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AU where you’re a writer working on your next novel and Jinyoung is an actor working on his next film~

Thank you @leftmyheartinyokohama for the quote and thank you to everyone who stuck with this AU series from beginning to end. I had so much fun making it and I hope you had fun reading it 💙


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Waking: Part 2 - Weaning

All righty, part 2 of the Red angst fest. Sorry in advance. But, honestly, I struggled a little with keeping this one coherent through all of Red’s feelings and grief. I tried to stick to a central theme so that it’s mostly intelligible. Again, as always, I’d love to hear what you guys think! :) Thank you so much for the response to part 1! Comments from you guys make it all worth it! :) This is also on my and AO3. The songs for this part were “Still Life” and “Discoloration” by Dawn Golden. Part 3, the final one, is almost done, should hopefully be up tomorrow night! Fingers crossed for productivity! :D Much love, you guys! <3

Red hates weaning.

It doesn’t work.

There have been many times in his life, with all the different substances he has ingested, indulged in, and experimented with, he has had to go through the process of weaning. He finds it infuriating to take in less and less of the only thing he wants, all the while being expected to feel better about himself.

But, if he is sure of one thing, it is that he would rather suffer through a lifetime of withdrawal if it meant he didn’t have to be incrementally pried from Lizzie’s side. He doesn’t understand how everyone thinks that it can be better for him to be away from Lizzie when he feels as though he’s suffocating when he’s not with her, the air becoming too heavy for his lungs to hold. It doesn’t matter that she can’t talk to him or make him smile or ease his pain.

He just needs to be with her.

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