parterre garden


D_Roseburg_Rieder_12 by Julian Weyer


Lyme Park,  Cheshire, England

The house was once the home of the Leghs of Lyme, who had a family tradition of naming the male heir Peter, or Piers. So each successive head of the house gained a Roman numeral after his name. It fell to Peter X to create the Lyme Par as it is today. The park is famous for its appearance in the BBC production of Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice.

Over the centuries, it was the setting for hunting parties, plotting and royal visits. Around the house are 17 acres of enjoyable Victorian gardens, including a sunken parterre, rose garden, ravine garden, conservatory and a deer park that existed in the medieval period. On the crest of a hill in the park, overlooking the house, is The Cage, a Gothic style hunting tower built in the 18th century.