parteners in crime

Lightning strikes twice ( Tom Holland x reader )

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Summary : Be a supervillain and enemy of Spiderman, and one day Peter discovers that the reader is his neighbor a new pretty tiny girl from school. Aunt May decided to invite her for a dinner. then everything goes wrong .

A/N : Your supervillain name is Lightning (Powers : Summon Lightning – At any time, no matter the weather, you can create devastating lightning bolts to wreak havoc on your surroundings

Electromagnetic Pulse – You have the ability to project an Electromagnetic Pulse, knocking out any technological devices. The pulses can be targeted, or can stretch across an entire city

The Ability to transform in anything and anyone.) SORRY FOR MISTAKES

Word count : 2.633


“Don’t you threaten me with a fucking rock!” You screamed at the man dressed in red and blue who was in front of you. Having an alter ego as a supervillain was somehow easy because at night you could do whatever you want and the next morning, no one knew it was you. But the thing that annoys you the most is that so-called heroes wanted to catch you and give you “a lesson”, especially this one in front of you : Spiderman. Every night you have to lost time in a fight with him which it always end with him beaten up. But he doesn’t give up and you want to end him badly, so that no one will disturb you from doing your things.

“It’s not a rock, it’s- whatever, look and see.” He shouted and then threw the thing in the shape of a rock at you. You didn’t moved as the rock came closer to you. You followed it with your eyes, still not moving. Halfway through the air, the rock exploded, revealing a huge spider web and your eyes widened. The web caught you in no time, smashing you to the ground. You groaned, not being able to move.

Spiderman came closer to you and crossed his arms over his chest, looking down at you. “My, my! What do we have here? Lightning is caught.” You rolled your eyes at his stupid voice and tried to move your arm. You lifted your finger and a little arrow of lightning came from it, cutting down the web you were into.

“Don’t be so sure.” You got up really quick and kicked Spiderman in the face, earning a groan from him. He estabilished his balance and tried to avoid your next kicks and strikes of lightning you were throwing at him. He shoots again some webs at you but you cut them using your powers. Just as he was about to come at you and catch you, you raised your arm, light coming from it as the lights on the floor you were at started to flicker. You then let your arm down in a quick motion and the power went out, leaving you two in complete darkness. Spiderman stopped somewhere near you, breathing heavily. You stepped back and then jumped right out the window, turning yourself into a hawk and flying into the night.

The next day Peter woke up with a massive headache and a bruise forming on his cheek. He was still mad at himself for letting Lightning fool him again and sighed, images from the fight coming back into his mind. He always manages to find better ways of catching her the next morning than in the fight. He got up slowly from his bed and head to the bathroom, begining to brush his teeth when he heard Aunt May calling for him.

“Peter, can you come here for a second?”

“Mhm!” He hummed, still brushing his teeth. After he finished, he washed his face, whimping at the pain from his cheek and dressed himself. He left his room and went to the kitchen where Aunt May was. His nostrils were filled with the most delicious smell and his eyes widened. Apple pie. Just as he was about to take a piece of pie, May slapped his hand.

“Auch! What was that for?” Peter hissed, rubbing the back of his hand.

“This is not for you! Is for our new neighbour. I want you to go and give them the pie to feel welcomed.” May said and took the plate from the table, putting it near the window so that it wouldn’t be so hot. “Oh, and invite them at dinner! I’m making lasagna.” Peter rolled his eyes and groaned.

You were in the living room of your new house, trying to open a box with some decorative things to put around the room. Before your parents divorced, you asked your mom if you could live alone for awhile and she agreed, wanting the best for you. And now here you are, in a house full for yourself where you wouldn’t have to sneak out anymore.

You heard some knocks on your door and furrowed your eyebrows in confusion then got up, leaving the box on the floor. You opened the door, revealing a boy around your age, with a huge plate in his hands. Peter looked at you for a moment, finding you somehow familiar and blinked for a few times trying to remember your name. You two are in the same school and he usually sees you down the halls. He never talked to you even though you have math together.

“Hi..? Can I help you?” You asked, looking at him. He came back to his senses and he handed you the plate. You took it from him and smiled.

“Hi, I’m-I’m Peter!” He said smiling back. You put the plate on the little table next to your door and then looked back at Peter. You remember him.

“Peter Parker?” You asked and his smile grew wider.

“Yes! We have math together.” He answered and you remembered seeing him there but never talking to each other.

“Yeah, I know. I’m (Y/N).” You said and he nodded.

“I know.” He smiled and you could see the pain in his smile. You furrowed your eyebrows and saw a little bruise forming onto his right cheek. It was already a purple color so it was made recently. Maybe, a few hours ago? No, it must be a coincidence.

“So, my Aunt made you this apple pie and we were wondering if you would like to come to dinner…?” He shrugged his shoulders and looked at you. “Our house is next to yours and she’s making lasagna-”

“Lasagna?! I love lasagna!” You said excitedly and Peter’s eyes widened.

“You too?! That’s great! See you at 7?”

“I’ll be there!” You both smiled at each other. Peter felt a shiver down his spine when he saw your smirk and looked in your eyes but decided to ignore it and head home. The bad thing for him was how is he gonna stop Lightning if she appears? It’s a really messed up situation.

You were the same. You had plans tonight to get rid of that stupid spider, so you have to make another plan about how to be in two places at the same time. The same really messed up situation.

A few hours later and you were in Peter’s house, feeling like something is wrong. You could feel it, this dinner is going to end not very well. Peter was still nervous about the whole Lightning-thing and he couldn’t really enjoy the dinner.

You two sat at the table while Aunt May was in the kitchen, doing whatever she was doing. She was very lovely and already liked you. You and Peter sat in silence, avoiding to look at each other so that none of you should start a conversation. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and you already knew who it was: your partener in crime who gave you the signal to come and unleash hell. You gulped and waited for Aunt May to come back. She held in her hands some plates which she put on the table. You got up.

“Uhm, sorry but my mom came home and she doesn’t have any keys so I have to go.” You said trying to excuse yourself. You planned to go, beat Spiderman and then come back. “I’ll be right back!” Aunt May nodded and smiled.

“She can come too!” You stopped and turned to her.

“No, I don’t think she’ll come, she’s very tired.” You explained and May just nodded. The food wasn’t ready so you have a little time before dinner. Peter looked at your facial expression and movements closely. You were lying and he knew it but that was none of his bussiness so he was trying to keep his mind at his problems.

You left the house and jumped the little fence to gain some more time and began to run to your house. You got in and run upstairs into your room. You quickly dressed up and turned yourself again into a hawk, flying out the window. You were going in the same place you and Spiderman always fought and from where you could destroy the entire city.

Peter was running his hands through his hair. He was really nervous and he expected to receive a signal that Lightning was back in any moment. And it came.

His watch began to flicker a red color and he started to freak out, not knowing what to do and how to sneak out. He got up, and really carefully began to walk upstairs.

“Where are you going?” May asked him and he slapped himself internally.

“Just the bathroom.” He answered and May went back into the kitchen. Peter started to run to his room and locked his door. He got his suit, put his mask and adjusted his web shooters before leaving the house out his window.

You were already on that old building, waiting for him after you made a little trouble. Spiderman landed in front of you, then got up. You rolled your eyes and groaned.

“Look, I don’t have time for any of your blah blah blah, I have a dinner to attend so just leave cause I will beat you up pretty bad so, yeah.” You said, trying to make him leave but he just stood there.

“I have a dinner to attend too, so I have to be quick.” He said and then started to run towards you. You catched his fist, holding him back and with your other hand you kicked him in the stomach.

He bends his body in pain and groaned. You lift your foot and kick him in the face, smashing him back onto the ground. He lifts his head, looking at you and you raise your arms in front of you, feeling the electricity forming onto your hands. Spiderman got up before you could threw the lightning at him and jumped right behind you. You turned around, earning a punch in the face. You could feel the taste of blood into your mouth and hissed in pain.

Just as you were about to punch him back, he jumped again, looking at his watch which began to flicker a red color. You looked at it closely as he turned it off. Without a word, he turned around and jumped, starting to swing throughtout the blocks. You furrowed your eyebrows. No, you won’t let him leave like that. You turned yourself into a raven and flew after him. Peter tried to head home as short as possible because Aunt May will suspect something is wrong. He set himself an alarm from 10 to 10 minutes. He landed himself on the roof of his house as he felt another presence behind him. He turned around seeing Lightning and his eyes widened. Maybe she won’t notice this is his house.

“You followed me?” Lightning laughed a little coming closer to him.

“Be a man!” She laughs again and shot a string of electricity at him. Peter screamed in pain and fall off his roof.

You looked down after Spiderman but he was nowhere to be seen. You gasped in shook and looked around. He just.. dissapeared. You furrowed your eyebrows and saw your house in front of you. You blinked a few times and decided to go home, change yourself and go back to Peter’s house. When you entered his house again, you could smell the lasagna but Peter was nowhere. May saw you and got up, coming closer. Her eyes widened when she observed your injured lip.

“Sweetheart, what happened to your lip?” She looked at it, then back at you with a worried look.

“Oooh, I just- bit down my lip until the blood came. It’s nothing, I’m fine.” You gave her a reassuring smile even though it hurt you and looked over her shoulder. “Where’s Peter?” You asked.

“Uh, I think he’s in the bathroom-”

“Nope, right here!” He said at the top of the stairs, adjusting his hoodie. He came down next to you, a small smile on his face.

“Are you cold?” May asked, putting her hand on his forehead. “Gosh, you’re burning! Are you okay?”

“Uh, yeah, I’m fine. I think it’s just a cold.” He laughs a little and you could see the little cut on his face. He was sweating and breathing heavily and the cut is fresh as blood was coming out of it.

“What’s that?” You asked before you could stop, reffering to the cut. Peter looked at you, seeing your injured lip as well.

“A little accident.” He answered and you decided to shrug it off and then the three of you came back to the table. You ate in silence as you and Peter glanced at each other, looking at each others bruises and cuts. You felt your phone vibrate again and looked at the text.

“He’s in the house you’re at.”

You felt your heart skipping a beat and looked at Peter. He couldn’t be. Maybe this things are just a big coincidence, but no, you were now sure as his watch began to flicker again. The same watch. He looked at it, gulped, turned it off then glanced again at you. You two mentained eye contact before Peter spoke.

“Excuse me for some minutes.” He said then got up.

“Yeah, me too.” You said, still looking at each other.

May looked at you two puzzled, still sitting down. “Sure…” she said unsure and furrowed her eyebrows. Peter turned around and left again upstairs and you got out of the house, going into his backyard where Spiderman fell off the roof. You looked around a little and then saw the window. He must have catched the window sill, then jumped right into the room. You turned yourself into a bat and flew into the room. Peter was just about to jump out the window as he saw you coming into his room and returning to your human form. His Spidey suit was on but he left his mask on the bed. You two looked at each other for a moment.

“So my innocent classmate is Spiderman. Wow, how cool is that?” You asked, sarcasm in your voice. Peter stood still looking at you with the most serious face.

“Get out of my house. Villains are not welcomed here.” He said with a raspy and low voice. You raised an eyebrow, crossing your hands over your chest.

“Too bad, I was already invited.” And with that, the fight took over Peter’s room, going then down the hall, having still care of May’s things, trying not to break them. Peter was very angry and he won’t stop until he kicks you out of his house. This is his teritory, and no one will violate it, even though you were now his neighbour.

He shots some webs at you, catching your hands. You groaned and began to stir, trying to rip apart the webs and free yourself. Peter was now in front of you and caught you, putting you onto his shoulder. You began to stir again, making him fall with you. With a little string of lightning, you free yourself and got up, hitting Peter in the face with your leg and knocking him out. He passed out on the floor and you caught his hands, dragging him into his room, then in his bathroom and locking the door. With a quick move, you broke the light bulbs and the power went out.

You left his house, being proud that you have won the fight again.

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He’s my best friend. My parten at crime.

Sam looks so hurt right now. Crowley’s words sure as Hell had hurted him, he looks like he’s about to cry in the firs picture.

He can’t stand the thought that his brother is a demon right now and more important; with Crowley.

I guess he’s just feeling… betraid.

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Imagine the first time Steve goes to visit Coulson on the plane. He’s so overwhelmed and grateful that he’s alive, but Coulson seems even happier to see his childhood hero cares so much. When Skye says “hey look, it’s A.C. and C.A., parteners in fighting crime! And aliens too I guess!” Steve chuckles, but remembers Coulson’s bashful face.

On his next birthday, Coulson recieves a massive envelope. Inside was a note that read “Happy birthday Phil! Your friend, Steve x.”, a set original Captain America trading cards (no blood stains) and painted canvas. On it was what looked like the front cover of a comic book- Coulson in a suit and sunglasses, Steve in his oldschool uniform, crossed armed and back to back in the middle. In the background were a few of the other Avengers (plus Melinda May and Grand Ward) and perfectly, accurately drawn Chitauri ships. The Titie read ‘A.C. & C.A.- ALIEN CRIMEFIGHTERS FOREVER!’. It was carefully signed by Steve in the bottom corner. The painting took pride of place above Coulson’s desk from then on, It was one of the best presents he ever recieved.