what if EVERY OTHER SPACEFARING RACE were clonal or reproduced parthenogenetically. what if every single other spacefaring race got along and trusted each other and could cohere as empires or governments or principalities because they were all the same, that’s how they all drew together to get off their planets, by having extinguished somewhere back in the mists of pre-asccension time all their homeworlds’ other lineages of competitors, and only met people different from them after having come to sturdy social maturity among the stars

what if we’re the only sexual species to ever make it up there

what if we really truly deeply freak every other race in the galaxy out with our unpredictabilities and differences–what if they slowly and painstakingly decide they get along with ONE human, and then agonize over family lines and surreptitiously-filched DNA samples and insist somewhat pathetically on only doing business with people who’ve got similar immunohistocompatibility complexes as that one. they heist their way into the global bone marrow donor’s database for possible other humans to do business with

Like they DEFINITELY don’t trust family lines, the allellic reassortment of sexual procreation. They’ve got a deep-seated taboo against acknowledging the relatedness of our children to their parents–so different from what they ought to be; misborn; all wrong–but they know they can’t raise sane clones of us on their own. Maybe a whole entire other species decides they’ll only hire humans whose blood type is A+, because being able to share that fluid is not only a workplace safety issue but the powerfully symbolic interchangeability soothes their revulsion towards what would otherwise be a heterogeneous human workforce??

I just think it would be neat for aliens to be SUPER FAR-REACHING-IMPLICATIONS PREJUDICED AGAINST SEXUAL REPRODUCTION but for about every reason possible besides the mechanics of having the sex, because most all of them are like whiptail lizards and OBVIOUSLY thinking beings shouldn’t be prevented from having sex. they just think we’re as disconcerting and threatening on a fundamental level as we think the queen Alien with all her thousands of eggs from Alien is.

Parthenogenesis is Real.  File Under: No Comment

While most of the larger species of plants, animals and insects all reproduce sexually, there are many exceptions.  The New Mexico Whiptail (pictured) is a species of all-female lizard, sometimes nicknamed the ‘lesbian lizards’ who reproduce parthenogenetically, that is, without a second source of genetic material.  The word parthenogenesis comes from the Ancient Greek word παρθένος (parthenos) meaning a maiden or girl, often used to denote unmarried girls who are virgins.  As a proper noun, Παρθένος (Parthenos), the word was used to denote The Virgin Goddess, a title for Athena at Athens, her temple there still standing as one of the most significant ruins in the city.  Genesis comes from the Ancient Greek word γιγνεσθαι (gignesthai), to be born, denoting kinship and family, but here offering a very literal description of the Whiptail’s asexual reproduction.   Despite that, the Whiptails engage in a type of ‘mating’ behavior, thought to stimulate ovulation, as those lizards who do not ‘mate’ typically do not produce eggs.  Many types of life forms reproduce this way or are occasionaly capable of parthenogenesis, including insects, crustaceans, sharks, birds, but so far not in mammals. Ahem.