Am I sadistic for wanting him controlled longer and his brothers and sensei to be emotionally distraught/destroyed?

Yes…yes I am

moviebuff96 asked:

Because you post a lot about it on here and you talked about it in your latest episode of Movie Nights I have decided to check out Quantum Leap. I was able to buy the pilot off of Amazon because Netflix doesn't have some episodes. I'm wondering, is it a show where you have to watch all the episodes in order or is it ok to miss some? I really enjoyed the pilot and want to watch more of it but I don't want to watch half on Netflix and buy the other half on Amazon.

Hulu has it as well!

But no, Quantum Leap is almost all episodic, with a few exceptions. The Leap Home is a two-parter, Trilogy is a three-parter, Deliver us From Evil must follow Jimmy, and Return of the Evil Leaper/Revenge of the Evil Leaper would follow Jimmy/Deliver us From Evil. Shock Theater is just before The Leap Back, but I recommend you watch those after watching a bit of the rest of it first since it helps to be familiar with the rest of the show. Plus Shock Theater is heavy on references to previous leaps.

Makes it sound complicated, but really this was during a time when shows had to make every individual episode accessible for first-time watchers, so recaps tend to fill in any gaps. 

I highly recommend The Boogieman as a great self-contained episode. Hope you enjoy watching the show!

kiraheartilly asked:

So I saw the Operation Mongoose promo. Are you hoping for the changes to last a while or do you want them resolved by the end of the two parter?

This finale will follow the same as last May’s: Resolve the current situation in about an hour and forty minutes, and in the last ten minutes fuck up someone’s world (or multiple people’s) and end on a cliff-hanger.

(Not counting time for commercials.)

liamstolenboxers asked:

Hey Héla! First of all I'm obsessing over the new tumblr au you and Aimee created. Like pls. It's the best thing ever. Anyway I wanted to know whether the fic is gonna be written from Liam's pov or both Zayn's and Liam's pov. If it's a big government secret, I won't push, no worries. :) But I'm just so curious and I can't wait to read it!! Keep up with the amazing work! Both of you! :) xx

Hey Ambra!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. tbh Aimee and I have been having so much fun with it, it’s our pleasure really. We’re so thrilled about the response it got. So many people are following the blogs, we can’t get over it. And you guys are just so brilliant, getting invested and participating. It’s a thrill, really.

The fic is going to be a two parter written from each of the boy’s POV. It should be published around the end of June, hopefully. Not promising anything because that always comes back to bite us in the ass, plus Ramadan is fast approaching and I’ll be dead to the world for that. Thank you again for your kind words. It means so much!

I’m publishing this so zaynophilic can see it, I hope you don’t mind :)

                                                  TASK TWO

This is our second task, and it’s a two parter (sort of)
For the first part of this task, you have to think back on your muses childhood and pick ONE memory that sticks out and write a drabble about it.

For the second, (if you want to be included) like this post for a random interaction set anywhere, anything and any time during Hogwarts!

tag the drabbles as wite: task002 and the interactions (once paired up) as wite: taskin002


Behind the Scenes of Daleks In Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks (Part One of Two)

Excerpts from James Strong’s “Director’s Diary” of the filming for DWM issue #383

- Tue 14 November -
It’s trying to rain.  Ignore it, you fools!  Tonight, the Doctor defies the Daleks, and we defy the showers.  Take after take, David delivers a spellbinding mix of anger, fear, and determination.  Afterwards, he sounds a little hoarse.  I hope he hasn’t overdone things.  Finally, we kill Solomon, who has to fall into the mud and ruin his costume, so we make doubly-sure that we’ve shot everything with actor Hugh Quarshie before he drops, which he does with consummate elegance - a fine and noble death.

- Thur 16 November -
[…] And then Phil calls with some really bad news:  David has lost his voice. His exertions over the past few weeks have taken their toll.  Guiltily, I think back to that extra take of him defying the Daleks.  We have to reschedule the day, and hope that his voice recovers in time for the Doctor’s confrontation with the remaining Daleks tomorrow.

- Fri 17 November -
The Doctor faces the remaining Daleks and the imprisoned Sec in the theatre.  We have to use the whole space, so I decide to put the Doctor and the company in the stalls.  However, that puts them miles away from - and at least six feet lower than - the Daleks on stage.  I ask David how he feels about crawling to the front and leaping on stage, but he suggests standing on the seats instead.  Genius!  David is now eye to eyestalk with his nemesis.

- Thur 23 November -
Torrential rain!  And on Doctor Who’s birthday too!  It’s the last night of the shoot, and finally our luck with the weather has run dry - or more precisely, wet. [… bits about miraculous short breaks in the weather, allowing them to film the scenes on the girders …]  We’re underway.  It’s freezing, though, and the poor cast are suffering as the rain comes and goes.  But we get it, we’ve done it, it’s a wrap.  I shake hands with my crew, I hug David - thank you for everything.  It’s going to be a cracker.

Other behind-the-scenes photosets are available here

“This series we’re telling the next stage of the adventure. It’s the glory years of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and Clara. As you saw in the finale and the Christmas episode he’s kind of answered his question of ‘Am I a good man?’ and this year he’s having the time of his life, having dangerous and exciting adventures in time and space. These are the glory days of the Doctor and Clara. They’re having the biggest, most dangerous adventures they’ve ever had and they’re having great fun doing it. The mission statement we had was bigger adventures, and to go further in space and time. We’ve got a very confident Doctor, we’ve got a very confident companion and they’re both experts at doing this now so we can tell slightly bigger stories. We’re doing more two-parters – and not just conventional two parters. We’re doing linked stories where you might not be sure how they’re going to be connected until you see them. We’re pushing the storytelling that way, to give us more scale of adventure.” - Brian Minchin, SFX #261

hi everybody happy free comic book dayeyeyeyey

i’ve drawn quite a few comics you can read online for freeeee, lucky me!!, here is a list of the ones recent enough to bother sharing

boys are slapstick (18+) (click here) - sordid cartoon boy and human boy relationship drama. originally commissioned for zeal, thanks bee

will the oracle say you’re mine (click here) - my latest!! it’ll be a 3 parter. sordid space alien boy relationship drama

date nite (click here) - sordid online dating app strips thrown together as filler for zeal, co written w/ j. bearhat, thanks again ma-ma

all of these follow a common theme but i’m not quite sure what is

i also did big teeth, which is also free and… on hiatus since… forever, oops

anyway that’s it, have a good day!! feel free to boost