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soodalgwayeou hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “#look at the hebrew text used as décor!!! but where is it”

yep, it’s definitely hebrew. i’m still strugling with the aleph-bet so I can’t really read it, but it’s totally hebrew.

yeeea thank you for backing me up, i’m sure now :) interestingy enough, more ore less during the historical period in which those paintings were produced - with the golden hebrew writing - many western european artists were using some fake arabic font to decorate halos and clothes of the virgin Mary in a very similar way so why did this one use hebrew 

to be continued in the next episodes of “tumblr users soodalgwayeou and ladylindy ask the real questions about art”

oh and it would be so great if someone could read the hebrew text even if only partally since it’s cropped

A la primera edició de la Catosfera a Granollers amb els periodistes Juan Varela i Vicent Partal, a la primera edició dels Premis Blocs Catalunya a Girona rebent un guardó de mans del president del Parlament, Ernest Benach, i a la primera edició de l'Osonosfera a Tavèrnoles amb Jordi Font, Carles Puigdemont i Vicent Partal #periodisme #blogs #catosfera #internet #remember #calella #calellaesmes #calellasomtots #girona #osona #barcelona #maresme #barcelona #catalonia #catalunya #igers #igersmataró #igerscalella #igersbarcelona #igersgirona #igersbadalona #igerscatalunya


Navajas - Videoarte. 

“No albergaré, si vienes a jactarte, amor de tus sobras”

Historia y Concepto: Rosario Grullón
Dirección y Producción: Rosario Grullón
Asist Dirección y Producción: Leidy González
Fotografía y Cámara: Franmiris Gómez
Gaffer/Grip: Fidel Susana
Cast: Laura Partal
Diseño de Producción: Rosario Grullón
Arte: Karla Méndez, Jonatan Piña, Cristina Castro
Edición: Lei González
Música Original: Jonatan Piña
Detrás de Cámara: Banerys González

Santiago, 2011