Best of Olicity Season 4 (p.2):

“Felicity,  before I met you, I had a plan. I had a way that I was gonna be. But then you walked into my life, or… I showed up at your cubicle and you changed everything. I was in darkness. But with your kindness, your generosity, your compassion, your intelligence, your wit, and your trust you brought me into the light. You let me know that I deserved it. You were that light. And I don’t know if I still deserve that trust if I deserve you. But whatever has happened, whatever will happen, the way that you make me feel is the best part of my life. You can ask me to say that I don’t love you that I will never lie to you again. You are my always. And I just want the chance to be yours.”


Pokewalkers - Round 2!  

Thanks for your suggestions, everyone.  Let me know if any others catch your fancy :) (I’m aiming for the original Pokemon lineup since I grew up on the cartoon).  These names are a bit tougher than the previous round, so feel free to chime in with what I’m sure are probably better suggestions than what I’ve got…


Charmander-Chandra (”Char-dra”!)

Clefairy-Tamiyo (”Clio”?)

Meowth-Ajani (”Meowi”…hrm)

Haunter-Ashiok (”Ashiaunt”? Drawing a blank here)

Cubone-Domri (”Ribone”)

Tangela-Vraska (’Vrangela”? “Traska”?  Hrgh)

Snorlax-Garruk (”Garrax”!)

+ the ones from the previous post (Pikachu-Ral, Dragonite-Bolas, Machop-Gideon, Psyduck-Jace, Gengar-Ob, Geodude-Koth, Bulbasaur-Nissa)

Hope you guys like em!  

(As with last time, Pokemon and its images property of the Pokemon Company…Planeswalkers property of Wizards of the Coast…[legal things] plz don’t get me in trouble ;___; )