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Hey guys, just checking in with a quick little post about some aspects of Korean etiquette~

Just as an additional comment, Koreans often if not always shake hands with one hand “under” the other. The reason being that long ago when 한복s (hanbok) were worn, the “pulling back” of the sleeve by putting one hand “under” the other was meant as a sign of respect and assurance that neither party was hiding anything (such as a weapon) under the sleeve. The partial exposure of the arm also denotes a degree of cleanliness and respect in terms of not hiding anything and not being shady out of respect for the receiving party.

Hope this helps!~

adorable-amygdala  asked:

I kind of just realized that, other than Asgore, Sans is the only one that speaks to you in the "Game Over" screen. What's the significance of this, given that it's assumed by many that Asgore's voice is a memory of Chara's?

(undertale spoilers)

Considering that Asgore does not make an appearance until the very end, it makes sense that the game over screen dialogue would be a memory of Chara’s. Yet in the case of Sans’ battle, the game over screen is accompanied by Sans’ jeering and message. 

It’s clear this is something that he is saying after killing the human; it’s not a memory. There are a few possibilities, but these are only speculations as there isn’t enough evidence to support them.

The first option is that Sans is able to speak through the game over screen in the same manner that he can break the rules of the battle, attacking first and using bone attacks outside of the bullet box. It’s something that he is simply able to do.

The second option is that Chara’s memory is used to spur Frisk/the player to continue. In this case where they are betrayed by Sans, Chara does not share their memory to allow the player to hear Sans’ taunting, perhaps to show the player to not be tricked again. 

(Edit: Flowey can also talk in the game over screen.)


Prompt: Corey Graves asks out a coworker who normally wears long sleeves to work but when he picks her up she’s in sleeveless dress showing off her tattoos. Smut. - Anon

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Coat worn by Prince in the movie Purple Rain, 1984. Regency-style, it is made of shiny purple moire fabric. There is a notched collar with the collar folded high and closely fitted to the neck. There are shoulder epaulets and partial sleeve straps at the wrist of long, slim set-in sleeves. The coat is double-breasted with flat silver buttons and buttonholes for closure. There are silver-colored studs on a flap covering the right front shoulder area. The coat also has side front and upper left breast diagonal welt pockets, center back slit, and silver-buckled self-fabric belt held in place by belt loops. The coat is completely lined with a black shiny fabric and has hidden thick shoulder pads.

Made by: Wells, Louis, Vaughn Terry.  Designer: France, Marie

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So, Tim Hortons does a massive contest every year called Roll up the Rim, where you can win prizes on your coffee cups. The odds are 1 in 6.

You would be amazed how many people don’t know what ‘odds’ are and think 1 in 6 means every 6th cup is guaranteed to win. Like, it’s unreal.

So a local radio station has been posting about it in Facebook and I commented (as always) explaining what odds are. Some douche canoe just replied to 'explain’ to me that “every 6th cup is a winner 90% of the time. The only time it’s not is when they add a new sleeve to a partially used sleeve”. Dude… wtf. If this were true, literally NO ONE would be winning because employees would be taking all the prize cups since they’d know where they are.

It’s fucking random. People are fucked.


Ditching the rolled up sleeves, partially because Charlotte’s billowy sleeves/ tight skirt combo is a classic, and partially for narrative reasons, to reinforce that Charlotte’s out of her depth as the story progresses and she needs to up her game.

What with all the DARK CONSPIRACIES and whatnot.

Light blue long sleeved button-down shirt, sleeves partially folded up. Skinny jeans, tucked into knee-high riding-style boots. Light makeup, hair plaited into a french braid. This was good enough, right? Erika scrutinized herself heavily in her full-length mirror, no longer paying attention to the music playing in the background. These jeans, they clung to her hips and thighs, making them look bigger. 

She huffed quietly at herself, a little frustrated over the scrutiny she was putting herself under. She was good enough, right? There had to be some reason for Lise to ask her out. Erika fiddled with a rose gold colored watch, struggling to put it on herself. She was terribly nervous still. And goodness, how she wanted to talk to her parents about this, but she was afraid of how they would react!

She checked the time for the hundredth time. More than an hour remained until the time Lise was supposed to come by and get her. She spent several more moments looking herself over in the mirror, searching for mistakes, anything out of place; then busied herself with mindlessly petting a needy Winnie.


“aw, come on!” meilin pouts, tugging at her friend’s sleeve, hair partially covering her face. she’s using that tone again - the baby voice, the one she uses when she’s denied what she wants. she only ever uses this voice when she wants something done her way. even if it was extremely petty. “play hide and seek with me! it’ll be like old times!”

she had known them ever since she can remember. they were there at all her birthday’s parties, all of her brightest and darkest moment. she relies on them more than she’d like to admit, but she can’t imagine her life without them. today was one of the days she’d like to pretend they were kids again - to remember their youth.

“come on, just two rounds! it’ll be fun!”