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Snake’s Snakes: A Guide

As someone who loves snakes, I really love Snake. Of course that also means I really love his snakes, and as someone who’s always been kind of a biology nerd, I thought to try my hand at classifying them. This was honestly really fun to do, and I hope some of you enjoy it!

…. says Keats.


Starting with my personal favorite, Emily is without a doubt a kingsnake, and if we want to go further she’s most likely a red milk snake. The distinctive pattern, bands of yellow and black on red, are actually a trademark of many kingsnake species. This clever disguise is used to mimic the venomous coral snake, keeping predators away.

Some fun kingsnake lore, these constrictors got their name because they hunt and consume other snakes when given the opportunity. They even hunt rattlesnakes, and have a high immunity to their venom.


Next we have Oscar, who is most definitely a red-tailed green ratsnake. Don’t be fooled by the name, their tails are typically not red, but a light brown. Oscar was also very easy to identify, the tail and the cute blue tongue really gave it away.

Interestingly, this species is known for having quite the attitude when kept in captivity, which I find translates well into Oscar’s cheeky personality. These snakes are also exceptional hunters, waiting in treetops to strike birds in mid-flight.


My second favorite noodle, Donne, is a tiny little thing called a blind snake. At first I thought he might be a worm snake, but the length and lack of eyes made me reconsider (blind snakes have very small rudimentary eyes that are barely visible, especially from a distance). These little cuties are harmless, and indeed small enough to sit on the human ear, at only 8 cm long (they can grow up to 16 cm, but not usually).


This dazzling noodle here is a corn snake, but not just a corn snake. Goethe is partially albino! If the striking fluorescent orange coloring and pretty pink eyes weren’t enough, he’s got a lovely pattern that certainly screams “creamsicle” to me.

Unlike Oscar, corn snakes make lovely pets with even temperaments, second only to ball pythons (though I guess I’m a little biased).  


Unlike Goethe, Keats is completely albino… which made pinpointing him a little difficult. It also doesn’t help that he has no patterning whatsoever. So, going by the shape of his face and his total size, I’d say Keats is most likely an albino gopher snake.


This one was a little tricky, despite his pattern it was difficult to pinpoint what Wordsworth could possibly be. After mulling it over, I realized he’s a corn snake. Though the pattern might look a little different, it follows the same rule, and the head and pupil shape match.

A good rule of thumb, if the pupil is round and the head is small, it’s most likely a constrictor. Venomous snakes tend to have slit pupils and skinny necks (and big fat heads). This helps identifying to some degree.


Wilde is a big ol’ snake most people know, a boa constrictor. As far as they go, he’s certainly tiny, but his face and body shape are near identical (the pear shaped head is pretty indicative of large constrictors).

Despite being fairly small for a boa, Wilde is still a hefty snake, and would probably weigh upwards of 20-27 kg. That’s a lot to hold on your shoulders! 


Unlike the rest of Snake’s snakes, Webster stands out in that he’s the only venomous one here. His pattern, bright yellow eyes, and slit pupils all indicate that he’s a copperhead. Another difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes, the fangs are only prominent in venomous snakes (non-venomous snakes don’t need to pump venom, so their teeth are smaller and hook-shaped). Despite being a pit viper, copperhead’s venom has a low potency, and the snake themselves are considered none aggressive.


Despite searching through almost every arc and skimming through the ovas, the only panels I’ve found of Bronte were of absolutely no help… I can’t even fathom what he might be. He is… a mystery.


This is a (VERY LATE) holiday fic for my non-fandom writing group SS, flutterby_cupcake_26 on AO3.

It’s SoMa. It’s sweet, sad, and sappy. I hope you find some enjoyment even if it’s not your fandom or pairing, and I’m so so so sorry for being the worst latest SS EVAH!

Thanks go to @sahdah for the eyes, the film suggestion, and also for doing a silly awesome thing when we talked about no shave November.

Sahdah’s no shave November post can be found here.

Read on AO3 or FFN.

Fuck no shave November, that’s all he has to say. Fuck no shave November, fuck Black Star for goading him into that ridiculousness, and most of all, fuck Maka for being so damned earnest, and so damned cute when she’s so damned earnest that he never has the heart to say no when it actually matters to her. Not that he really denies her anything much ever.

No, really, fuck Maka. He wishes. Which is probably the reason he’s in this mess. Well, more like sappy, gross, sentimental feelings. Refer back to that whole generally-forgets-the-word-no-when-she’s-around thing.

The girl is definitely trouble.

With an exaggerated sigh, Soul scowls at his own face in the mirror. Yeah, alright, he’s got a nice, full, white beard since he’d been too lazy to shave it off right away. And his usual mop of white hair under the silly red velvet cap. And a soft red suit now stuffed at the belly. So maybe he can pass for pop culture Santa, except the whole red eyes and mouth full of oddly sharp teeth that make him look more like Satan than Santa–hey, only a few letters off, really.

He grimaces at his own reflection, and actually, that’s better than the scowl that would surely send kids screaming for the hills. Makes him look just that bit less like the devil posing as jolly old Saint Nick.

“So are you coming out?” A voice calls from the other side of the dressing room door. Is he? No. Definitely no. Being seen in public this way, even in a lame costume shop smack in the middle of a run down strip mall, is surely some form of social suicide, good bye cool, goodbye dignity, goodbye self-respect.

“Yeah, whatever,” he says instead with another exaggerated sigh, his inability to say no to the girl on the other side of the door biting him in the ass for the umpteenth time this month alone.

Taking that last step to the door, Soul twists the knob and haltingly swings it open.

Ah, there she stands, his reason for the season, his cruel, cruel mistress, leaned so casually against the wall that he might be looking for new jeans rather than sealing his social suicide. Not that he’s ever been much for people. Goodbye, cruel world!

“Oh my god, Soul, you look–you look–”

Her grin is stretched so wide across her face that he’s sure it has to hurt, green eyes sparkling, and his heart does loop de loops in his chest cavity. Yes, Maka is trouble and he is in trouble, as usual.

“–Ridiculous?” Soul says before she can, the scowl firmly back in place in spite of the way her smile does funny things to his insides.

“I was going to say ‘adorable,’ but just at the moment, with that sour puss, you look like you want to maim me.”

Well, he sort of does. Not maim, but mark, maybe. Touch definitely. Then again, he always wants that with her, the unobtainable, so that’s easy enough to tamp down on. No, even more than that, just at the moment Soul wants to wither and die, or maybe disappear, anything to diminish the humiliation he feels as two teen girls trying on some sort of skimpy elf get ups come out from another dressing room and start giggling his way.

“Whatever.” He shrugs as Maka glares at the girls, and unlike his scowl, that sends them scampering back into their dressing room. Go figure.

“I told you this wouldn’t work–can we go now?”

“It’ll work if you can refrain from glaring at the world for a whole hour of your life.” She saunters up and puts a hand on his chest, stroking the material of the fuzzy red coat. Maka herself has donned an elf costume–short festive dress, pigtails, ears. She looks adorable. His scowl softens considerably at her proximity.

“Doubtful.” Soul offers her a flat stare.

“Do it for the kids?”

This earns her an eyeroll even if he knows she knows that yes, he is a marshmallow on the inside, and yes, he would indeed humiliate himself to make sick kids smile even if no one else on the planet but her might realize that. Well, maybe Wes, but he’s not here to back her claim.

“Then do it for the reward?”

“Reward?” He’s already going to do it and they both damn well know it, but hell, may as well get something for the trouble and complete loss of cool.

“Mmm hmmm,” she hums and smiles sweetly. “I’ll bake your favorite cookies.”

Maka’s a good baker and pretty much never bakes. His stomach rumbles at the thought. “It’s a start,” he mutters.

“And…” Her hand continues to stroke at the material of the red coat.


“I’ll let you pick the movie tonight. Any movie, and I won’t say a word. Or retaliate.”

Well, that’s also something. It’s not his turn, and even when it is, if Soul picks something he knows Maka won’t like, she will pick the worst historical romance bullshit she can find the week after. There’s only so much coy flirting he can take, really, and the trite classical scores always give him childhood flashbacks he could do without.

“Getting warmer,” the concession is grumbled.

And, I’ll rub your back while we watch the movie.”

Ding ding ding we have a winner! Movie, cookies, and backrub with Maka. She’s hit the trifecta, and fuck it all if that sly smile doesn’t say she knows it.

Well, then.

“Fine, you win,” he grumble-sighs, and it’s only half for show because while he dreads the next hour, he has an evening of bliss ahead of him.

In the end, Soul supposes, an hour of Santa suit purgatory is a small price to pay.

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cat gene lesson :3c

someone asked me why i refused to believe that whitewing (and i guess also snowbush bc i Also refuse) is completely white one time i never answered it!!

finally decided to answer it?? i guess

so um cloudtail might be completely white but brightheart is some white and some ginger and if u wonder why its because of a gene called white spotting which is responsible for bicolors, calicos, torites with white, vans, harlequins, you name it!

heres a nice picture from google that explains it pretty well

now looking at cloudtail we see he is white with blue eyes. this can mean two things: 1) that he is a dominant for the white masking gene, which is one of the genes responsible for partial albino cats. snowkit would be a partial albino in this situation because partial albino cats are more likely to be deaf. it’s not out of the ballpark to say that cloudtail is also a partial albino. there is the fact that his mom and none of his other sibling have it, they all have white spotting except for livy and zack, who are colorpoints.

colorpoints come from a mutation in a protein called tyrosinase. points are known as “temperature sensitive albinos” which is basically cooler parts of the cat (face, tail, ears, legs) are colored while the hotter parts (rest of the body where most of the blood is) is white. colorpoints are born white because kittens are very nice n warm in there!! as a point ages and the body begins to age and slow, the cat will gradually become darker in the center because its body isn’t producing as much blood as before

it could be assumed that oliver had some weird shit going on but it’s probably not and that just means su susann didn’t do her homework

it’s very likely he just has a very high grade case of white spotting, resulting in him appearing white but not actually being white masked. it’s very unlikely that he is a partial albino because partial albinos don’t have the abilities to have green eyes!! or amber!!! aka whitewing and snowbush!!

brightheart is also a white spotted cat! being anywhere from around 5-7 on this chart but it’s up to interpretation.

two cats who present white spotting genes can have fluctuating levels of white spotting passing onto their children, ranging from a a little to nothing at all!

why i have trouble accepting them as being just like dad is because 1) their eye colors are impossible anyway because two homozygous recessives don’t suddenly make heterozygous and 2) the white spotting is mixed between them!! brighheart has more color than cloudtail so i have no idea why two (2) of his children suddenly mutated to look like mini cloudtails with impossible eyes

idk maybe they did maybe im dumb idk man

anonymous asked:

Do colorpoint litters have a higher possibility of containing albinos? Would an albino kit even be noticed as strange amongst the group until its littermates' colors started to show?

yes, because colorpoints have a partial-albino gene. it probably would be harder to tell but the differences would become obvious as the kit grew older, poor eye sight, sensitivity to sunlight etc. plus the kits eyes/nose will be ringed with pink, red pupils and more purple/indigo eyes than the true blue of their littermates 

albino vs blue siamese

so @matriarchalpowderweapon​ and i were imagining the temeraire world in the future and the shit that would get said about the events of the time and we started to imagine movies that would get made about the events of the early books so like imagine with me

1. the propaganda biopic that gets made in black and white in like the fifties and aired on the BBC about laurence and temeraire where they just… don’t mention any of the treason(s) or the plague ship that got sent to france or either of the Rolands and the Tswana bits are awful and Temeraire is played by a parnassian painted black with a plastic ruff and all the chinese brits and also the chinese chinese are looking at this like excuse you what the fuck and it becomes that one movie that gets occasionally shown at like a university movie club and then boycotted

2. the really Edgebellious 80s/90s version that is /all/ about taking the cure to france, made on a tiny budget and Tem is mostly voice-acted because who the fuck is going to go to china and ask a celestial to come be in their movie and they didn’t want to do what the previous one did with the parnassian and i mean they got an actual chinese person to voice-act temeraire so that’s good but nobody’s accents are accurate and they make laurence out to be this ultra grimy rebel guy and Roland’s shirt is really low cut and who’s Tharkay?

3. the Disney movie. Must I elaborate?

4. A beautiful Chinese drama series centered around Lien and her time in France and Napoleon’s court where it’s directed partially by an albino celestial who plays lien and is also the primary scholar on her in the entire world and the music is fab and the costumes are fab (if not period-accurate) and it never really makes it in the english-speaking europe and north america because of the way they portray Laurence and Temeraire but it has a massive following.

5. The animated TVO kids series all about temeraire that plays down the edgier/more unpleasant aspects and mostly consists of learning about Friendship and Kindness and Everyone is a Person and all that and they never really kill anybody and at this point the scholars have found out Granby was gay so they just kind of write him out of it and nobody’s treasonous or revolutionary or over the age of 18 but Tharkay’s actually in this one and not portrayed as a white guy which is nice.

6. the massive six-part biopic a la the Hobbit. Temeraire is mostly CGI because they still couldn’t get an actual celestial (or so they say, tho people on tumblr think they didn’t try very hard) and they have one of Temeraire’s descendents (if Ning has any eggs) in one of those CGI bubble suits and shots of that go around the internet and everyone has a good giggle and Jane and Harcourt are still WAY to sexy and both madly in love with Laurence and also both get naked for no conceivable reason and MRAs whine about Emily and how they clearly jazzed up her character because she’s a little girl and she would have been terrified and Laurence is actually flawed and interesting but they write in this completely unnecessary Friend Break Up scene between him and temeraire as one of the main climaxes of one of the films and Tharkay is in it and played by a half-chinese actor and people on the internet are viciously cruel to Jane because she’s in the way of their otp and Granby actually gets to be gay but you know not very specifically and definitely not on camera

jynxblock  asked:

What's the difference between albino and leucistic?

The definition of albinism is that the cells responsible for melanin production are absent, and leucism means a reduction in all pigment. Melanin isn’t the only pigment in your skin (or eyes, feathers, and fur) but it’s the primary one that makes those structures dark. (Side note, when you get a tan, that’s your skin producing melanin to protect you from too much sun!) 

There is such thing as partial leucism but not partial albinism. Usually albino animals have pink eyes and leucistic animals have normal-colored eyes. Albinism is thought to be very rare in the wild.
The user of the now-defunct blog twofacedsheep posted a great response to the albino vs. leucistic question here!

Minerva is a part albino, partially blind & completely deaf Australian Koolie. We went to our local shelter to find a friend for our little man Sirius. We were concerned for our ability to look after a special needs puppy but after hearing she’d been there her entire 3 month life - excluding a week with a family who decided she didn’t fit - i couldn’t leave her there. She’s extremely clever so between all of us we worked out hand signals & things pretty quickly. And almost 4 years down the track she’s been a great sparring partner for Sirius and more recently a friend to help him through lens luxation and 2 surgeries that have left him totally blind at 6yo. She’s also a major daddy’s girl and her favourite thing in the world is to lounge across Dads lap enjoying a nice cuddle!

meet my new son, hamilton! hes lemon&white, and hes got slight albinism making him have pink eyes even though he isnt pure white! not rare exactly, but definitely uncommon. isnt he beautiful?

This is a really cool look for sure! There’s been some posts going around like that patchy and probably partially albino moose that was really famous, and I’ve seen partially albino crocodiles at facilities, but it’s neat to see the same genetic expression in a domestic animal!