Dating Jisoo Would Include

HI, I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT I REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG ITS SOOO CUTE, and second can you please make a dating thing with jisoo like you did with lisa and the others, kisses

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In the Daytime

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  • Expect to have a lot of fun with Jisoo
  • She is a fun and lovable person so she is going to really love spending time with you being happy and making the most of the time she gets with you
  • Her work might get in the way
  • But she will always make it up to you
  • Her practicing dancing in front of you so you can feedback
  • But dancing always slacks
  • And you get her hips moving in other ways
  • Let’s just say the door needs to be locked for this part
  • Her always wanting to cuddle you
  • And hug you at the most random times
  • Doesn’t matter if you’re cooking or working
  • Back hugs give her life
  • She loves receiving them as much as giving them
  • Her singing songs for you
  • Even though she’s ditzy, she is very smart
  • Loves road trips and going to new countries with you
  • “I want to go to Rome!”
  • “Maybe after you stop being so busy, Jagiya”
  • Her always venting to you when she needs someone to talk to
  • And you always manage to put a smile on her face
  • She loves to show you off to her members, even though they all tease you two religiously whenever you’re at the dorm
  • But it’s always in good fun and joking around
  • Jisoo doesn’t appreciate other people flirting with you thank you very much
  • That death glare when she sees other idols looking you up and down
  • “That’s for my eyes only.”
  • Her being a complete feminist, but loves to objectify you to herself because you’re so beautiful and she can’t help it.
  • “I know I shouldn’t stare at you like this but I can’t help it!”
  • Her insistent on taking photos all the time
  • “Do we really need to take another picture? We come to this park all the time”
  • “I know! But what about when we’re old and grey? I want to remember every single moment. We’re not going to be this young and beautiful forever you know~”

At Nighttime

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  • She loves to hang out with you at night time
  • She doesn’t get to do much in the day time with you
  • So dates and hanging out usually happens at  night time or in the evening
  • Watching movies until 3am when you fall asleep in each other’s arms
  • Or having some fun on the sofa
  • Both aren’t uncommon occurrences
  • Her getting you to go out and play in the snow with her in the winter at ungodly hours of the morning like a child
  • But you never mind because who can resist those puppy dog eyes?
  • Her loving to cook meals for you in the evening because she doesn’t get the opportunity to do it in the day time very often since she doesn’t have a lot of time and you mostly cook for her
  • Her holding you in arms in the sheets of the bed
  • And stoking your hair until you fall asleep
  • She much prefers sleeping with you than at the dorms
  • So she treasures each moment she gets
  • Sometimes she’ll be less innocent and a little more needy
  • Whining your name and pulling your hair instead of her usual softness 
Birth as a theme in Doctor Who S4

Obviously, one of the major themes of S4 is the coming metacrisis. It’s foreshadowed most strongly perhaps in Planet of the Ood, when the Ood refer call the Doctor and Donna, “The DoctorDonna,” but it comes up in other ways, too, especially with the constant camera shots of the hand bubbling away. 

But as I work on my S4 rewrite, I’m realising that birth in general, and especially unusual births, are a major theme in the series. 

  • Partners in Crime–seeding the planet to grow Adipose from fat
  • Fires of Pompeii–seers becoming Pyrovillian as they breath in the rock dust
  • Planet of the Ood–Mr. Halpen becoming an Ood after drinking the Ood graft.
  • The Sontaran two-parter–the Sontarans tried to turn Earth into a clone planet so they could create more warriors. Oh, and the Martha clone.
  • The Doctor’s Daughter–Jenny is created by progeneration when the humans forcibly take a sample of the Doctor’s tissue.
  • The Unicorn and the Wasp–The reverend is a hybrid child, which is unusual in itself. The way the genetic lock broke and he realised his full identity is also unusual, as is his connection with his mother’s necklace.
  • The library two-parther–The Vashta Nerada hatched from eggs that were laid in the trees that became the books that were sent to the Library. 
  • Midnight–The whole concept of the entity is shrouded in mystery. How can it exist when the planet is irradiated with lethal radiation? And why did it select Sky? It has no origin story.
  • Turn Left–a new life is created for Donna when she is convinced to turn right.
  • Stolen Earth/Journey’s End–finally, the metacrisis. 

I hadn’t realised how much of a theme RTD had made this. And it’s so obvious and recurring once you know to look for it that there is no way this was accidental. 

I don’t have any great insights based on this, largely because I think the point of it was pretty obvious–to draw one more series-long arrow pointing to the eventual creation of Tentoo. Really, by the time we watch him form out of that hand, we’ve seen so many bizarre births that this seems almost normal. I mean… at least it’s not little blobs of fat crawling out of your shirt, right?

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here in the middle of watanuki’s and doumeki’s shortcut of a way home is a dangerous little sakura playing with poison, a syaoran who was hit by poison while practising and a fai who was teaching them both

Imagine Oswald Cobblepot X You - Short Story (Heavy Fight, Part 5 - Fluff Smut)

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Here it is! The final part of the “Heavy Fight” story. I hope it will make you feel loved <3

Please enjoy it, my dears <3 You are beautiful, desired and admirable!

Warnings: Sexual Content, Fluffy Love Making, An extreme loving Oswald Cobblepot, You being his goddess, Oswald showing you how beautiful you are to him,Oral Sex (both receiving, Reader’s first time receiving)

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lipsiesteatime  asked:

Hey fools this is oddly specific, but I have huge trouble drawing beards and there. are. just. no. tutorials. If you have the time, could you maybe make a short tutorial on how you draw beards? Only if that isn't asking too much. Thanks for listening

i can try ? lol

I draw beards a lot, so I look at people with beards a lot, so I just kind of,, know, how they look and how they act


heres a basic short thing

facial hair grows thicker in certain sports, ofc, the thickest areas are around the mouth, the chin and the edge of the jaw, this is also where a lot of hair like, bunches up from the different grow patterns, and thus, looks even thicker.  around the corners of the mouth, and under the cheek bones and directly under the jaw, its a little lighter and sparser.

heres a growth pattern

this is GEEEEENNNERALLY how facial hair grows, it doesn’t all just go straight down in one direction, this gives beards that you know, bushy look. Generally, it follows the planes of the face, the only weird parts are around the chin and sometimes on the cheeks, especially where the moustache part meets the rest of the face and can sometimes result in a sort of spiral of hair or a whorl.

by following the general growth pattern, you get some more realistic looking stubble/beard growth. This is only really super noticeable in stubble/shorter beards.

Having hair extend past the neck and up under the cheekbones is natural, and if you’re drawing someone who like, doesn’t shave, for whatever reason, they will naturally have this.

in big bushy beards, you don’t have to worry so much about hair growth patterns so much, just a general shape that fits to the jaw, and still follows the thickness patterns, with the chin/mouth being the thickest/bushiest part

here are some beard examples to get you thinking

christ these are all ugly please dont have any of these in real life all these people look sinister

if you are interested in how the beard grows and how it goes from stubble to Bird Nest this is a cool little looped gif

im really tired and i am not a beard expert and I can’t really think of anything else to do but I hope this helps

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Aomine and his partner are out on a date or just doing whatever and his parther catches him oogling a rather pretty and voluptious girl. Aomine knows that he’s been caught and goes to apologize but his partner just says “She’s pretty, isn’t she” in neither a happy nor an upset tone before carrying on as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Just what would Aomine’s reaction to this be?

Aomine Daiki: Aomine’s guilt would not be stopped, though he does feel a bit angry that he can’t even just look; he wasn’t lusting after her or wanting to have sex with her, he just thought she was a rather stunning woman and she had caught his attention for about a minute. You had managed to catch him for years, and he hoped more than half a century or longer.

He wasn’t interested in any other person aside from you.

And thus he still apologizes even if you had cut him off the first time, and his attention is solely focused on you all night, knowing now was not the time to ‘argue his case’ and instead make you feel loved and beautiful as you were worth every bit of his time.

obsolete pt. VII

Kylo Ren x Reader

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Her conversation with Ren yesterday stirred a lot of thoughts in her mind, keeping her up majority of the night. He had said some pretty sweet things (well, for him anyways) and she felt better about them, but at the same time she was still conflicted in her own. If her family found out that she was doing such a thing, it would break their hearts. She didn’t want to disappoint them to the point of no return… 

She had grown emotions for the man that killed without second thought and it confused her more than anything. Y/N had been raised to believe that the Dark Side was a force not to be reckoned with, but here she was working for one of the top commanders and locking lips frequently with the other. Everything she was raised to believe went out the window. Now, she didn’t think of the First Order as such a bad thing. She agreed with their views majority of the time, even. Without her family shoving their views down her throat, she was free to think how she pleased. She was a disgrace to her family, but doing wrong never felt so right. Besides, what they didn’t know couldn’t hurt them, right? 

“What they do not know, cannot hurt them,” Ren said from the doorway, watching her as she tied the laces of her boots. He was without his helmet and leaning against her doorframe, pulling his leather gloves onto his fingers. She looked up at him and sighed, knowing that he meant everyone, not just her family when he said ‘they’. She was still a bit apprehensive when it came to keeping their affair a secret. She didn’t believe that it was possible, but she had to pretend that she did. 

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Somehow you didn’t wait Hakodas parther for too long, so…

Koninami is a rangari as Hakoda. They met after the Exodars crash on Azuremyst Isle. Parents of Koni took Hakoda as their own. They were as “thick as thieves”, from their peers no one understood them, because they have always been on the same wave.
Koninami has her own hand-ravager :з  and also rifle, a pair of special types of bullets and crystal sword.