The Black Cat

Summary: In which Dan Howell is gay, homeless, and also part cat, and Phil Lester is the nicest stranger ever.

Word Count: a whooping 9.3k!!!

Includes: an actual story, and of course, neko smut

this fic is for my best friend @ominousdan!!! it’s cayla’s birthday and without her birth nobody would be getting to see nine thousand words of neko!dan so please go follow her and tell her happy birthday in thanks (ily cayla i hope you love this and also me)

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its time to stop giving credit to queerbaiting anime, guys

its 2016 and if yaoi/shounen-ai is 100% fetishized and aimed towards women, and standard anime is just gonna imply gayness to make girls that like the show excited, then they dont deserve credit at all

the creators of these things dont give a fuck about representing gay people, they literally only use it as a selling point to a non-gay demographic (that thinks gays are scandalous and hot)

i keep seeing people give all this credit to multiple queerbaiting anime, at this point, if theyre not outright saying a character is LGBT in a decent way, then it is just a selling point to fetishists.

theyre leading people on with the scandalous, sexual possibility that a character might be gay, or trans, but it always ends there. its not representation!! please understand this!

also i know there are exceptions, anime/manga that are more sensitive, but standard stuff is generic and just sells fetishes galore. it hurts

okay, consider this:

it’s likely that SBURB typically ends with no real winners except for the players. They get to be the gods of a new world… but what about the carapacians? What about the consorts?

The consorts probably don’t make it. The game doesn’t care about them, even less than it cares for the players who can’t cut it.

The carapacians? It’s probably noteworthy that in the Midnight Crew intermission, we saw no Prospitan carapacians. Just Dersites. Ms. Paint is one of a few, and it’s possible she might be one of the last, or the last, period. It’s likely that the people of Prospite die with their kingdom, outside of extraordinary situations.

But look what the players did this time 

John and Jade make sure to evacuate the consorts, prioritizing their lives.

Karkat in particular befriended Jack Noir, and since we don’t really see any other version of Jack that doesn’t regard the players as enemies at best, this might be an extraordinary thing.

And now, and NOW 

they all have thriving civilizations now

Carapacians, Prospitian and Dersite alike, have a new world to live on, with no indication that they care about which side of the chessboard their ancestors fought on, the Mayor’s dream came true

The consorts live happily in this new world, they get lives outside of just being game mechanics and helpers, they get to be people 

the trolls, the humans, their worlds are gone forever and they were reduced to extinction but they’re alive again, they get to live 

The game killed off all these people but this time, the players gave them all a new world to call home.