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The Forgotten One

The Forgotten One

Steve Rogers x  reader

Part 1

So I had an idea and started writing a fic and in about an hour is was 1700 words so I am going to split it in to 2. 


   You were in love with Steve Rogers, and he didn’t care about you at all. At first you were depressed, then kind of numb but after what had happened in Germany while you waited for him to get his shield back from Sharon Carter you were just done with it all. For years you had been a teammate and you thought a friend to him and now he was standing 10 feet away from you kissing the “love of his life”’s niece just weeks after Peggy’s death. All you could think while Bucky and Sam smirked at him was “What the hell is going on here?”. The same man who had specifically told you a month before Peggy’s death that he just didn’t have time for romance was now kissing Sharon Carter.

   “You can’t just leave, (Y/N), Wanda said from behind you as you continued stuffing clothes and other essentials into a duffle bag.

     You knew you were all safe in Wakanda for now and that the rest of “Team Cap” were planning to stay for a while to help Bucky. You normally would have been there for him as you had been for the others but at the moment your nerves were stretched thin and a certain Captain was at the center of all the jumbled thoughts running through your head.

    “Wanda I love you but I have to go. You don’t understand.” You said not even glancing in her direction knowing you would immediately break down in tears.

     “If I don’t understand then tell me what is going on. Why did you start packing today?” Wanda was pacing your room now, her accent becoming thicker the more upset she got.

    You just stood there for a moment and took a deep breath. Then you made a decision, she deserved an answer but you couldn’t explain so you said the only thing you could think of, “Wanda, I know you can read my mind so do that because I can’t tell you what I’m doing.”

    Wanda stood there looking shocked as you bowed your head and continued to breath deeply trying hard not to block her out. After a few seconds she gasped and began to walk toward you with a look of such sympathy that the tears you had been trying to hide began slipping down your cheeks and you hands began to shake.

     You tried to control your power but when you got upset they became unpredictable and you disappeared from Wanda’s sight and she mumbled “Oh, sweetie”, using her red glow to shower a few sparks over you so she could hug you.

      You knew what she had seen. The years of being alone and ignored until SHIELD had found you in a foster home. No family, no friends, and not an ounce of self esteem. You had been trained for combat, taught to shoot, and you had made friends. You had eventually even begun to date and had a couple of not so successful relationships but they never got you down because you had parted as friends.  

        Then Fury drafted you in to the Avengers. When they flew you to the carrier you were excited to see Natasha but she had been talking to Captain America. Having never met him before you had gone invisible due to nervousness and walked past Nat, poking her in the back with your elbow, causing her to stutter momentarily before continuing her conversation.

         You had not fought in New York as much as the others, using your power of invisibility and force field to shield civilians and moving them from the streets and into the subway tunnels. After everything was said and done you had become a valued part of the team you thought. There had been parties, training, movie nights, and family dinners. There had been mission after mission culminating in helping Steve search for Bucky. Unfortunately that had led to a break in your little family but none of that hurt as much as being in love with someone who basically acted like you were invisible all the time lately.

         Natasha walked in on Wanda with her arm wrapped around you, tears running down the younger girl’s cheeks and you still partially transparent due to your emotions and immediately said “So ladies, who am I going to have to kill tonight?”

         You and Wanda broke apart and you took a couple of deep breaths and began to head toward the bathroom for your toiletries, asking Wanda to explain things to Nat.

Time skip to dinner

      T’challa, Steve, Bucky, Sam, Wanda, Nat and Scott  sat around the formal dining table, the men talking about random things and the women just shooting each other looks then glaring daggers at Steve. After the first course Sam happened to look down the table next to Nat and ask “Where is (Y/N)?”

       “She requested dinner in her room.” T’challa answered, turning back to his conversation with Scott.

        Frowning, Steve turned to Natasha and Wanda and asked “Is (Y/N) sick or something?”

        Neither Nat nor Wanda answered, instead they gave each other a look, not glancing back at Steve and picked up their utensils and placed them on their plates and proceeded to take their dinners and wine glasses and leave the room with a not overly polite “Excuse us!” thrown to the room in general. As they exited dramatically Bucky turned to Steve and muttered “What did you do, punk?” to which Steve just shook his head in bewilderment.

     The knock on your bedroom door took you by surprise because you knew that everyone should be at dinner. When you opened it there stood Nat and Wanda with their dinners and smirks on their faces.

     “If this is your last night with us we are going to have a sleepover.” Nat said pushing past you and taking her dinner to the small table in your room, Wanda trailing behind her.

      “You guys are the best” you said with a small smile as you joined them and laughed along with them as you each recounted funny stories from various missions including when Tony had stepped out of his suit and left it in guard dog mode, tripped and fell in a huge mud puddle.

      After a couple hours, a couple bottles of wine, and a mountain of junk food sent up from the kitchen everyone was getting sleepy so you decided to take a shower so you would be ready to leave in the morning. As soon as they heard the water switch on in the bathroom Nat and Wanda looked at each other sadly and decided to come up with a plan to get you to stay.

       “Nat, we have to do something. She is so unhappy. I looked inside her head and it is chaos and I don’t know how she is living with that burning ache in her chest. I was only in her mind for seconds and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.” Wanda said, her eyes tearing up again as everything she saw replayed in her head.

    “What exactly did you see? I knew she liked Steve, hell the first week after he joined the Avengers she would go invisible whenever he entered a room, but I didn’t know she was still crushing on him so hard.”

      “It’s not a crush Natasha. She loves him. She loves him more than she loves herself. I saw all these moments over the last few years. They would go for coffee or go out to lunch, he would hold her hand or give her a kiss on the cheek and she would melt inside. He would snuggle up to her on movie nights or rest his head on her shoulder while she was cooking. Then a couple months ago she got up the courage to ask him on an actual date and he said he didn’t have time to get romantically involved and then in Germany he kissed Sharon Carter right in front of her while she was shielding Steve, Sharon, Bucky, and Sam with her forcefield and hiding their cars.”

      Natasha’s mouth dropped open and she muttered something like “Oh no he didn’t”. She jumped to her feet and raced out of the room leaving Wanda speechless.

  “STEVE ROGERS!!!! Where are you hiding you All-American asshole?” Nat yelled as she banged on Steve’s door. When the door swung open to show Steve looking at her with a half smile Nat almost punched him but due to her inebriated state and the fact that Bucky read her intentions and grabbed her arm she settle for rattling off a tirade in Russian (Steve only recognizing when she said Sharon’s name) and aiming a kick toward his groin that he easily side stepped.

   “What the hell is wrong with you Nat?” Steve asked and was shocked when she spit at him, pushed Bucky off her arm and walked away.

    “You messed up bad kid,” Bucky said shaking his head at Steve. “The Russian she was speaking was basically how she would like to carve you into little pieces and throw you to the wolves, balls first.”

     “But what did I do Buck?”

     “You broke her best friend’s heart.” Bucky said sadly then turned to head to his own room, not even finishing the movie he and Steve had been watching.

      Steve stood frozen in place. He didn’t know what to do. Should he go talk to Natasha? No, she was too angry right now. He should talk to (Y/N). He didn’t understand how he had broken her heart.

      Making up his mind he went toward the room T’challa had assigned (Y/N) and knocked on the door. When it swung open revealing Wanda and a still angry Nat he sighed and asked “What is going on?” to which he got a jumble of Russian curse words and Sokovian tossed at him and the door slammed in his face. He hadn’t even seen (Y/N) in the room. Was she hiding from him by going invisible?

   He decided to go back to his room and sort it out in the morning. Little did he know the restless night of sleep waiting for him… 


Theme #23: The Window


Finally, as promised! A theme based around my personal blog’s current theme. This is an all-in-one theme that comes with four tabs: one for the posts, one for an ask box, one for an “about me” and one for the links. And you can customize all of it! How nifty, right?

The images above really don’t do the theme justice, though. Look at the preview instead, it looks much better on an actual blog.

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Guys guys, I just figured out how to extract Sims from images in like less than 5 minutes :o No selection tools, no pen tool! I know I’m late to the party and this is most likely common knowledge at this point, but I’m going to write this down anyway because there’s a 99% chance I’ll forget it.

This is written with Photoshop CS6 in mind, but I’m assuming it’ll work with any graphics editing program that supports alpha channels. The starting point for working on this was @buhudain​‘s tutorial here.

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anonymous asked:

How about a Solangelo gem au? Nico is an Obsidian and Will is a Sunstone? I honestly don't know I just wanted to send an ask

tbh i was trying to think of something in case someone did ask for a gem au and tbh u giving their gems in the ask was a lifesaver i would’ve spent hours comparing gems to figure out what was best for each of them

anyway heres your headcanons!

  • will is a partially transparent, mostly gold-colored sunstone. sunstones tend to have the ability to go fully transparent, making them the perfect gems to scout out new planets for homeworld to colonize
  • obsidians like nico are protectors. they mainly have solid black shields that can protect against attacks as well as hide people/gems. nico happens to have very good eyes that can spot sneaky sunstones
  • so nico, as a member of the crystal gems, takes his responsibility of protecting the others very seriously (after everything they’ve all been through, he doesn’t want to lose anyone else)
  • will, a homeworld spy, came to earth on dangerous orders to see if the crystal gems were still around or if they’d finally gotten bored of the place and scoped the place out for a while before finding himself tackled by a tiny obsidian
  • the crystal gems (probably like, the seven+nico) basically keep will trapped on earth and they sort-of-not-really-accidentally destroy will’s ship so that way he can’t get back to homeworld and can’t send any messages, but homeworld can’t track him down either
    • it’s a pretty peridot-like situation but will grows to love earth and becomes a crystal gem and despite all of the distrust between them will grows pretty attached to that tiny obsidian thats been a pain in his gem since he landed on the planet

i hope these were what you were looking for!! thanks for the ask!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons!


I found more cheap stimmy things at the magical Yen Huot Gift Shop in Footscray, Melbourne! Please note that these are likely available at other shops (I’ve seen Durmaz-branded products in every second dollar shop) but this store is the cheapest dollar shop I’ve ever seen, so expect to pay a little more elsewhere.

Mini Stress Balls: $1.50 AUD for four.

These I like least out of the haul. They’re not too firm, which is good for my hands, but they have a musty, chemical odour that I can’t get past. It’s the first time I’ve found stress balls that smell bad, so I’ll know now to do a sniff test before purchasing. The tennis ball is softest, the soccer ball hardest.

Glitter Bouncy Balls: $1.50 AUD for six.

I hadn’t seen the glitter-infused bouncy balls here in Australia before, so I was glad to find these. They’re the middle ball size (I see these in K-Mart selling at 6 for $2 AUD) so this is a really good price. Other than looking pretty, they’re bouncy balls. I don’t have too much to say other than that they bounce and have glitter!

Plastic Spinner: $2 AUD.

You know how you buy something thinking it’s going to be dodgy, bring it home and kick yourself for not buying more? It happened to me with this spinner. I should have bought a few more. I want a few more!

It’s a little wobbly and doesn’t spin as long as my best spinners (the green and silver bearing and red camo spinners in the collection photo) but it cost $2. It works better than my market spinners and spins just as well as my most expensive spinner. The best thing about this is that it’s light. I can spin it easily without tiring my hands, and I can stow it in my satchel (along with a Tangle and a couple of hedge balls) without weighting down my bag. If you’re like me and can’t take much weight on your arms or shoulders, this is an ideal carry-about-with-you spinner. Plus it’s so inexpensive. I have no idea how long this will last, but it’s absolutely worth the price. Also available in yellow and orange, for people who don’t love the colour green!

(I’ve a couple more spinners to review; I bought the metal spinner and Mum gave me the glow in the dark emoji spinner.)

Image description under read more cut:

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I just wanted to take a second to point out how awesome Farah’s outfit is from 1984′s Choudenshi Bioman. It’s got that techy cyber look that really fits her origins as a gynoid.  The metallic fabric, the camera/laser built into her shoulder, the circuitry visible inside of her belt buckle and even her partially transparent plastic skirt work to give her a futuristic look I really like. You add on the headwear with the obvious antennae and it just completes the look.  

Of course those shoulder pads are just so ‘80s it hurts which nicely dates this costume to the era in which it was designed.  Classic and fitting with the modern futuristic design aesthetic of the time.  I love it.

ask-googleirlrp  asked:

💔((I might suck but this looks too cool to pass up.))

Anti was gone out for a job for a few days ad had left Glitch at home, promising to come back in one piece. The job wasn’t hard, it was just far. However, during his absence, someone else seemed to take Anti’s place.

A man appeared in the backyard, though he was partially transparent. Like a ghost. His white piked hair was held in place with a black scarf wrapped around his head. His face in a permanent scowl and half burnt, turning one of his dark eyes to an almost pure white color. He raised a hand to rub at his goatee, his heavy rings shining beneath the setting sun. His ripped shirt and jeans along with combat boots made him look like a biker.

“It’s even nicer up close…” The man mumbled to himself, unaware of the other person who could have caught onto his presence by now.

((You no suck it ok))

Spooky stimming! Because I love Hallowe’en! (those cute spoopy ghosts look surprised by and impressed with my superb stimming technique)

[Gif description: A twitchy repeating gif from tumblr’s 2016 Hallowe’en gif maker. The gif shows me from the chest up, sitting in front of my computer, rocking slightly, and stimming with my hands and finger flicking. I am smiling because I am happy and excited. In the gif I am surrounded by digitally superimposed, partially transparent cartoon ghosts and fog.]


I finished some commissions today so I rewarded myself by drawing Jonathan giving my favorite pick-up line ever to some lucky person. He was an archaeologist, so he probably went to school with paleontologists, right??? GOOD ENOUGH.

Also, the above image is partially transparent, so like… you can. Fill in whoever you want there. It’s an exploitable, go ahead! I couldn’t decide who to draw in, so I’ll let someone else decide!