partice physics

Another Holtzbert Ephipany

Erin is pretty wound up, we know. She seems to have spent her career, her life, reminding people of her validity and place in the scientific community, in the world. She takes great care to introduce herself as Erin Gilbert, Doctor of Partical Physics to everyone, even ghosts… Everyone, except Jillian Holtzmann.
When the blonde stranger lunges to greet her there is a momentary shift in Erin’s entire demeanor. A gloved hand reaches into her personal space…
Erin gives her a once-over glance up and down, then a slight smile forms before being tucked back down deep as she raises her head and offers her own name “Erin.” Just Erin. Her guard is down. She has been disarmed. It’s an electric moment.

I shared this on someone’s gifset, but I think it needs its own place in the world.