partial pic

Imagine Kris hiding a pouch of Fun Dip from his manager in the slouchy part of his beanie. He ferrets himself away in a toilet stall in a bathroom to crunch on the candy stick and shotgun the entire pouch of blue raspberry flavored powder before anybody notices he’s missing from his dressing room. The dipping stick goes down without a hitch, and Kris gives himself a moment to breathe and make sure his airway is clear before tipping his head back and emptying the sugar powder onto the underside of his tongue. Just as he crumples the wasted wrapper in his fist, the door to the toilet stall is kicked in. Kris takes a defensive stance without moving his jaw. Standing there is Kris’ manager, breathing like a winded ox and looking displeased.

“What’s that in your mouth?” he tersely inquires.

Kris, mouth still agape, looks around for a means of escape before slowly replying around the half-moistened blue sugar in his mouth. “…Cocaine?”

after the manip disaster from yesterday, will they even try to make one? or just hint with some sort of partial baby pic, like hands or feet, that they’re together?