes to border searches, along with links to more detailed resources (below).

Original post on the TED-Ed Blog. Click below to read further!

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Staff Sgt. Brian Vosper, the 379th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance disposal flight team leader, walks to the vehicle search exercise location at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, Aug. 26, 2017. Vosper was participating in a vehicle search exercise where a military working dog with the 379th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, detected abnormalities with a vehicle. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Amy M. Lovgren)


Splatfest EU Screens: Pokemon Red vs Pokemon Blue

Confident (Part 10)

Summary: Your best friend growing up was Sam Wilson but with his busy life as an Avenger and your life in the Air Force, you two never really got to spend much time together. That was until you applied to become the new War Machine after Col. James Rhodes retired. Now Sam won’t let you be and a new protective streak has started but will it end your friendship or only make things stronger? Bucky X Reader

A/N: Enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing/Angst/Violence

Part 9

Originally posted by buckybass

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My positive post about The Bella Twins

So I’ve noticed that both of these ladies still get so much hate on a constant basis, especially Nikki. And it’s been bothering me, so I thought I would do a little positive post about their successes and how they’ve evolved since and how far they’ve come along since being in WWE.

• They participated in the Diva Search. Even though they did not make the cut, they still got contracts in WWE.

• Brie Bella became Divas Champion in 2011.

• Nikki Bella won her first Divas Championship in 2012.

• They made their return in 2013 and became part of Total Divas.

• Got to participate in the Divas Invitational Match at Wrestlemania 30.

• Brie’s feud with Stephanie McMahon.

• Nikki Bella winning her second Divas Championship and surpassing AJ Lee’s record.

• When Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch got called up to the main roster, The Bellas put them over many times.

• Nikki’s feud with Charlotte for the Divas Championship.

• Nikki Bella winning Diva of the Year.

• Brie Bella’s feud with Charlotte for the Divas Championship. Even though Brie did not win the title, I feel the match between her and Charlotte was yet another example of Brie proving herself and passion and dedication for the business and how much she has improved over the years.

• Brie winning her last match at Wrestlemania 32, and Nikki, Paige, Alicia Fox, and Eva Marie celebrating with her.

• Their spinoff show Total Bellas.

• Nikki overcoming her neck injury and making her return to Summerslam, where she got the win. Then she went over to Smackdown and was featured in great programs with Carmella and Natalya.

• Their YouTube channel.

• Getting their own wine.

• Launching Birdiebee.

• Getting invited to talk shows, red carpets, etc.

So I think I got everything. If there’s anything that I missed that people would like, feel free to add it.

I’m just incredibly proud of both of these women for coming along so far. No matter how much hate or negativity comes their way, they always handle it very maturely and never let it bring them down. They just keep doing what they do and live their life. And I hope they continue to be successful :)

Making Amends (Avengers x reader)

I may have done what I wanted with Tony’s stand in CW here…

CIVIL WAR REQUEST: Imagine since Tony signed the accords he can’t do missions and stuff without the government’s say so. One night his 15 yr old daughter gets taken by Hydra. He can’t do anything about it because the government won’t let him. Steve’s team heard of this. They have nothing against her and they all really like her (Bucky and Sam don’t know her) so they all go and save her. Bucky is the one to find her. It breaks his heart because she’s just sobbing while trying get out things Hydra did to her. Bucky ends up evolving family/sibling type feelings for her. They bring her back to Tony and he’s really freaking happy. End how you want!  

“Goodnight, sweetheart,” Tony waved from the door of your room, pulling the door shut as FRIDAY slowly dimmed the lights and into darkness.  You closed your eyes and fell almost immediately into sleep, your eyes feeling oddly heavy and impossible to keep open.  Not only did your eyes feel heavy, but your body felt as if it were sinking into the mattress, falling into a nothingness that encompassed you as you drifted into sleep.  It was almost too easy.

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Wonderfully Royal has graciously allowed me to host the Royal Tiara Challenge this year.  If you would like to look back at last year’s or perhaps still participate in it search the tag #RoyalTiaraChallenge16.  This year’s challenge will begin on February 1st and is a mix of old and new prompts.  Everyone’s welcome to participate even if it’s only for part of it.  Please use the tag #RoyalTiaraChallenge17

  1. Favorite Amethyst Tiara
  2. Favorite Aquamarine Tiara
  3. Favorite Emerald Tiara
  4. Favorite Pearl Tiara
  5. Favorite Ruby Tiara
  6. Favorite Sapphire Tiara
  7. Favorite Turquoise Tiara
  8. Favorite Tiara Made From Unusual Materials
  9. Favorite Belgian Tiara
  10. Favorite British Tiara
  11. Favorite Danish Tiara
  12. Favorite Dutch Tiara
  13. Favorite Japanese Tiara
  14. Favorite Jordanian Tiara
  15. Favorite Liechtenstein Tiara
  16. Favorite Luxembourgian Tiara
  17. Favorite Monegasque Tiara
  18. Favorite Moroccan Tiara
  19. Favorite Norwegian Tiara
  20. Favorite Spanish Tiara
  21. Favorite Swedish Tiara
  22. Favorite Thai Tiara
  23. Favorite Fringe Tiara
  24. Favorite Floral Tiara
  25. Favorite Wreath Tiara (ivy, laurel, myrtle, olive, vine)
  26. Favorite Kokoshnik Tiara
  27. Favorite Meander/Greek Key Tiara
  28. Favorite “Lost” Tiara
  29. Favorite Non-Royal Tiara
  30. Favorite Tiara Appearance of 2016

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anonymous asked:

i think you should make a section on your blog for people you know will be participating, so its easier to find them! and if someone doesnt see their name in it they can just message you saying their participating!

We don’t maintain a list of people participating since we encourage people to just jump in or out at their leisure. To find out people participating search through the tags ‘Simblreen’ and ‘Simblrween’ during the days of the event (Oct 27-29, 2017) to know people participating at that moment. They will make a post saying their ‘porchlight is on’ to signal they’re welcoming trick or treaters.

Some people have already posted that they will be participating, or even posted sneak peeks of their treats, and we might have reblogged that with the tag ‘reblog’ so you could check that out and use it as a preliminary list.

riana-one  asked:

Do you the Southern Ambitions had a clear plan or just a protective alliance against the erratic Aerys? Why would Steffon Baratheon, third in line for the Throne, who died seeking a Targ bride be part of it?

Hi! I tend to agree with @warsofasoiaf‘s idea that “the Southron Ambitions bloc’s goal was to establish a power base to check the crown and enrich the nobility, particularly that of the Lords Paramount of their respective regions, making them kings in all but name” [x]. 

I think the long-term plan was to establish a permanent Great Council of Lords Paramount (each with a maester or three whispering in their ear, of course) to limit the power of the Iron Throne. (It needed limiting: 1, 2.) I think Tywin was so eager for Jaime/Lysa because he wanted to secure a seat on this Great Council to unseat Aerys and select a new king, decisions which I think Tywin wanted to be heavily involved with. I’m not sure who the Great Council would have jointly chosen as king. I don’t think the SAP members had worked that out themselves before Robert’s Rebellion, but I lean toward Rhaegar (prior to Lyanna’s disappearance), and I believe Tywin thought he could wrest the Handship away from Jon Arryn under the new regime, as well as arrange a royal marriage for Cersei. But the permanent Great Council never met, so we’ll never know. 

I made a speculative timeline of Southron Ambitions and Targaryen Rule. Throughout his reign, Aerys assaulted noblewomen, he ordered nobles tortured and murdered, he was reckless both financially and militarily, and he was deliberately politically divisive. I think Steffon was aware of these things and he recognized the need for limits to be placed on royal power. Steffon had known Aerys for most of his life, so I think he could see better than most that Aerys was growing increasingly insane and unfit for rule. Steffon’s ports in the Stormlands were among those that experienced Aerys’s tripled tariffs. Real life wars have resulted from such unfair tax policies. (Everyone suspected to be involved with Southron Ambitions suffered from Aerys’s capricious tariff policies. Notably, the Reach (which remained loyal to the Targaryen regime) and KL were less affected.) 

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On the late afternoon of October 14th, 2016, authorities in the southern city of Coyhaique, in Chile, were alerted that Florencia Aguirre (9) was missing. The last time anyone had seen her had been around 5 pm.

After an intense search, the little girl’s body was found the next morning, buried inside a woodshed in her own house. Her stepfather, Cristian Soto (30), who had participated in the search efforts, became the immediate suspect. He ended up confessing to the murder, giving horrifying details of how it had happened. He said he’d beaten Florencia and suffocated her with a plastic bag until she became unconscious. Then, while she was still alive, he set her on fire. A motive for the crime wasn’t given during his arraignment.

Soto has already received violent threats from other prisoners at the jail where he’s been kept while awaiting trials, which led to the construction of a special area where he can stay separated from the main population. He’s actually sharing those conditions with a man who commited another shocking crime earlier this year.

Loki x Reader: Love At First Sight

Warning(s): none
Third person’s point of view

The younger prince looked over at his appearance in the mirror. His pale face was framed by his jet black hair that fell gracefully onto his shoulders. He stood up tall and fixed a buckle on his armor. It was the day of the ball that the whole kingdom was so enthusiastic about. An old friend of Odin was visiting with his daughter and such an event shall be celebrated. He took a deep breath and turned to leave his chambers. His boots clanged against the marble floor of the wide hall. He was in no mood to go to the ball; as always, he would prefer reading in his room. He entered the castle’s banquet hall. He saw the grand podium where his mother sat to the left side of Odin while a man he doesn’t know sat to his right. Loki bowed slightly in greeting then scanned the room with his emerald eyes. He was the warrior three and Thor talk to a breathtaking young lady. She was nothing like Loki has ever seen before. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair fell slightly onto her back while a tiara was placed on the top of her head. Her (e/c) eyes shined with intelligence. Her plum lips curled into a smile at something Thor had said. That was the first time when Loki has heard her heavenly laughter. She was simply gorgeous in the (f/c) dress that hugged her body in the right places. Loki noticed Thor pointing at him which caused the angelic woman to turn her head towards him. She smiled and her dress floated behind her as she started walking up to him. His heart skipped a beat when the lovely girl stood in front of him. She extended her small hand to him.

“I was informed that you are Prince Loki of Asgard. I am (y/n) of Valhalla, daughter of Ty.”

Loki gentle took her hand and planted a soft his on her knuckles.

“Prince Loki of Asgard, son of Laufey. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lady (y/n).”

The young maiden smiled at his and he felt a strange sensation in his stomach and his heart sped up. He remembered the tales his mother used to read as a bedtime story when he was a child. The prince fell in love with the princess the first time he saw her and the feeling was mutual. He never believed in that, not even as a young boy. Sometimes he wasn’t even sure if any kind of love existed, let alone love at the first sight. Thor’s booming voice interrupted his thoughts when he called for (y/n). The woman excused herself and returned to her previous place in the room. Loki couldn’t take his eyes off of her the whole evening. After dinner, he thought if was for the best if he left for his chambers. He was sure nobody would take notice of his departure, but oh, was he wrong!

What Loki didn’t know was that he wasn’t the only one stealing glances at a certain someone every now and then. This little bit of a staring contest had two participants. (Y/n) kept searching the room for Loki but he was nowhere to be found.

“Thor, have you seen your brother?”

“Yes, he has left half an hour ago, Lady (y/n).”

“Do you think he is okay?”

“It is not at all unusual for him to do so, my lady.”

The (h/c) haired girl nodded her head in understanding then turned to talk to Queen Frigga.


Loki woke up early in the following morning to stroll around the palace gardens. He put his armor on and left his with long strides. When he got to his destination his breath hitched in his throat. Lady (y/n) was sitting on a marble bench with a book in hand. The morning sun illuminated her face with golden light, making her look like she was an illusion, a sweet dream. Loki considered leaving but it was too late. The young woman get the Asgardian prince’s eyes on her so she turned to see the admirer. The young girl waved at Loki. He gulped and started walking towards the bench.

“Good morning, my lady.”

“Good morning, Prince Loki.”

“There is no need to be formal, darling.”

The woman blushed at the nickname. She brushed a stray strand of hair back from her face. She took a deep breath to gather some courage.

“Are you alright now? I noticed you left early last night.”

“I’m quite alright, thank you. May I ask what you are reading, my lady?”

“It is (f/b). It is Midgardian literature, I simply find their culture fascinating.”

“It is.”

For a few minutes they set in a comfortable silence. Theory gaze slowly lifted to one another’s. Their lips came nearer and nearer until they melted together in a sweet kiss. When they pulled away for air they both started at each other with loving wide eyes.

“I must confess, I have never believed in love at first sight but you have bewitched me the moment I first saw you, my lady.”

“I feel the same way, my prince.”

moody_afb An A-10C Thunderbolt II from the 23d Fighter Group peels off after a strafing run over Grand Bay Bombing and Gunnery Range April 17, 2015, at Moody Air Force Base, Ga. The A-10C participated in a combat search and rescue task force demonstration alongside HH-60G Pave Hawks and an HC-130J Combat King II. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Ryan Callaghan/Released) #aircraft #a10 #hawg#MoodyAFB #brrrrt #usaf

On October 28, 2015, Nubia Astudillo (35) left in her truck to buy some wood in the city of Angol, Chile, and never came back. A few days later, the vehicle was found abandoned in a rural area 12 miles away from the town. Finally, on November 5, a relative of hers that was participating in the search found a naked, charred body tied to a tree. Even though it was burned beyond recognition, everyone knew it was Nubia.

Even before Nubia’s body was found, police already knew who had killed her. Turns out that when Nubia left on that fateful October, she was followed and intercepted by four people, led by a woman called Nancy Baeza (43). The other three were her boyfriend Arturo Carrasco (40), her daughter M.A.C.B. (she wasn’t identified because she was only 17) and the latter’s boyfriend Victor Varela (20). They had beaten her to death.

The motive behind the crime was jealousy: Nubia had started a relationship with Nancy’s ex husband. A witness heard Nancy telling Nubia to “kneel and beg for forgiveness” and Nubia doing so. Another witness who stumbled onto the attack claimed he tried to help the woman but he was threatened. 

The quartet was tried and they were all found guilty of kidnapping and murder. However, their sentence was controversially short, considering the crime. Nancy and Arturo got 20 years each, while Victor and the teenage girl got 10 years each.