Meanwhile at the Captain Swan wedding...

Minister: Does anyone have any objections?

Regina: I shall destroy your happiness if it is the last thing I do.

*Everyone looks scared*

Regina: JK fam! Let’s partaaaaay!!!!!

Party Asks!

Alright let’s get to it, how does your OC like to partaaaaay

1. Does your OC even like parties? Are they a party animal? A wallflower? Somewhere in between?

2. What kind of parties does your OC enjoy?

3. Does your OC drink alcohol? What’s their favorite if they do?

4. How well does your OC hold their alcohol?

5. At a party, where can your OC be found?

6. Does your OC do karaoke? What is their go-to song?

7. Does your OC dance? Are they good at dancing? Are they a better dancer sober or drunk?

8. Post a gif that represents your OC dancing, sober or drunk or both!

9. How frequently does your OC party?

10. How does your OC feel about shots?

11. Describe your OC’s perfect kind of party.

12. How well does your OC handle hangovers?

soma week day 5 - skinny dipping

hurt/comfort anyone?

i promise no one bites the dust this time.



Black*Star dropped his shorts, mooned the lot of them and canonballed into Kid’s pool. Someone whimpered – it could’ve been Tsubaki or Kid, honestly, Maka wasn’t sure. All she knew was that Patti leapt in right behind him, sans clothing and fists high in the air.

Maka slowly shot a glance to her partner. He was not oogling Patti, thank goodness, and instead had taken to jamming his hands into his pockets and looking any and everywhere but the pool, where Black*Star had taken to commanding that they “GET IN THE POOL RIGHT NOW MORTALS” or else he’d “INTRODUCE THEM TO THE WRATH OF A GOD.”

She squirmed where she stood and shuffled closer to the safety of her partner. There was power in numbers, and while Soul might not’ve been the best fighter, he at least looked intimidating. Their friends didn’t need to know that her partner was a closeted lap dog and all around puppy, and that he spent his time lounging on the couch in his pajamas with his head in her lap. For the time being, she’d let them think he was more shark than man, all sharp teeth and frightening red eyes.

Kim dove into the pool and Maka shot Soul another look. If he caught a peek of Kim’s (admittedly) nice ass, he didn’t show it. Jackie squawked and Kim beckoned her in, raising herself out of the water enough for Maka to realize just how busty her fellow lady meister was.

Soul looked particularly mournful, and perhaps there was something to be said about the downsides of being a faithful weapon. He sympathetically watched Jackie swim toward her meister, her bare back slender and regal amidst the moonlight.

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Ramblings cause I can’t sleep. So I’m thinking. We only have 3 days left which is a maximum of 3 clips and a minimum of 2. 

The SLs this season: 

  • Isak/Sana SL: completed 
  • Isak/Emma SL: completed 
  • The locker saga: completed 
  • Isak/The boys communication issues: completed 
  • Isak/his parents SL: completed 
  • Isak’s internalized homophobia: completed 
  • Isak/sleep SL: completed 
  • Isak’s views on mentally ill people (regardless of Even): completed 
  • Isak/Vilde/kosegruppa SL: completed 
  • Isak/Sonja: completed (?sorta? I don’t think they need to meet irl tbh) 

 Things that could be in the next 2-3 clips: 

  • Isak tells Even he loves him (I will die shdhshss even if he doesn’t really have to say it idkk)
  • Even goes back to school 
  • Even gets better 
  • Even/Linn 
  • Some sort of Isak/Even heart to heart? (Although I think the Minute By Minute clip and Even’s text were ICONIC and said everything) 
  • Even surprises Isak during gym class 
  • The boys go see the dance chicks again (idk it was funny okay)
  • Kosegruppa partaaaaay (and public Isak/Even + my death) 
  • Noora/William 
  • Eva????? (Doubt it) 
  • Who will next season be about awww 
  • (notice how nothing negative is in this list. I simply refuse. Bye)

EDIT: Crossing out things as they happen kfsjkdjksjkldjksdkjd