partial fursuit


Oh right I forgot to post these here!

So uh, I might have gone and made myself a Capella partial for a con back in March. It’s the first one I’ve ever made, and there’s lots to fix (cough like being able to breathe in it), but I’m still pretty pleased with the result!

There is 100% going to be a matching Corbin one made, but I’ve got some other large projects to finish up first.


Dog partial fursuit

  • Partial fursuit made for local sale (it’s sold!). It’s economy-type fursuit: I used old head base + eyes made in 2015 and one type of fur i don’t like to work with, that’s why it was sold for ~300$. I want to make another fursuit for international sale this summer with good quality and interesting design :) 
  • YouTube Video

I got my amazing Asriel hoodie in from @simakai today and I love it sooo much, it’s perfect for my Asriel fursuit! I got it mostly for my suit but I think I’m gonna end up wearing it everyday cuz its so comfortable! (also thanks so much for being able to get it to me so fast 😀)

White bison-head made by Beetlecat Originals (tumblr blog) in 2015

From the video description:

An artistic liberty head project.

The horns are cast from real bison horns and attached with screws. There is hair extensions wefted into the long pile fur on the head. The nose is hand-sculpted and hand-painted and then glossed for durability and shine. The eyes are hand-painted.