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Is it true that Cas has a hot piece of ass?

This rumor is DEBUNKED. 

Unfortunately, we do not have a reliable, well-documented source of measurement for the temperature of any piece of Castiel’s buttocks. 

However, we assume that Castiel’s entire ass experiences thermodynamic equilibrium, and is therefore all the same temperature. We also assume that, as Cas has fallen (as was the case when we received this ask; however we will assume for all intents-and-purposes that an envesseled angel is also in thermal equilibrium with its housing flesh, as Dean and Sam have never commented on Castiel’s body temperature being odd), his ass is roughly the average temperature of the human body: 98.6° F/37.0° C. 

The term “hot” is subjective, but Castiel’s ass is not particularly hotter than a normal human body. Therefore, we’re classifying this rumor as DEBUNKED. 

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After seeing a gifset from the s8 finale, as well as one from season 4 or 5, I was wondering if any of you knew if Misha Collins has/used to have his ears pierced. Here's the s8 gifset in question deanswinchesterr(.)tumblr(.)com/post/68741917767/i-cant-fail-dean-not-on-this-one-i-need-your

The rumor that Misha Collins has a pierced ear is CONFIRMED.

(The gifset in question can be found here.)

After taking a look at a variety of photographs, it appears that Misha does indeed have a piercing in his left ear, though we were unable to find any photographic evidence of him wearing an earring.



Based on these images, we consider this rumor to be Confirmed. As always, we recommend further research (warning—link may lead to overload of Misha Collins) to make sure for yourself! If you’ve got any other questions, please send them our way

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Mark Pellegrino tweeted anout "being back on set" - could you please debunk it is for Supernatural as The Tomorrow People also films in Vancouver (on which he's a series regular)? Thanks.

The rumor that Mark Pellegrino (as Nick, Lucifer, Hallucifer, or anyone else) is returning to Supernatural is DEBUNKED.

On January 8th, Mark Pelligrino posted the following tweet:

Though the tweet in question gives no specifics, it was posted only few days after this one, in which he states that he’s on his way to Vancouver to film The Tomorrow People.

As it can be reasonably assumed that Mark Pelligrino’s two consecutive tweets are related, the rumor that he is returning to Supernatural is DEBUNKED.

  • At present, all rumors of Mark Pelligrino returning to Supernatural in season nine have been debunked. You can see our previous post on the topic here.
  • As always, any rumors pertaining to future episodes are subject to change—we have no special insight into the upcoming plot, and because of the nature of the show, anyone could potentially return from the dead.
  • Thanks for the info, anon!