tulenemori  asked:

I don't think that Kou empire was involved for some reason. Like currently in SnB Judar is in Partevia with Barbarossa (I suppose it was his name, that creepy dude who killed Seren's father). I think that after Sindria was destroyed (and Barbarossa probably died), Organisation moved to Kou with Judar. But I am not sure, so we have to wait until this heartbreaking arc

Okay, thank you anyway! I really have to reread the manga properly xD 

Ja'far already looks fabulous in his new uniform tho….I don’t think Ohtaka could escalate the hotness for him….unless she finds an excuse to put him in a leaf again. lmao

I know and I also like his “prince charming” new outfit. But I also want to see him wearing matching clothes with Sin, and also have an excuse to see him in even more new outfits xD Perhaps, he could wear a Sinbad-like outfit as long as they are in Sindria and once they return to Partevia he can go back to his prince one.